Dangerous Business


Ed Mariner

Chapter Two

After looking around the room at the other ladies, especially at Marilyn, she reluctantly nodded her head. Turning her back to “The Keeper’, she held her hands out so that he could untie them.

Once they were free, she looked around the room again, then took hold of the zipper on the front of her running jacket and began to pull it down. Once it was unzipped, she slowly slid it off her shoulder and pulled her arms free. Instead of dropping it, however, she suddenly tossed it at “Computer Man’, and threw a “roundhouse’ kick with her right foot that caught “The Keeper’ in the stomach, causing him to double over and sink to his knees. She made it to the door and almost got it unlocked when “Computer Man’ hit her with a “flying tackle’ and knocked her to the floor. Catching her left arm, he twisted it up behind her and forced her to roll over onto her stomach. She continued to fight until “The Keeper’ was able to crawl over and hold her thrashing legs down so that “Computer Man’ could twist her other arm back and secure them. Once they were securely tied, he pulled up the zippers on the bottom of each leg of her running pants, and rolled the pants out of the way, so that they could get to her ankles. While there, he pulled off her running shoes, along with her socks, and threw them across the room. He then held her bare ankles still so that “The Keeper’ could wrap and cinch them properly.

Pulling her up into a sitting position and leaning her against the foot of the bed, “Computer Man’ reached under Marilyn´s guest bed and retrieved the gym bag stashed there. Numerous bundles of rope were removed and tossed onto the carpet before he found what he was searching for in the bottom. It was instantly apparent to Cynthia what was about to happen, when saw him pull out a pair of electric shears, with a long extension cord attached. Karen also understood the implications, and tried to strike out at him with her bound feet, but “the Keeper’ grabbed and twisted them until she rolled over onto her stomach, then sat on her back.

Unrolling her right pants leg let to get a smooth starting point, he waited while “Computer Man’ found a socket and plugged in the extension cord, then slowly ran the shears up her right leg until it broke through the waistband. With slow precision he repeated the procedure on the left leg, then lifted the top section and stood up dragging the butchered pants off through her legs, earning a grunt of displeasure from Karen.

He then motioned for “the Keeper’ to move out of the way, and rolled her over onto her back. As her eyes got wide in fear and disbelief, he lifted her white tee shirt away from her body to give the shears a clear path, and it soon joined the sweatpants in the growing pile of clothes in the corner. The sturdy gray running bra was next, and Karen mmmphed loudly as each wide strap was pulled forward and snipped. She protested even more loudly when he pulled the front of the bra away from her body and ran the shears right up the middle, letting it fall away and expose her ample breasts. There was no time to mourn the death of the bra, however, as the shears immediately proceeded to the side panels of her tiny gray cotton Jocky briefs. Once removed, they revealed a very closely cropped thatch, which confirmed the widely held belief that she was not a natural blonde. Tossing the panties away, he retrieved his computer.

When Marilyn was presented with the screen again, she had a pretty good idea what it would say. Her prediction of their reaction to Karen´s resistance was precisely correct.

She kneeled down in front of Karen and looked right into her eyes. “I really am sorry for what happened, Karen, but I have been instructed to read this to you exactly as he wrote it.’

“You not only broke your word to cooperate, but also physically attacked us. We have tried to be as gentle with you as we can under the circumstances, but you must understand that we cannot let such disruptive behavior go unpunished. Please try to remember that this is the result of your own behavior, and not something we wanted to do.’

The panic that appeared in Karen´s eyes when he pulled the roll of Ace wrap from his pocket confirmed that she had realized what was about to happen. Lifting her head, he wrapped the bandage around her eyes to render her sightless. Her displeasure was obvious, and the lesson was not lost on the other women.

As the women watched with fascination, her wrists were untied and retied palm-to-palm. Her elbows were then pulled together, tied tightly and cinched. Ropes were then tied and cinched both above and below her knees, as well, and another one was wrapped around her upper thighs that caused her to jerk involuntarily as the cinch cords were pushed between her legs, just below where they joined, and making contact with very sensitive tissue. A longer cord was then wrapped around her upper body three times, passing just under her breasts and pulling her arms tightly against her body. More loops were looped around her just above her breasts and pulled tight. With that done, they rolled her into the center of the room and pulled her feet up as far as they could go and tied them off to her wrist ropes. For good measure, “Computer Man’ pulled the lace from one of her running shoes and tied her big toes together. What really got the women´s attention was when he went back to the gym bag, pulled out a video camera and began to film her from all angles, even rolling her onto her left side to insure that nothing was hidden from the camera. Then still holding the camera, he pointed to Patricia and indicated that she was next.

