In Therapy, Chapter 3 – By Never118

After three months of sessions (most of which were now conducted at Roxy’s flat in Chelsea, rather than at the office, and which Kacie no longer paid for), Kacie felt happier than she had for a very long time.  She had even, with Roxy’s backing (and encouragement) told her parents she was gay, which hadn’t really had the huge impact she had been hoping for.  Her father had simply nodded understandingly, and her the woman (who, although closer to Kacie’s age than her father’s, Kacie still saw as her real mother, given that her biological mother had run away when she was only five) had simply giggled and made some comment about things being explained.  Not quite knowing what to make of it, Kacie had assumed everything was fine and gone out to meet Roxy at a wine bar in Kensington.

Now, Kacie was pulling up in the driveway of her parents’ house and wondering if there was a storm brewing behind the front door.  They were, besides Roxy, obviously, the first people she had come out to, and she was wondering if there would be more to explain, or whether it really had been as easy as it had appeared to be. 

She turned the engine off and climbed out of the 1 Series, locking it behind her and walking to the front door, fishing in her bag for her keys, wondering what she would find on the other side of the front door.  Sighing, Kacie straightened her purple satin blouse and her tight black miniskirt, making sure it wasn’t obvious that the skirt had actually spent more time hiked up around her hips in the bathrooms of the wine bar than it had done hanging naturally.  She probably shouldn’t have left them for so long after telling them, but she didn’t like to keep Roxy waiting, and she hated cancelling, so she had figured it would be all right and gone to meet her. 

Kacie opened the door and walked in, dropping her keys into the dish by the door, and dropping her bag by its loop around the stair bannister where she usually hung it.  She couldn’t hear her parents, which wasn’t all that surprising, given that it was after eleven, so she decided to head to bed.

As she set her booted foot on the bottom step, she heard a voice from the front room.  “Kacie? Is that you?”

“Yes,” she replied, confused.  She recognised the voice, but couldn’t put a name to it just yet.  She looked at the front room, the door open so that the light spilled out into the hall, but there was no sound of the television or anything like that. 

“Could you pop in a moment, please? Your parents have something they’d like me to discuss with you,” the voice called.  Finally, Kacie could place the voice.  Floyd Brennan, her father’s right hand man.  He sounded happy enough, and certainly not angry, although Kacie was unsure of what he would want with her, especially at this time of night, and why her parents had let him in.  Perhaps, she thought, they had gone out and asked him to come over and watch the house.  She headed towards the front room, her heels clicking on the floorboards as she went.

Floyd Brennan was a tall, slightly imposing figure with broad shoulders, and more hair on his face than on his head.  He was a kind man from what Kacie knew of him, and her father always said he was invaluable.  Her father referred to him as the company’s fixer, and had always told her that if ever she needed help getting out of a scrape, then Floyd Brennan was the man to call.  Which still didn’t really explain why he was at her parents’ house while they were out.

Brennan stood up, smiling reassuringly.  “Nothing to worry about, Kacie,” he said.  “Just wanted to ask a couple of things.  Your father’s asked me to make sure that nothing untoward is going on.  No security breaches as a result of your new relationship,” he explained.

Kacie nodded, and suddenly it was all starting to make a bit more sense.  Floyd Brennan was in charge of security at her dad’s company as well as almost everything else, and he hadn’t made the company as secure as it was by taking chances.  Her father had always been honest with her that it would mean an element of Brennan’s involvement in their personal lives, and he had asked questions before when she had brought boys home during her degree, and to a lesser extent when friends had been seen at the house when she was at university.  Her parents didn’t really like this aspect of their lives, so they had often not been there when Brennan had asked his questions, and after the first few times, it had been normal.

Brennan gestured for her to sit down, which she did, and crossed her legs at the knee.  “So, you have a new girlfriend?” Brennan asked gently, taking out a stylus and a tablet.

“Yes,” Kacie said.  “What do you need to know?”

“The normal, really.  Name, occupation, that sort of thing,” he said.

“It doesn’t need to be anything extra because I’m gay?” Kacie asked.

“Not at all,” Brennan told her reassuringly.  “Nothing to worry about on that front.  Just the normal sorts of information, really,” he said.  “We’ve done this before, and it won’t be that much different this time, I assure you,” he added.

“Okay,” said Kacie, feeling relieved.  She hadn’t really considered that this would be an issue when she had launched herself into the relationship, especially as she and Roxy had kept things very quiet.  “Her name’s Roxy, Roxanne, really, I guess.  Roxanne Monroe.  She’s a therapist.”

“Your therapist?” Brennan asked, carefully.

“Not anymore,” Kacie told him firmly.  He nodded with a smile.

“Good.  Correct answer.  I’m assuming it all ended and you were signed off before the relationship began,” he added.

“Roxy tells me that’s what my records say,” Kacie told him with an impish grin.

“Very wise,” he replied.  “And you were seeing her for…?”

“Insomnia and mild anxiety issues as a result of work,” Kacie said.

“Okay.  All sorted now?”

“Yes,” Kacie said.

“Good, good.”

