Partners in Crime

By Peter Walsh

Part Two

‘It passed the house twice K’.

‘Maybe just turning round? The road leads to nowhere’.

‘It was moving slowly K’.

‘It was three in the morning K’.

‘I don’t like it! I reckon we were followed K’.

‘No way, we would have noticed?’

‘We can’t check for everything K’.

‘Right, well let’s keep everything wired tight, we can’t slip up now’.

‘What about little Ms Lawyer and her teacher mate?’

‘We keep them wrapped up, save when they have to go or we feed them’.

‘Do we keep them down below K’.

‘It looks a bit grim down there’.

‘So what?’

‘We’re not hear to torture them K, after all they’ve never done anything bad to us’.

‘Stash them in the back bedroom then. Do the blindfolds and ear plugs stay on?’

‘No need to make them that uncomfortable but at least one of us is in the house with them the whole time’.

‘Just in case K?’

‘Yeah, just in case’.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Caroline and Penny had no idea of their whereabouts except that they had been taken out of London.

The friends looked at their surroundings. The living room of the cottage where she and Penny were prisoners had enjoyed a great deal of attention and as much expense. There was nothing damp or dingy about it. Pastel pink painted walls, matching carpets, restored beams and the furnishings were a nice mix of old and new.

It was morning and straight after breakfast. Caroline and Penny sat on a comfortable sofa facing the two Ks who were watchfully lazing in easy chairs. Caroline was using all her negotiating skills to ease the situation regarding her and Penny’s bondage.

‘You have kidnapped us and we are your prisoners. As a result I appreciate that one of your requirement is to keep us secure so we do not pose a threat to you or your plans. However-’.

‘Is she telling us our job K?’ Dark K asked her faired haired accomplice.

‘Let her finish K’. Fair K replied. ‘Go on Caroline?’

‘Thank you, however I think the level of restraint used on Penny and myself is absurd and a waste of effort on your parts’.

‘Do tell!’ Dark K wanted convincing.

‘Penny and I are in our early forties that makes us at least fifteen years older than you, am I correct?’

‘You are’. Fair K confirmed.

‘Judging by the look of you both, you are stronger and fitter than either Penny or myself and need have no fear of any physical resistance from us. I can see the practical reasons why you need to keep us tied up and gagged but the amount of rope and tape you use is far in excess of what is required’.

‘What do you suggest then?’ Fair K asked the kidnapped solicitor.

‘That we are restrained at the wrists and ankles, hands behind our backs obviously but no other ropes on our bodies’.

‘What about gags?’ Dark K said.

‘I understand that they are probably necessary to keep us from calling for help or chatting to each other but again the gags need not be quite so excessive. All that tape is awkward to for you put on and painful for us when it comes off. I suggest a wadded cloth in the mouth held in place by some soft material. This will silence Penny and myself and be easier to take off and put back on. Now do you understand Penny’s and mines position?’

Fair K turned to Dark K. ‘What do you think K?’

‘Less work for us K?’

‘That’s what I’m thinking K. Okay Caroline we have a deal but on two conditions’.

‘Go on?’ The slim blonde creased her brow slightly.

‘You and the teacher continue to be on your best behaviour and that we use the chloroform on you whenever we think fit’.

Caroline looked sideways at Penny who shrugged briefly and then nodded. Caroline nodded too and turned back to the two Ks.

‘We accept both conditions’.

‘Right!’ Dark K said loudly and sprang up from the chair. ‘The new regime starts right now!’


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Penny suddenly realised that in the latest phase of their captivity, less was now painfully more. The brunette teacher lay on her front on the bed with Caroline right beside her.

The hostage friends probably now had only one quarter of the amount of rope securing them than had been used previously but it was all in the application.

‘This is called a Hog-tie Sweethearts!’ Dark K had told them as she swiftly and expertly bound them while they lay prone on the bed. Penny had been forced to surrender her loafers and Caroline her boots. The friends were clad in their tops, skirts and tights.

Penny and Caroline lay on their fronts with their wrists crossed and bound behind their backs with rope linking to their crossed and bound ankles. The tautness of the rope which married their bindings forced their captive bodies into an almost bow shaped posture. The friends were quite helpless.

Fair K had then applied their gags with Caroline being the first victim. The blonde solicitor again endured the entry of a large wad of cloth into her oral cavity. There was no multiple tape layers this time but a narrow band of cloth with a knot in the centre was then used to enforce the cloth packing. Fair K tied a moderately vicious knot at the back of Caroline’s neck. With Caroline’s gag in place Fair K turned her attention to Penny and in less than a minute the brunette’s identical gag was firmly fixed in place.

Fair K playfully patted the captives on the top of their heads as she saw their discomfort with the gags contort their faces.

‘This is what we agreed on Caroline, right K?’

‘Too right K!’

‘Now we’ll let you spend some quality time together’.

The two Ks then left the room and locked the door behind them.

