A Night at the Opera

A continuation of Jeb's story

By Adam Hunter

Regine Crespin pulled onto the tarmac of the private airfield, she saw the private jet fueled and ready to go, the particular airfield she was at had bribed all the right people so no take off and landing was ever questioned by the FAA, San Francisco's rich and famous quite often required discreet travel, Regine had used it herself, though tonight the travelogues would show that the daughters of a Mr. Roger Danvers, a prominent San Francisco lawyer, who's sexual tousism in Asia had made him ripe for blackwell, were the only ones traveling this night, Regine knew her and her traveling companion would require and extra level of anonimnity this night.

Regine's "companion" was FBI agent Anne Cleaves, now a bound and gagged prisoner, her face still lay in Regine's lap, her lips parted by the scarf and panties which threatened to strangle her, Anne as a child had played with boys and had ended up in the old "hostage/criminal" scenario in the usual position little girls ended up in, but now she was playing the role for real in her adult life, she'd been silenced with pantyhose, napkins and once even a strip of duct tape, but only now with the scarf holding Regine's panties in did she know why it was called a gag.

Anne had mmphed and protested but her lips brushing Regine's sex only excited her more and she'd felt the car swerve, so she decided to suffer in silence, part of Anne wanted to scream and say "wake up" she wanted to believe this was just a dream, she didn't want to believe that she lay in this car, bound and gagged, and what did Regine have planned for her, did Regine plan to rape her, then kill her? All the profiles said Regine was a professional thief, not a sociopath, none of this made sense, was her flirtation with Regine so convincing? and her back-up, didn't they know she'd failed to report in, would anybody realize what happened to her. in spite of herself she began to feel tears sting her eyes, but "no" she thought to herself, she wouldn't give this bitch the satisfaction, whatever her fate was to be this night, she'd face it like she faced everything in her career, without fear.

Regine brought the car to a stop, she looked at her agent who was guarding the plane, she smiled, her plan was almost complete.

"Ready to travel dear?" Regine said with a hint of cruelty, she lifted Anne's head up off her lap and was flushed once more to see the beautiful gagged face, a face that like the rest belonged to her now, she saw Anne's face was slightly bloodshot,

"Ah has the little girl been crying" Regine laughed, Anne's eyes flashed with anger and she mmphed angrily. "Good, good, I'm glad to see you still have some spirit left, it'd been no fun if you'd broke so easily."

Regine produced a knife from her purse and Anne's beautiful eyes widened, but Regine just smiled "Don't worry dear, if i wanted you dead you'd already be so."

Regine cut the cords that pulled Anne into a hogtie, Anne felt relief as the hogtie had left her limbs numb, Regine opened the car and pulled Anne out to a standing position.

"Now dear I'm going to unbind your feet, don't do anything foolish like try and kick me, or that man over there will have to ruin a portion of your beauty."

Ann wished she could have kicked Regine's smugly beautiful face, but after her time being bound her legs felt so wobbly she was surprised she could stand at all. After removing the binding from Anne's feet, Regine walked behind Anne and wrapped her arm around Anne's fit waist. Regine breathed in all her smells and delighted in knowing Anne would always be this close to her.

"Now my pretty little toy, let's walk towards that plane, and no struggling or trying to escape-- easy or hard you are getting on that plane."

Anne could feel Regine's ample bosom squeezing into her back, she was so close to Regine she could feel her erect nipples. Anne knew she was in the last moments of any chance for escape, but between still having her arms and hands bound, the gag, her limbs still screaming from the hogtie and Regine's well built underling by the plane, she knew that there was no use in an escape attempt at this point.

Regine marched Anne over to the plane. She stopped by her employee. "Carlton, give Mr. Danvers the negatives and most of the photos. Tell him, though, that the remaining photos will be released to several major news sources if he ever gets an attack of morality."

"Very good, Ms. Crispin. I'm sad to hear you won't be able to operate out in the open anymore though."

