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October 20th, 2023

J.R. Francisco brings us the long-awaited conclusion to Kat Derringer's latest adventure in Chapter Five of Blackmail.

As you may have noticed at the top of the page, Amazon is now carrying my complete romance novel, Pirates' Prey, the sequel to Love's Savage Bonds. Fans of bondage-filled bodice-rippers will enjoy both of these, and any reviews and/or Facebook "Likes" would be most welcome!

Of course, my thanks to those who have already purchased one or both of them!

And remember: if you've got ideas for a Damsel-in-Distress tale that you'd care to share with our readers, I'd love to hear about it. Previous writing experience is emphatically NOT needed! You can email me at:

Recent Updates

Back in the dim dark days of the 2000s, there was a website called It's gone now (though I recently checked, and found that the domain is available for a cool 12 grand). It was mostly about, well, bondage n stuff. Anyway, one of its features was a message board where a bunch of us hung out swapping the kind of chat one did/does on message boards. But the message board shortly became a place where members began to post their own bondage fiction, a lot of which was some of the best writing in that genre anywhere on the web. Recently, our old friend Charles Spencer reached out to let me know that he had saved a huge quantity of these stories, and thought we should share them with readers who either never saw the site, or to bring back good memories for those who did.

I've been out of touch with these writers for many years now, but of course if any of the contributors are out there, and would have preferred that their work not be posted here, please let me know and we'll remove it. Similarly, if any of those amazing writers are still out there, we'd love to hear from you!

So this week, we launch a new branding for these stories: From the Files of The first one is from Lobo, one of the most amazingly prolific contributors to the message boards: Crimsonova Castle: Red Scrod, a dark and twisty crime story with some fiendish perils for our heroines. We start with part one this week; next time, Charles himself presents his version of the story's continuation, and conclusion, and it' s definitely a corker.

Old friend Victor Von Doum and his co-author animegirlwithagun wrap it up in Part Three of Lyfftway to Heaven..

And after too long a delay, we offer the first part of a new story from Bob2300, Ginger's Evening.

JR Francisco begins a new tale of multiple damsels who aren't snooping or spying: just a couple of regular working girls who catch the eye of the wrong man at the wrong time. Dig in to Chapter One of The Perils of Jessica Santana.

The exciting international damsel distressing concludes with Chapter Nine and Chapter Ten of our French correspondent Hugues' Charlotte, Emperor's Special Agent.

Reid returns! Savor the rather delicious first chapter of Victims of the Black Van.

Welcome new contributor Bob 2300 with a tale of law and order and bondage: Police Patrol.

The story continues in the latest chapter in BH Mari's epic Rescue Inc.

Enjoy Mel's My Boyfriend's Sister

Walter Hammond shares The Conjuring Trick.

Something old, something new, something bondage... enjoy Amy Flanagan's The Bridesmaid.

Enjoy a new story from Walter Hammond, The Handywoman.

Mel introduces us to The Amorous Burglar.

Enjoy a new classic from one of the greats in the D-I-D game: Noir shares with us a complete "Trouble for Tara" adventure called The Right Data Left Behind.

Amy Flanagan returns with the cinematic kink of The Fetish Film Company

Here's a brisk start to the new year, with new contributor Dileep regaling us with the tale of A Day In The Basement.

Enjoy the opening chapters of BH Mari's Rescue Inc.

Amy Flanagan deserves, of course, a massive apology for my delay in posting this story: My Medical Appointment.

And new contributor J Williams offers a reminiscence of the lovely Alice.

Walter Hammond wraps up (so to speak) The Billionairess with the expanded Part 1 and 2 followed by Parts 3 and 4.

Mel regales us with a complete story of My Hot Date. Hey, you know what's way overdue around here (besides everything)? More chapters of Frank Edwards' Terror Beach. Have fun with chapters Six, Seven, and Eight.

Jane finds that bondage can be an "academic" hazard in the new complete story The Student Astronomer.

Amy Flanagan brings us quite the girls' night out in the new complete story Lisa's Big Evening.

Reid returns! Sexy good times with the new, complete story The Missing Roommate.

We resume the magnum opus from the dean of Damsel in Distress fiction, Brian Sands. Enjoy Chapter Seventeen of Lisette Rivers and the Crumbling Mansion Affair .

