In Therapy, Chapter 4 – By Never118


Kacie hadn’t had to wait long to find out if Floyd Brennan’s story had been true.  The following day, having gotten loose, she had rushed to Roxy’s office to talk to her, and found that all her appointments had been cancelled and that Roxy wouldn’t speak to her at all.  She had stayed in her office all day, refusing to come out, and the receptionist (Hannah, Kacie seemed to remember) had eventually asked Kacie to leave.

Later that evening, Kacie had received a text message.  It had simple said: I can’t see you again.  Sorry. R. X.

She hadn’t been sure what had hurt more; the humiliation of her previous night with Jess, or the pain of the text message that broke things off in such an impersonal way.  Either way, she had been furious, and had immediately called Jess (whose number she had taken before she had slipped away in the morning) to plot her revenge.

Jess had been come over almost straight away, which had excited Kacie because it suggested that Jess wanted to see her as well as wanted to be useful.  Kacie opened the door in a long purple satin robe belted around her slender waist.  She had arrived in a loose grey and black paisley patterned silk blouse, a short black kilt, and black leather boots that reached her knees and had buckles down the sides.  She looked incredible, although Kacie was still a little too upset to fully appreciate it.

“Nice place,” Jess said as Kacie let her into the flat.  “Very tasteful,” she added, looking around.  Kacie smiled.  She had always taken pride in her flat, and the fact that it was very much a statement about her, with its leather armchairs, thick red rugs, bare floorboards, and heavy bookcases. 

“Thank you.  You look lovely, by the way,” she added. 

“You too,” Jess told her.  “What’s up? You didn’t say much on the phone, and as much as I would like to think this was just a booty call, it didn’t sound like it  was,” said Jess.

“It’s an enticing thought,” Kacie said with a grin.  “Unfortunately not.  It’s about Roxy,” she added.

“Thought it might be,” Jess answered, dropping her bag next to a chair.  “Do we need to sit down?”

“Probably,” said Kacie, biting her bottom lip.  She still wasn’t entirely sure she trusted Jess, although they had spent a wonderful evening together, and she seemed genuine, and had come over very quickly.  She was fairly certain that Jess would help, and fairly certain that she could be trusted, although she wasn’t sure she thought it was a good plan herself.  She sank onto the sofa, and Jess sat next to her, putting a consoling hand on her knee gently.  Kacie felt a sudden thrill run through her at the physical contact with Jess, and a small part of her was suddenly very excited.  She held it back, though.  Her head was in enough of a mess at the moment, without adding to it all.  She noticed, though, that Jess’ hand was stroking her thigh gently.

“Sorry,” Jess said, noticing that Kacie had looked down.

“No.  Don’t be.  It was nice,” Kacie said.  “I’m just a bit all over the place at the moment,” she added.

“I can understand that,” Jess said sympathetically.  Her hand hadn’t moved, though, and Kacie was a little bit relieved about that, enjoying the warmth and stability it represented.

“Right.  Tell me all about it.  And make it quick, because at the moment, I can just about keep my hands off you,” said Jess with a wicked grin.




A week later, Kacie stood outside Roxy’s flat, biting her bottom lip apprehensively, dressed in a blue paisley patterned satin blouse, a short white skirt, and black knee length boots, her long hair hanging loose, and her bag over her shoulder.  Jess had been inside for half an hour under the pretext of her car having broken down and needing a phone, and Kacie hadn’t heard anything from her, but the plan Jess had come up with was simple and straight forward, to the point where it couldn’t really go wrong.

She hoped.

Kacie looked at her watch again nervously wondering, not for the first time, whether she had left it long enough.  She dipped her hand into her bag and pulled out her phone, toying with it absently as she debated about whether to call, or to knock.  She bit a carefully manicured thumbnail while she waited, pacing nervously on the landing outside Roxy’s door.