Penny rocked forward and backwards in her bondage and awkwardly turned to look at Caroline. She tried to say something through her mouth filling gag to her friend but the effort was hardly worth it. Caroline barely moved and kept her eyes shut tightly as if frantically wishing away the dreadful situation that she had somehow instigated.

It could prove to be a long day.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

With Caroline and Penny both bound and gagged and locked in the back bedroom Fair K decided to go on a sweep of the area surrounding the cottage. Dark K would guard the nest.

Fair K thought about the car that K had heard the night before. There had been no other traffic in the narrow lane since the incident. It had been too dark for K to really see the car properly and the headlights had obscured things. Fair K was going to check that nobody might be creeping around ready to spoil a very private party.

The morning was clear and cool. The air had a pleasing chilled edge to it and everything looked wonderfully green and brown. The trees were starting to shed their leaves which were lazily stirred by the gentle breeze.

Fair K thought the cottage and the surrounding area was cute but she missed the endless arid expanse of the Northern Territory back in Australia. Britain was a crowded island off the coast of a senile European continent, there were few places to really get lost. It was different back home, if you wanted to get lost, you could stay lost. Fair K hoped the week would pass quickly. The very hostile takeover would happen, she and K would get paid and they could both go home and vanish for as long as they had a mind to.

The Amazonian Australian girl checked that her gun was in its familiar place tucked into the waistband of her jeans at the small of her back. The feel and weight of the weapon was quite a reassurance to her. She had never shot anyone but knew if the situation arose that it would not be a problem for her. She zipped up her suede jacket and started her patrol.

Fair K again thought about what to do with Caroline and Penny when the week was over? Dark K had suggested leaving them tied up at the cottage and they make a call to the local Police at the airport advising of the captives whereabouts. It was probably the best option. Caroline and Penny were a pair of nice polite British ladies and the two Ks had no desire to harm them.

Fair K walked to the end of the lane where the metal gate bore the sign PRIVATE PROPERTY denying anybody entry to the small patch of woodland beyond it. There was a footpath to the right of the gate that looked to skirt the fields round the back of the cottage. She looked around her, she was alone. She started along the path which was firm under her boot heels and a high bramble hedge was to her left with a less fierce barrier of ferns and shrubs to her right.

She continued walking along the path with her vision restricted now just not from the sides but also ahead and behind her. Fair K quickened her pace. The path was longer than it had first appeared and Fair K grew impatient. After several minutes the path widened and the hedges gave way to open fields. She saw the cottage about half-a-mile away to her right. There was a gate at the end of the path and another lane.

Fair K athletically scaled the gate and felt tarmac under her boots. Then seemingly almost silently a black BMW X5 with blackened windows glided into view. Fair K had no idea that it had been there.

It halted in front of the puzzled Australian girl and there was a gentle buzz as one of the windows open. Fair K sensed danger and reached for her gun.

There were two popping sounds and two tranquilliser darts landed on the soft flesh of Fair Ks neck. The Australian girl dropped to the ground like a stone, unconscious in less than five seconds.

The door of the BMW X5 opened and two figures got out.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Dark K lounged on the sofa, her long legs stretched out from under her short denim skirt. K had been gone awhile but Dark K knew that her partner would not return until she was satisfied that the surrounding area was safe for them.

Dark K wanted the week to be over quickly so she and K could split and vanish for a time. However the deal they were involved in would take a little time. The two Ks would have to wait things out.

Dark K then looked up as she heard sounds from upstairs. They were coming from the back bedroom. Caroline and Penny were refusing to settle down. Dark K could hear them thrashing about on the bed and despite their heavy gags they were making a surprising amount of noise.

Dark K grinned to herself. There was no way that those two could get free. All the Lawyer and the Teacher would do was get all hot and bothered and probably hurt themselves.

After a very short time the commotion started to annoy Dark K. She wished they had stashed them in the cellar and tied them up to the max. She would settle them down!

Dark K swung her cowboy booted feet off the sofa and found the black holdall in which she and K kept the assortment of ropes, gags and other useful items. After a brief rummage she found the dark brown bottle which held the chloroform. She then got a folded white napkin from a kitchen drawer and soaked it with a liberal amount of the narcotic liquid.

Dark K stomped up the stairs in her boots in the direction of the thrashing and moaning.

‘I coming to sort you two out!’ She called up to the bedroom captives.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Up to now Caroline and Penny had passively accepted every torment that their kidnappers had forced on them. However the discomfort of the so called ‘Hog-tie’ had been the final straw.

The captive friends knew that there was little or no chance of their getting free. The only course of protest action available to them was to kick and moan.

Caroline and Penny rocked themselves violently in every direction on the bed and made muted yells through their gags. Both bed and floorboards creaked and squeaked. Their bonds hurt them and the gags robbed of a large amount of air. They were soon growing tired but their angry resolve gave them a little more strength.