Another multi-part DID epic begins with Chapters One and Two of Recruitment from new contributor Atlan.

Super-sized and action-packed. Enjoy Reid's complete epic The Counterfeiters

No surprise that my downloads folder isn't very well organized, so here's one I just realized I hadn't posted yet: Chapter Two of Foreign Holiday. Apologies, Mel.

The kinky fun continues in Chapter Three of Caught By Sister In Law.

More enforced intimacy and historical damsel-distressing from new contributor Otto, with The Grand Finale of Russian Roulette. More from Otto to come!

Enjoy more of Amy Flanagan's latest story of kinky business in Part Two of The Cleaner.

Family matters get hot and heavy in Part Two of Caught By Sister In Law.

Who doesn't love a damsel in a uniform? Or out of one? Wally Hammond gets a law lady in a bit of a bind in Ambushed in Her Office.

Our old friend Miss Vicky has revised and completed the Hypergirl story she shared with us a ways back. Have hyper-fun with Hypergirl Revised.

Enjoy the latest from Delilah Winston: Chapter Eleven of HTG: Quarterly Gains & Losses.

Old pal Charles Spencer returns with the first deliciously kinky adventure of Monica White PI. As an FYI, this one features equal-gender-opportunity distress.

New contributor Grant Lecourt, with an assist from illustrator Joseph Jones, starts off a delicious new series with the first chapter of Detective Dana in Distress.

Our heroine experiences a new kind of sexy domination in Chapter Three of Marcos' The Wrong Choices.

So I was rummaging around in the files, and ran across a few stories I wrote... well, quite a long time ago, as little "custom" jobs for folks I met online. Some of them would take a fair amount of work to get to where I'd feel like sharing them, but there's a few that are in sufficiently coherent shape to be worth posting.

Most of these stories edge toward the more overtly sexual (since that's what the requesters seemed to want), and with a level of nonconsensual sex that may be more problematic for readers today than would have been the case ten or so years ago. No apologies, and if you think that might be an issue for you, I'd invite you to skip them. But if you like your damsels distressed in a particularly wicked fashion, enjoy Freedom... of A Sort. I don't think it ever went past the chapter I'm posting here, but that's not to say that it couldn't. Feedback welcome.

A kind of an odd little story I once posted at another site. Enjoy Jeanette and Terry

Somehow, Never118 and I got mixed up on the title of his current story, but by any name, Chapter Two of An Evening in Berlin is deliciously damsel-distressing.

Savor Bill K's classic complete story Struggles With Ropes.

This one's definitely sexually explicit, and if that appeals, you'll enjoy this long, detailed, complete story from Jerry S: Nancy.

I'm amazed at how many folks seem to find Damsel in Distress stories a good entree into learning the English language. Greet author Jugrntts, who offers a great debut story: The Hidden Room. Please note that this one definitely gets into some non-consensual sex.

Christmas cheer in Chapter Eight of Delilah Winston' HTG:Quarterly Gains and Losses.

Here's a nice extra-long story from a new author: Opportunity of a Lifetime from JerryS.

Enjoy a great (relatively) recent piece from Brian Sands: a one-act Damsel in Distress play called Plans Gone Wrong.

Mel gets down to business with a new story with the straight-to-the-point title, Abducted From My Bed.

Never118 wraps up (one might say) the super-sexy In Therapy with Chapter Four. More to come from this author!

We revive another story from the legendary Tight Corners website: with translation from the French by our beloved Gillian B, enjoy Arthur's Repentance. Sadly, it would appear that these four chapters are all that were ever completed or uploaded.

More enforced intimacy and historical damsel-distressing from new contributor Otto, with Chapter Five of Russian Roulette.

Another international contribution: Italian long-time reader Gabriella presents the first chapter of a story mixing a couple of fun fetishes, along with some old-fashioned damsel distressing and derring-do. Enjoy Part One of The Treasure Tunnel.

Things get steamy, and scheme-y, in Part Three of Never 118's In Therapy.

A new contributor brings us a tale of intense duo-damsel peril, in the complete story Caroline's Long Weekend Ordeal.