It had to be today.  It had to be now, really.  Brennan hadn’t released the photos, or made his move against her father, but there was a big vote in the board in the next two days, and Kacie was convinced that Brennan would take that opportunity to move against her father.  Not only would he stop the vote her father was looking for, but he’d force him out of the company as well.  She hoped that this would stop that.

She looked at the door again, wondering about her phone, or whether to knock again.

In the end, she didn’t need to worry about either.  The door opened and Jess stood looking out at her, dressed in her black satin pencil skirt, a pair of knee length boots, a broad black leather belt, and a turquoise silk blouse that had short sleeves and a gaping collar.  She flicked her hair back over her shoulder and sighed.  “Are you coming in?” She asked.

“Sorry,” Kacie said, apologetically.

“I was beginning to think you’d bottled it,” said Jess.

“Nearly,” Kacie admitted.

“Well, don’t panic.  It’s all sorted, love,” Jess said.  “She’s through there, on her bed.  I’ll give you a few minutes, okay?”

“Thanks, Jess,” Kacie said, quietly.  Jess nodded and stepped into the living room, leaving Kacie alone in the hallway.  Kacie waited a moment, looking first at Jess’ back as she sat in one of the armchairs in Roxy’s living room, then at the door to Roxy’s bedroom, slightly ajar.  Kacie walked to the door to Roxy’s bedroom, the room where they had spent so much intimate time together, it barely seemed real, and paused.  Jess turned and gave her an encouraging nod, and Kacie smiled back, taking a deep breath and stepping through.    



Roxy lay on the bed, seemingly dozing, her long, shapely legs curled up, her eyes drooping closed, her long dark hair falling serenely around her face.  She murmured something as Kacie walked in and admired her, wearing the fitted red silk blouse, the tight grey skirt that Kacie herself had bought for her, bare footed.  Kacie walked over to the bed, reaching out to touch Roxy’s shoulder. 

She barely registered it, a slight murmur but nothing more.  Whatever it was that Jess had used had clearly worked, and Kacie felt a thrill of excitement.  The plan had been simple enough after Jess had gained access to Roxy’s flat; drop something into her drink to send her to sleep, and then let Kacie in a few minutes later when she was sure it had worked.  Kacie prodded Roxy again, and then tried to move her arm, which was heavy with sleep, but pliable.  She felt another shiver of excitement as she dropped her bag onto the floor and opened it.

She didn’t ask for much in terms of revenge, but she did want to make sure she enjoyed it, and so access to Roxy’s hard drive, e-mail accounts, and body were vital ingredients, and she planned to deal with the last ingredient first.

Kacie rolled Roxy onto her side, making sure she didn’t fall onto her face and accidentally smother herself in the duvet, and pulled both arms behind her.  She produced a coil of thin white cord from her bag and proceeded to bind Roxy’s wrists behind her securely, wrapping them around the wrists and then between them as Roxy had taught her to do.  Even as she pulled the knot tight, Roxy barely moved.  Next, Kacie securely tied her ankles together, making sure that the cords were pulled tight and cinched between her ankles, like her wrists.

Roxy began to murmur a little more loudly as the cord was pulled tightly around her ankles, and Kacie sighed, rolling her back onto her back again.  As she did so, Roxy’s eyes began to flicker a little.  Kacie sighed, irritated that she had left it so long before going into the flat and that the drug had started to wear off.  She manoeuvred Roxy into a kneeling position, supported against Kacie herself, and let her head loll back against her breasts, enjoying the feel through the satin of her blouse. 

Roxy’s eyes flickered again, and Kacie quickly stooped and plucked out the red, white, and black silk scarf she had pre-prepared in her bag, the large knot already tied in the centre, and stood up quickly to support Roxy against her breasts again.  As she reached around to steady Roxy, she couldn’t resist touching her breasts gently, feeling her nipples through her blouse, knowing Roxy had done her usual thing of not wearing a bra to work.  It was one of her favourite things about Roxy, and she teased her left nipple quickly through the silk blouse, enjoying the feel of it.