Kacie sat and answered a few more questions, gave him the address of Roxy’s practice and her contact details so he could satisfy himself that it was all above board and legal.  He had done this sort of thing before, and Kacie had always played along because it made Brennan feel better.  He was a nice, loyal man, but he did have a tendency to fuss over things.  After about five minutes, Brennan seemed satisfied and sat back, putting his stylus away, still holding onto the tablet.  He tapped at the screen for a moment or two, looking for something.  When he had found it, he sat back and looked at her calmly.

“Now then.  This internet traffic we found,” he said.

“What do you mean?” Kacie asked, confused by the new direction of the questioning.

“We found some interesting internet traffic on your computer, Kacie.  Needless to say if I could find it, then others will find it just as easily.  It would cause quite a scandal.”

“What is it?” Kacie asked, now very confused.

“I believe the correct phrase is ‘BDSM imagery’, but it’s better described as pictures of girls who are tied up.  No doubt you and your new partner were looking at new things to do with each other?”

“Oh God.  Mister Brennan,” Kacie started.

“Don’t worry, Kacie.  Nothing I haven’t seen before, and rather tame, if I’m honest, my girl.”

“I’m so sorry, Mister Brennan.  Does this hurt the company?”

“It could do, if it got out.”

“Can we stop it?”

“Yes, that’s relatively easy.  We have scrubbing programmes designed for this sort of thing.  Granted, I thought it would be somebody else in the company that would be requiring it, but never mind.”

“I’m really sorry,” Kacie said, lamely.  She shifted, uncomfortable now under Brennan’s gaze.   “What can we do?”

“Well, Kacie.  I’ve convinced the board that the photographs were research pieces you were running for a new advertising campaign for the company.  We are in securities, after all, and so some sort of advertising campaign that focuses on a woman in peril would make sense.  They have asked to see a mock-up of the advert, with you as the star.  If we leak it to the press as part of our new advert, the internet history will make perfect sense.  And I’m hoping that this will help you get this ‘bondage thing’ of yours out of your system.”

“I guess so,” Kacie said, slightly uncertain.  “Are you sure?”

“Of course.  It’s all been cleared.”

“Okay.  I guess so,” Kacie said.  She was still confused, and not entirely sure what this all meant, but she felt guilty.  She knew the press liked to spy on her family, especially given her father’s high profile connections.  Using her home computer to search for images and positions that she and Roxy could try had been stupid, and had left her family open to a horrible smear campaign.  She hated to think what her father’s enemies would do with the information, and felt an overwhelming urge to be helpful.  “What do I need to do?” She asked.

“That’s the spirit,” Brennan said.  “We need to get a few photographs of you in distress, if you take my meaning.”

“So you’re going to tie me up?” Kacie asked, still slightly dubious.  Letting Roxy do it was one thing, but Brennan was another thing altogether.

“I’m not,” Brennan chuckled.  “Let me introduce you to somebody,” he added.  “Come on in, Jess,” he said.  Kacie was confused.   She didn’t know anybody called Jess, and as far as she was aware, none of her parents’ friends were called that either, nor any of the company’s employees.  She heard footsteps in the hallway, and turned to look, crossing her legs at the knee absently as she did so.  The figure paused in the doorway, and when Kacie saw her, she suspected the pause was to let the effect sink in.

“Hello?” She stammered, awkwardly, as the woman broke into a broad smile.  The woman who stood in the doorway to the front room wore a black pencil skirt, high heeled black leather boots, a broad black leather belt, and a white satin blouse.  Her long dark hair, which reached midway down her back hung in thick, black waves, and she was, quite simply, beautiful.

“Hello, Kacie.”

“Have we met?” Kacie asked.

“No, but Mister Brennan has told me all about you,” the woman said.

“Oh, right, well I’m afraid he hasn’t told me anything about you,” she said, lamely.  “Jess, was it?”

“Yes, Kacie.  My name’s Jess.  You look stunning this evening, by the way,” she added.

“Thanks,” said Kacie, still confused.  “You look,” Kacie paused, trying to think of the correct word, but failing.  “Nice,” she finished lamely.  Nice wasn’t quite the word.  Beautiful, stunning, gorgeous, were the correct words. 

“Thank you darling,” she purred.  Kacie had never really heard anybody except her mother purr before, although she guessed she must have done it too.  It was the sort of vocal sound effect that made her father and other men do whatever you wanted, and both she and her mother were good at that.  Apparently this beautiful stranger was, as well.  Kacie was suddenly very aware that she was staring, more than she had intended to, at the woman’s long, shapely legs.

“Erm, Mister Brennan said you could help me?” Kacie managed, tearing her gaze away from her legs long enough to then focus on her breasts, which looked more enticing than her legs, and Kacie found herself blushing.

“Yes.  Mister Brennan said that you wanted to make an advert,” she said with a mischievous grin.  “Or at least, that’s what you want other people to believe,” she added.

“You’re going to tie me up?” Kacie asked, feeling her pulse quicken with excitement.

“I certainly am,” she said.  “Stand up, please, Kacie,” she added.

Kacie did as she was told, still slightly distracted by the woman’s beauty, but also by her disarming confidence and her quick instructions. 

Suddenly, Floyd Brennan’s hands clamped her arms to her sides tightly while the woman stepped forward and clamped a hand over her mouth, stifling the cry before it escaped her lips.  All that came out was a muffled grunt as Brennan started to draw her hands behind her back.

