Pranks Gone Wrong

By Gerund Story

        She frantically kicked the door. She knew this was a bad idea, but Laura hadn´t left her in the best of conditions. The house looked like the best bet on the block, a canary yellow house that screamed Norman Rockwell. So she ran up the stairs, and began kicking the door, first insistently, then with desperate vigor.
        She was greeted not be the little old lady she had been hoping to see, but instead by a tall strong looking older woman in her mid-fifties, dressed in a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt, ready for bed but obviously wide awake. It was about half past midnight; every other house in the neighborhood was dark.
        They stared at each other for a few moments. The woman ran a hand through her dark brown hair, with its streak of white.
        “Ummm…. Who are you and why are your hands cuffed behind you?’ she asked.
        The girl sighed and quickly explained.

        Her name was Hope Anderson; she was a sophomore at New Athens University and her roommate was Laura Matheny. The two girls were opposites but got along fairly well. To her other friends Hope said that she and Laura were friends with an edge. The two could go from giggly to nasty in 60 seconds.
        Laura was a tall blonde; standing about 5´9 with a tan that she worked to maintain year round. She was from further south than New Athens so became obsessed with the idea that the winter would turn her into a pale ghost. Laura was one of those girls who could go from cute to gorgeous with the right amount of preparation. Without make-up she was attractive, but when she went all out she could shut down every male mind in a room.
        Hope was short at only 5´3 but had proportions and curves that could make a grown man cry. She was a brunette with a pretty freckled face and bright blue eyes. She could get along with just about anybody and made friends with frightening ease and regularity. Her sometimes tense relationship with Laura perplexed her and made her a little more sensitive to her roommate than she otherwise should have been.
        So Hope brought over a couple of friends one night briefly to get something from her room. Waiting for her was Laura´s massive, bonehead boyfriend wearing only a strategically placed and secured banana peel and a Michael Myers mask.
        Hope was so scared that she shot out of the room leaving her friends to wonder what was going on. She recognized the fact that she had abandoned her friends to some wacko and hadn´t even checked to see if her roommate was there. She raced back to her room where she found her friends and the scantily clad maniac howling with laughter.
        Laura was there too, tears of laughter in her eyes. An embarrassed Hope did not hear Laura´s explanation; she only noticed that Laura´s boyfriend William was underneath the mask, and she looked like a fool. Another thing she noticed was that she had a burning need for revenge.
        In retrospect she knew she had taken it too far. She knew how sensitive Laura was about how she looked in the morning so that was why it was the perfect time to strike. She waited a week; acting like the prank meant nothing. She knew that Laura was going to be a big party that Saturday and Sunday morning she would be a mess.
        So after the party, Hope set Laura´s alarm for 6 AM. And she patiently waited with a camera for the show. She was richly rewarded as the alarm sent a disoriented Laura flailed about wildly and tried to get up and lay down at the same time. Hope calmly took the pictures and fled the room.
        By 8 AM the pics were on the web. By 8 PM Laura had to be physically restrained from trying to kill Hope. Laura left the room and Hope didn´t see her for 4 days. Hope tracked her down with the help of William; she was staying at a friend´s apartment. Hope apologized profusely and asked Laura to return. After some arguing and some tears, she was able to convince Laura to return.
        She left thinking things were great and would be good from now on. The next day she quickly learned that Laura was not as forgiving as Hope thought. She was coming back from a late night study. It was 10 PM and she was beat.
        As soon as she opened the door strong hands seized her. She got out one startled yelp before being thrown on the bed and piled on by her attackers. Her hands were pulled behind her and cuffed and her ankles were bound with some kind of cord. A soft ball was pushed into her mouth a leather strap was fastened over her mouth.
        “I forgive you baby,’ Laura´s husky voice breathed into her ear. “But I am going to have a little fun with you tonight.’
        Hope recognized a second voice, giggling: Ash, a tall volleyball player who went to high school with Laura. She was a lean, muscled goddess and Hope had no shot of getting away from that chortling Amazon. She was blindfolded and hooded with a pillow case before being carried out into the night. She struggled, but after Laura or Ash gave her an embarrassing spanking, she did not struggle anymore.
        She was laying down in the backseat as they drove around for a length of time that Hope could not keep track of. She was worried but not frightened; she did not think that Laura and Ash were going to do anything to her. She could hear both of them laughing and talking about everyday things.
        Finally the car stopped and Hope was pulled out roughly. Her ankles were freed and the pillow case and blindfold removed.
        Hope looked around, she did not recognize were she was; it was a fairly nondescript suburban neighborhood. She looked at Laura, wanting to ask her questions but unable to due to the gag.
        “Okay, here´s the deal,’ Laura said. “You are in a strange neighborhood with no way back home except the kindness of the fine people living here. Also we are going to leave your hands cuffed behind your back.’
        Hope shook her head violently, tears welling up in her big blue eyes.
        “Don´t cry, this neighborhood is filled with fossils, nobody is going to hurt you,’ Laura said. “Its just we need to embarrass you a little bit. I´m sure you´ll be some little old lady´s darling in 15 minutes.’
        Ash removed the gag, and she and Laura moved Hope away from the car. Hope did not scream; they were still far enough away from the houses that no one would hear Hope´s angry tirade. She was set down on the side of the road. She struggled to get up but by the time she did Laura and Ash were screaming their goodbyes from the car which was quickly speeding away.
        So that was how Hope ended up standing in front of a tall, athletic older woman with her hand cuffed behind her.