After a moment, Roxy’s eyes slipped closed again, and Kacie let the scarf drop to the bed, enjoying playing with her captive’s breasts a lot more, and wanting to spend her time on the process, rather than rushing it.  She played with her breasts again, massaging them and teasing both nipples to hardness with her fingers, enjoying the feel of them as they pressed against the soft silk of her blouse.  Kacie felt her own nipples stiffen and begin to throb as she carried on experimenting with her former lover’s body.  She reached lower than Roxy’s breasts, slipping a hand down towards her waistband and inside it, probing gently to see if Roxy was wearing underwear, slightly disappointed to find that she was, and allowed her fingers to slide up again, playing with Roxy’s body gently.  As Roxy sagged against her again, Kacie pulled another length of cord out of the bag and, using both hands carefully, began to wind it around Roxy’s body and upper arms, above and below her breasts, then passing a loop of cord between her body and arm on either side and up around her neck, then down and around the other ropes to make an effective harness.  This time as she pulled the knots tight, Roxy began to stir, and Kacie sighed, knowing she had taken a little too long.

Roxy was just coming round when Kacie pressed her hand over her mouth and held it there firmly as Roxy let out a surprised yelp, muffled by Kacie’s palm.  She struggled to move, realising that her arms and feet had been expertly and tightly bound.  She let out another helpless moan and tried to look behind her, but Kacie held her head still.

“Hello, lover,” she purred.  Roxy yelped again in surprise.  “Now, I’m not going to pretend to know what you’re up to, or why you sent those photos to my dad’s company.  All I care about is whether I get my own little revenge.  So,” she said.  “Open your gorgeous mouth so I can gag you, and then the fun can begin,” she added.

“Kacie, wait,” Roxy began.  A second later, Kacie had jammed the thick, tight knot in the scarf she had with her into Roxy’s mouth and was drawing the ends tightly behind her head.  Roxy’s squeal was drowned out by the thick knot of silk forced between her teeth, and she tried to pull away as Kacie knotted the ends of the scarf tightly, forcing Roxy’s jaws apart.

As Roxy struggled at her bonds, testing them, Kacie slipped her hands around her body again, her fingers teasing and tweaking at her nipples, her hands pressing firmly at her breasts.  Roxy whimpered as Kacie pulled her back into herself, her lips brushing the woman’s cheek and neck as she did so, feeling Roxy’s chest heave with a mixture of fear and arousal.

“Still haven’t forgotten me, have you?” Kacie said, quietly, kissing Roxy’s neck softly and slipping her fingers inside her captive’s blouse.  Roxy moaned and shook her head gently, straining at the cord that held her, but not entirely for release.  Kacie’s fingers started to slip the buttons on her blouse, teasing it open gently and then pulling aside the sides of the blouse to expose Roxy’s breasts between the ropes.  She worked carefully, pulling the ropes out a little to avoid friction on Roxy’s nipples, and smoothed the blouse carefully as she did so, cupping Roxy’s breasts as she did so.

Roxy moaned into her gag as Kacie massaged her breasts softly.  She wriggled in her ropes, squirming with arousal as Kacie kissed her neck again and stroked her nipples into firm buds.  Kacie could see Roxy’s arousal rising, and could feel her excitement as she squirmed in her ropes.  She continued to tease and massage her breasts for a few more minutes, enjoying the familiar feel of Roxy as she did so, her smooth skin, her breasts, her silky hair.  It was all just as she remembered it, so achingly familiar and so exciting that she could feel her own nipples harden against her blouse.  She lifted her hand and pressed it lightly over Roxy’s mouth again, bringing her head back to lean against her shoulder, making it easier to slide her hand round and down her body, slipping it into the waistband of Roxy’s skirt.  She wasn’t wearing knickers, which Kacie knew was a thrill she used to enjoy during her sessions, knowing she was exposed beneath her skirt if anybody dared to look.

