BowPi the Cowgirl

By Victor Von Doum

(New: Illustrations by Mike Lee)

With Amy now standing free from the pole, Penelope rushes in front of Amy, grabs the leash-rope and begins pulling it, slowly at first, to see how well Amy can walk with her legs still tied at her boot tops and lower thighs. Amy starts walking very small steps, and hears her boots squeak together near where the ropes still bind them tightly at the boot-tops.

"C'mon and giddy-up, cowgirl!" Penelope taunts.

As Penelope pulls the ropes; Amy feels them press hard through the worn spot in her jeans and against her sex. Amy can only walk a few inches per step, which begins irritating Penelope.

"C'mon, cowgirl! You're pathetic!"

The crotch rope pulsates with every tug, and Amy's restraints-around her legs, her waist, her wrists, her elbows, her boobs, and her bandanna-stuffed and-gagged mouth all quickly combine for a whopping, monster orgasm. Amy's never felt one like it before, so intense, so deep! She falls on her right side, moaning into her gag, onto a bale of hay. Penelope looks back from the other end of the leash-rope, maybe eight feet away, but doesn't hear Amy's gag-moan or notice Amy's flushed face in the semi-darkness of the barn.

"Get up!"

Amy tries to collect herself and get up, but still feels the waves of her most intense orgasm ever. She looks ahead at the gorgeous blonde, with her skin-tight tan jodhpurs tucked into those saddle brown equestrienne boots; pissed off that the girl she hates the most in the world has just given her the biggest climax of her life.

"Get up, you slut, before I drag you across the floor!"

Penelope tugs the leash rope, which, with Amy on her side and slightly face down, rubs against the red leather in the middle of Amy's belt, making a slight squeaking sound.

Amy starts to get up, rolling fully onto her right side, to start pushing off the bale of hay with her bound wrists, when she realizes the ropes around her elbows have loosened somewhat. She knows she still can't do much about it, with her wrists tied together behind her and with Penelope still pulling the leash-rope hard, towards the front of the barn, where she'd chloroformed Amy.

Penelope moves toward her duffel bag and keeps pulling the leash; Amy realizes that hopping moves her forward better than making baby steps with her boots tied tight around her bootstraps.

"Oh, what are we now, a bunny?" Penelope teases Amy, while bending down to pick up her duffel bag on the way toward the barn doors.

"Hop, hop, hop, Hop-a-long BowPi!" Penelope yells as she begins flicking the leash-rope up and down. Amy feels the leash-rope flick against the tight crotch rope but fights it as long as she can.

No use: having led Amy almost to the front of the barn, Amy's boob rope-harness is making her hardened nipples rub against her ribbed t-shirt, and the rope-flicking is hitting hard against her sex; looking at Penelope's hot body poured into her tight jodhpurs, her shiny knee-high boots and thick belt combine for another monster climax. Penelope pulls the rope hard, one more time, and Amy falls flat on her ass, onto a pile of hay, moaning again in her tight gag as she falls.

Now near the front barn doors, at almost the exact spot where Penelope had chloro'd her, Penelope rushes over to Amy, who's breathing heavily on the pile of hay, just a few feet from where her cowgirl hat lay, when it had fallen from when Penelope had grabbed her.

"Bitch! Walk much?! Some cowgirl YOU are!"

Kneeling next to Amy, Penelope notices Amy's heavy breathing and flushed appearance.

"No way! BowPi, did you come?"

"Mmph, mmph!" ("No way!) Amy shakes her head and attempts to deny it, while still feeling the waves of her orgasm.

"Get out!" Penelope grins. "Betcha it was your first one ever!"

"Mmmphk yu, Mmphy outmmph hermmph!" ("Fuck you! Get out of here!")

Penelope draws near, so close that Amy smells the obviously expensive perfume she's wearing, and mutters, "One big O deserves another…"

With Amy's legs still tied at the boot tops and lower thighs, Penelope takes the end of the leash rope and ties it quickly, and sloppily, straight ahead to another nearby pole in front of Amy. Amy's wrists are still tied behind her back, but she notices again that the elbow ropes feel loose. She hopes Penelope doesn't see it.

When Penelope approaches, Amy kicks her bound booted legs up and down in protest, attempting to move backwards, but she makes little headway.

"Mmph mway!!" ("Get away!!")

"What? You'd deny yourself this pleasure?" Penelope taunts, while straddling Amy, squatting on the tops of Amy's knees and pushing them flat into the pile of hay.

"Come on, LezBowPi! You know you want it!"

"Mmmmaarrgh!!!" Amy protested, after hearing Penelope call her that even worse nickname she hated so much.

"Maybe you ought to ask your slut sister how good it feels."


"What, you didn't know? Stef, Erica, and I made a purrr-fect threesome, ever since our early teens. Oh, yeah. Where do you think I got all my rope skills? Those two whores taught me every knot in the book. Why do you THINK their cowgirl boots got rope marks around the ankles and tops, but no wear on the soles, eh?!"

"Nmm wy!!" ("No way!!") Amy roars back in disbelief and anger. She remembers how puzzled she was by the red and brown boots' odd wear patterns when she found them in the closet. She recalls Stef and Erica acting a bit nervously when they saw them in the suitcase yesterday.

"Mmmphk yu!!"

"Funny, that's what I did to Stef many countless times. How do you think I got so good at tying women up?" Penelope boasts, while reaching for Amy's belt buckle, unbuckling it and undoing Amy's button-fly front as if in one motion.

"Mmmphkn mmtjb!!" ("Fucking nutjob!") Amy protests, but her pleas fall muffled her gag and into Penelope's 36Cs, now squarely in Amy's face.