Regine laughed, "Ah don't worry, I think I've gotten something in fair trade from the FBI, and if I ever want to live in the open again, there are many countries with no extradition and no love for the FBI."

Regine marched Anne up the ramp into the plane. Carlton smiled at his mistress and mused I hope you enjoy your new toy Ms. Crispin, I'm sure you'll find better uses for her than the FBI did.

"Ah, don't just refer to her as a toy, Carlton. I may have found someone to settle down with." Both Regine and Carlton laughed, Anne never hated two people more than she did at this point.

Anne was now in the sumptously decorated cabin of the private jet, with two leather couches and a room in the back that she could glimpse through the open door was a bedroom. Anne saw Regine sealing the cabin door, and knew she was now trapped inside. Regine moved Anne over to one of the chairs positioned between the two couches and used the seatbelt to strap her in. Regine smiled and cupped Anne's chin.

"Get comfortable. I have to discuss our travel plans with my pilot. Then once we are in the air the two of us will have a discussion about your future."

Anne was incredulous, this whole drama seemed unreal.

Regine walked over to her trusted pilot Fritz in the cockpit.

"Fritz, fly down to Mexico, the usual place, then I'll be headed to my villa."

"Yes milady, but you sure that's far enough away?"

"Oh yes, I'll only be there a short while. I have a country Mansion in France I have my eye on. It'll be perfect for a..." Regine giggled, "young couple."

"Very good Ms. Crispin."

"Now Fritz I'm going to have to ask you to lock the cockpit door. We'll need some time alone."

"Enjoy yourself, milady."

Regine sat in the chair and buckled herself in as the plane began its take-off. It was only once she felt the plane in the air that the reality of the situation finally hit Anne: there was going to be no last minute rescue, no daring escape attempt, Regine's plans was not going to be foiled like it happend on TV or in Anne's experiene as a FBI agent in real life. No, Anne was this woman's prisoner/captive/hostage/slave or whatever she intended. Anne had no family and very few friends, her career had always come first, but in this plane she felt that old life slipping away.

Anne was unbuckled from the seat and led over to the couch. Regine went into a little chest that set on a table and retrieved a pair of handcuffs and some shackles.

"I want to get you a little more comfortable before we head to the bedroom."

Regine roughly grabbed Anne's ankles and put the shackles on them; before Anne could even think to do anything her legs were useless again. Regine came around her back and cut the cords binding her elbows and wrists; the scarf that Regine used to bind Anne's wrists initially remained. Regine quickly clasped one cuff in place, removed the scarf and got up and backed away. Anne turned quickly, and thought she had her chance but she saw Regine had produced a gun.

"Snap the other cuff in place Anne-- can I call you Anne now?" Regine smiled. "Do it and then we'll have a talk."

Anne considered taking the chance anyway but her shackles were too tight and Regine, despite her society girl facade, was not a weakling, and the chance to get the gag out of her mouth was worth playing Regine's game. For now, Anne did as she was told and snapped the other cuff over her wrist.

Regine checked to make sure that Anne was once more bound, "Good girl, I am a woman of my word so..."

Regine untied the scarf, Anne immediately started trying to spit the panties out.

"Ah now dear, let me help you." Regine pulled the panties out. Anne began gasping for breath, she looked up at Regine who smiled and slyly pulled the panties back on, the dampness and warmth bringing her close to another orgasm.

Regine set down on the other end of the couch and simply stared at Anne.

"Regine, what are you doing? What's all this FBI talk?" Anne hoped that maybe she could stil play "art intern." As a gambit, it was desperate, but so was she.

"Please, Anne, do not insult me. I know who you really are, that's why you are sitting there."

Anne glared. "Fine, you know, so what do you intend to do with me? The FBI has quite a case against you: theft and blackmail are one thing, kidnapping an agent is quite another. Are you sure you want to make this worse for yourself?"

