Caught By Sister In Law


By Phantom 


Part Two


By now Beth was starting to ache, she had no idea how long had passed but it was a lot longer than she usually had her fun for. One thing was for sure it was no longer fun.

Helen had left the room some time ago and Beth was beginning to wonder if she was ever coming back to free her. Just then she could hear footsteps in the hall and the bedroom door creaked open.

"Arrr, still here then Beth, comfy are you??"

 All Beth could do was mumpphh and writhe a bit at Helen's feet, clearly she couldn't have gone anywhere.

Suddenly Beth felt the zip ties that were tightly binding her ankles and knees give as they were cut; finally, she thought, this nightmare is over.

Helen was a lot bigger than Beth so she had no trouble in making Beth stand up, with a little bit of help. Beth stood there waiting for the handcuffs to be undone or the gag and blindfold to be removed. Next thing she knew was Helen grabbing her cuffed hands and making her walk forward, which wasn't easy for Beth as she didn't wear heels often and not being able to see was another challenge, before she knew it they had gone down two flights of stairs and were in the basement.

"Right, let's get you nice and comfy said Helen." Beth's heart was racing now, what's going on? she thought. Surely, Helen has had enough fun now?!

Her legs were pulled as far apart as the tight leather skirt she was wearing would allow and her ankles were secured to something she wasn't able to see. Next she felt her arms being pulled backwards and up to the point it started to hurt, again they were secured in this position.

Now Beth was worried:m this was another level, how long was this going on for? Nothing happened for a few minutes; clearly Helen was admiring her handwork.

Then Beth felt a hand on her face, the layers of tape around her mouth were peeled off and the panties stuffed deep in her mouth were pulled out. Before she had chance to utter more than one syllable something else was being pushed in, this felt rubbery and made Beth gag as it was pushed firmly in her mouth. She didn't know it yet but Helen had been shopping for supplies and this was one of the new toys she had purchased - a nice fat penis gag.

Beth was still in shock when she felt a hand between her legs! She tried to recoil, but the way she was secured balanced on 5 inch stiletto Heels meant she couldn't do anything effectively. Suddenly she felt something metal clamp onto to her clit, and then her head was pulled back by her ponytail and something tied around it. Trying to move her head forward was instantly painful, it became apparent to Beth that somehow her hair was attached to whatever was clamped down below!

So she stood there. Perched on her high heels unable to move without inflicting pain on herself.

It was hot in the basement, Beth could feel her blouse sticking to her back and a bead of sweat on her forehead.

She really had to concentrate on her breathing, the new gag made it impossible to breathe through her mouth and the position she was tied in combined with the now tight suit jacket made deep breaths hard.

"Right," announced Helen, "That should  hold you for a bit, remember to stay still otherwise you will probably regret it!"

With that, Beth heard the light switch flicked off and the basement door shut and lock.

Now alone, Beth tested the security of the restraints, trying to pull her arms down only resulted in the handcuffs tightening one more click on their ratchet. There was no escaping from this without help.

This can't be happening thought Beth…  but it was, and for her it was far from over.




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