        “Come in dear,’ the old lady said, waving in Hope.
        Hope entered reluctantly. She was more embarrassed than scared. She came in the house and timidly looked around, her arms pulling at the handcuffs unconsciously.
        “I remember my friends from college,’ the lady said, smiling. “While we never were as elaborate as you and this Laura, we played our fair share of jokes.’
        Hope smiled politely. “Thank you for helping me out, Mrs.….?’
        “Ms. Powell,  but you can call me Ivory.’
        Hope nodded and waited for Ivory to direct her in some way. She was not good in situations where she was not on equal terms with the people she was interacting with. The steel of the cuffs constantly reminded her of her vulnerability.
        “Why don´t you have a seat, I´ll go get something to cut the cuffs, then we will get you a ride,’ Ivory said, gently pushing Hope down on the sofa.
        “I´ll be right back,’ Ivory said, bouncing off down a hall and out of sight.
        Hope said nothing, struggling to get comfortable on the plush sofa. As she sunk further in, her sense of helplessness and anger at Laura. Despite Ivory´s cheerful nature and eagerness to help, Hope did not like being trapped on the couch. With her hands cuffed, she could not get up without help.
        As the minutes passed, Hope grew restless. She tried to get up but could not get enough leverage to rise. Frustrated she began calling for Ivory. She felt bad howling for the woman in her own home, but she just did not like being unable to get up.
        “Calm down, dear, I´m here,’ Ivory said, return with a cloth in one hand and a bottle in another. “I´ve gotten everything I need.’
        “How are you going to get me out of the cuffs with that stuff?’ Hope asked, her voice squeaking with fear.
        “Oh, you´ll see,’ Ivory said, the tall older woman suddenly menacing.
        Hope began to frantically struggle to get up. But Ivory calmly set the bottle down and firmly grabbed one of Hope´s shoulders and held her while she pressed the cloth against Hope´s face. The damp rag was odorless but potent. Hope grew foggy headed and sluggish in seconds. Her last sensations were of Ivory cooing something in her ear.

        When Hope awoke, she was bound to a chair in a bedroom, she assumed was Ivory´s. The room looked like a normal bedroom; with a few more books than most people would have but nothing out of the ordinary. Unless, Hope thought, you counted a bound young girl in her underwear.
        Not her underwear exactly. She had no idea how long she had been out, but in that time Ivory removed the handcuffs along with Hope´s snug jeans—in fact, all her clothes were gone, as well as her cute underwear, replaced with skimpy lingerie that must belong to Ivory.
        Her arms were secured behind her with a collection of what felt like straps, on her wrists and above and below her elbows. In her mouth was a large red ball gag that caused her to drool all over her breasts, lifted and raised in an expensive purple silk bra. The panties she wore bordered on microscopic; a tiny thong that clearly showed her nether regions and framed her beautiful round ass. Her legs were bound to the chair with black straps.
        “Well, I knew David and Theresa were getting me something for my birthday, but you are above and beyond anything I ever hoped for.’ Ivory´s voice came from the hall, preceding the transformed older lady in greeting her helpless quarry.
        Ivory was dressed in shiny, brilliant white latex. Knee high boots with spiked heels, a tight corset with a white bra. Her legs were bare and sinewy between the boots and the small latex panties she wore. Her long hair was pulled back, revealing her regal and beautiful features.
        “It´s been so long and you are so beautiful I don´t know where to begin,’ Ivory said. In one hand was a flogger; in the other was a sex toy of some kind. Hope began to whimper in fear, her big blue eyes filling with tears.
        “You really are wonderful with those cute tears of yours,’ Ivory purred as she circled her prey. She caressed Hope´s soft skin with the flogger as the bound college student tensed.
        “Once, when I was your age, I got to play with boys and girls like you everyday,’ Ivory said, kneeling so she and Hope locked eyes. “But that was many years ago and I had moved on to a more responsible, boring life. But there does not go a by a day that I don´t think about squirming nubile flesh and tight bonds.’
        Hope tried to force words around the big ball gag to convince the crazy woman that she was not some gift from her pervert friends but a regular girl who had never dreamed of being tied up, especially not by some sick wrinkly bat.
        Her attempts to speak earned her a firm slap from Ivory. Hope´s tears really began flowing; this strange woman was going to torture her and keep her like a pet. She struggled desperately against the straps.
        A sharp blow from the flogger to Hope´s taut stomach ended her wild struggles. The pain was magnified by the fact that Hope was not experienced in dealing with pain. She sat stunned and wailed behind her gag.
        “For such a little girl, you have such big nipples,’ Ivory said, grinning after a few more hard licks with the flogger as she removed Hope´s bra.
        Ivory tweaked and twisted Hope´s big, dark nipples. Hope was now covered in a light sheen of sweat and her tears had run down her cheeks and now decorated her perky, tan breasts.
        Ivory sat on Hope´s lap, clutching a handful of meaty breast. She decorated Hope´s face with kisses as she groped her like an overeager 16 year old boy. Hope was pinned against the chair by the larger woman, and could do nothing but grunt as Ivory had her way with her.
        Ivory´s hands worked their way lower, inching into Hope´s tiny thong. Hope renewed her desperate struggles as Ivory´s long, delicate fingers started to massage her sex.
        “You really are convincing,’ Ivory said, snuggling closer to her captive. “I almost believe you want to escape.’
        Then the phone rang. Ivory frowned, then popped up and grabbed the phone beside her bed.
        “Hello,’ Ivory said, a little impatient. “Oh, Theresa! How are you, I just started to play with your gift and I think I am in love!’
        Hope watched Ivory´s face go from annoyance to delight, then came confusion as she listened to Theresa, and last horror as she realized what she had done. Hope began struggling fiercely, cursing behind the gag at Ivory.
        “I…I have to go Theresa,’ Ivory said, shaken. “I will explain later, but right now I have to take care of something.’
        Ivory hung up and took a deep breath.
        “Stop struggling,’ Ivory snapped. “I´m going to free you, but not before we have an understanding.’
        Hope glared at Ivory, and then nodded. Ivory removed Hope´s gag and the two stared at each other while Hope adjusted to not having the gag in her mouth.
        “Now I made a huge mistake,’ Ivory said. “I meant no harm, I thought you were a submissive, a friend of David and Theresa sent to help me celebrate my birthday. I am truly sorry and I will do anything to make this up to you, please believe me.’
        Hope stayed silent, studying Ivory´s face. She was still furious, but not at Ivory, at Laura and Ash for creating this situation in the first place. In her anger, she had an idea, and a grin blossomed on her face.
        “Untie me,’ Hope said. “We are both victims of a poorly thought out prank by two airheads. Free me and we will talk about setting this right and getting those responsible.’
        Ivory grinned, and set about freeing Hope.

