Pony Play

Walter Hammond


"Ah, here we are."  Tina had adventurous tastes in sex, but mostly they had been confined to fantasy, rather than real life.  A very attractive redhead with a top class figure, she had no shortage of boyfriends, but all they ever wanted was very routine sex.  So she often browsed the Internet, seeking for alternatives.


She had often read about pony play, and lately had felt a growing urge to take part in it herself.  Now she had found an advert on the Internet.  "Essex farm offers women the chance to be ponies.  All-female staff."  This was exactly what she wanted.  She sent a quick e-mail asking for further details.


Anxiously, she waited for a response.  It came within hours, quoting a surprisingly reasonable fee (cash only) and suggesting a few dates.  Impatiently, she asked for the earliest.  Following the instructions she received, she packed a bikini and drove out from London into the Essex countryside.  She then stopped and sent a message from her mobile phone to get further instructions, which arrived within minutes.


Eventually, she drove up a narrow and twisting dirt track and arrived at a gate in a high brick wall.  She sounded her horn and the gate immediately swung open on well-oiled hinges.  She drove in and it closed behind her with a thud.  A sign said "Parking" and she drove onto the indicated area.


A brunette about her own age ran over to the car.  She was wearing tight jeans and a tight checked blouse that showed off a figure as good as hers.  The brunette beamed.  "Hi, I'm Mary.  You don't have to give me your name if you don't want and anyway you'll want a horse name while you're here.  With your hair colour, it'll be Chestnut of course.  Follow me and we'll get started at once, Chestnut."


Tina was happy to get into the horse mood immediately.  She followed Mary to a small brick building, noticing Mary's bottom as it swayed seductively in the skin-tight denim.  While Tina had never done that sort of thing, she was well aware of lesbianism and it was certainly on her list of things to try.  Mary was very tempting; she wondered if they could discuss it after the pony play.


Once inside the building, Tina handed over the cash and was sent into a little room to change into her bikini.  She emerged to see another girl with Mary, dressed in the same way.  She looked a lot like Mary, and Tina was scarcely surprised to find that it was Mary's sister Kate.  Both of them were clearly eyeing up her figure with approval, reinforcing Tina's urge to ask Mary or indeed Kate about the possibility of having some girl-on-girl action later.


"Right, let's get you kitted up," said Kate.  "Put on these pony boots."  She handed Tina some weird-looking boots.  Tina soon realised that the bottom parts resembled horses' hooves.  She slipped her legs into them.  They were very long, coming half-way up her thighs.  The girls helped her close the zips.  Once they were on, she found that they were so stiff and tight that she could not bend her knees.  She stood in them very awkwardly; her feet were forced into a near-vertical position but with her toes bent to be horizontal, as if she were wearing a pair of incredibly high-heeled shoes that were too tight.  It was worse than that because there weren't any heels.  She wasn't sure that she would be able to walk in them.


"It's rather a strange feeling, isn't it," said Kate kindly, seeing her obvious discomfort.  "But don't worry; you'll be surprised how quickly you'll get used to them.  Now we'll do your arms."


Tina put her arms into what looked like shoulder-length gloves.  Like the boots, they were black and shiny.  The ends were made of stiff leather and had no finger or thumb holes.  Kate buckled straps tightly around the wrists.  "Now, Chestnut, put your arms behind your back with each wrist touching the elbow of the other arm."  Tina did this, and Kate fastened more straps to hold Tina's arms in position.  Her arms were now almost immobile and her fingers and thumbs useless.


"A good pony has to wear a bridle."  Kate fastened some straps around Tina's head, buckling them as tight as she could.  "Open wide, please."  As Tina opened her mouth, Kate pushed in a large sponge.  She then put a leather-covered bar across Tina's mouth and pulled some straps tight so that it pressed against the corners of her mouth.  "This is a bridle and bit.  Are you OK?"  Tina found that with her mouthful of sponge, she could say nothing other than a few mumbles.  She also realised that blinkers on each side of her head meant that she could see nothing out of the corners of her eyes, only straight ahead.


Tina realised that she was now rather helpless; her arms were fastened behind her back, she was effectively gagged and until she got used to the pony hooves she'd be unable to walk fast, let alone run.  Anyway, where could she run to?  She was trapped behind the brick wall and the large gate.  Well, she had had one boyfriend who'd tied her up, and that was fun.  What a pity he'd turned out to be married!  A bit of bondage could only add some spice to the day.  Tina felt a familiar tingle between her legs.  She hoped that it wouldn't cause an embarrassing damp patch on her bikini.