Continuing to play catch-up on some long-overdue udpates, enjoy Chapter Two of Andy LeStrange's Bad Day at the Office.

More of Seiler's latest: Chapter Two of Amorous Entanglements.

Johnny Mills' latest wraps up (so to speak) with the exciting conclusion of Bait for a Monster.

Here's a long-unseen treat from two of our alltime favorites: Brian Sands and Cordelia White bring us the complete Odds Against Lisette.

This is not really a new story, but it's one I haven't posted at Jeb's Adventure Bound before, and my hope is that getting it out there will help free up the writer's block I've been going through for some time. We'll see. Have fun with Carol and Tracy in the Old Dark House.

New contributor Williesutt takes a damsel on a rather distressful Car Journey.

New contributor Andy LeStrange supplies his own graphics to accompany the sleek and sexy Bad Day at the Office.

We continue with more classic Walter Hammond kink in the next chapter of Pony Play

Enjoy Part Two of Amy Flanagan's latest girl-on-girl bondage bouquet, The Roommate.

More intense fun (?) and games in Chapter Four of Jubal Jackson's Bondage Boutique.

Enjoy the sexy, sensual, and surprising conclusion of Aksinia's Tales From A German Opera.

The new one from Mel is dark and intense, with no Michael Keaton in sight: venture into chapter one of Birdwoman.

Enjoy all four chapters of a rare story from the archives of bondage legend Brian Sands: enjoy The Maltese Duck.

Here's one for all the serious straitjacketers: Chapter Two of Mel's The Clinic.

Never118 brings us the sexy, sensual conclusion to Tying Up Miss Lowes.

Lady Jane (with a bit of help from your humble narrator) ratchets things up for her feisty heroine, Velvet Ice, Stripper Detective, in the darkly funny, wickedly sexy Chapter Three of Viva Las Velvet.

And don't miss Velvet's previous adventures: What's Behind Door #3, Strong As An Ox! and What A Hoot!.

It's a lucky Friday the 13th as we wrap up Walter Hammond's The Librarian with Part Three.

Mel's latest is a perfect fit, as we say. Get wrapped up in Part One of The Clinic.

I apologize for having kept us all waiting way too long for the latest from Amy Flanagan: savor the sinister sexiness of Quality Service.

More great Brian Sands damsel-in-distress fiction: Lady Plangent's Pearls.

The final chapter of Conyn and the Black Phoenix is now posted. If you want to skip straight to the exciting conclusion, I've added a recap there to help bring readers up to speed. Enjoy Chapter Five.

Mel brightens our season with A Christmas Gift.

Here's another complete, previously-unpublished Brian Sands story: Lisette Rivers and the Bogus Robbery

Anonymous offers another complete new story, the expertly elegant An Unusual Encounter.

Let's indulge for a bit in the latest chapter of Mel's new story of dominance, nudity, handcuffs, ballgags, and similar kink, Blackmailed At Work.

Let's wrap up Bill K's classic story The Lighthouse with Chapter Ten, Eleven,and Twelve.

Delilah Winston wraps up her sly and stimulating tale of bondage in the office, with the final chapter of HTG: Donna Learns The Ropes.

A story that was definitely worth the wait: the latest from Amy Flanagan has our intrepid heroine venturing across the pond to... um... "enjoy" some Yankee Hospitality.

More previously unpublished greatness from the legendary Brian Sands: enjoy the complete new story, The Kidnapping of Lady Bundle.

Sometimes, it starts out as distress, and turns into... well, something else. Tasty, tasty fun this week from new contributor Never 118, as we meet Autumn Rhaine.

I'm pleased to offer the latest full-length complete short novel from Anonymous, entitled The Test of Courage.

The latest from Peter Walsh is a new adventure with the plucky Ellie Brand: enjoy the complete story The Stuff of Nightmares.

Enjoy the next chapter of the newest story from Historian, as Kelly and Kristi's First Case comes to Chapter Seven.

Jason Bindura starts an epic tale of fettered Feds, gloved villainesses, home invasions and similar sexy stuff, in the first part of Breakout.

Walter Hammond returns, bringing us a pair of roommates with some very stimulating ideas about co-habitation: enjoy the complete story Katie's Bondage Day.

