Caught By Sister In Law


By Phantom 


Part One


It had been what seemed like hours for Beth, but in reality it was probably 20 minutes. Her predicament made time passing seem like an eternity.


Beth was lying face down on her bedroom floor, wearing a red long sleeve blouse, knee length black leather skirt, and black suit jacket, matched with black knee high boots.


Her hands were secured behind her back with unforgiving tight handcuffs. Her knees and ankles were held tightly together with thick zip ties. Preventing any cries for help or mercy were a pair of her panties held in her mouth by well wrapped bondage tape which also formed a very effective blindfold. 


The day had been going well for Beth, the house to herself she had decided to experiment with a bit of self bondage. She had tried this several times before with no problems - today had gone differently than she had planned. 


After waving her husband off to work, Beth set about changing out of her t shirt and jogging bottoms and slipped into her carefully put together outfit. Pausing to look in the full length mirror she was pleased with the look. She opened the bag retrieved from the back of the wardrobe and picked out the zip ties, and used them to secure her knees and ankles. Then she fastened the handcuff onto her left wrist. She ensured the key was in the right cuff and held in place with a small piece of tape. She then lay down on the carpet and with a slight struggle locked he left wrist into the cuff behind her back. 


Beth’s intention was to play for a short while before continuing with her day. However a noise from downstairs startled her, footsteps on the kitchen floor. Not her husband’s as the click click indicated heels.


She instantly moved her fingers to twist the key in the handcuff to release her hands and make a rapid escape - her heart skipped when she felt the tape but no key. How had it dislodged???? Panic was setting in, she heard a voice call her name from the bottom of the stairs.


“Beth, Beth are you up there?”


Damn it was her sister in law Helen; she had a key for when they were away and needed the fish fed. Hopefully she will think I’m in town and just leave thought Beth. Then she heard the stairs creak, Helen was halfway up the stairs. Beth desperately felt for the key, it was in vain. 


The bedroom door opened almost silently. Helen gasped a little.


“What’s going on Beth?” asked Helen.


Lost for words Beth struggled to form a convincing response.


“Errr just having some fun, the key for the cuffs is here somewhere here, please can you find it?”


Helen’s response shocked Beth, “if it’s some fun you want Beth then fun you shall have.” 


“But but…” protested Beth.


“Ssshh now, lets make you a little less comfortable shall we?” laughed Helen.



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