Debbie Malley of the Secret Service

by Bayezid

Chapter 5

Special Agent Foster appeared cool and collected but behind the calm façade he was a churning mass of nerves.  Time was running out on his missing agent and he was now forced to take a rather desperate chance if he was to have any hope of saving her.  He had spent the past twenty-four hours planning a raid on Lorne's country complex but he knew he could not move until he had the exact location of Agent Malley and her informant Linda Bowes.  In order to get that final piece of critical information, he would have to play his final trump card.

Special Agent Bonnie Anders couldn't help but feel nervous. She was being asked to play a leading role in a complex and dangerous operation. While she welcomed the challenge, she wondered if she had the experience to carry it though. After all, she had only been out of the academy for seven months and her work on the Lorne Task Force was her first assignment. At first she was thrilled to be assigned to such a prestigious unit. But her feelings of pride faded when she was told what her assignment would be. She remembered the first time she sat in this office with Agent Foster.

"We are trying to infiltrate Lorne's illegal casino and brothel and I want you to try to get hired as a cocktail waitress in the main casino," Foster had told her. Bonnie then understood immediately why she had been chosen for this assignment. She was a stunning beauty with long, chestnut hair, large firm breasts, long shapely legs and a gorgeous figure. She had always traded on her looks to get ahead, entering and wining a number of beauty pageants to help earn money for school. But she had hoped to move beyond her looks and she was a bit angry and disappointed. She had worked hard throughout University and at the academy; she wondered what she had to do to be taken seriously. Foster was unapologetic.

"You are just one of many female agents we are sending in to interview. There is a chance you may not get selected. But if you do get in, you will have a very important role to play in brining this man down. Of course we will understand if you wish to pass on the assignment," Foster had said

She had nearly decided to turn it down but after a few moments reflection she volunteered. No matter the reason for being selected, this was an important assignment that would no doubt help her career. Besides, Lorne was a very bad man. Placing people like him behind bars was the reason she joined the agency in the first place.

Over twenty agents were sent to interview for the open positions but the only one who got past the door was Bonnie. Foster was reluctant to let her enter the lion's den alone but she quickly proved herself as a resourceful and intelligent agent. Within a few months she had not only gained entrance to the casino floor but she was working on Lorne's private balcony bar. There was no end to the information she could gather. Now, she was being asked to acquire the one piece of information that could bring down Chris Lorne and save the life of a fellow agent. She had to determine the whereabouts of Debbie Malley and Linda Bowes.

"You must strike a balance here, Bonnie," Foster said. "Time is short but you must not take any foolish risks. We need you to act as our eyes and ears. Learn what you can and report it to me as quickly as you can. Leave the heavy lifting to us."

"I understand," Bonnie answered. "Do we have any idea where they are being held?"

"Well, we know they are not in the casino or any of the common areas and we doubt that Lorne would keep them near the stables. That leaves the club storage annex and Lorne's private office areas," Foster said.

Bonnie nodded in agreement. "Wherever they are, you can bet that freak Tanya is not far away."

"That would be a safe bet," Foster replied, "If that is the case you make sure to give Tanya a wide berth. That woman is very dangerous. You let us take care of Lorne's big guns. Your mission is to learn what you can and report back to us," he cautioned.

Foster issued Bonnie her final instructions and sent her on her way. It was far too dangerous to send her into Lorne's lair with any tracking or communication device so Foster instructed her to report in by 3AM the next morning when her shift was over and she could safely leave the compound.

Bonnie returned back to her apartment, changed into a pair of sweatpants, sneakers and a tee-shirt. She removed the .45 calibre Glock automatic from her bag and replaced it with a small, silver tube that looked like a platinum Cross pen. In fact, it was a small air gun that fired tiny venom pellets. Each pellet contained a powerful sedative that could knock a large man unconscious in seconds. The effect of the drug was only temporary and the weapon had a very limited range but it was sure to make it past the guards. After she had rechecked the contents of her bag she set off for The Farm. It usually took her about fifteen minutes to get through security. This time it took her nearly a half hour. The goons went through everything. They all seemed a bit nervous, clearly something was up. Once through the checkpoints Bonnie walked through the back corridor of the Casino and entered the waitresses' dressing room where all the women were expected to change and make themselves up before their shift started. She quickly moved to her locker and started to change into her waitress uniform. Unbeknownst to her, she had been observed closely the minute she had entered the casino.