Aksinia Astakhov wraps up (so to speak) a sexy tale of sensual bondage in Chapter Three of The Silk Buyer.

Super-sexy stuff as we bring you the concluding chapter of Victor Von Doum's Mardi Gras Gag Gift Party.

You know the one about all good things, etc etc... well, it appears that Greg Emerson has run out of steam on his epic So I Almost Married a Hit Man, so we unfortunately wrap it up this week with some loose ends hanging. Greg has said he'll have some new material for us in the coming months, and who knows? Maybe he'll be inspired to finish this one day. Either way, have fun with the final chapter (so far) of So I Almost Married a Hit Man

Peter Walsh brings back his plucky new heroine, Ellie Brand, in a sequel to The Brides of Dark Wood. Enjoy The Trap.

Wrapping up the first of our bumper crop of rare and unreleased stories from the Dean of Damsel in Distress fiction, Brian Sands. Enjoy Part Two of Trouble at The Guesthouse Sans Souci; lots more to come from the estimable Mr. Sands this year!

Here's a sexy new one-shot story from Amy Flanagan... though I rather suspect that there will be more than one reader who will clamor for more. Enjoy Shopping Centre Walk.

Anonymous has rewritten and revised his epic novel of superheroines in peril: enjoy the 2013 update of The Cat and the Bracelets; more to come from this author soon.

"Emma's bondage adventure was not over yet," eh? Sounds like a plan to me! More good stuff from Anne Woolsey, in Chapter Two of The Inn.

A complete, extra-long tale of spooky perils and dark, dangerous damsel distress, in Peter Walsh's The Brides of Darkwood.

Let's welcome back Johnny Mills with his latest offering The Terror of Bondarr.

Fenella's life isn't getting any easier as Mel has more torment in store for her in the latest chapter of Teenage Star.
(For those concerned, it's a 19-year-old teenager).

Enjoy the long-awaited Final Chapter of Historian's Bahama Drama.

If you're like me, you've been thinking that it's been too long since we've had a new superheroine adventure round these parts... so a big thanks to Amy Flanagan, who brings us the first chapter of Miss Marvel.

Chill winds blow around Alcatraz any time of year, but there's a few extra shivers in store for our heroines in the latest chapter of S.F.'s San Francisco Ties.

I'm delighted to present our first offering from Anne Woolsey, one of my alltime favorite bondage fiction writers. Those who share my love of sexy ropework, frisky girl-girl shenanigans, and good gagging are really going to enjoy her new story, What A Day. I hope to feature more of her work in the future.

A relaxing massage? Amy Flanagan wouldn't think of it... she's more into stimulation, as you will be, too, after reading The Massage Parlour.

Historian brings us the concluding chapter of The Dixie Detective Agency.

S.F.'s San Francisco Ties is a favorite around these parts, and this week, we offer its long-awaited continuation with Chapter Three. More to come!

Anonymous returns with a novel-length revision and expansion of his Weakness and Strength. Even if you already know the original version, this is well worth your time!

I think you'll agree that R.B.'s The Auditor takes a deliciously unexpected direction in Part Three, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Anonymous brings us another full-length tale of cuffs and crime, in On The Run.

Eeek! Martha's not finished with Lisa at all! See the next bit of delicious torment for the intrepid Agent Lisa in Chapter Five.

Settle back and enjoy the truly delectable final chapter of Aksinia's The Mistress.

Have fun with the next chapter of longtime contributor Johnny Rocket's The Smuggling Plot.

A young lady gets more than she bargained for with a bit of self-bondage in Katrina Lumley's Samantha's Mistake.

Let's wrap up Victor Von Doum and Abducted Damsel's s Roxanne in A Late Summer Night’s Eve, with Chapter Four and Chapter Five

Savor the final chapters of Frank Knebel's Sky and the Woman With A Past: Chapter Eleven and Chapter Twelve. Thanks as always, Frank, for the years of great support of the site.

Enjoy a complete new tale from Historian: The Lost Colony.

Old friend Lisa Flanagan runs down the dangers (and desires) that a damsel can encounter in the dark corners of retail, with her complete story Lisa's Shopping Trip.