The friends knew that this defiant display would probably invoke an adverse reaction from the two Ks but right then neither cared.

The lock clicked and the door flew open.

‘You two can quit this right now!’ Dark K angrily told them.

Caroline was painfully seized by the hair as her head was pulled back. Dark K covered the slim blonde solicitors face with the chloroform doped napkin. The sweet narcotic vapours of the drug swept up Caroline’s nostrils and invaded her head. Everything suddenly became blurred, confused and strangely distant then very black. Her head fell forward on the bed.

Penny made things difficult for Dark K, twisting her head away and burying her face deep in the mattress. Dark K violently seized a handful of soft brunette hair and pulled. Penny cried out through her gag and then the chloroformed cloth was clamped over her nose and trapped mouth. Penny vainly attempted further resistance but the drug quickly vanquished her efforts. Her head fell limply forward onto the mattress.

Dark K checked them over and gave both the captives another short session with the cloth to make sure they would be under for some time.

‘That’ll teach you!’ She hissed at the pair in their enforced slumber.

Dark K left the room and locked the door behind her. It would be quiet for a while now. When K got back they would stick the captives in the cellar and tie them up properly.

Dark K came down the stairs and was unaware of any danger until she was on the final step. There were two pops and the hiss of something in flight.

Dark K gasped as the tranquilliser darts suddenly struck home in the firm toned flesh of her bare thighs. One dart in the right and another on the left.

She looked up and saw two figures standing a few feet away from her. They then became distorted in her view and then vanished completely as she collapsed in an unconscious heap.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Fair K felt the cold and rough surface of the brick wall pressing against her naked back. She knew that K was right next to her even though she could not see her nor speak to her.

Somebody had got the drop on them. Somebody who was professional and somebody who took their job very seriously. She and K knew that their was competition in their line of work but they had expected no interference in this particular job. They were obviously wrong. They had been very careful but events now proved that they had not been careful enough. The two Ks had gone from hostage takers to hostages themselves.

Fair K sat bound, blindfolded, gagged and totally naked in a place which was cold and uncomfortable. She guessed it was the cellar of the cottage. The effects of the tranquilliser darts still lingered in her system. The dose must have been heavy.

The Australian girl had her wrists secured behind her back with very tight leather straps. They felt as unyielding as handcuffs. The leather straps were locked to the small of her back being attached to a further broad strap that ran firmly about her middle. Further straps trapped her long legs about the thighs, knees and ankles. Fair K knew she could not escape her bindings.

Fair K was gagged effectively and painfully with a panel gag.

A large ball gag filled up her mouth behind a wide and soft leather strap that encased her lips. On top of the wide strap was a further buckling strap that pulled the ball gag deeply into her mouth. Two thin straps were buckled behind her head keeping it tight at the top and the bottom. The straps had trapped a great deal of her long and distinctive hair.

Above the gag Fair Ks face was masked by a leather blindfold with two large felt pads sewn into it which covered each eye. Like the gag it was secured by buckled straps behind her head which were similarly playing painful havoc with her hair.

Fair K was very proud of her body and had no objection to being naked if the pleasurable need arose but this was different. She had been stripped of all the clothes. Jacket, top, jeans, socks, boots, shelf bra and even the very skimpy white thong she had worn. It made her fell very vulnerable.

Fair K was trapped in a dark and uncomfortable world and for the first time in her life her fate was in the hands of others. The thought of the latter scared her.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Dark K drifted in and out of unconsciousness. When she was awake she was terrified to find that she could not see, speak or even move. She also felt cold.

She tried to reason in her drugged state of mind of what exactly had happened to her? She remembered chloroforming the captives and then going back downstairs. Then out of nowhere she had been shot twice with tranquilliser darts. Dark K had not even really seen the shooters.

She felt her naked shoulder brush against another in the same bared state. She knew K was right next to her.

Dark K felt the straps binding her wrists and legs. She suffered the full discomfort of the panel gag encasing her mouth and the leather blindfold effectively isolated her from the world. She was also minus every scrap of her clothing. Dark K liked doing a great many things without her clothes but being a bound, gagged and blindfolded prisoner was not one of them.

In an instant things had gone seriously to shit.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Caroline and Penny slept the slumber of the drugged in their bound state on the bed. They were blissfully unaware of the two figures standing over them.

‘So these are the hostages we were told to expect?’ One said looking down at the captives.

‘Yes, the blonde is the lawyer with all the information on the Blackwood merger. The dark haired one is her friend, she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time’. The other replied.

‘Unlucky for her’.

‘What do we do with them? We were only supposed to neutralise those two bitches in the cellar?’

‘Yes but if we let these two go free it could cause complications. We’ll keep them with the other two for now’.

‘We can use that van when we come to move them all’.

‘Good idea! Now let’s get these two untied, naked and fixed up like our friends in the cellar’.

‘At times I really love this job!’

They then both laughed.

To be continued...


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