Roxy moaned as Kacie’s fingers explored the edges of her pubic hair, then slid lower, teasing at the top of her mound, pressing gently.  Roxy gasped as Kacie’s fingers found an old, familiar rhythm, making her shudder gently.  Kacie could feel her own arousal rising, pulling Roxy back into her body so she could feel her through the fitted satin shirt she wore.  Her nipples were stiff, and she could feel Roxy getting warmer and could see the blush rise in her cheeks.  Kacie allowed herself a smile and continued to press at Roxy’s sensitive skin, rubbing and tweaking, working at it firmly and rapidly.

Roxy moaned louder into the thick silk gag that filled her mouth and she drooped heavily against Kacie, her moans turning into a sound of satisfaction that Kacie knew well.  Kacie continued moving her fingers, pressing and tweaking with their familiar rhythm for another few minutes, feeling Roxy start to shudder and strain against the ropes that held her.  After another minute of stimulating her ex, teasing her closer to a climax that she wouldn’t grant her, Kacie pulled her hand away and smiled.

“Right.  You wait there, young lady, while I do what we came here to do,” she said.

Roxy moaned in frustration, flopping onto her side on the bed as Kacie slid out from behind her and moved towards Roxy’s laptop.  She had used it several times, knew the password and knew where Roxy had all her files.  As she logged on to her laptop, Kacie was once again relieved that Roxy lived such a well-ordered and controlled life that she very rarely could face the thought of changing things.

Kacie sat at Roxy’s desk, waiting for the laptop to load up, the familiar buzz of the hard drive and the slightly over-worked fan drowned out by Roxy’s muffled groans as she struggled to free herself half-heartedly.  She was still suffering the after-effects of Jessica’s drug, as well as the effects of Kacie’s tender ministrations, making her move with more care than she would have normally.  Kacie watched her, smiling, and then turned to the laptop and started moving through the files quickly until she found the files she knew would be there, and selected the entire folder that contained them.  It was the evidence that Roxy had been threatening to use against her, the scandal-waiting-to-happen that would ruin her father’s company now that Brennan had the files in his possession.

“It would be such a shame to lose all these,” Kacie sighed.  She looked at Roxy and saw her eyes widen as she finally worked out what was going on, struggling to edge of the bed and gurgling into her gag.  Kacie produced a memory stick she had hidden in the top of her boot and slipped it into the USB slot, copying the folder over, pleasantly surprised at how large it was.

Roxy grumbled through the thick knotted scarf in her mouth, frustrated at her lack of control, which Kacie had known she would be.  Roxy had never really enjoyed being submissive in the same way that Kacie had, always preferring to dominate and have control and only surrendering it when she was especially relaxed.  If she had been feeling forgiving, Kacie might have just considered this as revenge and left it at that.

It was a shame for Roxy that she wasn’t, really.

Kacie smiled as the file transfer finished and closed the window, then opened another one, turning the screen so that Roxy could see what she was doing.  She opened Roxy’s e-mail account and again was relieved to see that Roxy hadn’t changed anything recently as the screen changed and she was presented with a list of Roxy’s contacts.  Smiling to herself as Roxy continued to grunt and strain at the ropes that held her on the bed, Kacie opened a new message and started typing.  She had always known that Roxy prided herself on her practice as a therapist, and that anything that damaged that would be very upsetting to her.  Kacie opened the attachment window and found some of the few images she had ever been allowed to take of Roxy while she was bound and gagged, both of which were thankfully while she was naked, and one of which also included her receptionist, Hannah.  Kacie allowed herself a smile at that image as it uploaded to the message.  Roxy was straddling Hannah on the couch, both of them bound securely, both naked, and both gagged with black leather panel gags, although Roxy’s hands were in front of her and she was massaging Hannah’s ample breasts.  They had taken that photograph a few months ago, when Kacie had been feeling particularly down one day, and the whole event had been designed to cheer her up.  She remembered it with a grin as she remembered what had happened next and how long it had taken for Roxy to feel comfortable sitting down again.

Kacie finished typing the message and looked back at Roxy as she struggled on the bed.  Roxy looked up at her expectantly, still struggling, but less violently.  “Would you like me to read you the message?” Kacie asked.