For those here in the States who are currently following the shenanigans of our oversexed uniformed spymasters and their paramours, Gethergun offers a far-out, frantic, and fettered adventure called Shore Leave.

New writer JayCee brings us her memoir of a Home Invasion; I presume it's fiction, but you never know...

Thanos presents the first part of a story that has appeared elsewhere, but he'll be continuing and completing the full version here: get ready for the dark ride of The Adventures of Raika Élan: Hostage of the Year (Runner-Up)

Please welcome Deana McAlister, as she begins a "mature-readers-only" story of sensual restraint... or do I mean restrained sensuality? Or both! Enjoy the first part of Deana's Bondage Adventure.

Bruce Springsteen's not the only musician who's enamored of a "Red Headed Woman." Enjoy the conclusion of Mike Lee's The Adventures of Jane Woodstone: The Axeman with Chapter Three and Chapter Four.

One of the site's oldest, most valued contributors, Peter Walsh (of Sooz Kink fame) brings us a terrific, complete new story with a nice helping of multiple damsels in Relative Dangers.

Amy Flanagan's gift for understatement is on display when she suggests that her heroine is "... destined for a most uncomfortable night" in Chapter Two of The Cat Burglars. And more to come!

A complete new story from Historian: enjoy The Ski Trip.

Fans of Aksinia's At The Salon and A Short Italian Excursion will be pleased (to say the least) by the first chapter of this sexy new offering, The Mistress.

Fans of Aksinia's At The Salon are in for a treat, as Gina encounters a family member with a most stimulating tale of her own bondage experience. Sexy stuff abounds in the complete story A Short Italian Excursion.

Welcome back, Sooz! Peter Walsh returns with the latest chapter in the ongoing Sooz Kink adventure,The Thirteenth Hostage, with more to come!

Here's a bit of a surprise: I actually managed to finish one last chapter for 2011: in Chapter Four of Conyn and the Black Phoenix, things are looking awfully bleak for our heroines. Good thing there's one more chapter to go!

Amanda Lu starts a new story of damsel distress in the corridors of power with the first part of The Secretary and the President.

Adam Hunter, who previously contributed a continuation of my story A Night At The Opera returns with a new original story, The Magician.

We continue one of our most popular recent stories, as we enjoy Chapter Five of Martin Drake's steamy tale of sexy spygirls in peril, Agents of Athena.

The exciting conclusion to Victory's first adventure as we present the final chapter of Lady Jane's superheroine-in-peril story, Victory Ambushed. More from this author to come!

If I say that the conclusion to Johnny Mills' wonderful Binding Lease is long overdue... well, that's my fault. He sent it to me a while back, and I just got behind (what a suprise, eh?). Anyway, it's a corker of a conclusion, and if (like me) you really want to read more from him, be sure to respond to the email address he's added to the final chapter.

It's elegant imprisonment and an intriguing offer for Gina as we conclude Aksinia's At The Salon with Part Six

The prolific Mel brings us a terrific new, complete story called The Ballerina.

Amanda Lu gives us a small bit of an update to My Week of Hell.

At the author's request, I've made a couple of tweaks to Victor Von Doum's latest, which he now calls Roxanne, Stable Hand, including a new picture.

Here is the long-delayed third chapter of Back to School (whose first two chapters I just recently noticed had disappeared from the front page as well).

Also, here's a handy collection of links to Mel's other stories: At The Office, Double Trouble, My Hen Night, The Birthday Gift, and Sentenced To Bondage.

Another great treasure unearthed from the old Tight Corners website. This time, we have a story from the site's founder, Mick Stupp, focusing on his favored theme of the female escape artist: The Adventures of Stella Harbin. Sadly, there's only two chapters (with special bonus), but I think you'll find them hightly entertaining.

If I tell you that new contributor Jay has a first-person narration of a story called My Wedding, I'm guessing you've figured out just what makes this wedding so special. And you'd be right-- enjoy!

Woody brings us the thrilling conclusion of his Gorilla At Large. More new Woody is on the way!

Amy Flanagan returns with a nicely kinky tale (though not quite in the way you might think) called My Dog.

We continue our revival of stories from the Tight Corners site, by wrapping up Roper Norway's exercise in Edwardian restraint called The Mistress And The Maids, with Chapters Five, Six, and Seven.