Her reverie was interrupted as Kate told her to lift up her chin.  She did so, and Kate fastened a very wide collar around her neck.  At the front, it cupped her chin, forcing her to keep her head tilted up and holding her chin still, making talking even harder.    It was so stiff that Tina realised that she could not turn her head at all.  Together with the blinkers, it meant that she could only see straight ahead; she would have to turn her whole body to look in any other direction.


Kate clipped a lead to the front of the collar.  "Follow me, Chestnut," she said and tugged on the lead.  Unable to use her arms to balance, Tina tottered precariously in her thigh-high pony boots and followed Kate, having great difficulty in keeping up the pace.  She was led out of the house, almost falling over on the doorstep.  The ground outside was very uneven, making walking even harder.  Kate led her to a very tall post and fixed the other end of the lead high on the post, forcing Tina to stand totally erect.  Then, to Tina's surprise, Kate buckled straps around Tina's ankles.  The straps were chained to the post, so Tina was completely unable to move away from the post.


Tina could see her car.  There was now a tow truck parked just behind it.  The driver was looking at her registration plate.  He typed something on his phone and then wrote something down.  He saw them and came over.


"Right, here's the name and address of the car keeper, Miss Tina Jasmine Jones," he said, giving a piece of paper to Kate.  Tina was quite taken aback.  How could he find out and what business was it of theirs?  "Ah, I take it this is Miss Jones?  She's really gorgeous."


"You know what goes on round here," laughed Kate.  "She's no longer Miss Jones; she's Chestnut now."


"To be sure; well, it's a nice car and I'm happy to buy it.  Where's the key?"


What?!?  They were selling her car?  Tina tried to scream; she tried to escape.  But it was in vain; she was securely held by her bondage and thoroughly gagged.


"Mary's just getting it," said Kate calmly, ignoring Tina. On cue, Mary came out and gave the key to the man.


"Thanks a lot, Mary.  And could I please do the honours?"


"Sure, go ahead," smiled Mary.


The man took a penknife out of his pocket.  Grabbing a shoulder strap of Tina's bikini, he cut it.  Tina mumbled and writhed, but could do nothing to stop him as he cut the other one as well.  Then, reaching round in front of her, he cut between the breast cups.  The bikini top fell to the ground.  Standing behind her, he grabbed a breast with each hand and jiggled them about.  "Great pair, really great," he said happily.  "You've got a corker here."  Tina was now too shocked to do anything.  What was going on?


But the man had not finished with her.  Putting a finger into her waistband, he pulled the waistband out and cut it.  He did the same on the other side.  The remains of the bikini bottom joined the top on the ground.  The man jiggled her bottom with both hands.  "I'd better stop while I can still control myself," he said happily.  "See you soon."  With that, he walked back to his tow truck.


"Right, Chestnut, time to take you to the barn," said Kate.  She put fetters on Tina's ankles and released her from the post.  Although she struggled as hard as she could, Tina was quite unable to resist as the girls dragged her towards a wooden structure behind the brick building.  She heard an engine start; no doubt her car was being towed away, but the girls stopped her from turning round to see.


Once in the barn, the girls pushed her into a stall.  They fastened the lead to a hook in the wall, and her ankles to brackets near the floor.  Her legs were now wide apart, making it hard to stand on her hooves.


"Chestnut, you've been a bad pony, struggling too much," said Mary.  "I'm going to show you what we do to bad ponies."  Tina could not turn round to see what Mary was doing, but she soon found out.  Streaks of white-hot pain seared across her back as Mary flogged her.  Tina tried to scream, but all that emerged through her very effective gag were a few whimpers.


"That was just a half dozen," said Mary.  Next time you don't behave, it will be a dozen.  Now, we need one more item to complete your outfit."  Tina felt something pressing against her bottom.  Gradually, a large intruder was forced into her.  With her legs spread wide, she was in no position to resist as it filled her to bursting.


"This is what's called a butt plug," explained Mary.  It has a tail attached to look like a pony's tail.  As you're a beginner, we're using a small plug; you'll get a larger one later."


Larger one?  Could anything larger get inside her, wondered Tina.


Mary closed the door of the stall and Tina heard her bolting it.  What other horrors awaited her at the hands of these fiendish girls?





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