Erik Lorne shifted in his seat to allow plenty of space for personal expansion as he watched Bonnie enter the changing room on the small but sharp screen. None of the female staff at the Farm knew about the closed circuit television in the girl's changing room, nor did many of the male staff for that matter. Erik knew about it of course. He was Chris Lorne's nephew, heir apparent and a rapidly raising star in his organization. Erik was in his early-twenties, tall and lean but athletic and muscular. He was handsome with short, close-cut blonde hair and tanned, smooth skin. His piercing blue eyes could be icy cold or warm and charming depending on his mood. But that winning smile and smooth, polished manner were very deceptive indeed. Erik Lorne was one of the most dangerous men alive. A master of martial arts and a crack pistol shot, he had quickly climbed to the top of uncle's criminal enterprise. Most of Lorne's men were terrified of him. Intelligent and cunning beyond his years, Erik was being groomed by his uncle who had placed him in charge of his arms smuggling operation in Latin America. So the young Lorne figured he was entitled to take a few liberties now and then. While the girl's were off limits, that just meant touching, not looking. Looking was definitely allowed. And Bonnie was the one he most wanted to look at.

Bonnie was not the only one in the changing room. There were two others. As Bonnie fed in the combination that unfastened her locker door, Erik gave the pair the once over. One a young redhead was dressed only in bra and shimmering pantyhose over a pair of skimpy panties. Erik watched her for a second as she slipped into a pair of regulation three-inch heels, which lengthened and further sharpened her legs. The light glimmered off the silky hose sheathing her slender legs as she stood straight and reached for a mini skirt in the style worn by all the secretarial and administrative staff. The third woman in the room was one of the callers in the casino. A blond, she was coming off duty and was already dressing in her own clothes. Erik was saddened that he had missed the show. Much to his dismay, she was packing a damp towel away, reminding him that he had missed her shower. His memory jogged, Erik switched quickly to the feed from the shower cubicle. But it was empty.

His disappointment did not last long. Switching back to the main monitor feed, he saw Bonnie dump her bag in her locker and withdrew her waitress uniform.

Both waitresses and croupiers at the Farm wore exactly the same thing and Erik loved it. He had been around his uncle long enough to acquire similar tastes, and to appreciate why all the women in Lorne's employ were chosen for their long legs, which they were required to keep sheathed in nylon, shod in high heels and permanently on display. Lorne's executives might get away with skirts only six to eight inches above the knee. But the hemlines of secretarial and administrative staff had to be rather higher. They were required to show all of their thighs. In fact their skirts could not be any shorter and have them still remain decent.

The uniforms of the waitresses revealed even more leg. This was achieved simply by having them wear no skirts at all. Their outfits consisted of only three items of clothing. The first garment was a pair of sheer nylon tights in translucent black. The only concession to modesty was a dark black opaque V of material from waist to crotch at front and back in the panty piece of the garment. The second garment was a black bustier which came no lower than the waist band of the pantyhose at the bottom and scooped low at the back. The front comprised a half-cup, shelf bra arrangement that held their breasts up and maximised cleavage. Not surprisingly, it was impossible to wear a bra under such a garment. The third item was a pair of shoes with three-inch dagger heels.

The first time Erik saw Bonnie in that uniform he literally felt his heart race. She had legs that wouldn't quit, which once sheathed in sheer, glimmering hose were a visual feast. She had excellent breasts too. But what really added icing on the cake, as far as Erik was concerned, was that she looked permanently unsettled at having to wear so little. Erik sat back and watched her change into her casino outfit.

Bonnie fastened her bustier and looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw horrified her. The agency had warned her that going undercover would require her to do some extraordinary things. But that didn't make it any easier for her to walk round a crowded casino in virtually nothing. The top barely contained her breasts, and Bonnie constantly worried that any sudden move would bounce her out of it. As for the bottom, well, Bonnie felt that she might just as well be wearing nothing at all. The sheer nylon that, panties apart, was all that she got to wear below the waist, and the spiked, high heels certainly showed off her long, shapely legs. She couldn't deny that it had an effect on the men in the casino.