Seiler's back with the first chapter of his latest, well-named story, Perilous Ties.

Victor Von Doum "wraps up" (so to speak) his latest highly sexed and sexy tale, with the Final Chapter of Bowpi the Cowgirl.

The peril continues for red-haired Jane Woodstone as Mike Lee brings us the exciting conclusion of The Knotty Professor.

Mel continues her exciting new story, with Part Two of Double Trouble.

Kat Lance and her friends try a daring escape! Think it works? Here's a hint: there's more of the story to come. Yep, this week, Docman returns with Chapter Four of Finders Keepers.

Another gem from the late Tight Corners site, as we enjoy the anonymously presented A Circus Story.

On to the exciting conclusion of Mel's My Hen Night.

This story from the old Tight Corners site remains unfinished, but there's still two chapters' worth of fun reading in FKIOWA's adventure of Kate Novak in The Mounties

Join our old friend Bill K as he pays tribute to a pair of his all time favorite damsels (and mine!) in Gwendoline and the Shadow of Xi.

There's sorcery afoot of all sorts... but mostly the kind that winds up with beautiful heroines bound and gagged... in Chapter Three of my story Conyn and the Black Phoenix.

Samurai 1300 continues his story of ninja hotties in ropes with Chapter Three of A Night in Japan.

We're getting closer and closer to the end, but there's no relief in sight for the poor distressed damsels in Chapter 32 of David Addison's Voyage Into Slavery.

Those who have been following Dragon Queen's Bound Together in Friendship know that it's been getting more and more intense-- and more and more sexual--with each chapter. Please bear this in mind as she wraps things up with the stunning final chapter: it's not for the faint of heart, or the easily offended, but as I say, if you've been reading the story up to this point, you should have a pretty good idea of what it means when I say that Dragon Queen really ramps things up for the conclusion. With that caution out of the way, I'm delighted to present the Final Chapter of Bound Together in Friendship. Mucho hot stuff.

Please welcome new writer Brian Russo, as he begins a very kinky caper with Chapter One of To The Surprise Of Many.

If any superheroines are reading this, I'd strongly suggest you steer clear of Miss Vicky, because she's got more than a few naughty ideas of what to do with you, as demonstrated in Chapter Two of The Adventures of Hypergirl.

Johnny Mills (who brought us some classic peril with In The Coils of Death cranks up the wickedness meter in his new complete story: (The Peril Of Being) The Other Woman. Enjoy!

Time to welcome another new author: Walter Hammond brings us the highly entertaining (and complete!) story The Escapologist.

Mystery fans in the early part of the 20th century got a nice bonus from British author A.E.W. Mason, who frequently offered some great Damsel in Distress scenes in his novels (one of which inspired my recent story Olivia Dunne and the Spirit Cabinet). So, as a matter of historical interest (!), I'm presenting extended excerpts from two of his novels, At The Villa Rose and The House Of The Arrow. Both stories feature some highly entertaining bondage sequences. Get ready for some vintage thrills and enjoy the distressed damsels of A.E.W. Mason.

My latest tale brings us to Victorian London, as we meet the realm's greatest female detective, in Olivia Dunne and the Spirit Cabinet.

It's party time, after a fashion, in a new story from Mel called The Birthday Gift

It is with the utmost pleasure that I share with you our first new story in several years from the legendary Brian Sands. He's in vintage form with Detainment Indefinite. Johnny Mills brings us some spooky old-fashioned peril in the final chapter of In The Coils of Death

I hope you'll enjoy Arthur's tribute to the late Captivepenny site, Carol's 19th Birthday.

Mad Dan's first venture for Adventure Bound (cute, eh?) wraps up this week with Part Two of A Pair of Munchkins. I know I'm not the only one eagerly awaiting MORE from this writer!

Our old friend Woody wraps up his latest offering of classic gag talk, with Part Two of Camera Club Complications

Welcome back, Frank Knebel! Enjoy Rainy Day.

New author Mel brings us institutionalized damsel distressing in Chapter One of Sentenced To Bondage.

I continue my own tale of sword and sorcery derring-do with Chapter Two of Conyn and the Black Phoenix.