“I’ve written here: ‘Dear patients and friends, I regret to inform you that I have been living a lie.  While I have been treating you all with your many and varied problems, and I hope we have been successful, I’m afraid I have been nursing a darker secret than any of you could know.  I have been a sex addict for many years, failing to ever seek help or therapy, and over the years I have taken advantage of not just some of my patients, but as you see from these images, also my staff.  I feel I can no longer go on, and as a result I am writing to you to resign as your therapist and inform you that I am closing down my practice indefinitely while I take some time to reflect and heal myself.  I wish you all the very best of luck in your futures, but I fear I can no longer be a part of your therapy.  With very best wishes, Roxanne Monroe’,” Kacie said with a smile. 

“Wmph?! Www bmmph!” Roxy snarled into her gag, struggling at the ropes with more enthusiasm now. 

“Oh, don’t worry, sweetie.  Floyd will keep you in the manner to which you are accustomed.  Unless his money source dries up, right?” Kacie said.


“Don’t worry.  Nothing terrible happened to him,” Kacie said.  “But he is rather relying on you as a witness, or as an accomplice, and you won’t be able to do that for him.  Plus, he may well have blocked the messages that I send him, but he won’t block yours.  Jess, my new friend you met when you had that drink? Jess cooked up a little surprise for him in his next e-mail from you.”

“Www bmph,” Roxy grunted into her silk gag, rolling onto her side and trying to get up.

“Stay where you are.  Just leave this to me,” Kacie said.  She clicked send on the first message she had sent.

“Nww!” Roxy squealed.

“Don’t worry.  You can set up somewhere else and make another successful business.  You’ll be fine, honey.  But my father wouldn’t have been if we’d let your plan go through.  So, just give me a minute,” Kacie said.  Roxy grunted into her gag angrily.

Kacie opened another new message and typed in the message she wanted.  She attached a file and then clicked send.  “All done,” she announced happily.  “Now then, sweetie, where were we?”

Roxy’s eyes widened as Kacie opened the drawer under the laptop and pulled out the vibrator.  She grinned and winked at Roxy.  “Some things never change, huh?”

“Nww, plmph,” Roxy sighed.

“Too late,” Kacie said.

Kacie grinned and made her way over to Roxy, relishing the thought of having her helpless before her for the first time in so long, and enjoying the level of control she had.  It was something she realised she hadn’t ever really had in their relationship in the first place.  Roxy struggled against the ropes that held her but wasn’t getting anywhere.  Kacie climbed onto the bed next to her and slipped a hand inside her silk shirt again, feeling Roxy’s already stiff nipples as she did so.

Roxy groaned into her gag, and Kacie smiled.  “Deny it all you like, sweetie,” she said with a sigh.  “I think you missed me,” she said.  Roxy mumbled into her gag and nodded reluctantly.  Kacie leaned over her and kissed her cheek, then kissed her bottom lip, sucking it gently despite the silk gag.  “I missed you too,” she said.  “Want me to carry on?” She asked.  Roxy nodded again, less reluctantly, although Kacie could tell she was still annoyed with her.  She could understand that, but they could still enjoy themselves.  “Want to know how it works?” Kacie asked.


“That second e-mail I sent? I sent him evidence he could use against you, a safeguard, if you like, against you ever turning on him and blackmailing him.  I told him that’s what it was, as a message from you, but we included a nasty little surprise in the file,” she explained.  She was proud of herself, for sorting out her own mess, something she never would have managed to do before any of this had started.  If nothing else, she could at least admit that the therapy had worked wonders.  “The file has a virus coded into it that attacks the file structure of his computer and breaks everything up so he can’t find it.  It then sends a command to his operating system when he restarts his computer that makes it re-install and completely re-writes his entire hard drive with crap.”


“I know.  Impressive, right?”