But this outfit was designed to get attention and she was sure that her activities this evening would require a bit of stealth and perhaps a change of clothes. She wadded up her white bra and tucked it up the front of her bustier. Something told her she would be happy to have it.

"What the hell is she doing?" Erik Lorne thought as he watched Bonnie tuck her bra up her front. He found that incredibly sexy. He'd have to find out why.


Debbie Malley shifted uncomfortably in her chair. She had long since given up on her attempts to loosen the ropes that held her. Her efforts were now focused on trying to get as comfortable as possible. She knew she had to rest but being tied up in such an uncomfortable position made it impossible. Her arms were pulled over the back of the chair and its hard edge ground into her armpits. Her legs were bound together at the ankles and around the thighs, just above her knees, not just tightly, but so stringently that the rope was sunk into her flesh. Her feet had been pulled to one side and were lashed to a chair leg, so that she had to strain to keep the toes of the ridiculous sky-scraper-heeled shoes that she wore on the floor. The way that her arms were tied back meant that her large breasts, which had received so much attention and comment from Lorne, Tanya and the goons, were thrust out in a way that Debbie knew would receive further humiliating commentary once the men returned. She still smarted from being forced to announce her bra size in public.

Then there was the gag. By now she ought to have become used to having her mouth filled with her own panties. They had been there overnight and they had been there most of the morning. But she wasn't getting used to it. Her panties tasted vile. They pushed at the back of her throat. And having to have them there for so long made her jaws ache.

The agent looked down at her hose-sheathed thighs in disgust. The material fitted her skin closer than a second skin. It was so tight that it squeezed her waist and the gusset cut up into her crotch. Nor did the translucent material do much to conceal her nudity. The triangle of red hair between her legs was clearly visible through it. Only her ability to keep her knees together stopped her vulva from complete display.

Where were Foster and her backup? The Agency must know about this place. Why didn't they break in and rescue them? Her mind was racing in spite of her fatigue. Every time she tried to develop some plan of escape her thoughts turned to Linda. She sucked on her white panties filling her mouth. What was Tanya doing to her? What did Lorne have in mind for me? Debbie remembered the lustful gaze he had given her during her interrogation and she shuddered. Suddenly her thrust-out breasts felt twice as large as before. I must find a way out she thought, as she again pulled weakly at her bonds.


Since starting at the Farm, Bonnie had gone out of her way to butter up the security staff. They couldn't get enough of her and she was always called to wait the tables frequented by Lorne's security detail. Today it had paid off. While brining over a tray of drinks she overheard one of Lorne's thugs, perhaps after a few too many, telling his buddies that they would have to move two "important packages from the Boss's office" to a more secure location in a few hours. Bonnie was convinced that they were talking about Linda and Debbie. So Foster had been right, the missing agent and her informant were at the ranch! That was not a surprise to Bonnie. What came as a shock was that they were to be moved almost immediately. Bonnie would have no time to tip off Foster if she were going to make sure that Debbie was safe. She would have to try and get her out herself. That was easier said than done, and being dressed in this ridiculous outfit wouldn't help. Yet there was no alternative. As part of her preparation for this assignment she had been made to memorize the layout of the entire complex. This knowledge, combined with the information she had overheard gave her a very good idea of where Debbie would was being held and the only way she could get anyway near it was dressed in her waitress outfit. Yet she couldn't see herself making a getaway dressed like this. Somewhere along the line she would have to get more clothes.

Bonnie continued to work the room until her assigned break. She then put her tray down behind the bar and slowly made her way to the back of the casino. She quickly snuck through the unmarked door that opened out to the hallway that she knew lead to Lorne's private offices. Taking off her heels so as not to make noise on the tiled floor she moved swiftly to the outer reception area. There she saw one of Lorne's private secretaries talking on the phone behind the small reception desk. Bonnie was delighted to find that none of Lorne's thugs were about. She thought she might be in luck. The woman behind the desk was a slim, busty blonde with blue eyes and straight blonde hair. She was a bit older than most of Lorne's personal eye candy, but she was certainly dressed the part in a white shirt, jacket and short skirt. The secretary hung up the phone and looked up at Bonnie.

"You aren't supposed to be in this area, dear," she said in an annoyed tone. "I suggest you get back to the Casino before..."