Please welcome another new contributor to the site as Caleman presents Chapter One of Sally's Game.

Let's welcome the return of our friend K.C. Hush with Chapter Seven of The Abduction Game.

Seiler is back with another new story for us, with an interesting touch of contemporary politics along with the requisite ropes and gags. Enjoy Kindred Spirits.

I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to present, after much too long an absence, a new story from Cordelia White. The estimable Ms. White has decided to bring a touch of maturity and a lashing of peril to our favorite girl detective: enjoy Chapter One of Nancy Drue and the Matter of the Missing Masterpiece.

A trilogy of tie-ups as David Addison brings us Chapters 18, 19 and 20 of Voyage Into Slavery.

New contributor Seiler takes us on a Maiden Voyage and introduces us to a damsel with some Street Smarts.

Gerund continues his latest serial with Chapter Three of Studio Q.

Chloro fans get a treat with a new story by James, called Beauty and the Bondage. It's got a nice "hers-and-his" perspective.

Swords, sandals, sorcery, sorceresses, skimpy ouftits, seductive sequestered sirens ... um... I've run out of alliterative ideas. My latest bondage adventure is called Conyn and the Black Phoenix,. Enjoy.

Here's a change of pace type story-- not really an adventure, but it does feature a distressed damsel in a setting of academic restraint. Enjoy Claire Harrison's New Detention Method.

Gerund Story returns this week with a sexy, tasty story whose title pretty much says it all: Pranks Gone Wrong. And do they ever.

I'm not in the mood for eulogies; I've had to do a couple in real life in recent weeks. But it is a sad day, as we post the final chapter that Nicole Sutter completed in the epic tale of Tai Anne Roper 2 . Quite a tale, that, combined with its predecessor, forms a bondage adventure epic unlike any other. Nicole's old writing partner, Peter Moriarty, has suggested the possibility of preparing versions of some of their collaborations for posting here, and if that happens, it'd be terrific. Until then, though, let's just say "Thanks for the memories, Nicole," and enjoy Chapter 31.

Bodices ripping, buckles swashing, and some real sexual peril highlight the first (and so far, only) part of Scarlette and the Adventure of Lady Katherine.

An unexpected twist or two wraps up the final chapter of Ed Mariner's Dangerous Business.

New author T.C. brings us the first chapter of a new story called Rehab.

Miss Vicky returns to visit some rather wicked therapy on an unsuspecting young woman who meets Dr. Brian.

Peter Moriarty presents a nicely chilling little piece called Slither.

Enjoy fourth and final chapter of my Christmas-themed tale of adventure in the good old Golden Age of comics: No Holiday For Heroines.

A new author, Mike Z, brings us a holiday tale he calls Lights. I should mention that, while this is a charming little story, it does have a couple of slightly explicit moments, but I think you'll find it worth your time.

Chapter Five of K.C. Hush's The Abduction Game continues with some smart banter (actually puts me in mind of a Tracy-Hepburn picture), and a bit of foreshadowing... much more to come in this one. Enjoy!

Is turnabout fair play? When good girls tie bad girls, I say "Of course!". Enjoy Chapter Three of Frank Fessler's Rivals.

A twist or two in Chapter Five of my story, The Adventure of the Happy Cat.

Some people will say that women can be harder on each other than men can... don't know if that's so, but Miss Vicky's latest story sure seems to suggest it's the case. Enjoy The Long Walk Home.

Amy Flanagan returns with a new story, The Violinist. I should probably mention that it might be on the rougher side for some readers, but it's a very well written piece.

Enjoy Chapter Two of Judging Melissa, written AND illustrated by BAD.

It's a bonus-length tale of peril in Chapter Six of J. R. Francisco's Reunion. Good stuff, and I look forward to more from this talented author.

Return with us now to the age of chivalry...of brave knights and fair maidens... who get themselves into a whole bunch of trouble. Enjoy Chapter Two of Sir Chard's The Knight of Her Bondage.

An older story of mine, and a bit different. I hope you'll enjoy The Adventures of Anne and Vicky.

Gag talk galore with our ol' pal Woody, as we resume Hover Lover Mayday with Chapter Eight and Chapter Nine.

