Gorilla at Large

By Woody

Part Two


Joyce fumed while listening to her sister in the other room on the phone.

  “No hon, I’m working with the other fellas tomorrow.  Yeah it’s an outside shoot too.  Well there’s always another time.  Well you can you know try next week.  I’m sure you can get your money back for the costume. O.K I gotta go.  Yeah lets try some other time.  Thanks, by.

  “Ohoum oom ot?”

“Oh that other camera club, I talked to them first actually but you know the guys I’m working with tomorrow always get first dibs on me.  Their nice to work with and I just didn’t¾

  “Og aaw aheg!”

  “But really when you’re tied up good and tight it’s easier to act for the camera.  That’s why it’s important to work with people you trust.  Oh don’t glare at me Joyce.”

  Joyce made angry savage cave man talk.

  “We can’t go to bed mad.  When you get loose don’t be angry will you?”

  Joyce shook her head no and tried to look calm.  She didn’t feel it, actually she wanted to take a hair brush to her sister’s bottom.

  Betti sat beside her on the bed and started to untie Joyce's hands when there was a buzz from the front door.

  “Gosh this time of night?”

  Betti stood up.  Joyce said calmly, “Ofist arg hags Otti.”

  “I’ll get you untied in a sec, let me see who this is.”

  Joyce rolled her eyes and sputtered into the ball gag.  Betti ignored her to answer the buzzer.

Joyce heard a quiet hello, then nothing.  She tried her bondage again, that was nothing too, or actually more of the same unsuccessful effort.  Betti knew knots.

Joyce noticed the struggling had opened her bathrobe, enough to display cleavage that would win her the cover of Wink Magazine.  If it kept slipping she’d charge for nude shots.  Then Betti came back.  She scooted in the bedroom door because she had one arm held behind her back by the man who also had a hand over Betti’s mouth.  

  “Mummph!” said Betti.

  Joyce said nothing.  She’d been speechless even without the gag.  Then she thought this must be another sort of gag, a joke.  She said, “Ah ah Otti.”

  “Muth mum mumph,” replied Betti, and Joyce did not like the look of fear in her sister’s eyes.  She hoped that was acting.

  “Shut up you, and you too.  Now where’s your money?”

  To Joyce he didn’t sound tough but she was in no position to challenge anyone.  But they were all silent, mostly because two of the people in the room were gagged.

  The man with the hand gag on Betti figured it out and let her lips loose.

  “I haven’t got any money here.  Please don’t hurt us.”

  “No money.  Well what have you got??

  “Nothing.  Can’t you just tie us up so you can make a getaway?  I have some rope in the second drawer of that dresser over there.  And there’s some bandanas in there.  You can gag me so I can’t call for help.”

“Why’s she tied up?”

“She’s trying to lose weight.  No willpower to stop eating so we thought we’d try that.”

  “It looks to be working,” he said.

  He let Betti go.

  “Find that rope you were talking about.”

  “It’s right here, this drawer.  Please don’t hurt us.”

  “Gimme that rope.  Now you be still.  Hands in back hands in back.  Keep em crossed.”

  Betti waited, then had to say, “ that’s so tight.”

  “Yeah well it’s suppose to be.  Sit over there on the bed by her.  Put your feet together.  Why’s she really tied up?”

   “It’s hard to explain.  Why are you tying me up?”

   “So I can make my get away.  I mean there’s nothing to steal, but I still have to make a get away.  That hurt your ankles?”

  “No, but it’s tight.   It might start hurting.”

  “Well you probably will wiggle loose after I’m gone, but I have to shut you up.  What you got in here?” he said as he looked inside Betti’s dresser drawer, “What item you got to gag you with.”

  “Oh I promise to be quiet.  Please don’t stick a bobby sox in my mouth and tie it in place with a bandana.”

  “Yeah this sock will do.”

  “Aruruph argle,” said Betti as he pushed the sock past her lips and mushed it against her tongue.He ringed her mouth with a red bandana and knotted it firm over her mane of black hair.  She shook her head after he released the knot but the gag stayed fixed.  Betti bit the bandanna and looked at Joyce.

  Her sister was not looking happy.  This skinny guy was too nice looking and she knew Betti wasn’t dumb enough to let just any Joe into her place this time of night.  Some dumb joke or game being played.  Wasn’t much Joyce could do about it.  But if she got the chance, she would offer to help Betti get tied up tomorrow. Joyce knew a thing or two about ropes.   She’d nail Betti to where she couldn’t wiggle.

  “You two gonna be all right while I make my get away?”

  “Um hum,” said Betti.

“Orgee,” said Joyce, just because she had to say something.

“Okay Betti, eh I mean you.  You better be quiet while I make my get away.  I may call just to make sure you’re still tied up.  So don’t try anything until I’m really gone.  Got it?”

Betti quickly nodded yes and after the shutting of her apartment door looked at Joyce.  

“Who was that? A friend of yours?” said Joyce.  It came out “Woo ag th?”  “Oh heh hof hours ?”