Before she could finish, Bonnie raised her air gun and fired a pellet into the woman's neck. She slapped at her neck with her hand while a frightened, shocked look shot across her face. Then she slumped to floor.

Bonnie grabbed the unconscious woman under the arms and dragged her to the closet behind the desk. Laying her on her back she quickly unbuttoned her suit jacket, and untucked and unbuttoned her blouse and cuffs. Rolling her over on to her stomach Bonnie unzipped the woman's skirt and began removing her clothes. In an instant her captive was striped to her bra and panties. Looking around the closet, Bonnie found a roll of grey duct tape. She pulled the unconscious secretary's arms behind her back and wrapped the tape around her crossed wrists. Next she crossed the woman's ankles and wrapped them tightly with the thick tape. Rolling her back onto her back, Bonnie tore off several more silver strips and gagged the older woman. After checking to make sure her prisoner was properly bound, Bonnie started taking off her waitress uniform. She tossed the bustier into the corner and gathered up her captive's suit. Bonnie stepped into the skirt and was gratified to find that it was a decent fit. She quickly tried on her captive's shoes but discovered they were too big, so she had to keep her black stilettos. She put herself into her own bra, and put on the blouse and jacket. The bound secretary began to stir and whimper as the effect of the sedative wore off. Bonnie knelt down beside her and whispered threateningly. "Don't make a sound or I'll have to finish you. Do you understand?"

The woman looked up at Bonnie with narrowed eyes and slowly nodded her head. She tried to mouth what sounded like a defiant threat or a warning behind her gag. Bonnie stood up and stepped out of the closet, she turned back and looked down as the woman began to struggle and writhe on the carpeted floor. Bonnie turned off the light and locked the heavy door behind her.


"You have been a very stupid girl," Tanya said to Linda, as she led the pantyhose-clad woman through the extensive warren of rooms, which comprised that part of the Farm.

At that point in time, Linda had to agree. Let down by Debbie Malley, she was the prisoner of maniacs, as good as naked, her hands bound behind her back, and she was gagged with her own panties.

Linda let out a plaintiff mew. She wasn't sure what it was intended to achieve. However, it was supposed to imply somehow that she was aware of this and that Tanya ought to understand and go easy on her.

If anyone expected it to have that effect, they didn't know Tanya. The Amazon responded simply by tugging at the leash around Linda's neck and forcing her to stumble on her five-inch heels, reminding Linda how hard it was to walk in such monstrosities - especially with one's wrists bound behind one's back. Her shapely breasts seemed to do gymnastics with every step.

"It's lucky for you, that you have such a great body, or you'd be dead by now," Tanya continued. "But you are a first-rate little tart. I know Mr. Lorne adores those lovely tits of yours, as do my assistants," Tanya said, referring to the two goons escorting them along. "Perhaps I'll let them fuck you later."

There was an almost hysterical shriek from Linda at this. Tanya laughed as her words had the desired effect. Linda was well aware that Tanya's thugs had not taken their eyes from her naked breasts since they had commenced their journey. If this is what it was like having her assets on display all the time, she wasn't coping very well.

But there was worse when the small party finally reached what Linda assumed was its destination.

Tanya clicked her fingers and one of the goons unfastened her wrists. Linda stood there motionless while the feeling came back to her arms, hoping that one of them would remove her gag.

"Strip," Tanya finally ordered.

The pantyhose wasn't much, but it did offer a modicum of covering. Linda initially raised her hands to remove the vile-tasting gag, but a glance from Tanya gave the necessary discouragement. So, instead, Linda kicked off the hated high-heels and began to peel the pantyhose from her long legs.

She reddened as she once again revealed herself totally nude. Once she was naked, she took up the best pose she could, one arm across her breasts, the other shielding her loins. But not for long. Tanya snapped her fingers, and one of he goons yanked Linda's hands behind her back, where he bound them palm-to-palm with a white cloth rope.

A second length of rope encircled her arms just above the elbows. The goon who did this sawed back and forward until her elbows smashed together. Not that he stopped then. It wasn't until elbow joint grated on elbow joint that he tied the fastening off.

Tanya surveyed her victim, impressed by the way that the back-bowing elbow tie thrust out her large breasts.

"There, Bitch," Tanya continued. "That's much better. Now there is nothing to spoil the view."