After seeing what happened to Karen, she emphatically nodded her head to indicate that she would cooperate. Acknowledging her agreement to comply, “The Keeper’ moved to her, untied the “hogtie’ rope, and then her ankle rope. As she stretched her legs with relief, he rolled her onto her back and proceeded to untie the cords around her thighs. Then, moving behind her, he hooked his hands under her arms, lifted her into a sitting position, and then up and onto her feet. Once she was standing, he reached down and released the knots securing her hands, then moved away from her.

Enjoying this newfound freedom, she stretched her arms and stalled, trying to delay the unpleasantness that she knew was inevitable. Cursing herself for selecting this sundress for her visit with Marilyn, especially since the objective had been to impress Marilyn with her fashion sense. At the time, going out in this light sundress that showed all of her back, to emphasize that she was not wearing a bra, seemed brazen and daring. Now, as she stood there with nothing but the short thin dress and a pair of tiny panties standing between her and total nudity, it just seemed extremely stupid.

“Computer Man’, tapping on his screen, interrupted her mental guilt trip. She looked up to see, in very large letters, the words “STRIP! NOW!’ Easing the straps off of her shoulders, she slowly slid them down her arms until the top fell away, revealing her surgically perfect breasts. Pulling her arms from the dangling straps, she reached behind her, grabbed the zipper and pulled it down. Sliding it over her hips, she released it and let if fall to the floor. After a moment´s hesitation, she took a deep breath and pushed her tiny white silk panties down to join it, revealing her silky smooth mound to the very surprised women. To emphasize her desire to comply with their desires, she quickly bent down, picked them up her clothes, handed them to “The Keeper’, and then turned around, put her hands behind her and presented them for tying.

As “Computer Man’ kept filming, “The Keeper’ took her clothes and tossed them onto the pile. Taking her hands gently, he moved them from the palm-to-palm positioning she had originally assumed and crossed them. He then used a short piece of rope to wrap them horizontally and vertically, securely, but not too tight. Using a longer piece, he then looped it around her arms and body, and pulled it just tight enough to hold them in place. Helping her to sit down on the floor, he tied her above the knees and at the ankles, then rolled her over to secure her in a not overly strenuous hog-tie.

The other women were quick to recognize that, while they did not look forward to being stripped and hogtied, there was a distinct difference between the “co-operative’ and “non co-operative’ methods of being tied. They quickly decided that it was in their best interest to be “co-operative’.

Alicia was then released from her hogtie and helped to her feet. Once her hands and feet were free, she wasted no time unzipping and stepping out of her white tennis skirt, and adding it to the pile. Her shirt, white sports bra and white cotton panties followed immediately, with no prompting required. Cynthia again marveled at how well her body was holding up for her age. There was a slight sag in her breasts, but they still stood up well, and Cynthia could detect no flab or cellulite anywhere on her body. Following Patricia´s example, she also turned her back and presented her hands for tying.

Anxious to reinforce the benefits of cooperation, “The Keeper’ secured her hands in the less restrictive “cross wrist’ tie, and then followed up with arm, knee and ankle ties. Taking care to be as easy and gentle as possible, he lowered her to the floor, rolled her onto her stomach and anchored her feet to her hands.

When Susan was untied and helped to her feet, she automatically began to follow the example of her mentor, and do everything exactly as Alicia had. When her white tennis shirt and skirt joined the pile on the floor, she revealed a white sports bra and panties that matched Alicia´s exactly. Once the underwear came off, she revealed slightly smaller than average breasts, with small dark brown nipples, but with her small stature they still looked very impressive. It was also immediately apparent that Susan may have been short but she was almost solid muscle. She had a compact athletic body like that of Mary Lou Retton. Again following the lead of her mentor, she immediately presented her hands to her captors. As a reward for her attitude, she was tied exactly like Alicia, then helped onto the floor right beside her and hogtied.