“Don’t worry, Kacie,” the woman said, softly.  “Mister Brennan and I had a look at what you’d been looking at online.  We thought it was the sort of thing you’d like to try out, and it will help prevent the scandal if we can pretend it’s a photo shoot,” she said with a smile.  Kacie’s eyes widened in shock.  Not only had Brenna looked through her internet history, but he had also thought about her sex drive and talked to a stranger about it. 

She felt something firm on her wrists and realised Brennan had a coil of rope that was now being wound around her wrists, and the woman’s hand was still firmly clamped over her mouth.  Kacie tried to speak, to tell them that she already knew what it was like and although she really enjoyed it, she really didn’t think she would enjoy it with them (although this Jess woman was stunning).

Brennan quickly and deftly bound her wrists behind her, pulling the ropes and knots as tight as necessary, although still leaving them slack enough for the blood to flow.  Kacie was surprised, and a little impressed, at how quickly and effectively he had tied her.  The woman, Jess, stood in front of her, a smile playing on her beautiful, full lips. 

“Thank you, Floyd,” she said over Kacie’s shoulder.  “I think I can take it from here.  Just let’s get Kacie sat down, shall we?”  Brennan chuckled and helped lower Kacie onto the sofa again, the woman’s hand still pressed firmly over her mouth.

“Sure, Jess?” Brennan asked.

“Absolutely.  You head up.  I’ll come and let you know when the photos are done,” she said.

“Excellent,” he replied.  “Hope you enjoy it, Kacie,” he said.  Kacie let out a surprised, muffled yelp into the woman’s hand.  Brennan padded past them, disappearing into the hallway and up the stairs.

Kacie was suddenly very aware that it was just her and the mysterious woman alone together, and that with her hands bound behind her she was getting slightly aroused, something that, thanks to the thinness of her purple satin blouse and the firmness of her nipples, her captor couldn’t ignore either.

Kacie tried desperately to control her emotions, and her breathing, but she was struggling with a mixture of fear and arousal, and the mysterious, beautiful woman grinning at her while keeping her firmly gagged with her hand wasn’t helping with either of those.  She leaned in suddenly and smiled at her.  “If I take my hand away, Kacie, will you scream?”

Kacie shook her head.

“Good girl.  You will address me as ‘Mistress’, okay?  Let’s try shall we?” The woman said.  She slowly took her hand from over Kacie’s mouth, and Kacie kept control and didn’t say a word, staring at her the woman carefully, trying to work out exactly what was going on, and why her nipples were so distractingly firm. 

“I think you’re enjoying this,” the woman said.

“Mistress,” Kacie began, but her the woman pressed a finger to her lips.

“Very good, Kacie,” she said with a mischievous grin.  Kacie nodded and the woman, Jess, took her finger away.  “You may continue.”

“Mistress,” Kacie said carefully.  “What’s going on?”

“Just what we said.  Mister Brennan wanted you to see what this was like, to see whether you liked it, and maybe get it out of your system before any other scandals break out, and he came up with the cover.  He saw the images on your computer, so they thought it might help for you to try it out, and he assumed you’d want to be in this position,” she explained with a wicked grin.  “I certainly prefer it this way round, because I don’t do sub work,” she added.

“Are you a dominatrix?” Kacie asked, uncertainly.

“I am.  What gave it away?” Jess chuckled.

“What are you going to do next?” Kacie asked, nervously.

“Oh, don’t worry.  I’m a professional.  I’m quite good at it, really,” Jess said.

“I don’t want to know who you’ve practiced on, do I?”

“Probably not, no,” Jess said with a grin.  “Right.  More rope,” she said.

“Mistress,” Kacie said, as Jess moved to pick up another coil of rope.

“Yes,” she interrupted, a little exasperated.

“Sorry.  Mistress,” Kacie continued timidly.  “Did it ever occur to you and Mister Brennan that I’ve been practicing this with my girlfriend?” She asked.

“Yes,” Jess said.  She started to loop ropes firmly around Kacie’s ankles as she sat on the sofa.

“Well, don’t you think I probably know if I like it?” Kacie asked, aware that the firmness in her nipples wasn’t going away, and her heart rate was rising.  She was also aware of a growing warmth flowing through her. 

“Oh, well obviously I thought of that,” Jess said, grinning.  “But you haven’t tried it with me, have you?”

“Well, no,” Kacie said, slightly confused.  “I don’t even know you,” she added.

“But Mister Brennan says you’re very open minded,” Jess told her, finishing the knots around Kacie’s ankles and picking up another coil of rope.

“I hope so,” Kacie said, gasping as Jess started to wind the ropes around her thighs, just above her knees.  “Oh boy,” she whispered to herself.

“Enjoying yourself?” Jess asked.

“Yes,” Kacie said, feeling guilty.

“Good girl,” Jess replied, pulling the ropes firmly into a tight knot and pulling back a little.  “A little more?”

“Really? Can’t we just take the photos and get this over with?”

“Mister Brennan paid me to give you the full experience.  Are you telling me that this is as far as you and your girlfriend go?” Jess asked with a wink.

“Good point,” Kacie said.  Jess pulled a final coil of rope from the sofa and unwound it, watching Kacie carefully.  “This feels kind of wrong,” Kacie said, biting her bottom lip uncertainly.

“Bad?” Jess asked.  “Too tight?”

