Pony Play 2

Walter Hammond



Tina was left standing in the stall for ages; she could not tell how long, but it must have been hours. She was unable to move much, what with the leash on her collar attached to the hook on the wall, the thighboots that stopped her from bending her knees and the straps attaching he rankles to the wall. Having her legs spread so wide while trying to balance on her hooves put a huge strain on her thighs, calves and ankles. The butt plug was a constant source of irritation. Even if she could somehow get away from the wall, she could not open the stout wooden door, bolted on the outside, so she was trapped in the stall. She felt totally stiff and all her muscles, from her neck to her toes, ached unbearably.

Eventually, she heard the bolts of her stall being opened. She heard Mary's voice.

"Right, Chestnut, I've been to your flat. I took your computer; we can't have any snooping police examining it and finding out that you've read our advert. I've also got your bank details so we can empty your account, as you won't need the money any more."

Tina was horrified by this fresh revelation. She tried to scream and to escape, but it was hopeless. All she could do was writhe helplessly. Mary just laughed and slapped her on the bottom.

"Do behave, Chestnut. Don't forget, bad ponies get whipped. Anyway, that was only a quick visit. When we've got more time we'll go back and search the place thoroughly to see what we can find of value. And of course we'll remove all your personal effects so it looks as if you left of your own free will. But now we'll move on to the next stage."

Kate joined Mary. They released Tina and forced the struggling but helpless girl to go with them to the brick building. Soon Tina was firmly strapped down on a large black padded table, her arms pressed behind her. Her body was horizontal and her legs were held wide open, making her totally vulnerable. The butt plug inside her was pressed in more deeply by her weight against the table. The girls left her but soon returned wearing hospital scrubs, rubber gloves and masks. Tina could not tell who was who behind the masks.

"Now, Chestnut, a few of the things we'll do are going to hurt a bit, but try not to move or it could hurt a lot more," said one of them; from the voice, Tina thought it was Kate.

Each girl took hold of an ear and swabbed it with a cotton wool pad soaked in something foul-smelling. Then simultaneously they each pressed a cork block against an ear and stabbed a large needle through the ear. Tina screamed so loudly that she managed to make a noise even through her mouth-cramming gag. The girls ignored her and fixed large loop earrings through her ears.

What Tina felt when her ears were pieced was as nothing compared to the next step, when they did the same thing to her breasts, piercing them vertically well behind the nipples and again fixing rings through them. Then Mary put a ring through the septum of Tina's nose, while Kate did the same with Tina's navel. All Tina could do was lie there and bite hard on the bit between her teeth. What on earth were all these rings for?

Mary seemed to read her mind. "These rings are all part of turning you into a good obedient pony, Chestnut. We can attach leads to any of them. Believe me, you'll come along pretty snappily if we pull on leads attached to nipple rings, or even if we just twist some of these rings. Or we can attach steering reins to your ear and nipple rings for when you're pulling a cart."

Pulling a cart? Yes, that's what real ponies do of course, and Tina was vaguely aware that pony play could involve doing that, but she had never imagined that she would do it; it seemed too much like hard work and no fun. But these girls clearly had no concern for her, and she felt sure that they would not care that they were working her hard. Probably they would enjoy it.

The girls were far from finished with it. Kate dipped her hand into a jar and started rubbing between Tina's legs. Due to her stiff collar, Tine could not look down to see what was happening. But she soon felt scraping and pulling; she was being shaved. Tina hoped that Kate was only trimming the hair and not shaving it completely, but soon she could tell from the strokes of the razor that that was not the case. Her most intimate area was soon as smooth as a little girl's.

Then there was a new sensation. Tina jerked in her bonds as her pussy was rubbed and massaged. Were the girls going to have lesbian sex with her? Though she had earlier very much hoped that they would, she now loathed these two monsters who had robbed and enslaved her and could not bear the thought. But despite these feelings, her body betrayed her. She began to arch her back in response to the gentle, seductive touch. She felt humiliated that she was responding in this way, but after all the horrors that she had been through that day it was nice to have something finally that felt so good.

Fingers penetrated deep inside her. The caressing had transferred from her labia to her clit. Kate knew what she was doing, and rapidly her ministrations had the desired effect. Tina started to moan. She didn't care how wrong this was, how humiliating this was. She wanted - no, she really needed - more of this wonderful stimulation. What was happening now? She could feel the hood around her clit being pushed back by the prying fingers. She could feel her clit swelling as her body responded and blood flowed to the spot.

But then there was another sensation. She could feel something being slipped over her now greatly enlarged clit. Then suddenly, there was a terrible stabbing pain; awful, unbearable pain. It felt as if a lighted match had seared her clit. She tried to escape from her bonds, but it was futile. She tried to twist free from the grasp of this woman, but she was strapped down far too tightly to the chair, and could barely move. The pain dulled for a moment and then she felt it again. Kate had pierced her flesh deep inside her, and now she was pushing a bar through Tina's flesh well behind her clit. As Kate continued to work between her legs, Tina suddenly realised through the fog of the unbearable pain the enormity of what had just been done to her.

Tina's clit had been hooded with some metal device. It was in turn held in place by a piercing. Even when Kate released her hold on Tina's flesh, she could feel that the natural hood on her most intimate spot had been pushed back and the piercing held her clit forward. Her clit could now not be touched, robbing her of much of the pleasure of sex. There was a chain hanging down out of her pussy. She shuddered as she realised that she could now be led by a leash connected to her sex as well as one connected to her nose, breasts or even navel. There were now so many ways that she could be forced to comply with whatever perverted and humiliating acts these girls might demand of her.

Surely now they had finished. But no, she was not released from the chair. The harness around her head was unbuckled, and the bit across her mouth was removed. Kate pulled the sponge out of her mouth.

Tina groaned. "What have you done to me? Why? Please, stop …"

She was silenced as Mary grabbed her and started kissing her passionately. Tina's mouth opened in astonishment and Mary's tongue went into it and then withdrew. Despite everything, Tina responded instinctively and pushed out her own tongue. Mary pulled away rapidly and Kate used a clamp to grab her tongue and hold it out from her mouth. She had been tricked!

Kate pulled Tina's tongue farther out and Mary swabbed it. She then used another needle and cork block to pierce Tina's tongue about an inch back from the tip. Mary then pushed a rod through the hole and screwed a ball on the end. When the clamp on her tongue was finally released, Tina could feel the ball sitting on the top of her tongue. What was this for? Again, Mary seemed to read her mind. "This will help your next bit to be held far more securely in your mouth, Chestnut," she explained. "But you'll need to rest for a day or so to recover from all these piercings. Then we'll start to train you to pull a cart."


To be continued


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