“Computer Man’ then motioned to Marilyn, who had been slowly easing over toward the phone on the nightstand. Seeing no other option, she slowly moved over in front of “the Keeper’ and turned her back to him so that he could untie her hands. Once the ropes had been removed, she took a deep breath, and realized that she had run out of options. Somehow managing to keep her hands from shaking, she managed to unbutton her blouse, slide it off her shoulders, and let it drop to the floor. She then unbuttoned her jeans and started pushing them down, but they were so tight they jammed up around her knees. Thinking quickly, she sat down on the floor and lifted her bare feet up towards “The Keeper’ indicating that he should pull them the rest of the way off. Wasting no time he grabbed the cuffs, tugged them off and tossed them in the pile with the other clothes. Knowing what was expected of her; she quickly got to her feet, removed her bra and panties, and turned around to present her wrists for tying.

He quickly wrapped her wrists with rope and tied them snugly. Gesturing toward the floor, he indicated that he wanted her to sit so that he could tie her feet.

Marilyn started to sit, when something suddenly occurred to her. She began to mmmppphh loudly into her gag and shake her head to try to get them to understand that she wanted to say something. Despite her fervent hoping, she was still surprised when “Computer Man’ motioned for “The Keeper’ to remove her tape.

Once the tape was removed, she licked her lips and took a deep breath before trying to speak. She then began slowly and calmly. “Look. I know you are going to hogtie me like the rest of them, and I´m not going to fight you about that. The only thing I ask is that you let me get some insulin from my medicine cabinet, first. I´m a diabetic and I don´t know how long we may be stuck in this position. You have been very careful not to injure us, so I´m assuming that your objective is not to cause us harm. Once I get my shot, you can tie me up any way that you want. It will only take a couple of minutes. Please?’

“Computer Man’ thought about it for a moment, the signaled “The Keeper’ to take her. As he led her from the room, she saw “Computer Man’ proceed to take more “up close and personal’ video of the captive women, making sure that their nude bodies and faces were clearly visible so that no one would have trouble recognizing them.

As “The Keeper’ was leading her down the hall to her room, she began to contemplate the possible retribution she could face if her plan didn´t work, or even if it did work. It was only when they had started tying her that she remembered the alarm keypad in the bedroom with the “panic button’. She figured that all she would have to do is escape from his grasp for a few moments to reach the button with her nose. Certainly, they would not to stay around once the alarm went off. Even if they tried to make her tell the alarm company that it was a false alarm, she could always give them the “duress’ code, and the cops would be here in a few minutes.

Her breathing became more shallow, and her pulse rate quickened as they opened her bedroom door and she realized that she was almost at the “now or never’ point, since the keypad was just inside the door. As they entered the door, she braced her right foot and suddenly pushed herself to the left, slamming into “The Keeper’ and sending him reeling. Unfortunately, she had pushed too hard and found herself falling along with her captor.

She hit the rug with a thud, landing on her left arm and, after taking a couple of deep breaths to clear her head, looked up to see what revenge was about to be inflicted upon her. “Lady Luck’ smiled on her for once, as her assault had caused her captor to stagger sideways, lose his balance, fall over her vanity stool and slam his head into the solid oak leg of her bed.

Once she realized that he was not moving, she managed to struggle to her feet, get to her vanity table and retrieve her barber scissors from the drawer. Turning so that she could look over her shoulder into the mirror, she managed to get the thin point under one of the loops and began to saw at it, turning frequently to see if “The Keeper’ was showing signs of regaining consciousness. It only took a few minutes of sawing, which seemed like an eternity, to get the cord to part, freeing her hands.

Moving to “The Keeper’ to assess his injuries, she rolled him onto his back and felt his chest looking for signs of breathing, or a heartbeat. She suddenly pulled her hand back in surprise. Breasts! She had felt breasts! That was why they had never tried to molest them, and had exhibited more sensitivity than expected!

Unbuttoning the collar of the coveralls, she was able to get her hand under the edge of the mask and lift it up to reveal milky white skin, dark red hair, and a very pretty young face, with a strip of white tape across the mouth. So that´s why they never slipped up and said anything! Very smart!