“No,” Kacie said, quickly.  “But, you know, I’m with Roxy, and I don’t know you, and you were hired by my parents’ fixer, and I’m getting kind of turned on by this,” she said, surprised at how much she had let slip.  Jess giggled.

“Oh, me too,” she said.


“Oh yes,” Jess confided with a grin.  “You’re a very beautiful girl, Kacie.”

“Oh boy,” Kacie muttered.  She was finding it difficult to concentrate as Jess wound the ropes around her upper body and arms.  Jess’ hands brushed her breasts, sending a thrill of excitement through her and Kacie shuddered.  “This is really turning me on,” she said.

“I hoped it would,” Jess said.  She finished binding Kacie’s arms to her sides and tied a firm knot in the ropes, which were looped above and below her breasts, making them press firmly against her blouse, exposing her firm nipples and lack of bra.  Jess smiled and leaned close to Kacie, her lips hovering just in front of Kacie’s, her breath warm and moist, and Kacie felt her excitement growing, powerless as she was in front of this beautiful woman.

“How does that feel, Kacie?” Jess asked.

“Amazing,” Kacie whispered.

“Want me to go any further?”

“Well, I’m quite well tied up,” Kacie replied.  “I don’t think I could stop you if I wanted to,” she said.  Jess grinned.  “You sure this is okay?”

“It will be fine.”

“Okay.  This isn’t cheating, is it? I really like Roxy,” Kacie said, guiltily.

“No,” Jess told her.  “And would you stop me now even if it was?”

“Maybe,” Kacie said, thinking about Roxy, remembering the role that Hannah, her secretary had played in their second ever session.  Maybe Roxy wouldn’t mind all that much after all, she mused.  “Probably not,” she added, after a moment.

“That’s good,” said Jess.  “I’m not sure I could, now,” she added.

Jess finished securing the ropes she had been working with, which formed a tight harness around Kacie’s breasts and shoulders, framing her breasts and making her nipples stand up even further.  She moaned softly as Jess’s fingers brushed her blouse, stimulating her skin.  “Oh boy,” Kacie whispered.

Jess produced a camera from behind the sofa and stood up, grinning.  “I think we should take a few photos, don’t you?”

Kacie nodded and smiled.  Jess shook her head.  “Look scared, okay? Not turned on, dear,” she explained.  Kacie nodded.  She posed several times while Jess took photographs, each shot accompanied by a blinding flash of light, each one requiring her to wriggle a little more, pulling the silk more tightly against her breasts and stimulating her further.  She was feeling incredibly turned on by the time Jess stopped taking photographs and put the camera down.

“What do you usually do next, Kacie?” Jess asked, her fingers slowly teasing Kacie’s nipples as she rubbed her breasts through her blouse.

“Gag,” Kacie breathed.


“Roxy likes me gagged,” Kacie said, trying to keep the excited tremor from her voice as Jess continued rubbing at her nipples.  “I’m really loud,” she added.

“I think I can manage that,” Jess said with a wink.  “What would you like me to use?”

“Silk, please,” Kacie whispered.  “Silk scarves are really sexy,” she added, feeling her arousal building even further.  Jess continued to massage her breasts for a moment longer, enjoying the feel it seemed as she brought Kacie’s nipples to stiffness.

Jess nodded and then stood up, leaning over Kacie so that she could see down her shirt.  Jess’ breasts were alluringly close.  She leaned in and kissed Kacie lightly on the cheek, then again, and then her lips brushed against Kacie’s.  A thrill rippled through Kacie as Jess’ tongue darted into her mouth and flicked against her teeth.  She felt her body shudder as Jess’ fingers continued to play with her breasts.

“Do that again,” she breathed as Jess pulled away.


“Oh, God, yes,” Kacie whispered.  Jess kissed her again, her tongue sliding into Kacie’s mouth and flicking against her teeth and sucking her lower lip.  It was a beautifully seductive kiss, and Kacie leaned into it, responding as best she could.  Jess moved back, smiling.

“Hurry up and gag me,” Kacie said.  “Otherwise I might start screaming with excitement,” she added with a grin.

Jess nodded and reached behind one of the cushions on the sofa and produced a collection of silk scarves, folded neatly into thick, luxurious squares.  She placed them neatly on the sofa next to Kacie and smiled impishly.  “I was hoping you’d ask for this,” she explained.  “Do you have a preference for how I gag you?”

“Tight, please,” Kacie whispered.


“Anything, just hurry up and gag me, please,” Kacie said, feeling her excitement grow.  Jess smiled and picked out a simple, black square, wadding it up into a tight ball. 

“Open wide, then,” she said.  Kacie grinned and opened her mouth obediently.  Jess pressed the tight ball of silk into her mouth, pushing it firmly behind her teeth, and then picked out another scarf.  This one was a deep, rich purple that matched Kacie’s blouse, and she moaned appreciatively into the wadded up black silk in her mouth.  Jess folded the scarf into a wide band and held it up in front of Kacie’s mouth.

“Open, again,” she instructed.  Kacie made a surprised noise, but opened her mouth as best she could.  Jess pressed the centre of the band against the ball of silk in Kacie’s mouth and then pulled the ends around the base of her skull and knotted them firmly.  The purple silk band trapped the wadded up silk in Kacie’s mouth, meaning she couldn’t push it out with her tongue, but was still soft enough to allow her to mostly close her mouth, taking the strain off her jaw.  It was an effective gag, and Kacie moaned excitedly into it, wanting Jess to now go further with her exploration of her body. 