Tanya reached out and once again grasped Linda's breasts. Linda stepped back instinctively, but found that one of the goons had grabbed her from behind. He held her stationary for five minutes or more, while the Amazon mauled her shapely breasts.

"Spread your legs." Tanya ordered.

Resigned, Linda shuffled her legs sideways, until her ankles were about eighteen inches apart.

"Oh, come on, Bitch, you can do better than that."

Linda reluctantly did as she was told. Only when her legs were three feet apart was Tanya satisfied.

The captive stood there moaning into her panty gag in anticipation of what would come next.

"If you continue to whine every time I give you an order," Tanya said, evenly, "I'll increase the gag packing in that pretty mouth." She smiled at her victim. "There, Bitch. See what you've achieved?"

"Okay, boys," Tanya announced. "Let's get her properly restrained.

The goons quickly sprang into action. Rope encircled her arms and torso above and below her breasts. It was tied very tight.

"Well done, boys," Tanya continued, watching Linda's breasts heave attractively as she found the pain. "Now tie her legs and we can be on our way.

When they had finished Linda's legs had been secured at the ankle, below her knees, above her knees and around the thighs. Each length of rope was pulled tight.

"Now then, my little slave," Tanya announced. "You're going to hop to your destination and we're only half way there."


Bonnie moved quickly down the darkened hallway towards Lorne's private office. She knew it would not take long before Lorne's security detail was alerted to her presence. She was convinced that she would find Agent Malley in office suite at the end of the hall. All of the offices and conference rooms were locked and deserted but Bonnie saw light escaping from the bottom of the door at the end of the hall. She moved to the door and lightly grasped the knob holding her air gun in her other hand. She slowly turned the knob and pushed the door open. In the middle of the room she saw a red-haired woman dressed in sheer nylon hose and stiletto-heeled pumps tightly bound to a high backed chair. She had no doubt that she had found Debbie Malley.

As the agent moved towards the seated captive, she couldn't fail to notice that Debbie Malley had a superb pair of legs, enhanced by the sheer nylon that sheathed them. Bonnie tried to stifle an involuntary intake of breath when she saw how stringently Debbie Malley was tied. Her wrists were behind her, her back ramrod straight and her breasts were thrust out unnaturally. Shyly, Bonnie found herself looking away from the bared breasts and nipples.

Bonnie moved to the front of the chair and immediately began pulling at the knots that held Debbie captive. Debbie looked up at Bonnie with a startled look, not sure who she was or what she was doing. She moaned in protest and Bonnie stopped prying at the ropes and began to pull the tape gag from Debbie's lips.

"You must be Agent Malley. I have come to get you out of here. There isn't much time. We have to hurry," Bonnie said

She peeled the last piece of tape away and Debbie spit out the balled-up piece of white cloth that had held her silent. She worked her jaws painfully and watched as her rescuer untied her bonds.

"I've never been happier to see anyone in my life. Who are you?"

"I'm Agent Bonnie Anders, I was sent to find you."

"Is Foster here? Where is the strike force?" Debbie asked

"They will be here soon. It's just you and me right now. If we move fast we can get out the back way near the stables." Bonnie replied

In a few moments the last knot was pulled free and Debbie shucked off the ropes that had held her prisoner for the last several hours.

"I can't go anywhere like this I need to find some clothes"

Bonnie took off her suit jacket and handed it to her. "Here, wear this, it is better than nothing. Now let's go!"

Debbie kicked off her shoes and quickly pulled off the hose she had been forced to wear. She stooped suddenly, picked the lump of cloth from the floor and shook it out. Bonnie saw that once that the gag was a pair of white panties.

"They gagged you with your panties?" Bonnie asked incredulously.

Debbie grimaced. "It's sickening," she said. "But," she added wryly, "at least they didn't use Linda's panties to gag me. We got to keep our own."

Bonnie watched as Debbie stepped into her panties and pulled them up her long legs. The material was soaked with her saliva and had ceased to be completely opaque. Still, Bonnie could empathise with the agent's desire to wear them.

"I Don't suppose you found my bra?" Debbie asked rhetorically, as she put on Bonnie's jacket.

"I'm afraid not," Bonnie replied.

Debbie stepped back into her heels. They would be hard to walk in but better than bare feet.