        Laura was worried; Hope had been gone for almost two days. She and Ash had argued about riding around the neighborhood to see if anyone had seen Hope. Ash said that no one in the neighborhood would harm Hope, and she was probably hanging somewhere to make them feel bad.
        It was late on a Sunday night and Laura couldn´t concentrate or sleep. She debated whether to go to the neighborhood by herself or not. She was about to get up when the door to their room open. She jumped up, relief filling her. She had a ton of questions for her roommate, she hoped that the story Hope would tell was going to be a funny one and the prank battle would be over.
        Laura´s excitement died as the door opened and she noticed Hope was not alone.
        “Hi Laura,’ Hope said. “I want you to meet my friend Ivory.’
        Laura frowned at the tall older woman and the large bag she was carrying. The grin on Hope´s face was disconcerting.
        “Hi Laura dear,’ Ivory said. “Hope was right; you do have a playboy bunny thing going on. Not exactly my type, but I am definitely not complaining.’
        “Now Laura,’ Hope said as Ivory closed in on a stunned Laura. “Where is Ash?’

        Ash cursed to herself for the hundredth time. It was almost 2 in the morning and here she was, heading to Laura´s dorm because of her stupid little roommate. Laura had sounded panicked over the phone, so Ash threw on a sweatshirt, a tiny pair of shorts and some flip flops and raced over.
        Hope was waiting for her outside the dorm, wearing the same clothes she had on when Ash and Laura had dropped her off.
        “Hey Ash,’ Hope said, grinning.
        “Where´s Laura?’ Ash said, confused.
        “Oh, she´s occupied at the moment,’ the voice of an older woman said behind Ash.
        Before she could turn, a wet cloth was clamped over Ash´s mouth. Ash inhaled deeply and weakness assaulted her body. Her attacker was almost as tall as she was, and strong. Ash went down quickly, bewildered and afraid.

        When Laura woke up, she was bound to a chair, nearly naked except for a little pink thong with a kitten on it. Across from her, Ash was bound to a bed, nude and covered in baby oil. The morning sun glistened off her body as she struggled and the definition of her fit body stood out under the light. She was blindfolded and she also wore thick headphones tightly secured to her head. Both women wore matching black ball gags.
        “Well, both of you are awake,’ Hope said, entering the room, with Ivory behind her. Both women wore latex lingerie and spike heeled boots, Ivory in white, Hope in purple.
        “Neither one of us is particularly happy with you two at the moment,’ Hope said. “And when we are done with you two, you will think twice before you play a prank on anyone else.’
        Tears filled Laura´s eyes as she watched Ivory run her hands all over Ash´s glistening body. Hope sauntered up to her and playfully grabbed her breasts, while Ivory teased and taunted the defenseless Ash.
        “Tears won´t help you, L,’ Hope said. “You went too far, and now you got to pay.’
        Ivory stopped her molestation of Ash for a moment to grin at her partner in crime. “You know,’ she said. “This didn´t turn out to be such a bad birthday after all.’
        Hope smiled and winked at her, as both women returned their attentions to their hapless prey.

The End

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