“Nww,” Roxy grumbled into her gag as Kacie carried on massaging her breasts.  She was starting to breathe heavily into her gag, Kacie’s fingers teasing and tweaking expertly at her sensitive skin. 

“You did miss me, didn’t you?” Kacie asked, her other hand starting to unbutton her own blouse as Roxy started to wriggle under her touch.  Roxy nodded sleepily, starting to tremble a little as Kacie rolled her onto her back and straddled her, undoing her blouse so that it hung open to reveal she wasn’t wearing a bra.  Roxy purred under her and arched her back slightly, grinning around her gag.

“Oh good,” said Kacie, leaning down and kissing her again, feeling Roxy’s body tremble as she did so.  “I think we should play with the toy, don’t you?” Kacie asked, her heart racing as she thought of how much she enjoyed pleasuring Roxy, especially when she was tied up.  Roxy nodded quickly, and Kacie saw her mouth curl into a satisfied smile behind her gag.  She wondered briefly if she should bring Jess in so she could enjoy their revenge, but she decided against it.  Just for a little bit, she wanted to be selfish.

Kacie flicked the switch on the vibrator and slowly trailed it down Roxy’s body, enjoying the site of Roxy squirm and wriggle as the vibrator passed over her sensitive skin, tracing it around each nipple and watching her giggle into her silk gag.  Kacie wriggled down the bed and pushed up Roxy’s skirt, trailing the vibrator down towards her legs, drawing it’s buzzing head back and forth over the sensitive skin between her thighs and making Roxy shudder excitedly as she sighed into her silk.

Kacie started to push the vibrator up between Roxy’s thighs, making her grunt in pleasure.  As she did, she giggled, listening to Roxy gurgle excitedly into the thick silk knot that filled her mouth.  Roxy started to tremble more intensely as Kacie moved the vibrator quicker, and then she stopped. 

“Wmph?!” Roxy yelped, her head jerking up with frustration.  Kacie was already getting off her, lifting her own skirt and sliding her own underwear off over her booted feet as Roxy struggled into a semi-sitting position.

“I think I deserve a little fun too,” Kacie said with a grin.

“Mmm hmm,” Roxy agreed.

“Good girl,” Kacie said.  “You did miss me, didn’t you?” She added.

She pushed Roxy back onto the bed and straddled her again.  Kacie leaned over to her bag and produced a scarf, long, thick, and patterned with blue, purple, and white stripes, she had already folded it into a band and knotted it in the middle. 

“Just in case I get too noisy,” Kacie said, lifting the knot to her mouth and biting down on it.  She knotted it at the base of her skull and picked up the vibrator again.

As the buzzing of the vibrator kicked in again, footsteps sounded and Kacie looked up to see Jess stood in front of her.  The dark haired woman looked at her with a raised eyebrow and Kacie smiled through her gag.  “Jppht ggnnt cwwwd nnwwyy,” she said through the thick, lustrous silk.

“I know you did, babe,” Jess said with a smile.  “I was sort of counting on it,” she added

“Wmph?” Kacie asked, surprised.

Jess’ hand came forward with surprising speed, a damp square of silk held in it that clamped over Kacie’s mouth and nose, sending sweet-smelling vapour through her.  Jess’ other hand was at the back of Kacie’s head in an instant, pressing her face into the thick silk pad and forcing her to breath in the chloroform she was now convinced was on it.  “Have to admit, babe,” Jess said, as the edges of Kacie’s vision started to turn fuzzy.  “Most girls don’t do half my job for me,” she added.



Kacie came to with the sound of feeble grunting in her ears.  She blinked a couple of times and looked around, seeing that she was lying on the bed in Roxy’s bedroom, and it became painfully clear to her after a moment that her hands were tied behind her, her ankles were bound, and the gag she had playfully put in her own mouth was now secured far more tightly between her lips.  She took a calming breath in, trying to ignore the panic that was rising up in her chest, and looked around again, wondering where Roxy was.