Jess seemed to have other ideas. She picked up another scarf, this one a pattern of purple, black, and silver paisley, and folded it into a wide band.  Kacie raised her eyebrows.  “Still a little noisy, I think,” Jess said with a grin.  She held up the scarf and then stood, sliding behind Kacie on the sofa so that Kacie was sat against her chest.  She pulled the scarf up in front of Kacie’s mouth and pulled it into a broad, tight band that covered her mouth from the bottom of her nose to her chin, and tied it tightly.  Kacie made a surprised yelp, though barely any sound came out, muffled by the three silk layers.

Jess’s hands slipped around her, caressing her breasts warmly and teasing her nipples again.  Kacie sighed and leaned back against her.  “Is that good?” Jess asked.

“Yph,” Kacie mumbled, sighing as Jess’s fingers teased her nipples to hardness.

Jess’s nimble fingers worked at Kacie’s buttons and slipped them free, and moments later, Kacie’s blouse was pulled open and her breasts were liberated, spilling out from behind the silk, her nipples erect, and Kacie breathed heavily, excited by Jess’ careful, skilful touch as she teased and massaged her breasts.

“You are lovely,” Jess said.  “I can see why Roxy likes to play with you like this,” she added.  “Lie back for me, would you?” She suggested.  Kacie did as she was told, lying back on the sofa so that Jess was sitting next to her.  Kacie looked up at the other woman, struck by her beauty as she leaned over her, her fingers trailing up and down her bare skin, and a warm excitement spread through her.  “Are you turned on, by any chance?” Jess asked, teasing her nipple.

Kacie nodded enthusiastically and mumbled into her gag.

“Shall I help you with that?” Jess asked.

“Yph plmph,” Kacie groaned.  Jess smiled and kissed her nipple, her tongue flicking at it and her teeth nipping it to hardness.  Kacie whimpered into her gag, not sure how she could cope with the excitement that was bubbling through her.  Jess continued to suck, lick, nip, and kiss her breasts all over and Kacie felt a warmth spreading through her, and shudders of excitement flowed through her as she writhed on the sofa.  Jess ran her hands down her side and along her skirt. 

“This raises an interesting question,” Jess mused.  “If I’ve tied your legs together, how do I get in?” She whispered, smiling at Kacie.  Kacie looked confused over her thick, effective silk gag, and tried to say something, but a fresh wave of excitement shuddered through her.  Jess started to push her short black skirt up her thighs and over her hips.

“I have an idea, don’t worry,” she added.  Kacie sighed as Jess’ fingers probed her body again, and then she felt her fingers hooking around the thin satin straps of her thong.  “I don’t think we need this, do we?” She asked.  Kacie shook her head excitedly.

“Nw,” she sighed into her gag.

“Good,” Jess said, rolling the thin, satin thong down Kacie’s legs until it dangled on the cinched ropes that bound her knees.  Kacie was aware that her bottom was now bare and on display, and she knew that Jess had a good view of the front as well.  “Fully shaved, eh? Good girl,” Jess said, her finger running down Kacie’s body, tracing the line where her hair should be, and slipping down between her tightly bond legs.  Kacie gasped through her thick gag as Jess’ fingers found the sensitive skin between her thighs and started to massage and press against it.  Kacie groaned into her gag as fresh sensations flowed through her.  She could feel herself getting wet, could feel her body beginning to tremble against Jess’ supple fingers.

“I think you like it,” Jess said.  Kacie nodded, trying hard to concentrate on the words as Jess massaged her more quickly.  “I think you might like this as well,” she added.  Kacie forced her eyes open and looked up, seeing Jess slide from the sofa.  Jess rolled Kacie onto her side and helped her lift her legs onto the cushions, revealing her sensitive skin and pert buttocks further.  Kneeling on the floor, Jess licked Kacie gently, tenderly.  Kacie shuddered as Jess licked her again, then more vigorously.  A moment later, as Jess licked, her finger slipped inside Kacie and stimulated another area, causing her to buck slightly.

“Careful,” Jess cooed, licking again.  “We don’t want you to fall off,” she added.

Kacie was finding it difficult to concentrate as Jess continued licking and sliding her finger in and out and in again, softly stroking her soft skin inside as well.  She trembled almost non-stop as waves of pleasure flooded through her.  She mewled into her thick gag, relieved that Jess had used three scarves, unsure that one or even two would have been enough to keep her excitement from flooding out.

Jess kept licking, sucking, and probing until Kacie came to a shuddering climax, grunting into her thick gag and bucking against the ropes that held her firmly in bondage.  She was breathing heavily by the time the orgasm had finished, and her skin was sensitive to everything around her, even the silk of her blouse against her nipples sent fresh waves of excitement through her.

“Did you enjoy that?” Jess asked.

“Mmm hmm,” Kacie gasped, unsure how to respond in any other way than gurgled joy.  Jess grinned at her, then kissed her between her bound legs, sending a jolt of pleasure through her. 

“Want to try something else?” She asked.