Pulling the mask all the way off and releasing the mass of red hair that it contained, Marilyn quickly checked out the bump on her head to verify that the skin was unbroken and the skull intact. Finding nothing to indicate serious injury, she began to check out her unconscious captor. Pulling down the zipper on the coveralls, she found that her nemesis was wearing a padded chest protector sort of like the ones baseball catchers wear. That explained why she hadn´t felt anything when she was pulled against “The Keeper´s’ chest. Removing it she found only a black bra and panties under it, apparently due to the heat. The black undies really did stand out against the milky white skin, though.

Suddenly hit by an inspiration, she began to skin the coveralls off. Hastily unlacing the black work boots, she quickly removed them, along with the white cotton socks. The latex gloves were a little more difficult because they were thin and tight fitting, but with a little careful tugging she got them off. Then, by putting her hand behind her neck and lifting, she was able to ease the coveralls off of her shoulders and arms, and after that it was just a matter of pulling it down and off of her body.

Recognizing that she could wake up at any time, Marilyn retrieved the rope she had cut from her wrists, rolled the redhead onto her stomach and tied the rope around her hands. Realizing that this was not secure enough, she went to her lingerie drawer and pulled out some old stockings that she used only for “special’ occasions. Wrapping them around the wrists on top of the ropes, she then crossed them vertically to prevent movement and tied them off. Feeling the need for more security, she went back to the drawer and got two pairs of pantyhose. Pushing one leg under her stomach, she pulled it tight around her arms and tied it off. Just to be safe, she pushed the other one under her ribcage, and felt her move. Fearing that she might be waking up, she quickly pulled the arms together above her elbows and tightened them down. Pushing her feet together, she quickly wrapped and cinched them, just the way she had watched them do to her and her friends. Another pair around her legs just above the knees, and a final pair to connect her hands and feet and she was through.

As an idea took form in her mind, she quickly began to climb into the coveralls. Pulling on the boots, which luckily fit, and then picked up the mask. Pulling it on, she realized that the reason she had not seen any eyes was because they had glued patches from black pantyhose inside the mask to cover the eyeholes. They could see out, but no one could see in.

Checking herself out in the bathroom mirror to see if she could pass for the redhead, she noticed the medicine cabinet partially open. Taking a roll of surgical tape, she went to the redhead and put several more strips of tape on her mouth to insure that she remained silent.

Going into the closet, she felt around on the top shelf until she felt the handle of the small .32 Beretta automatic that Frank had given her so that she wouldn´t feel so helpless when he was gone. Checking to see that it was still loaded, she slipped it into the pocket of the coveralls, started for the door, but then stopped.

Deciding to render some payback, she went to the vanity table, picked up the scissors and proceeded to cut away the redhead´s panties and bra. Surprising herself, Marilyn found herself staring at the smooth, creamy white skin, untouched by the sun, the well shaped, medium sized breasts, with their pale pink areolas, and the sparse well cropped red vegetation.

Snapping out of her dreaminess, she quickly realized that she had to act quickly before “Computer Man’ got suspicious and came looking for his partner. Pulling on the gloves, easing out the door, and closing it quietly behind her, she ran quickly down the hall and pushed the door open with more force than was required. “Computer Man’, who had rolled all the undraped ladies onto their sides so that she could videotape all their vital parts, was startled and looked up at her.

Trying to hurry before “Computer Man’ could get a good look at her and realize that she wasn´t his partner, Marilyn grabbed the computer from the bed and quickly typed: COME QUICK! I NEED YOUR HELP. SHE FELL AND HIT HER HEAD ON THE BATHTUB AND I CAN´T STOP THE BLEEDING!

“Computer Man’ quickly tossed the camera on the bed and ran for the door, with Marilyn right behind him. He ran down the hall to the bedroom and pushed the door open. Whatever confusion he felt when he saw his partner unconscious, and hog-tied naked on the floor, just like the ladies down the hall, was greatly intensified when he turned and saw the figure, which he thought was his partner, standing by the door holding a small automatic pistol with both hands that was pointed at his chest. Raising his hands slowly, he eased backward toward the bed.

Closing the door quietly, Marilyn extended her arms and raised the pistol so that it was aimed right at his eyes. “I don´t want to shoot you, so please do not make any sudden moves. Since I suspect that, like your accomplice, your mouth is taped to prevent you from saying something accidentally, I won´t expect any replies from you right now. I will, however, expect you to follow orders. What I want you to do right now is take off that mask so that I can see who I´m dealing with.’

