Camera Club Complications


By Woody

Part One

Black nylons, black panties, shiny black girdle. Black cone shaped bra, shoulder length glossy black hair and a radiant happy face. It’s what they saw coming out of the motel room bathroom.


They were paying her twenty-five bucks an hour and she was worth it. She always showed up late but carried her own clothes; they supplied the rope and gags.


“So you want me to put shoes on?” she asked in her sort of hick accented voice. She was from the same state as Estes Kefauver, but seven times better looking then the distinguished Senator.


“You’re fine,” said Buck.


She sat on the bed and crossed her legs.


“Can you sit all the way up on the bed? We’d like your hands in front and near your ankles. A forward leaning hog tie,” said Buck.


“Sure but no ball gags today fellas. I’m meeting someone for dinner and sometimes that rubber leaves a yucky taste. I’m sure you’ll think of something else.”


“And can you show some belly, lose the girdle?”


“I don’t see why not.”


They didn’t mind the time it took her to shimmy free of the black girdle. Her belly was flat without a pose, but in shots she could suck it in with ease. Now she relaxed on the bed, stretched, and waited for the rope.


Which came quickly. One club member used three loops to bind her arms tight to her sides, another crossed her wrists and tied them that way, leaving a long strand which another member grabbed and ran down to her ankles. She crossed them and he went to work with loops and square knots.


It was a bent over Betti they ended with. Buck pulled a white handkerchief from a pocket.


“That looks clean,” she said.


“And pressed. Sure no ball gags?”


She wiggled a finger of warning.


“Not today.”


He twisted the handkerchief until it was shaped like the rope and approached Betti.


She said, “You’ll have to send it back out to the laundry after you use it to gaumph.”


She was quiet while he adjusted it around her head and past her lips.


“ Tighter? Show off those wonderful teeth.”


She nodded yes and a winch played over her face as he pulled the gag in the direction of her ear lobs. He knotted it under her hair and she shook her head once, wrinkled her face twice and said, “Thas otay.”


“No problem?”


“Na. Ar youse tie going ta use lights?”


She waited while they unpacked the photo lights from a large case one of the guys would carry to all their shoots, unless they were working above Irving’s store. She wondered why they didn’t set up before they bound and gagged her, but they were paying by the hour and she knew how to keep time.


Not easy to kill time while trussed and tongue tied. She sat hunched forward, hands down past her knees. She bit on the cloth and was able to swallow her salvia, something she couldn’t always do with other types of gags.

Show time. She shot them scared looks, eyes are what they like, and she had big ones that showed lots of emotion. Raise them eyebrows up toward her hairline and bite on that cloth.


She sat up for shots, then rolled on her left side facing them, then they laid her on her right side, looking back with fear. Buck stood on the bed and she lay facing upwards, raising her legs and hands in his direction. Lots of clicks and whirs and smiling faces.


“Mind if we change gags?”


“Ah sur. Ut no All gags.”


They laughed in agreement and Betti got a break as the gag was removed, she was sat up and they fetched some water.


“Might as well change the ropes,” said one of the guys.


“Ya let me take a stretch first.”


They finished untying her, she drank a glass of water and went to freshen up in the bathroom. She checked the rope marks, nothing harsh that will last past this job.


“Lets do a top to bottom.”


“Hands still in front?” she asked.


“Sure, now best to do it standing.”


The club again joined in like attendants at a full service station one took the top, another the sides, and some worked on the bottom. They counted nineteen loops of rope around her firm frame when finished. And then the gag.


“Just a packing job Betti, puff up the cheeks.”


“Well stuff me with the first gag you used, it’s already got my spit on it.”


So that was wadded past her teeth and another clean white handkerchief tied over that. The second gag covered most of her lower face but you could spot a bulge under the cloth that let you know the mouth had some packing.


“Garh gah har,” she said, pointing fingers at the bed. They seemed confused so she hopped herself over to the mattress. They never seemed to catch on to some of the things she mentioned when gagged. You’d think they’d smarten up after a while.


She was bound in a straight line this time so they added new angles. She was close to a Houdini stage act, with enough delicious flesh showing around the knots to be a Follies dancer.


There was a knock at the door. They stopped. More knocking.


“Hoogs hat?” she said.

The exciting conclusion!


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