“Wmph?” Kacie asked.  Jess grinned and reached up, loosening the thick band around her mouth and slipping it around Kacie’s neck, then doing the same with the band tied between her teeth.  Kacie gasped for breath as Jess removed the damp, black silk ball from her mouth, her breathing still hard and heavy from her exertions. 

“Say again, dear?” Jess said with a mischievous grin.

“I said ‘What’?” Kacie breathed, smiling.

“Well, I think we should be going equal opportunities,” Jess said.  “How about you see to my needs?”

“Really?” Kacie asked, wriggling in her bondage.  “I’m a little tied up,” she added with a grin.

“You don’t need your hands for it, though, do you?” Jess said, grinning.

“I guess not,” Kacie answered.  “What were you thinking, Mistress?”

By way of an answer, Jess unzipped her skirt and let it fall, revealing that she wasn’t wearing underwear, and Kacie felt her heart beat a little faster.  Jess was stunning, and as she stood in front of her, Kacie felt a pang of longing run through her.  “I think maybe you should call me Jess, now, really,” she said.  “Want to taste?” 

“Yes please,” she whispered.  She struggled into a sitting position and Jess stepped forwards, her crotch at the same height as Kacie’s lips, and Kacie’s tongue darted out, licking at Jess’ cool, smooth skin. 

“Somebody’s eager,” Jess said with a sharp intake of breath.  Kacie nodded, not wanting to answer as she continued licking and sucking, She felt Jess’ hands guiding her slightly, shifting her head first to one side, then the other, small movements as she moved her hips, overcome with lust suddenly for this woman who had gone from stranger to lover in such a small amount of time.  well, pressing against Kacie’s eager mouth.  After a few moments, Jess seemed to find a position that suited her and pressed Kacie against her firmly.  Kacie worked her tongue and lips and teeth furiously and felt Jess’ body start to tremble more and more, shaking as her tongue found her sensitive areas. 

“Oh, God,” Jess hissed.  “Keep licking,” she added.

“Nnn phnk phhmmnnn nnnph nnn gmmmg,” Kacie said, her voice muffled by Jess’ thighs.

“Sorry?” Jess asked, allowing Kacie to pull her head back slightly.  Kacie grinned up at her.

“I said, I think someone needs a gag,” she said, grinning.

“You might be on to something there, love,” Jess breathed.  She looked at the bundle of scarves on the sofa.  Jess nodded and dropped down onto the sofa next to Kacie.  Kacie slid down onto the floor, kneeling just in front of Jess, her bare breasts brushing against Jess’ smooth legs and leather boots, her skirt still pushed up over her hips.  “Keep going, would you,” she said, grinning.  Kacie nodded happily and slid herself back into place, leaning in between Jess’ thigs and licking at her.

Jess quickly picked out a scarf, a simple black and white paisley pattern, folded it into a broad band and tied a knot in the centre of it.  As Kacie licked and sucked, Jess felt trembles of excitement was over her, and she quickly pushed the thick knot between her teeth and tied the ends at the base of her skull, just as she felt the first wave flow over her and she grunted into the thick silken gag.  Kacie recognised the noise and continued licking, pressing herself firmly against Jess to heighten the sensations for her, feeling the shudders in the older women getting stronger and more powerful.

Jess moaned into her gag excitedly and pressed Kacie tightly into her, shuddering excitedly as she began to reach her climax.  After a few more moments, Kacie nipped at her and licked again, and felt Jess suddenly buck and moan happily into the silk that gagged her.

Kacie carried on licking until Jess let out an involuntary giggle and pulled herself away, her face flushed with excitement from the orgasm.  Kacie pulled herself up onto her knees and peered at her, pouting slightly.

“That was fun,” she said with a wicked grin.

“Yph,” Jess mumbled into her silk gag.  She struggled to sit up and slipped her gag off, the damp silk hanging seductively around her neck.  “I think I’ve been missing out, not doing sub work,” she said.

“I think so,” Kacie said, struggling to shuffle forward while still firmly tied.  Jess watched her with a grin and then picked up her skirt, pulling it on quickly.  “You not going to help me out?” Kacie asked.

“No,” Jess replied with a grin.  “I like watching you struggle.  Your boobs look amazing,” she said.  “Keep going,” she added, zipping up her skirt, watching as Kacie continued to struggle forwards, giggling to herself, trying desperately to keep balance.

“Come on, untie me,” Kacie said.  “We can try a different position, can’t we?”

“I think we could,” said Jess.  “I’d say you’ve been pretty well behaved,” she added, stroking Kacie’s cheek softly.  “Although you’re getting quite demanding,” she said.

“You could always gag me again,” Kacie said with a grin.  “I like that,” she added.

“I noticed.  But not yet, sweetie.  Maybe I should untie you.  Try something different?”

“I think that’s a good idea,” Kacie said.

“I don’t agree,” Floyd Brennan’s voice said sternly.  “Good Lord, Jess, you were supposed to tie her up and gag her and then stop.  This wasn’t the deal,” he said.

“Huh?” Kacie said.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Jess said.  “She’s still tied up, and we can gag her again easily enough.  She likes it, don’t you?” She whispered, kissing Kacie on the cheek softly.

“Really, Jess, this isn’t what we agreed,” Brennan said.  “This makes things harder,” he added.

“What’s going on?” Kacie asked, confused.

