Recruitment part 2

By Atlan

Kate quickly determined that she had been tightly bound with lots of hemp rope. Her wrists and elbows had been tied with a dozen coils each and her arms had been draped over the back of the chair. Her knees and ankles had been secured with eight coils of cinched and knotted rope each and a long rope connected her wrist and ankle bonds under the chair. There was a light gag in her mouth but what really concerned her were the electrodes that had been taped to her body. There were two above and two below her bra and she could see the wires leading to a box on the kitchen table.

The blonde Olga nodded to the Chinese man, who was named Tai. That meant vast and that described his anger towards Kate perfectly! He threw the switch and electricity racked Kate's body! Olga smirked and thought, 'I like to soften up the victim before asking any questions.'

In the closet Kate's scream was heard and that sent a wave of adrenaline through the brunette's body. She pushed off the floor with renewed urgency and thought, 'Piper Penelope Posey, your best friend is being tortured, stop screwing around!'

After a long shock Olga gave a signal and the torture stopped. At that Aja whined, "Give her more, the bitch shattered my kneecap!"

Olga ignored her and nodded to the bald man who was named Anthony. He slipped the gag from between Kate's jaws and then pulled her head back by the hair. Then Olga demanded, "Who do you work for?"

'She knows who I work for but wants me to get used to answering her questions.' Kate thought and replied, "The Girl Scouts want to buy some cookies?"

Then Anthony clamped a hand over her mouth and Tai gave her another long shock!

At the sound of Kate's new scream Piper surged up against the wall, braced her legs and reached for her blindfold. She got it off and fished the lockpick out of her hair while her eyes adjusted to the dim light of the closet. 'I will just open whatever is connecting the chain to the closet rod first so I can sit down and continue my work.' She thought.

Back in the kitchen Olga slapped her captive hard and demanded, "Where is King?"

"Try looking in England." The defiant damsel suggested and got another hand gag and shock for her troubles.

On the floor of the closet Piper discovered, 'These handcuffs have double locks with tumblers, they are pick proof.' So she got her leash off the handcuff chain and began to untie her shapely legs.

"What did you do before you were recruited?" Olga tried for an easier question and thought, 'I will cross her up with this and then get back to things we really want to know.'

"I was the girlfriend of a crazy English crime lord." Kate responded. As she was hand gagged and shocked again she thought, 'But that was actually true!'

Several questions later Kate was in a bad way and Olga asked, "You partner seems to be a useless little piece of fluff. Why do you have anything to do with her?"

The blond raised her head licked her lips and said "She has her good points."

"Like what?" Olga asked as Tai stood ready to shock Kate again. Anthony loomed behind her, ready to handgag the victim again and amused himself by looking down her bra.

"She is a former escape artist and current gun nut. She must have a dozen weapons hidden in this apartment." Kate replied.

Olga rolled her eyes and motioned to Tai to shock Kate again. Instead she heard a cough. Frowning she started to turn, heard a louder cough and an exclamation of surprise from Anthony.

That was cut off by a third louder cough and the sound of Anthony's falling body was virtually unnoticed. That was because Olga knew what the coughs were now and drew a gun as she turned and started to dive to the side.

It didn't help as Piper's fourth shot hit right between her eyes and she joined her comrades in hell!

Kate sighed looked at her still handcuffed in front and gagged friend and said, "It took you long enough."

To Be Continued...

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