Seeing no alternative, “Computer Man’ unbuttoned the front of the coveralls and peeled the mask up and off of her head, letting the mane of red hair fall around her shoulders, and revealing that her mouth, was indeed, sealed under two layers of tape.

“Leave the tape on. You will get your chance to speak later. Right now, I want you to take off the rest of your clothes. Since you seem to like making sure that everyone around you is naked, I´m sure you won´t mind trying it yourself.’

Sitting on the edge of the bed and shooting daggers at Marilyn with her eyes, she untied her boots and slipped them off, to be quickly followed by her white cotton socks. Standing up, she pulled the zipper all the way down, slipped the coveralls off, pushed them to the floor, and stepped out of it. She hesitated for a moment, and then seeing that there would be no reprieve, reached behind her and unfastened her own chest protector, and her white running bra. Dropping it on the pile, she then pushed her white cotton panties to the floor and stepped out of them.

Remembering the cuffs that “Computer Man’ had put on her ankles so that she could use the toilet, Marilyn told her to kick the coveralls over to her. “Computer Man’ looked at her for a moment, as if she realized why she wanted them, then slowly hooked her right foot under the coveralls and kicked them toward Cynthia.

Without letting the pistol waiver from her adversary´s stomach, she picked up the coveralls and began to search the pockets with her left hand. Finding the cuffs, she pulled them out and tossed them to her captive.

“Here. Put these on. Behind your back.’

Reluctantly, the naked redhead snapped the cuff on her left hand, then reached behind her and snapped the other end on her right wrist.

“Okay. Turn around so that I can see them.’

With a look of disgusted acceptance, the redhead slowly complied.

Cynthia then put the gun in her pocket, picked up another pair of the pantyhose, and holding a leg in each hand, tossed the panty section over her captive´s head, pulled it tight just under her breasts, wrapped the legs around her arms, tightened it up and tied it off, pinning her arms to her body.

As the redhead stood there, Marilyn searched the coveralls and found, along with a set of keys, another pair of cuffs, which she quickly snapped on the redhead´s ankles. Turning her around, she pushed her backward so that she was sitting on the bed.

Searching the coveralls she was wearing, previously the property of the unconscious redhead, she quickly found two more sets of handcuffs. Just as an insurance policy, she fastened them on the wrists of her unconscious assailant and also on her ankles above the existing bindings.

Feeling more secure, she returned to the conscious redhead. Taking her arm, she pulled her off the bed, helped her onto the floor, and finally onto her stomach. Finding more rope in the cargo pockets of the jumpsuits, she pulled her feet up to her hands and tied them securely. With both of her assailants now stripped naked, securely handcuffed and hog-tied, she finally sat down on the bed and let out a sigh of relief.

Deciding that she needed some answers, she knelt down beside “Computer Man’ and carefully peeled the tape from her mouth.

“Now that you´ve had your fun terrorizing my family and friends, suppose you start by telling me just Who-the-Hell you are, and why you feel compelled to break into my house to strip and hogtie us! You´re just lucky that no one was injured. Now, please explain what is going on here. You should have figured out by now that we have no idea what it is that you want from us!’

“Look, we didn´t want this job, but we were in debt to some very dangerous people, and we made sure we didn´t hurt anyone. We were just supposed to scare the crap out of you, strip you completely nude, and get some good video to send to your husbands. They apparently stole something from these dangerous people, and they want it back.’

Before Marilyn could ask any more questions, a large cop bolted through the open door and tackled her to the floor. Two more were right behind him and leveled their guns on her. “Make one move and I´ll blow you away!’ he yelled. While she was trying to catch her breath, he grabbed her pistol, rolled her onto her stomach, and slapped his handcuffs on her.

As he was hauling her to her feet, Alicia, clutching a sheet hastily wrapped around her bare body, rushed in and confronted him. “What the Hell do you thing you´re doing! She´s one of the victims, not one of the burglars!’

“Back off lady!’ he flared. “These two girls are naked and she´s holding a gun on them. She´s going with us, and you can either get out of the way, and let us do our job, or we´ll haul your ass in as well for obstructing justice.’