"Did you find Linda? Is she safe?" Debbie asked

"Who? Linda? No, I don't know where she is. I DO know that you are both supposed to be moved from here in a few hours. We really need to get moving." Bonnie replied.

"No." Debbie said, "I can't leave without her. You go on, I am going to get Linda."

"That's crazy! You don't even know where she is being held. You have no chance of finding her," Bonnie said, growing very anxious.

"I think I know where she is. She wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for me. I must find her. You go on ahead and get help." Debbie moved towards the door.

"Wait." Bonnie said, "You don't stand a chance dressed like that. I can get you to the dressing room where you can find a change of clothes. After that I'll sneak out and alert Foster but then I'm afraid you'll be on your own."

"Fine," Debbie said. "You lead the way."

Bonnie nodded and stepped into the hallway with Debbie on her heels.


"Hurry up, Bitch, jump to it," Tanya said to Linda.

It was bad enough to be tied up so tightly. But to be tied up and gagged naked and in male company was completely mortifying for Linda. Although she had an excellent body, she had always been shy of it. The short skirts that Lorne had demanded of her were bad enough. But here she was stark naked. Not just only her full breasts, but everything else was on display. And with her arms tied behind her back, she could do nothing to hide anything.

"I said, jump to it." Tanya repeated, to a chuckle from one of the goons.

Linda squeaked into her gag as Tanya's crop came down on her bottom once more as it had periodically since Linda had been made to jump down the seemingly endless stream of corridors on bound legs.

She had already hopped down four corridors. Biting into the gag, she leapt on. After a half dozen leaps, her legs began to tire.

"Don't slow, Bitch. I want to see those melons of yours bounce," Tanya continued. But at least Linda's posterior escaped the crop that time.

"You can ungag her and give her water," Tanya allowed, when they had finally reached their destination. That destination looked remarkably like a doctor's surgery, complete with a leather couch.

Linda was pleased to be able to stand still, the rope between her legs felt like it was trying to divide her in two upwards, and the muscles in her chest were on fire.

Tanya stood watching her as the guard pulled the tape from her captive's lips and prised the sodden black lace panties from her mouth, ushering the goon to throw them on the floor. As the panties landed on the carpet with a plop, Tanya peered at Linda's face.

Linda coughed, and took a drink from the bottle of water offered to her by a goon.

"Please stop calling me Bitch," she said after a second. "And please can you loosen the ropes, they are far too tight?"

Tanya laughed. "The answer is no to both. If anything the ropes are going to get tighter, not looser.

"But … please …"

"No buts, Bitch. Now before we get down to business, I would like some personal information."

Get down to business, Linda thought. What the hell did that mean?

"This is the start of your training; we need to get your measurements down on our invoice." Tanya said. "Some of our customers have very specific requirements. We're going to discover exactly how big your tits are. What is you bra size?"

"W-W-What?" Lisa stammered. "You can't be serious!"

"Oh, I'm very serious. You have no idea how much fun I am going to have training you, sweetie."

"B-but," Linda stammered.

"You're not going to tell me that you don't know your own bra size, are you? What do you think? Shall I bring this down on your melons?" Tanya said raising her crop.

"No, no," Linda squealed. "I'll tell you. I'm a thirty-eight D."

"Ah, then I won my bet with Mr. Lorne, I told him you were a thirty-eight D!" Tanya smirked.

Linda was mortified at having the size of her breasts discussed in such a way. Not that Tanya was going to give up.

"Well, that wasn't so hard, was it?" Tanya said, staring openly at Linda's bare breasts. "Now if you'll tell the boys and me the rest."

"The rest?"

"Don't be stupid, Bitch. Hips and waist. Your waist measurement first."

"Twenty-four inches," Linda quailed.

"And your hips?"

"Thirty-six inches," Linda said as calmly as possible.

"And to recap."

Linda could take a hint. "Thirty-eight D, twenty-four, thirty-six," she announced solemnly.

Tanya laughed. "Very nice, excellent tits, flat stomach, good legs," she said. "New let's see how good your tongue is. Mr Tucker, please will you pass me a ring gag and a blindfold from the second draw down. Then you and Mr Bruno can make yourselves scarce. Give us two girls a bit of privacy."


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