Dixie, Virginia, and Brooke plotted their next move. South Exa Court came close to a county highway. The house with the address 69 had a fence along the back of the property that paralleled the highway. "That's our plan of action," Brooke said. "Somebody watches the back and somebody watches the front until we can get a look inside the place."

"Provided whoever is in the back doesn't get shooed off by a patrolling cop," Dixie said.

"I'll give the local authorities a heads up. It would be helpful if they knew what we were doing."

"Okay," Virginia said. "But I'd like to have some sort of plan worked out before we do anything."

The three worked out a plan. Brooke's fellow agents were already working on the warrant but they thought somebody should keep an eye on the place. It had an attached two car garage. An enclosed van could be used to take people in and out. Dixie and Virginia would keep an eye on the place and make note of arrivals and departures. They figured that if there was another transfer, it would take place after dark.

Dixie sent out the plan. "I'll watch from the front while Virginia watches from the back."

"Fair enough," Brooke said. "I'll let you know when the warrant goes through."

Dixie and Virginia took their respective positions and began the long wait. Smart phones being too small to splay solitaire, they had very little to do but wait. "Uh oh," Dixie said and dialed Virginia.

"I've got the Terrible Two heading my way," she told Virginia.

"Brandy and Sherry?"


"I'll call Brooke."

The Wine twins were now next to Dixie's car. "I think you should come with us," Brandy said.

"If you value the life of your associate," Sherry said, "you'd better not call out."


Virginia phoned Brooke and told her of the trouble. "We're on our way," Brooke said.

"That's all I need to know," Virginia said.

"Just don't do anything rash."

Virginia broke off the call. She wasn't going to go all the way to the front door. It might arouse suspicion if she went out front. Besides, if Brooke and her fellow agents did come to the front, that would make it easier to come in the back way. Anybody attempting a quick exit by that route would be sorely disappointed. Or so she hoped.


Dixie stood before Tonya with one of the Wine twins holding either arm. Tonya looked Dixie over. "You're a bit long in the tooth to have some fun with," she said.

"Turn me loose and you'll see my idea of fun," Dixie said. "You don't merely have a screw loose, it's missing entirely."

"Such typical thoughts for one with a conventional mind. Now what of your other assistant?"

"Yes, she can still hurt you. Isn't that what you're afraid of?"

Just then, they heard a knock at the door, followed by an authoritative voice proclaiming: "Federal agents! Open up!"

There was some hesitation then the front door opened with a crash. Two muscular agents had opened it with a battering ram. They came in with Brooke and two other agents. Virginia had come in from the back. She and Dixie took the stairs two at a time and searched the bedrooms. Virginia removed Georgia's gag and Dixie did the same for Vivian.

"You must be Vivian Halter-Topp," Dixie said as she started to untie the captive.

"Yes," Vivian said hoarsely.

"What did they want with you?" Virginia wondered.

"It's a long story," Vivian said.

"A strange one too," Georgia added.


The following Saturday, Brooke met with Virginia, Georgia, and Dixie. The meeting took place by Dixie's backyard pool. "Why do I get the feeling I'm being recruited?" Brooke wondered.

"We worked great together," Georgia said.

"You'd make a great part of the team," Virginia put in.

"I'm perfectly all right with the Bureau," Brooke said. "But, I'll welcome any chance to work with you again."

"Suit yourself," Dixie said. "But I have a suspicion that this is a one-time only thing."



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