Karen, wearing just a towel, ran through the door and confronted the irate cop. “Officer, I´m not about to try to tell you how to do your job, but I think you should know that the intruders are the two naked redheads lying naked on the floor. The lady you just put the cuffs on is actually one of the victims who escaped her bonds and turned the tables on the intruders. You should also know that this lady you are threatening to arrest for trying to explain this to you will be throwing a dinner party this weekend. Among the guests will be the mayor, the district attorney, the chief of police, and about half of the City Council. As the attorney for both of these ladies, I am advising you that I, along with each of the other ladies who were held captive by the actual intruders, will appear in court on their behalf to explain to the judge that you refused to accept the word of these witnesses when they tried to explain that they were the victims. Now, if you have any further questions for these ladies, I suggest that you get a supervisor down here, because, as their attorney, I am officially advising them to say nothing else to you.’

Arriving just in time to miss all the drama, Patricia in her sundress, holding the hem down to keep anyone from seeing that she hadn´t found her panties, and Susan in her shirt and tennis skirt burst into the room. “Wow! Am I ever glad to see you guys, but how did you know that we were in trouble?’

Another cop, with sergeant´s stripe on his sleeves, pushed his way through the crowd. “You ladies can thank Miss Maguire. She was on her cell phone with her secretary when she arrived, and failed to shut it off when she put it back in her pocket. Her secretary couldn´t hear everything that was going on, but she did realize that something wasn´t right, so she called us. Luckily Miss Maguire had a major case pending and left this address so that she could be reached. If you ladies would like to withdraw to the other bedroom and recover the rest of your clothing, these officers will untie the intruders, wrap them in a couple of your sheets, for which the city will, of course, reimburse you, and wait for the detectives. Once the detectives have your statements, you will be free to go about your business. We will, however, need you to testify when they come to trial. And please accept my apologies if any of my men have been anything but courteous to any of you ladies.’

After a brief conference, the ladies decided that what they wanted most was to get back to their lives and put the whole incident behind them. They would, therefore, testify when called, forget about pressing charges against the loudmouth cop, and try to get things back to normal.


The park was quiet. There were a couple of mothers pushing their kids around in strollers, some yuppie guy was using a Frisbee to play “toss and fetch’ with his Golden Lab, and there were a couple of teenage girls sharing a picnic lunch on a blanket and giggling continuously.

Seeing no immediate threat, the man walked casually over to the bench and sat down beside the man who was tossing seed from a bag in his lap to the growing group of birds that were fighting each other for the seed.

Without looking at the bird man, he began speaking out of the corner of his mouth. “Look Mikey, I´m sorry. I thought we had a good plan, and didn´t expect any trouble from a bunch of frightened women. Whatever blame there is belongs to me. The girls were just following my instructions, and shouldn´t be blamed because it fell apart.’

The man tossed a few more handfuls of seed and kept his face turned toward the birds. “Don´t get excited. No one´s being blamed for anything. In fact, Frank´s very happy with the way things turned out. The husbands were so shook up that they called him immediately to apologize for the “clerical error’ that caused some of his deposits to be “accidentally’ credited to the wrong accounts. They also assured him that they would revise the procedures to insure that such “accidents’ did not occur again.

I don´t know if they suddenly realized how their actions had endangered their families, were afraid of their wives asking too many questions, or came to the conclusion that the next “message’ might be delivered directly to them.

For whatever reason, things could not have turned out much better. Frank got his money back, no one got hurt, there was minimal police involvement, the husbands learned a valuable lesson about being careless with Frank´s money, and the women had a very exciting afternoon that will leave them with some very interesting memories, and make them the center of attention at every country club social for the next several months.

Frank also wanted me to assure you that, as far as he´s concerned, your mission was a complete success. Your “problems’ have not only been resolved, but Frank also threw in a little bonus to show his gratitude.’

Mikey reached into his jacket, retrieved a fat envelope and laid it on the bench. “The girls are being released as we speak. No weapons were used, no one was harmed, and the ladies, on the advice of their husbands, decided not to press charges. I included enough in the envelope for you to take care of the girls, as well. They performed well, and we may have need of their services on other occasions.’

With that Mikey handed him the bag of seed, got up from the bench, and walked toward the entrance to the park.

The man watched him for a moment, picked up the envelope, stuffed in his pocket, then smiled, shook his head in amazement, and tossed some seed to the birds.

The End

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