After a moment of looking, she worked it out, straining round on the bed to face the corner of the room where Roxy was stood, ankles still tied firmly together, and the same gag in her mouth, and wrists bound above her to the small metal ring screwed into the timber beam in the corner of the room that they had used for exactly the same purpose a few times before.  Roxy’s shirt was still open, her ample breasts heaving as she breathed heavily, faint glugging sounds coming from behind the silk that filled her mouth as she tried to alert Kacie.

“Wmph?” Kacie asked, struggling to sit up slightly.

“Gmmm mmph!” Roxy grunted.  “Hlllph,” she added.

Before she could say anything else, Jess appeared in the doorway and smiled.  “I was hoping you’d be up by now,” she said.  “Okay.  So, I just got off the phone with Floyd.  He’s fucked, and he knows it.  He wanted to make a deal, but you were unavoidably detained elsewhere,” she said with a wicked grin.  “So he spoke to me,” she added.

“Nwww,” Kacie groaned.

“Don’t worry about it,” Jess said, sitting next to her and slipping a hand inside her blouse, playing with Kacie’s breasts.  Despite herself, Kacie felt her body responding and her heart begin to beat faster.  The site of Roxy bound and gagged in the corner wasn’t helping, either.  “We agreed that Floyd would back off, given as we now had all of his e-mails to Roxy here as evidence that he was a lying sack of shit,” she explained.  “In fact, Floyd’s now paying us to leave him alone.  Which is good,” she added.

“Wmph ggnnn wwwnn?” Roxy asked.

“What’s going on?” Jess asked with a grin.  “I like you, cutie,” she said.  She took her hand out of Kacie’s blouse and walked over, checking the knots on Roxy’s ropes were secure, paying close attention to her wrists and the ropes that curled around her breasts.  Her hands roamed freely over Roxy’s body, making Kacie both jealous and incredibly excited as she watched Roxy struggle.

“Well, Floyd’s pretty keen that you stay out of the way, babe,” Jess told Roxy.  “Almost permanently,” she added.  Roxy yelped into her silk gag and struggled a little until Jess held up a calming hand.  “Don’t worry.  Not like that.  Just, not in business for a while,” she said.  “So I said I’d keep you,” Jess explained.  Roxy’s eyes grew wide and Jess smiled at her, kissing her cheek gently.  She produced a silk scarf that had been tucked into the waistband of her skirt at the small of her back and folded it into a small pad which she held in front of Roxy’s already gagged mouth.  “Open a bit wider, babe,” she instructed.  Roxy raised her eyebrows in surprise but did as she was told and Kacie remembered her own experience being gagged by Jess so firmly.  It made her flush with excitement and she moaned into her gag.

“Wmph?!” Roxy gulped.

“Don’t worry.  Just want you to be a little quieter,” Jess explained.  Another scarf appeared and she shook it out into a wide, thick, heavy band which she used to tie over the pad in Roxy’s mouth, securing it firmly behind her teeth, forcing the first scarf further into her mouth.  It made her cheeks bulge as they tried to accommodate the scarves, and Roxy gurgled into the gags, slowing her breathing as she had helped Kacie do so many times before.  Kacie watched, unbelievably excited by watching Jess do what she had only ever done to Roxy a few times, and what she knew made Roxy feel so vulnerable.  She wanted to join in, but she also wanted to watch and she felt her cheeks redden even further.

“Wmph hmmmpphnnn?” She asked.

“What happened?”

“Yph,” said Kacie.   Jess stopped stroking Roxy’s body and returned to Kacie, making her both excited and disappointed at the same time.  Roxy’s bare breasts were so inviting as she dangled from the beam, but the thought of Jess playing with her again made her tremble.  She hadn’t realised Jess was quite so good at mind games.

