The Adventures of Hypergirl

By Miss Vicky

Part Two

Suddenly, with a thump, Hypergirl was thrown into the back of a large van. The girls all scrambled in behind her and slammed the door. They were off. Bound as she was, Hypergirl could not stop rolling around and bumping into things, so she was more than glad when the long journey ended. She heard a garage door creak open, then the van drove in and the door creaked shut again. With another thump, she was out of the van and lying on the floor of the garage. Vicky unlocked and pulled off her blindfolding helmet. She soon found the concealed zip and released Hypergirl's head from the hood part of her costume. Her golden ringlets tumbled out, and her bright blue eyes blinked at the bright light. "My, you're as beautiful as I hoped you'd be," cooed Vicky. "What a pity that such a lovely girl has to be treated like this, but you were getting to be a bit of a nuisance."

"You'll never get away with kidnapping me ..." began Hypergirl, but she was silenced by wads of cloth stuffed into her mouth. There was enough to make her cheeks bulge and to go almost to the back of her throat, and a steel chain wrapped tightly round her head and secured with a padlock stopped her spitting them out. The wads had strange tastes.

"I'm afraid the girls and I have been wearing our thongs for a few days without changing them," Vicky explained. "So I insisted we change them all this morning, and now I've found somewhere to put them. And don't worry - nobody will know you've been kidnapped. We'll get that nice costume off you and onto my friend who's the same size. She can stand in for you and of course help me."

Hypergirl was horrified at the thought of her costume being used to help Vicky. Her grandfather would never forgive her. She tried frantically to escape, but it was hopeless. Vicky and the four girls undid the handcuffs and spread-eagled her face down on the floor, with each wrist and ankle firmly secured to a bolt in the floor, and with a noose around her neck secured to another bolt. Releasing each wrist and ankle one at a time, the girls removed her costume, and then re-secured her. The extremely stretchy hypermaterial was easily able to go over the boxes imprisoning her hands. Cushions pushed under her stomach raised her now naked bottom into the air.

"Now, this is the fun bit," said Vicky, straddling Hypergirl's helpless and naked body. Suddenly, a stabbing pain shot through her bottom as Vicky pushed a huge butt plug in. It was a struggle, but one that could only end with one result. She could not escape. The monster ended up entirely inside her, and her sphincter closed round it.

"Guess what! You're getting a new costume now and a new identity," continued Vicky. "You're going to be Spankedgirl." Hypergirl didn't like the sound of that, but what could she do about it? Vicky fastened a very wide leather belt round her waist and pulled it tight, buckling it behind Hypergirl's back. Hypergirl gasped as the belt squeezed the breath out of her body. Two of the girls had to help Vicky before the belt could be buckled on its tightest hole.

While she was doing that, one of the girls was putting a head harness on Hypergirl. Its numerous straps and buckles held a heavily padded thick steel blindfold tightly over her eyes, reinforced the gag and went tightly under her chin to prevent her moving her jaw at all. The harness included a wide collar that circled her neck tightly. All the buckles were done up tightly.

The girls released one wrist then clipped it to the front of her collar. They did the same with the other, then tied her elbows tightly together in front of her. Sitting on her to prevent her getting up, they released her ankles and put spreader bars between her knees and between her ankles, holding her legs splayed wide apart. She was rolled onto her back. "I see you really are blonde," Vicky snickered, rubbing her most intimate part. Tight ropes round the base of her firm young breasts forced them to bulge spectacularly. Bending over, Vicky took Hypergirl's right nipple into her mouth and began to lick and suck it. Despite everything, the nipple rapidly turned bullet-hard. Vicky removed her mouth and tied a thread tightly round the erect nipple, before giving the other nipple the same treatment.

She next pushed a dildo in between the helpless girl's legs. Her previous wetness went against her, as it made it easier for the monster to penetrate. Again, she struggled, but Vicky's accomplices held her and the one-sided battle ended with the dildo deep inside her.

Vicky fixed a rope to a loop on the spreader bar between her knees. She passed it through the front of her collar and back to the spreader bar. She pulled hard on the rope and the girls pushed her legs. The bar was nearly touching her face before Vicky tied off the rope. Hypergirl was now folded double.

Vicky was not yet finished. She turned her on her side and fastened some fishing line to a loop on the front of the belt. She pulled it tight through Hypergirl's crotch and through a loop on the back of the belt. She pulled it even tighter before she tied it off. The line dug deep into Hypergirl and made quite sure that she could not expel either of the massive intrusions that filled her almost beyond endurance.

The girls lifted her to her feet and she stood there bent right over, with her bottom in the air. "Now, you've heard enough from me for today," laughed Vicky, stuffing cotton wool into each ear and topping that with heavy-duty earplugs so effective that even Hypergirl's hypersensitive hearing was blocked. Hypergirl was now blind, deaf and mute. She could do nothing, not even whimper, as the girls took it in turns to give her a good spanking. A strange feeling started inside her, as the dildo and butt plug started vibrating - not enough to make her come, but just enough to keep her intolerably near the brink.

Then she was left there, helpless and screaming silently into her gag with unbearable frustration. She knew that she was going to have a lot more of that treatment. All she could do was wait.

To be continued...

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