It's Feds and cops and spies and... well, ropes and such, in the latest chapter of Nicole Sutter's Tai Anne Roper 2

Zella's another author to make their debut here, bringing us an entertaining, self-contained story of "ropes on a soap," with Bound To Be A Solution.

It's the Old Master himself, Brian Sands, with more of the type of adventure that made him the model for everything I've tried to achieve with this site. Please enjoy Chapter Six and Chapter Seven of Lisette Ruisseau & the Case of the Kidnapped Heiress.

Jim is a new author to this site, and (like all of us) a big fan of the late Gillian B. In her honor, we present Jim's first story, a very special adventure of Gillian's beloved heroine La Cioccolata.

It's with great pleasure that I welcome Charles Spencer back to Jeb's Adventure Bound, as he begins a most intriguing tale ("inspired by a true story", as they say at the movies!) called House Removals.

One of the best stories this site has ever hosted today comes to its exciting conclusion, as we present the sexy, pulse-pounding (and extra-long!) final chapter of Frank Knebel's Sky and the Starlets. This is one great wrapup, folks, with distressed damsels galore, and once more I extend my profound thanks to Frank for sharing it with us. We'll be hearing more from him in the future.

I'm delighted to be able to share more of J.R. Francisco's Reunion, as he brings us Part Five.

Amy Flanagan continues The Adventures of Agent Lisa with Chapter Two.

Enjoy the next chapter of Amona's amazing epic Cat War. I'm truly sorry this one takes so long for me to prep for posting, but it's clearly a labor of love, and I want to do it justice.

There's more spandex peril in Chapter Two of Gerund's exciting superheroine bondage adventure, Dawn of Twilight.

We have two more chapters of my collaborative superheroine story called Spider-Woman and the Books of Doom. In Chapter Six things look dicey for Spider-Woman... and then comes Chapter Seven. Whew. Much more to come in this one.

Yet another new author makes his debut here, as Dex Combo brings us the first chapter of a sexy tale he calls The Best Policewoman in the Land.

Miss Vicky returns with a tale of restraint and rough treatment for the hapless heroine of A Party To Remember.

The high-flying Hooper finally gets down to earth this week, as Frank Fessler brings us the exciting conclusion of Hooper, with Chapters Six, Seven, and Eight.

Our old friend Peter Walsh resumes his intriguing new story, Partners in Crime, with Chapter Two.

Miss Vicky returns with a charming little vignette called The Modelling Session.

We also have Frank to thank for adding another fine new author to our ranks. One of Frank's fans was inspired to try his own hand at writing, and as a result, we have a great new story this week: enjoy A Day At The Office, by Ed Mariner.

Maurice Llwewllyn once more whisks us back to the era of WW2 as we conclude The Misfortunes of Mary with Part Four. The author does indicate, though, that we've not seen the last of Mary and her compatriots. Hopefully they'll be back soon!

Ouch. That was certainly my reaction to Tollan's fate in the last chapter of kalan's Assassins. I have the feeling things aren't going to get much better for him OR poor Princess Mellindre in Part Five. And, as it happens, this is the last chapter that kalan has sent-- I'm hoping she'll have (cue Paul Harvey) "the rest of the story" for us soon.

Sadly, we now bring to an end the second of Stephen McIlvenna's great Swashbuckling Bound tales, with Chapter Six of Swashbuckling Bound II: The Pirate and the Highwaywoman. I'm sure I speak for a lot of readers when I say that I hope that we'll see more from him again soon.

And a new writer begins what I hope will be a long and fruitful career: Amy Flanagan offers us a very sexy (and somewhat explicit) tale of bondage mishap and misadventure in Not What I Intended.. This one's decidedly a mature readers tale, b

And we've got a story where bad girl meets badder girls for some comeuppance, as Miss Vicky presents her first offering, Hidden in Plain Sight.

The plot thickens, and the ropes tighten, in Chapter Five of Bayezid's Debbie Malley of the Secret Service

Another new author joins the site, as Ted brings us the first two chapters of Trouble in Paradise.

Servin' up gag talk like no one else is Woody, with Chapters Two and Three of Andy of Bindberry. Two great new stories from Historian: Derby Day and Opening Night.

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