“I had a very, very good idea,” Jess said.  She kissed Kacie around her gag, sucking her bottom lip, making Kacie shudder with excitement.  Then, as though she sensed Kacie’s excitement, she walked back to Roxy and walked behind her, her arms encircling her and playing with her breasts more firmly, making Roxy gasp into her heavily layered gag.  Roxy squirmed and wriggled and writhed, her body pulling against the ropes as she moaned into her gag.  Kacie could feel her breathing get quicker as she watched Jess play with her, and could feel her jealousy rising.  She wasn’t just jealous that Jess was playing with the woman she had loved so intensely (and probably still did, she admitted to herself grudgingly), but because Roxy was experiencing the excitement rather than her.

“I really like Roxy,” Jess said distractedly.  “She’s very sexy.  I see what you saw in her.  Although I think we all know those feelings never went away, did they?”

“Nw,” Kacie mumbled.  Jess slipped one of her hands inside Roxy’s skirt, causing her to moan happily. 

“You like that, don’t you?” Jess asked.  Roxy nodded.  “More?”

“Mmm hmm,” mumbled Roxy.

“I think Roxy’s sorry, anyway,” said Jess as she massaged Roxy.  The bound woman pressed her buttocks back into Jess and made Kacie flush excitedly.  She could see Roxy’s face begin to flush with pleasure.  Jess kissed Roxy’s neck.  “Are you sorry?”

“Mmm hmm,” Roxy sighed.

“Do you accept her apology?” Jess asked.

“Mmm hmm,” Kacie mumbled, straining at her bonds now, wishing she could join in.  She wanted to be part of it, now.  “Plmph, wmph hmmppnn?”

“What happened?” Jess asked, bringing her hand out of Roxy’s skirt and appearing from behind her, a wicked grin on her face as she walked over to join Kacie and sat down next to her.  The anticipation was building as she leaned over Kacie, toying with her bound and gagged captive. 

“I said I could do with a sexy little playmate like you,” Jess told her, sliding her hand back into her blouse and stroking Kacie’s breasts and making her wriggle sensuously against her ropes.  “And then I thought you’d need a friend,” she added.  Jess looked down at Kacie.  “So I thought you two could both stay with me, help me spend Floyd’s money for a bit,” she said.

“Wmph? Hww?” Kacie asked through silk.

“How?” Jess asked.  Kacie nodded.  Jess shrugged and hauled Kacie into a sitting position, then picked her up surprisingly easily for such a small woman, and carried her over to Roxy.  She put Kacie down gently and started to untie her wrists.  It was then that Kacie saw the extra rope dangling from the ring.  “I guess you two can keep me company, and I can keep you in clothes, toys, food, champagne, whatever, really?” Jess said.

As she spoke, she retied Kacie’s hands in front of her and then tied them to the extra rope, then pulled it so that Kacie’s wrists were above her head.  “I think you two are a cute couple, and it’s a shame to break that up.  But I like you both,” said Jess.  “And I like to play,” she added.

“Llllyy?” Roxy asked.

“Oh yes, sweetie.  I like playing, and you two are fine playmates,” Jess said.  She produced another rope and started to wind it around their waists, bringing them together facing opposite directions.  Kacie felt her back pressed into Roxy’s, feeling it reassuringly close as Jess knotted the rope and then passed it down between her legs.  She yelped in surprise as Jess tugged the rope upwards, and guessed what she was doing as Roxy stiffened behind her.  The rope was tied off and Jess stood in front of Kacie, grinning. 

“Try and get out,” she said with a wink.

Kacie wriggled slightly, the sensation sending a rush of pleasure through her as the rope pulled tight between her legs.  Roxy shifted slightly and gasped as the rope moved.  “Www ggwwd,” Roxy moaned.  Kacie smiled behind her silk gag as the rope moved again, pressing against her sensuously.

“Fun, huh?” Jess asked.  Kacie nodded bashfully.  Roxy shifted slightly and sent another wave of excitement through them both.  Jess smiled and rubbed a hand over Kacie’s breasts, then stepped to the side and did the same for Roxy.  Both of them moaned and strained and shifted the rope, sending them both into shudders of excitement.

“So,” said Jess.  “Want to stay?”

They nodded and Jess tugged the rope again.

“Oh good.  I think I need some of the therapy you had…”




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