"Oh please, you are in no position to make threats; besides they'll be more interested in hunting down a crooked agent than me."

Shock washed over Anne's face. "What?"

"I made many preparations for your abduction, Anne: a plane ticket to Hong Kong in your name, and a quite substantial deposit in your bank account will throw them off any thoughts of a kidnapping."

Anne looked down. "Regine, you can't do this to me. What do you want from me?"

"The only thing I ever wanted dear: you."

"But," Anne protested, "I'm not a lesbian, Regine. I'll never return your feelings!"

Regine laughed and pulled a Cuban cigar from a humidor she kept on the table and began to lick the wrapper "I don't need you to return anything. I have you. I own you now"

Anne glared at her "You can't own me, no one can. I'm a person, I have my own life!"

Regine lit up her cigar and held it seductively.

"Any life you had, any thing you were, is over now. You're just my little sex toy now. But I tire of conversations. Anne, dear, you'll be better seen, not heard."

Regine produced a roll of duct tape and advanced on Anne. Anne began to struggle.

"No Regine, NO no..mmmmmph!"

Regine pasted several strips of tape over Anne's mouth. As Anne looked at her angrily, Regine was nearly overcome by ecstacy again. Looking at the bound gagged woman who was totally in her control, she took a drag on her cigar, removed her dress, shoes and panties, "It's time, dear. I've waited for this for a long while..."

Anne couldn't believe what was about to happen. She knew as a female FBI agent she faced the possibility of getting raped, but she thought it'd be from a brutish drug dealer, not a beautiful professional art thief!

Regine pulled out yet another toy from the chest on the table: a collar and leash. Anne backed away as Regine came towards her with the collar, but she knew it was a futile struggle. Regine buckled the collar and then leashed it, leaving Anne feeling deafeated and humilated.

Regine pulled her to a standing position.

"Now walk, slave," Regine sneered.

Anne did as commanded and was led as she expected to the bedroom. Regine laid her on the bed.

"Now my little whore, we'll have to do something about these clothes."

Regine produced a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut off the expensive gown Anne wore.

"I hate to ruin such a beautiful gown; how lucky that there is something even more beautiful underneath."

Anne shrieked as Regine next cut away her bra and panties "calm down dear we'll join the mile high club soon enough"

Regine looked upon her unwrapped prize at last. She gazed hungrily at Anne's perfect breasts, her well groomed mound. She rolled Anne onto her side to see a perfectly shaped ass. She couldn't resist giving it a little spank, and Anne shrieked again.

Regine straddled her prize

"Now, my love," she breathed heavily, "... now we consummate this."

Regine began kissing, biting, and fondling Anne's breasts. She kissed her gagged lips, she worked down and plunged her tongue into Anne's pussy. Anne cried out: she didn't know if it was from the horror of being raped or the ecstacy of having the most passionate sexual partner ever.

Regine plunged her own pussy into Anne's face, if Anne hadn't been gagged she didn't know if she would have bit her or returned the favor Regine did for her.

Regine ground herself on Anne's face, then moved down and entwined their legs. Regine began grinding and manually masturbating Anne. Anne began to cry out again, but Regine knew by her breathing it wasn't a cry of anguish.

"Give it up, Anne, don't fight it. You know you want this as much as I do."

They climaxed together. Regine layed down beside Anne, who looked away, a look of shame upon her face. Regine turned her head back towards her.

"You'll get used to this eventually, my lovely Anne. This is our new life now, it's only just begun."

Anne looked away again, and finally let tears flow from her eyes, tears of confusion. Was this her life now? And more importantly, did she want it to be? Truthfully, she no longer knew.

One thing was sure as she lay bound, gagged, and helpless, drifting off to sleep in Regine's arms: whatever she wanted, it was decided for her. Regine would never let her escape.

And for her part, Regine slept secure in the knowledge that she finally had the companion and sex toy she'd always wanted.


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