Camera Club Complications


By Woody

Part Two






“You fells always gather in motel rooms to take pictures?”


“Our wives get tired of us hanging around the house.  Too messy I guess,” said Buck to the cop who had been at the door when he’d opened it.


Now the cop was in here. Looking at the light stands and the cameras and the bed where Betti had laid bound and gagged.


“Heard a report of a woman in here?”


“A woman?   In here with all of us?  Now our wives would really be upset about that! “


“So would the judge.  You got her hid in here?”


“Why no sir.  I mean really we’re just testing the new Speed Graphic 4 ´ 5 cameras, have you had a chance to try one out?”


“Can’t say that I have.”


“Well Art if you’d do the honors.  Officer we’re always looking for new camera club members,” said Buck.


While other members showed the viewfinder and f-stop to the cop Buck excused himself to go to the bathroom.  He shut the door behind him and Betti waved her right hand in a sign of hello.  Then she raised her eyes in a question mark and pointed with her left thumb toward the next room.


“Mumf mum muff mere?” she said in a low growl under the two gags.


She sat still bound and gagged on the toilet.  Buck looked around: shower, toilet, Betti.  Small window, he couldn’t fit thru it, could Betti.  Not with those curves.


“We’re in a bit of a pickle,” he muttered.


“Migh mug mis mot.” 


“I’ll think of something.”


“Am ur sill ill.  N ean ime,  ach sis ga ock E.”


“Why would a police officer show up here?”


Betti shrugged her shoulders.


“I don’t trust that motel clerk, still there wasn’t a problem in the past.”


“Um hum,” said Betti.


He jumped at the knock on the bathroom door.


“He’s gone,” came a voice from the other side.


Buck left the room.  Betti leaned forward on the toilet seat to peer at the rest of the club, they were clustered and flustered.


“He’s still out there, leaning on his car.  Waiting,” said Art.


“We can leave together, Betti in the middle of us.  Dressed and untied of course.”


“Of Course.”


“He’ll see her.”


“How about the bathroom window?”


“Not with her curves,” came the chorus.




“Wait Betti we’re trying to figure this out,” said Buck.


She tapped her stocking feet on the floor urgently several times.


“Just a minute guys.”


Buck stepped in the bathroom and closed the door.


“We don’t want to panic.”


"Burgh ach um mump muff!”




He untied the handkerchief from around her head and plucked the other from her mouth.  Betti smacked her lips twice, licked them and said, “We’ll use your light case and a bar of soap.”


She explained and Buck left the room and shut the door.  In a few minutes there was the sound of the shower running.  The Camera Club heard that, thought about it, and then Buck explained Betti’s idea.  They got busy.


As cops go he wasn’t a lazy one.  What ever these dopes were up too didn’t bug him so much.  Still vice was vice and if they were all doing something with one little gal, well maybe they might toss some money into a hat to help him overlook it.  Wouldn’t be the first time he’d picked up a bonus.


Here they came heading to their Chevys. Two of them were struggling with a case, must be heavy, like it held a body.


“Let’s have a look at what you’re hauling there fellas.”


“Just our lights,” said one.


“Open it,” said the cop.


They looked at one another, the whole club.  The case was opened.


“Stuff doesn’t look that heavy.  What are you weak sisters?”


“No officer we just have to be careful, this stuff is pricey.”


“What’s the rope for”?


After a pause one of the members said, “Bracing?”


"Whose still got the key?  I want to see more of that room.”


“I have officer, I was just ready to deliver it to the office,” said Buck.


“First things first,” said the cop.


Back inside the motel he looked under the bed, then the bathroom.


“One of you fellas take a shower?”


“Just working with some of the film.”


“And then you had to hang it out the window to dry?” that why it’s wet here?”


“In a way, yes.”


The cop went back outside.


“Hey I didn’t say any of you guys could leave!’


Two cars were pulling away, one stopped right behind the patrol car.


“Get back here, hey move out of my way.”


“I think it’s flooded,” said one of the camera club members.  He did get it started, several minutes after the first car had left.


In the first car Betti sat up in the front seat.


All this soap isn’t good for my skin.  And my dress is going to be damp after I put it back on.  This motel towel can only do so much.”


“Sorry about that Betti.  Did you hurt yourself thru that window.”


“Na, once my case with my clothes went thru I just had to do extra wiggling, shimmy shimmy kop ko bop.”


“Well that motel is out for a bit.  We were thinking of an outdoor shoot for the next time.”


“Just pick a sunny day.  Now if you’ll keep your eyes on the road while I get dressed.   Nude shots are extra.”



The End.



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