“Not now, Kacie,” Brennan said.

“I don’t see that much of a problem, Floyd,” Jess said, slipping her arm around Kacie’s shoulders and pulling her close.

“Well, no, you wouldn’t,” Brennan said.  “You didn’t get those photos.”

“What photos?” Kacie asked, still confused.

“Jess, just gag Kacie for a moment, would you?” Her father grumbled.

“What? Hey!” Kacie squeaked as Jess, without seeming to think too much about it, plucked up a scarf from the pile she had brought in earlier, wadded it into a ball, and pushed it tightly into Kacie’s mouth, pushing it in so that it sat behind her teeth.  “Mmmph!” Kacie muttered.

“Secure it,” Brennan said.  “I don’t want her spitting it out.”

“Okay,” Jess said, resignedly, picking up another scarf, this one purple with white stripes, and folding it into a broad band.  Kacie was confused, scared and, in all honesty, a little turned on as the scarf was tugged between her teeth and tied tightly in place.  She yelped into the gag as it was pulled tight, although more from surprise than because it was painful.

“I really don’t see the problem, Floyd.”

“You wouldn’t,” he sighed.  He looked down at Kacie for a moment and the looked at Jess.  “Sorry, Kacie, but I’m afraid I wasn’t entirely honest with either of you,” he said, sitting down on the sofa.  “I’m afraid we’ve had some photographs of you and Roxy sent to us, all rather compromising.  In fact, they include another girl in some of them.”

“Wmph?” Kacie squeaked into her gag.

“Very unfortunate, you see.  But I’m afraid that the person who took them is threatening to make them rather public.  And you know how the board feel about a scandal.  Your father could lose the company over it.  And that would be bad for everybody, wouldn’t it? All because of you and your sex drive.”

“Mmm pphhwwyy,” Kacie apologised weakly.  She remembered the photographs and when they had been taken.  She couldn’t believe that Roxy would be blackmailing her father’s company, though.  She fumed into her gag.

“Oh, don’t worry.  Your father hasn’t seen them.  I intercepted it all before it found its way to him.  One of the benefits of being the head of security.  This whole affair isn’t really a problem.  It’s one of those things.  Sorry for the deception, though.  I didn’t think you’d just allow me to punish you, even if I am head of security.  I’m afraid, though, that you’ll need to be punished, as I take this company’s security a little more seriously than you seem to.  Jess?”

“Yes?” She answered, stroking Kacie’s long chestnut hair absently. 

“Spank her, would you? Teach her a lesson,” he said. 

“Wmph?!” Kacie was startled.  She struggled against the ropes as Jess pulled her up onto her knees, then she and Brennan manoeuvred the bound girl into a position where she lay over Jess’ knees, her bare bottom sticking up, her thong hanging around her knees, and her skirt pulled up over her hips.

“Sorry, sweetie, but you’ll probably like it, the way I do it,” Jess told her with a wicked grin.  Kacie wasn’t convinced, and she yelped as the first stinging slap hit her buttocks.  A second followed a second later, and then Jess slapped her again, each one a hard, sharp stinging blow.  Kacie felt tears in her eyes as Jess spanked her again.  It wasn’t the pain so much as the humiliation.  Having said that, she wasn’t sure why her nipples were hardening and her breathing was getting harder.  As a fifth slap landed, she groaned into her gag sensuously.

Brennan picked up the camera and took a few photographs, moving around them carefully and taking shots from different angles, each one making him nod approvingly.  He kept taking photographs as he spoke.

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to end your association with the girl, Roxy, my dear.  She appears to have been a bit of a bad sort.  I’m sure you understand?” Brennan said.

“Nww,” Kacie protested, feeling the tears well up again as Jess spanked her.  Brennan nodded.

“I’m afraid so.  I wouldn’t worry about the pictures and the scandal.  We’ve sorted it out, and these photographs will certainly help,” Brennan explained, taking another picture.  Kacie felt angry, powerless, but mostly distraught at the thought of Roxy betraying her and their relationship like this.  It was that, rather than the spanking, that made the tears spill down her cheeks.  “But I’m afraid you really can’t let somebody so untrustworthy into your life any more.  Just end it.  That’s a good girl,” Brennan said.  “I’ll let Jess finish administering the punishment,” he added.

Jess spanked her again and again, each one sending a sharp needle of pain, but also an undercurrent of pleasure through her, and as the spanking continued and she began to harden to the news that Roxy had betrayed her, Kacie found herself numbing to the pain and enjoying the firm, sharp slaps as they impacted on her reddening buttocks.  The tears in her eyes were beginning to dry, and the moans into her gag were increasingly the sounds of excitement.  Brennan had taken several more photographs, and dimly, in the back of her mind, Kacie found herself thinking that those pictures wouldn’t be useful for an advertising campaign.

“Stop now,” Brennan said.  “I think she might have learned her lesson,” he added.

“See, sweetie? Not so bad,” Jess said.

“Now then,” Brennan said.  “I’m afraid that while we sort out the little mess you’ve created, Kacie, we need to keep you out of the way for a while.  You’re unfortunately a very easy girl to follow, and if you’re seen, the cover story we have for those photographs won’t really wash, so I’ve arranged for you to stay here for a while, fully restrained, until this mess is sorted.  It won’t take more than a few days,” he said.

