New Detention Method

By: Claire Harrison

At Raddelborn Sixth formSchool, the behaviour of final year eighteen year old students, both boys and girls was extremely appalling for several years. Recently, however, things have improved drastically. Grabbing my usual equipment, I passed through the school gates to learn the reasons for the change.

"It came about by accident really," noted the Principal Mr. Thorborn. "One of our teachers had read a fiction book about House Arrest where the prisoner was still cuffed while under house detention. I happened to see the book on his desk and after one huge staff meeting, the idea can into effect".

"The idea" was instead of writing lines, doing extra work of chores, students would be physically restrained in a set aside room, monitored by teachers. Various equipment such as cloth, clean underwear (donated by the students), rope, handcuffs, leg irons and even plastic ties are used, depending on the type of offence and number of times. For example, a student late for school three times would be bound with rope and cleave gagged, while vandals would get a hog tie with handcuffs and a stuff gag.

"The worst punishment?" I asked the Head of Discipline, Mr. Vanu.

"Oh, we keep the student really chained and gagged and even hooded till evening, checking every hour or so. After the punishment, students are made to write a page of how they felt during the punishment and how they would not commit the offence again."

I caught up with two girls and two boys which have been through the "detention" at least once.

"I thought it wouldn't be much," admitted Marianne Sturman, "But once the restraints encircled your wrists and ankles, you really remembered those few hours forever."

"My hands couldn't move after I was released from the cuffs," said Patrick Hayes, who was caught looking at his friend's script during an examination. "I couldn't figure out what to write after that and nearly got another hour of it."

Lilly Haliwell, same year was not so lucky. She was always a rebel and was finally caught hacking the school computers and contaminating the chemistry lab. A hog tie with and underwear gag for five hours was her punishment and she had to write double the account afterwards.

"Look, even the wrist marks are still there!" she said, half sobbing. Her parents, on learning about her actions, caned and grounded her for the rest of the term afterwards.

What about the teachers? Surprisingly, only one out of the dozen I managed to interview was uncomfortable about it.

"You'll be surprised how parents and other school heads wrote to us after hearing the results," Mr. Thornborn continued, showing me a report. Offences had dropped from 99 cases a term to less than 2 every two school semester. Grades had dramatically improved.

"What about the dangers?" I queried.

I was handed another ring file which detailed the exactly procedures. After each individual's offence has been noted, it is matched with the guidelines determined by the discipline committee, which includes three parents. The student is notified of the detention (which is on the same day) and directly after school. It takes precedence over all other activities which still must be undertaken later and time is allowed for lunch to be digested. The school hires a local doctor to give the student a check up and should there be any problems, the restraining is scheduled later.

The room can accommodate at least 80 students, all who are either on the floor, bound to a chair or the wall. It isn't that well ventilated to cause more discomfort but there is a flow of air. Since students have to be there for a period of time, they are forced to wear cheap disposable diapers first before being roughly bound and gagged. Those on the floor are not to touch each other and hence are allowed to roll around in a certain area. Those to the chairs don't get much comfort as the chairs have their cushions removed and they feel the hard wooden frame on their bums. Those against the wall feel varying temperatures as the wall is electronically heated. Teachers patrol the room and there have been very few cases of students feeling sick halfway. For more humiliating purposes, each student is filmed with the film showed to the class the next day and the student forced to keep it forever.

I don't know what came over me but I blurted out, "Could I try?"

"Why not,' Mr. Thorburn replied and added, 'In fact, there's a student facing her first but biggest offence today. Want to meet her?"

Just turned 18 years old Leanne Choon, who was my height and build had three cases of plagiarism, three cases of exam cheating and three cases of truancy against her. I couldn't get much out of the sullen girl, who kept her head bowed as Mr. Vanu held her. "oh, since you're with us, why don't you try the girls uniform. There should be some spares." Being just under five feet and small, I guess school uniforms wouldn't out grow me. I stepped out of my slacks and top into a blouse, skirt which reached just a third a way below my waist, black tights and flat healed shoes. I was half shocked as Vanu grabbed me too.

The medical check up was fast and well a little rough. It was practically almost a strip search and a look up at our medical history. The diapers came next and I struggled to get them on. Immediately, I was grabbed and pushed to my knees. A hand pinched my nose and I felt a silky material being rammed into my mouth. I half gagged on it and instinctively used my tongue to force it out. That was impossible as a leathery substance held it into place. Out of the corner of my eye, Leanne was already gagged and that was the last I saw of her as an opaque hood was tightened over me.

Next, the real restraining began as my wrists and ankles were encased in steel. Next was still another surprise as two thick bands—it had to be a long plastic tie or strong nylon—was wrapped above and below my C cup breasts, causing them to stand out. Ouch. The finishing touches were the chain forming the hog tie and straps around my knees.

"Ok, Claire roll but if you move further that you're suppose to, you'll know." That meant that if I rolled out of my designated space, I would feel the hard shoes of the monitoring teacher. After a few minutes, it seemed better to remain still but with the tight restraints, that made hardly any difference in terms of comfort. Lying on my side seemed to be the best but the hogtie chain was really inflexible and my muscles were aching terribly. Suddenly I heard, "All girls, lie facing the ground." With my breasts already emphasized with the straps, that meant more torture for them as they felt the roughness of the floor.

Time passed as the gags were really effective as I could barely heard the grunts of the nearby victims. Suddenly, I was yanked up from my position. "We're letting you try the chair," came the remark. The hogtie was removed and I was carried over a shoulder. I expected to be placed down on the hollow chair and described but instead felt someone yanking my skirt and tights. My hot diapered butt felt the coolness of air before the hard frame of the chair came next. More straps came across my chest and ankles, making sure that I could not move at all.

It was like another one and half hours before I was lifted out of the chair. Despite the hood, I knew my butt was now red and marked with the frame of the chair. "The wall" as the last and it was not simply placing one against the wall. My arms and legs were spread out in a spread eagled position, holding me against the concrete wall. As described, the wall's temperature fluctuated. Finally, I was unchained and the hood was removed. It was like close to six o'clock and I had been in restrains and various positions for four hours. My diaper was a little soaked from sweat and my urine and I could hardly move my limbs to rub back the circulation. That however, was performed by a kind teacher.

"Want to write the detention report?" Vanu asked. I nodded and was ushered to another room. My hand took at least ten minutes to form the first word but I managed to write something worthy of a journalist in the time allocated. "That's a pass," Vanu remarked and finally my gag was removed. The stuff was a silky underwear which was unrecognizable. "Ow," I finally said as I rubbed my jaw. "That really does teach one a lesson."

I met up with Leanne who was full of tears and just wouldn't move from the spot. "Come on, it's over," I said. "No-o," she sobbed, "this is the beginning. My parents are going to give me more hell tonight." I finally managed to coax the girl as we changed back into our knickers. "Oh," Vanu said, passing me a disc. "For memories sake."

It was a punishment I'll never forget alright.      

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