Caught By Sister In Law


By Phantom 


Part Three


Beth awoke with a start, at some point she had passed out. A combination of heat and the stress postion she had been left in had contributed to that.

Straight away Beth knew things had changed, she was still tightly gagged and blindfolded but was no longer stood up with her arms pulled high behind her. She was now sat on a hard wooden high backed chair, her hands secured behind her still with the unforgiving handcuffs and her ankles fixed to the Chair legs.

Ok thought Beth, this is at least a bit better than tottering on her heels with every head movement pulling on her clit, but where was Helen?? Beth could not see anything due to the layers of tape wound around her eyes, then she discovered also she was unable to hear anything, ear plugs pushed deep into her ears had sorted that out. And off course she was unable to speak due to the large penis gag.

Suddenly she felt a sensation in her vagina, something had started to vibrate. Unknown to Beth she now had large vibrator inside her and Helen had the remote!

Beth felt a hand touch her shoulder and then her left ear, the ear plug was pulled out. “Welcome back sleepy head wispered Helen, ready for some more fun??” All Beth could do was shake her head and make mnpfhhh noise. “Well said Helen, I am so you best be ready. Oh by the way, Peter (beth’s husband) left you a voicemail, he had to go away urgently to fix a problem at his works base in Italy and may be gone for a few days. Beths heart sank.

Next thing Beth new was the ear plug was pushed back in. Next she felt her elbows pulled tightly together, to the point of touching and they were secured like that. Also her knees were fastened together.

Quickly and before she had chance to splutter any words the penis gag was pulled roughly out of her mouth and something else rubbery was pushed in and secured with a strap. This new gag felt smaller in her mouth, the relief felt by Beth was short lived because suddenly the rubber started getting bigger - another one of Helens toys was a inflatable gag. Quickly Beth’s mouth was full and her cheeks started to ache.

The vibration down below started again and was getting more intense.

Beth now had to try and focus on her breathing but this was almost impossible.

How long was Helen going to keep this up and what had she done to deserve such treatment wondered Beth as she tried to buck and writhe against her tight restraints.....

To Be Continued

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