Hover Lover Mayday

By Woody

Chapter 9

"I´m going out to grab the clothesline so we´ll have more to tie her with. You go ahead and untie Rosie."

Tommy had untied Chelsie and watched her rub her wrists and ankles working out the stiffness. He stepped around Joy on the floor, but ignored Rosie still gagged and knotted on the bed.

"I´m going to take the gun."

Tommy carried it in his right hand with the four barrels pointing at the floor. The other way out of Eve´s house besides the front was a door out the back of the kitchen. He exited and the sweat he´d worked up gagging and binding Joy made the night air cooler on him.

The clothes posts were beyond the reach of the bulb lighting the back entrance. He hunted up the first Crossarm and laid the pistol at the base of it, then took out his three blade stock knife and began sawing on the solid braided cotton line.


"I hope he shoots himself in the foot," said Rosie as soon as the blood knot came off her tongue.

"Come on he did rescue us."

"After getting us into this in the first place," said Rosie.

"What are we going to do now?"

"Get dressed."

Rosie walked around Joy and rummaged through Eve´s dresser drawers while Chelsie ran out to the living room. When she came back she was wearing her pedal pushers and pink checkered blouse. Rosie had pulled on a pair of Eve´s panties and was buttoning a shirt she found hanging in the closet.

Joy ran her tongue around her gag and noticed the red head´s bottom was just a tad too big for Eve´s underwear. Now she was squeezing into a pair of Eve´s toreador pants.

"They´re kind of tight but I feel better with clothes on," said Rosie.

"Yeah. So what about her?"

"Let´s put her up here. You take the top and I´ll get her legs."

"Oar egg golis," said Joy as she was hoisted by the two teenagers.

They dropped her on the bed.


"What you doing?"

"Tommy is that all the rope?"

"Yeah Rosie. Hey sorry I got mad."

All three looked at Joy. She looked back, Tommy with Eve´s entire clothesline trailing from his arms to the bedroom floor, Chelsie and Rosie looking quite serious.

"So let´s us tie her up more," said Chelsie.

"Gooh ummph."

Chelsie said, "should we take her gag off?"

"Sure, I mean we can find out more of what´s going on. With her all tied up she should be ready to tell the truth," said Tommy.

Rosie untied the knot from behind Joy´s head and pulled the stocking gag away. Joy stayed quiet, trying to keep control.

"You want to wrap all that around her?"

"It´s probably easier to tie in smaller pieces," said Tommy.

"Drat!" thought Joy.

"When the real spies get here we´re in a bunch of trouble," she said aloud.

"No we´ll have you as a hostage," said Tommy.

"Not much of one. I´m with Eve, and she has been kidnapped."

"So you say."

"Come on gang untie me."

"Why so you can rough us up again," said Rosie.

"No I wouldn´t fight you again. I wouldn´t have the surprise on you this time."

"Or the gun," said Chelsie.

"Right so why not untie me? It´s three against one."

"We want three against none, so you stayed tied up," said Tommy.

He handed the clothesline to Rosie, then dug his stock knife out of his pocket and gave it to Chelsie.

"Figure out the best way to tie her, just cut up how much you need or use all of it. I´m going take a look outside again."

"I can tell you thummp."

Rosie had clapped a hand over Joy´s mouth.

"We can put the gag back in now," she said.

Joy shook her head no. Rosie took her hand away and Joy kept her mouth shut.

"Let me cut up some long pieces to tie around her waist," said Chelsie.

Rosie passed the clothesline and Chelsie began cutting.

"So tell us who you really are," said Rosie.

"The name is Joy Karns, didn´t I mention that?"


"Make it tight."

"Come on girls this isn´t helping Eve at all."

Chelsie brought the cord down just below Joy´s breasts and began fixing the knot behind her.

"Do you have to crank that so much?"

"All of them will be that way," said Chelsie to Joy.

"Cut me some, I´ll start on her legs," said Rosie.

Joy watched as the two cut and passed along the cord, then Rosie worked until she´d added two more loop bindings to Joy´s legs, and Chelsie had finished knotting two more about her middle.

"She doesn´t need those panties, don´t you think Chelsie?"

"I don´t see why?"

"Take your revenge, but really the reason I stripped you two was so you´d behave. When you´re naked you hunker down and hide, not work so anyone would notice."

"Oh you´re handing out a line," said Rosie.

"Of course. The truth? It was an artistic decision. You see I´m a fetish model. People pay to see me tied up. I thought I´d see how you looked, maybe hire you."

"You have to be a fruitcake," said Rosie.

"Listen I´ve been a dancer, a stripper, an artist model and a bondage model. But I´m not a spy. I am a friend of Eve and you all must be too, so let´s work togumkmph."

Rosie had riveted a hand back over Joy´s mouth.

"Do you think she´s on the level?"

"I don´t know. I know I don´t want her tying me up again," said Chelsie.

Joy shook the hand off her lips.

"Listen kids I won´t tie you back up. Just let me help out before Iænump!"

This time Chelsie clamped both hands over Joy´s mouth and pulled the blonde´s head back.

"Moo munt um," burbled Joy.

"We have to gag her, she´s just not going to say anything that makes sense," said Chelsie.

"Let me get the scissors."

Rosie got off the bed and found them, then sat in front of Joy.