Betti said “What did you say?  Oh what are we going to do.”  And that went, “At id yee A?”  “Of wuff A eeing sue?”

“Og os Oh He oss sa oggit.”  “Oh come on Betti stop it.”  Of something like that was what Joyce worked around the ball gag.

Betti was used to gag talk but seeing how she wasn’t used to Joyce's version, not having heard it before, she wasn’t quite aware of the content, but the tone and the look in her sister’s eyes told Betti that she wasn’t pleased with this part of her visit.  She gave Joyce a doe eyed, “I’m sorry look.’  Worked wonders with men, but her sister didn’t fall for it.  She shook her head at Betti.

“Ogag of ott otit.  Harg har het ha E.”

“Mum mum har ear,” said Betti.

“Oga wa wa we ong E off.  Ong og oss oar oaga?”

Betti scooted to the edge of her bed, got her bound feet on the floor, wiggled, and then stood up.

“Moo mum mu mom mive moom.”  (Follow me to the living room.)

Betti bounced away from her bed and her increasingly angry sister.   Joyce said, “Oggy ot, but then quit trying to form words and just made angry honking sounds.  Betti continued to encourage her to follow, bouncing in her pajamas and gag and ropes while waiting for Joyce to get up.

Joyce kicked her bound feet on the bed.  She noticed that the ropes around her ankles were looser then before.  She flexed and fiddled and flicked and then, thank goodness, her legs were free.  She sat at the edge of the bed, leaned forward and stood, then walked toward her sister.

“Og oas oh hah het haears.”

“Muss mum mum movie moom,” answered Betti and hopped out her bedroom door.  Joyce resisted the temptation to boot her sister’s rear, one because she didn’t want to see her hit her face, two because Joyce wasn’t sure she could keep her balance with her hands still lashed.  Those ropes weren’t getting looser.  She sputtered drool out the corners of her mouth and down her neck as she followed her younger sister out to where she plopped herself on her couch, Joyce flopped next to her and glared.

She fired more questions around the ball gag, Betti brought her bound wrists around her waist and bent down to  finger  her cloth gag, then fell into Joyce, working to where her mouth was near her sisters fingers.

“Mum mer misers mom um ummph.”

Joyce worked and got hold of the gag over Betti’s mouth, then watched as Betti sat up, the cloth was pulled down her chin.  She tongued out the sock and took deep breaths.

“Wow I think we’re safe.  I’m going to use my teeth to pick at the knots on your wrists. Hold them high as you can.”

Joyce rolled her eyes , doing as asked and waited while Betti nubbled and nibbled and Joyce wittled and wiggled and then her hands were free.

She rubbed her wrists, pulled the ball gag down, reached and untied the knot behind her head and took the gag and tossed it on the floor.

“Was that some kind of joke?

“What a man breaks in here and ties and gags us both and you think it’s a joke.  This is the big city big sister.  I’m just glad we’re safe.  Oh he tied me so tight, get my wrists free.”

“He didn’t tie us both, you tied me first.  And he seemed a bit friendly to be a snatch and grab sort of guy.”

“Okay he was one of the guys, Artie, who I work for sometimes, I mean it was a bonus thrill for him.  He was just making a quick stop and you know I thought I’d throw him a curve.  I’ll have to tell him he did a good job with the knots, had to have you untie me.”

“Yes you had too.  You say you don’t like ball gags?”

“Well I mean I prefer not to use them.  Why, hey wait a minute Joyce!”

“Where’d I toss that?  Oh here it is.  Now let me see.”

“Joyce we need to sack out, it’s a big job for me tomorrow working outside and all, I mean they want the animal print bikini I have so it’s going to be rough tied to all those trees and such.  I think we better get some beauty sleep.  Not that you need any I was telling the guys today that you ummphan!”

“I know why they pay to gag you.  Now what did I do with that hair brush?  Oh.”

“Og oush?  Oyce ohher oh oh osiss oak.”

Joyce sat next to Betti, rolled her over her lap and pulled down the pajama bottom.

“Oyce?  Og on ow.  Oga oag oggle oak.  “OWW!”

“One on the bare bottom.”

She pulled the pajamas back up.

“Shall we do number of birthdays?

“Oag Ot oag Ot,” said Betti shaking her head no several times.

“No more dumb stuff while I’m here?  No ropes, gag, strange men I don’t know tying and gagging us up?  For free I mean.”

“Oh unn,” said Betti with a slow shake of the head no.

“Good to hear,” said Joyce.  She put the brush down and sat her sister up.  She plucked the gag down and untied the rope from Betti’s black hair and her wrists and ankles.

“Hey big sister, I promise tomorrow you’ll just be watching.  But don’t be surprised if some of the guys want you to get involved.  And you could pick up easy money.  No harm.”

“No thanks, I’ve been tied up enough to last for this trip to the city,” said Joyce.

She found that once would not be enough, not willingly.


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