“Wmph?!” Kacie squealed.

“Don’t worry,” Brennan said.  “I’ve arranged for you to have company,” he added.

“Lmmph mm gww!” Kacie mewled.

“Now, now, Kacie, behave,” Brennan said.  He stood up and he and Jess helped Kacie to stand.  Kacie didn’t struggle, suddenly nervous as Brennan dipped and lifted her into position over his shoulder.  “Let’s get you upstairs,” he said.



Twenty minutes later, Kacie was sat on the bed, her wrists bound in front of her and then a loop of rope leading from her wrists to her bound ankles as she sat on the bed.  Her gag was still firmly in place.  She hadn’t expected Jess, who had helped to re-tie her, to be sat next to her, also tied, though with her wrists behind her, and gagged with a knotted silk scarf between her lips.  She looked annoyed, although Kacie couldn’t entirely tell, given that she had seemed to quite enjoy the tying process as Brennan had tied her up tightly. 

“I’m afraid that Jess knows a bit too much, too,” Brennan explained, checking the knots on the ropes.  “I’ll make sure the maid calls in on you every few hours to make sure you’re okay, and we’ll re-tie you in the morning so it doesn’t get too uncomfortable,” he added.  “I suggested to your father that they take a few days in the country house just after you left to go out with Roxy,” he added.

“Plmph,” Kacie whimpered.

“Don’t worry, Kacie.  It will all be sorted.  You just sit there, enjoy having fun with Jess, and it will all be over soon, okay?”

Brennan stood up and walked to the door of her bedroom.  “This will all be fine,” he said again.  “I’ll be back in the morning, and then maybe I’ll fill you in one what’s happened,” he added.  “I’m sorry to do this girls,” he said with a chuckle.

Kacie yelped as he opened the door, but he just chuckled.  “Actually, girls, I might as well come clean.  The photographs from Roxy? That’s my doing.  I asked her to do it months ago.  This plan? That was me, too.  I decided a while ago that I was fed up of cleaning up your father’s messes, and yours,” he explained.  “So I decided to take matters into my own hands.  These photographs and the story I cook up will be enough to topple your father from his position in the board, especially when I explain how he’s resigning to look after his sex-crazed daughter and make sure she gets better therapy,” he said, his face stern.  Kacie whimpered into her silk gag and protested.

“All that stuff about how you should be ending your relationship with Roxy? I thought I’d try and throw you off for a while, but it seems like a bit of a waste of time now.  I have the photographs, and I can release all of it as soon as I like, so your father will go down if I get even a whiff of you screwing me over,” he said.  “Don’t worry,” he said.  “Roxy is being well compensated, and you’ll both be well looked after.  I get what I want, your father gets a generous settlement, and you all get to retire from public life at the head of such a big security company.  Everybody wins,” he said. 

He smiled, gave them a wink, and then closed the door behind him, and they heard him turn the key in the lock as he did so. 

Kacie sighed into her gag and flopped against Jess’ shoulder, whimpering slightly.  Jess snuggled into her a little and they eased themselves into a slightly uncomfortable position, lying on their sides, one facing one way, the other facing the opposite way, so that they could face each other on the bed.  By the time they managed it, they were both breathing heavily, their chests heaving, and they gazed at each other longingly.

Jess whimpered into her gag, her eyes wide and longing, excited by her ropes, and she brushed her breasts against Kacie’s arm.  Kacie could feel her nipples were firm and hard.  She was excited, and Kacie was just as aroused, desperate to feel her skin.  Kacie wriggled against her, pressing herself against Jess’ supple body.

Jess became more insistent, rubbing herself against Kacie and moaning into her gag.  She felt incredible against Kacie’s body, and her frustration that they couldn’t touch, or kiss, or anything else for that matter, was growing.  She mewled into her gag in frustration, angry with her father for trusting Brennan, but still incredibly turned on, and her arousal wasn’t helped by Jess’ sensuous writhing, pressing their silk blouses against their skin.

Kacie moaned, angry, too, that Brennan had left the rope harness around her chest and shoulders, but not her upper arms, which meant that the ropes pulled her blouse against her body and simulated her even more.  She was getting incredibly aroused, and the arousal was starting to become unbearable.

Jess wriggled closer, her mouth tantalisingly close to Kacie’s.  Kacie moved as close as she could and craned her neck towards Jess, falling just short.  Jess moaned in frustration and wiggled herself even closer. 

Kacie felt herself getting aroused as the ropes worked her silk blouse against her skin, bringing her excitement up again.  She could see Jess beginning to flush as well.  As they lay, panting and looking into each other’s eyes, Kacie began to wish she hadn’t gone for all those sessions with Doctor Monroe.

As Jess leaned forward and somehow manoeuvred so that they could kiss around their gags, Kacie found the anger flowing away, and found herself oddly grateful to Roxy.  If Roxy hadn’t tried to blackmail her father’s company, they never would have hired Jess. 

And as they squirmed into each other, and Jess eventually got her hands free and they spent a blissful three or four hours exploring all the different ways they could tie each other up and still have sex, Kacie mused that if she hadn’t met Jess, she wouldn’t have come up with such a delicious plan to get her revenge on Roxy, and hopefully Floyd Brennan…


Chapter 4 


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