"Let´s cut her garters off, snip off the metal clips and stick the rest in her mouth, then cut her panties and stuff them in there. Then use her bra like she did us, and then maybe wrap more on. I don´t want to have to hear anymore of what she has to say," said Rosie.

"Moo aching ag mig udder," said Joy as she tried to twist free from Chelsie. Instead the teenager doubled up her effort and pinned Joy back against her.

Rosie snipped the garters free, then removed the metal fasteners and put that all aside. She cut off the frilly panties while Joy fumed and sputtered under the double hand gag.

"When she takes her hands off you don´t say a thing, just open," said Rosie.

Joy glared at the red head, but when her mouth was free she opened up, not much else to do but go along for the bumpy ride.

Rosie stuck one garter on the inside right part of Joy´s mouth, then wadded the other to the left. She picked up the cut panties and squeezed them in a tight ball. It was a job to jam inside Joy´s mouth, covering up her teeth with the frilly material.

"That´s wedged so tight I doubt she can spit it out," said Rosie.

"Yeah. But I doubt she´d want to go anywhere without her bra," said Chelsie.

She snatched up the cone bra and fitted it over Joy´s mouth, then did the best she could to fasten it around the blonde´s head.

"That works. Let me see if she likes wearing my bandanna as tight as she yanked it on me.

"Um mah," said Joy.

She found the blue bandanna among the mess on the floor and snapped it around Joy´s head, adding another layer to the gag foundation.

"Okay, I that´ll hold. Anything else?"

"Let me look in the bathroom," said Rosie.

She was back in a flash.

"I found this in the medicine cabinet."

She began peeling a roll of white medical tape.

"It´s not wide but we can wrap a bunch around her."

And they did, Joy not happy about the thin tape snagging her hair as they went round and round.. Rosie did ten turns, and popped it loose and Chelsie helped press the end down.

Rosie patted Joy on the head.

"No more crazy talk. Let´s go find Tommy."

Joy wiggled on the bed as they walked off. "This is aggravating," she thought. "Bundled up like some Schmo from Kokomo."


Rosie and Chelsie walked out the front door.

"Hey what are you doing out here? What you do with her?"

"She´s still tied and gagged," answered Rosie.

"Well you need to watch her, she may get loose."

"Jeez Tommy we tied her top to bottom," said Chelsie.

"Well we got to keep an eye on her. Look I found her purse."

Tommy scooted out of the Nash Rambler.

"Bring it in," said Rosie.

Back in the living room they straightened up the couch and all three huddled around Joy´s purse.

"Here´s her driver´s license, yeah it says Joy Karns," said Tommy.

"Here let me look." Rosie grabbed the purse away.

"Hey I´m the detective."

"You know what should be in a women´s purse?"

She cleaned it out.

"Kleenex, lipstick, makeup, mirror, what´s this card?"

In red script it said "Beiger Brothers," and underneath in black lettering, "Cinema Short Subjects for men. Rented. Photographed."

Chelsie looked at it. "What´s it mean?"

"Who cares?"

Rosie reached in again.

"All right her car keys!"

"Give me those. "

"No Chelsie and I need them."

"What for?"

"We´re getting out of here."

"No way."

"With no phone we have to drive and get help. It´s better then our bikes," said Chelsie.

"With her bound and gagged you can hide and surprise anyone who shows. You´ve got her gun," said Rosie.

"Yeah I do. Wait I did but I don´t."

Chelsie spoke up.

"You didn´t leave it by her?"

"Nope. Well I´ll check."

Tommy ran to the bedroom, startling Joy as he threw open the door.

"Nig, udder ig gape."

"Drat where´s that pistol."

He left as quick as he came in. He heard a car starting out front.

Tommy tore out the front door.

"Hey where you two going?"

Rosie was putting her bike in the trunk of Joy´s Nash.

"We better get the cops. If she´s not a spy then she can help us find Eve," she said.

"But she may be one."

"You stay we´ll be back quick," said Chelsie.

"What if the cops turn out to be Communists?"

"Fat chance, they´ve all lived around here since we grew up," said Rosie.

"That doesn´t mean they couldn´t change their stripes. We should call the FBI."

"You tore up the phone."

"You know what I mean."

"I know we´re leaving. Come on Chelsie."

Chelsie climbed in while Rosie grabbed the wheel. The teenagers slammed the doors and while Rosie backed them away from the house Chelsie yelled out "Be Careful."

Now he knew he shouldn´t have untied them. Then again probably best to have those silly girls out of the way. He wondered how many of the commies would be women? If they all were they´re be no problem.

At that moment Eve would have been no problem for anyone. She smelled, tasted, and felt the leather around her. She knew they were moving and sensed someone sitting nearby.

The legs next to her were as long as Eve´s but were clad in jeans with rolled cuffs. Professor Powers sat in the dark of the panel truck and used a penlight to check on Eve. The small bulb shone past her bare feet to the leather belt that fastened her ankles together then up her long nude legs to the strap cinched tight above her knees. The black mass above that was a leather straitjacket squeezing the pilot´s torso. The light showed a leather band around Eve´s mouth, fastened behind her head. Attached to the band was a rubber peg that was leaning on Eve´s tongue. Her eyes were covered with black disks attached to a leather band buckled just above her gag strap.

Eve rolled her shoulders and again tried to make a sound that approached words. This time Powers pinched Eve´s nose and closed the nostrils.


Eve got the message. She shut up and sat still. Powers switched off the penlight.

To Be Continued...

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