Gorilla at Large

By Woody

Part One


"Jungle Girl Captured. That´s the next one.’

“Say there were some fellas the other day chatting about me doing that sort of thing,’ said Betti.  “I´d told them I´d think about it.’

  “Think of doing it with us.  I mean we are your favorite camera club aren´t we?’ asked Arnie.

“Sure thing.  Still they had ready cash.  They had to stop by Delco Costume shop for some props, then they´d set it up with Irving,’ said Betti.

“Hey we´re ready .  I mean this is different.  We´re in the woods.  A drive outside Brooklyn.   Fresh air, a beautiful woman, and rope.’

  “And a gag?

  “Always, Betti."

 “Well one thing that might hold things up, my sister is in town for a visit.’

  “You have a sister?  Tell me she´s a twin.’

  “I have two sisters that are not twins.  Joyce is here.  She doesn´t look quite like me.’

“Oh? “

“Joyce is the one who should be the model.  She has long, natural blond hair.  I´ve always thought she was prettier than me.’

“No that couldn´t be true.  I´m sure she´s sweet.  Eh, would she be interested?’ said Art.

  “Oh not in the sort of things you fellows like.  Not that there´s anything wrong .  Just in Tennanse there´s no fetish following.  Unless you count Volunteer football.’

   “Well she might like our big city ways.  You certainly adjusted.  Thank goodness.  Ask her along.’


That evening at a four-story walkup on 46th street next to the Wentworth  Hotel between Fifth and Sixth avenues.



Joyce had brushed her hair dry as she and Betti shouted a conversation while Betti finished her own shower.  Now Joyce found her naked on her bed with wrists bound in front, ankles crossed and tied, a white handkerchief pressing the bottom of her face and tied behind her still damp hair.  


   Joyce´s mouth dropped open.  She whirled about to see who or what had left her sister this way.

   “Oh the look on your face’ said Betti from beneath her gag.  

   “What are you playing at?’ said Joyce.

   “What gets me twenty-five bucks an hour from the camera club.  And my rent for this place is $46.50 a month.’


  “ No. But for fetish shoots I pick up easy money The guys are nice, most nervous about tying me up.  I just did this quick to show you what´s what.’

  She pulled the handkerchief down face to below her chin.  “Just used my teeth to pull these knots on my wrists.  Help me out will you?’

  Joyce help Betti get her hands loose, then Betti untied her ankles and removed the cloth around her neck.

  “Now a lot of times they´ll pack my mouth, I´m  used to it, thou ball gags get yucky.’

  “Ball Gags?’

  “Like this.’

 She stepped to her dresser and fumbled in the second drawer and came up with a rope with a black ball in the middle of it.

 “That goes in your mouth.  I keep this for private shoots at my pad.’

 “Oh Betti I don´t know about this.  I mean on the cover of those mens´ picture books, that´s really something in swimsuits and all but this?’

  “This pays the bills, and hey something else will come along.  Gosh I mean a group of guys paying five bucks each to shoot me in a bikini, ten bucks outside, twenty-five bucks outside a swimsuits or any clothes at all, nude as I am now.  A girls gotta eat.  Lets try it with you.’

  “Try what?

  “Tied up.’


 “Just sit on the bed, you keep your robe on.’


 “Sit!  Okay now hands behind you.  Keep them close, I can do this pretty quick.  Sometimes I´m the one doing the tying another gal.  There´s this June King who works the same sort of job.  Mostly they want me.’

  “That feels tight.’

  “Don´t pull it will just get tighter.  Let me get your feet up here.  Same way with your ankles don´t tug after I tie this because I don´t want you hurting yourself.’

  “You didn´t tie yourself this firm.’

 “Because I was doing it to myself.  It´s better to have someone else do it.’

  “I´ll be happy to help you with that,’ said Joyce.

   “Oh don´t bother,’ said Betti.

  She finished the knot and stood up and wadded the cloth that had been tied across her mouth.

  “Sometimes they pack my mouth with this and tie that inside all the way to your back teeth.’

  Joyce pulled her head back.

  “ I can do without that.’

  “Oh don´t worry, I´m using this.’

 Betti folded and put away the cloth in her second drawer and picked up the ball gag.

Joyce sat up straight on the bed as Betti approached holding the rope at each end, the cord taut, the ball looking huge to Joyce.

“Betti I´d rather go to bed.  I think I understand what you´ve been doing for a job and think it´s gotta be a great way to earn a buck but really I´d rather not have you use that--Dag!’

She meant to say "Dang," followed by "thing on me," but the ball hitting her lips, then rolling to the tip of her tongue and past her incisors and prying her mouth open made the message into cave man talk.

“Dag!  Aggie dop dag og git.’

  “I got to tie it right so it doesn´t roll around.  Gosh, your hair is thick.  That´s so wonderful. “


Joyce waited until Betti was finished tying the rope at the back of her head before trying to push the ball out.   

“It can make you drool.  Let me get something .’

  Betti got out the cloth she´d just put away.  She refolded it into a long  thin band that fit over Joyce's lips, covering her mouth and streaming round her head.    She tied the knot for that just  below the one for the ball gag.

   “Looks neater.’

   Joyce started a wiggle with her shoulders that shot all the way to her toes.  She tossed her head around and while the words stuck in her throat, meaning was still there.

 “I know I know.  That´s why you don´t want to really struggle.  You´ll just wear yourself out.  When I´m working I mainly use my eyes.  Some times they´ve use a movie camera, but for the most part they want me still, just hitting pose after pose.

 “Ooog hoopy grat!’

“Shush!  Okay now you know how it goes, want to work with me tomorrow?’

Joyce glared at her sister, shook her head side to side while saying, Onk Aah.’

 “Well will you at least go along for the ride?’

 She noded her head yes and Betti repeated the motion herself.

 “Great.  Now say, they wanted you to hit me with a whip, not a real one, it´s just a toy kind of.  I mean I wouldn´t let them use the real thing.  But say they wanted another gal there to help do something like that, I mean they pay you some, not as much as me but..."

 “Og ooh ozzy?

“No I´m not crazy.  We can talk more in the morning, let me get my pajamas on and brush my hair and..."

Joyce started a long list of words that from the feeling involved Betti was glad she couldn´t understand.  Maybe untying Joyce wouldn´t be a good idea just yet.  But she couldn´t be mean to her.  Sure she just teased her, but it wasn´t too much.  She hoped Joyce saw it that way. Sure didn´t sound like it.  She got on her pajamas, top and bottom, then bent to untie her sister.  The phone rang.

“Oh criminy, who´s that this time of night?  Just take me a second.’

“Ogggy!  Ohm ock unnnh oar!!!

Who, indeed...? We'll find out in the next chapter!

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