Penelope reaches down Amy's panties, damp with sweat and juice, maneuvers around the tightness of the crotch ropes, and begins massaging Amy's sex with her right middle finger. She then opens her own suede vest with her left hand, quickly unbuttoning her white blouse and unfastening her front bra-clasp.

Penelope then rubs her left hand over her own ample boobs, and tweaks her own nipples. She then motions her breasts so as to carom them gently off of Amy's gagged face.

"You like that, BowPi, don't ya?"

Penelope, always the impeccable fashionista, wore a delicious perfume; both women knew it. Amy resisted as best she could, but again, to no avail: she came again, this time, the biggest one of all. She screamed into her gag with pleasure.


Penelope caressed Amy's sex a bit more, till she knew she'd finished coming.

"There, BowPi. You just enjoy that O for a while. I'm figuring out just how naked to leave you for the Mexican stable hands. When they come back tomorrow, they can have some fun too," Penelope giggles.

"Mmmph!!" Amy yells. ("Noooo!!")

"Now you just sit tight while I run out to the car for something I forgot. Then I can tell you all about how I fucked your sister and that bitch Erica every which way till Sunday-for years, in fact, till she chose that slut Erica over me."

"Mmmphk yu, yu mmtch!!" Penelope's explanation makes some sense to Amy, though she doesn't want to believe her sister and best friend are lesbians.

Penelope walks towards the door, re-clasping her bra and buttoning her shirt, leaving her vest on the ground near the duffel, just a few feet from Amy.

"I'll be RIGHT back. Do NOT get any ideas."

Amy knows now is her only shot; like the tough TV western cowgirls, she's got to find her strength and get out of these ropes as fast as she can. Fighting her lingering orgasmic waves, she pulls with her torso against the leash-rope that Penelope had re-tied to the pole so quickly, and the rope quickly pulls away from the pole. Testing her elbow-ropes, Amy expands her elbows as much as she can, which she feels really loosening the ropes. She then pulls her elbows back together, and feels her elbow ropes drop in pile to her wrists, still tied tight behind her back.

She pulls her knees towards her, leans forward, and kneels. She shakes off the elbow ropes from her wrists, and they fall onto the back of her still-tied ankles of her cowgirl boots. She pushes herself off her boot tips, and stands herself up.

Using her strong, toned, well-trained legs, Amy jumps high up and swings her bound wrists under her boots and brings them to her face. She pulls on her outer bandanna gag and it falls to around her neck, right on top her red bandanna neckerchief. She spits out her mouth-packed gag, soaking wet with her saliva. "Blech!" Amy yells, as she looks at her blue mouth-pack bandanna fall to the barn floor.

Hopping toward her hung-up jacket behind the barn door, she quickly brings her bound wrists to her mouth and begins pulling at the rope knots with her teeth, noticing the many times the ropes ran perfectly around her wrists. Frantically tugging at the knot, Amy succeeds in loosening it. She pulls her wrists free from the rope, which she lets drop to the floor. She quickly buttons up her jeans and buckles her thick red belt's pewter buckle before leaning down to untie the ropes around her lower thighs, then those around her boot-tops. Lucky for her Penelope made all the knots in front, easy to get to.

Amy thinks about undoing the boob-, waist-, and crotch-ropes, but thinks again, knowing time is tight-just like those ropes. She knows Penelope will be back any second, and besides, she can now fully function with them still on. Amy hurries toward her jacket, praying Brett's gun is still inside the breast pocket. She fumbles for it desperately. Is it on the right side, or the left? She checks all pockets and-

"Yes!" Amy exclaims in a controlled tone, so as not to tip Penelope off were she within earshot. Amy pulls the revolver out of the breast pocket and hides behind the swung-in barn door, right where Penelope had lain in wait for her. Seconds pass; Amy's heart pounds. Then she hears the sounds of footsteps and a loud voice:

"Heyyyy, cowgirl!  Found what we needed!"

Penelope walks into the barn, with a small Igloo cooler in her right hand and looks over to the right, where she'd left the still-orgasmic Amy fully bound and gagged.

"What the…?" Penelope mutters, not seeing Amy anywhere.

"Drop it. Now!"  Amy moves from behind the barn door and points the gun right at Penelope's temple, maybe a half-foot away.

"I said NOW!! And easy," Amy yells through her gritted teeth, cocks the hammer-the way Brett had showed her at the party-and touches the barrel to Penelope's temple.

Penelope bends her knees and puts the cooler on the barn floor.

"Hands up, you bitch!" Penelope, silent, complies.

"Now walk-toward the back of the barn-five steps, towards that chair-now!"

Penelope complies, walking the few steps toward the beat-up wooden chair, left over from the party the night before, Amy figures.

"Stay still, hands up, and keep your back towards me!"

Amy picks up one of the ropes lying on the ground, and, keeping an eye on Penelope, sticks the end of the gun in her right front pocket while she fashions a lasso the way Brett had showed her last night. She quickly makes the slip-knots, twirls it above her head, and throws it toward Penelope. As the lasso falls luckily right around its intended target, Amy rushes toward Penelope and pulls it tight, right under Penelope's ample breasts, using her left hand on the rope and pulling out the revolver from her right pocket, jabs it between Penelope's shoulder blades to let her know it's still there.

"Take your scarves off your wrists then hand them to me, behind your back."

"No, you can't gag me!"

"Oh, like YOU couldn't gag me?! Fat chance, sister: scarves, now."

Penelope removes the silk scarves from her wrists and passes them behind her back to Amy. Amy sticks the revolver back in her right front pocket. Amy puts both scarves in her left front pocket.

"Now sit in the chair. Or am I going to have to drag you down the way you dragged me across the fucking barn?"

Penelope does as Amy instructs her and sits. Amy takes the ropes now under Penelope's boobs and runs them under again, then over her boobs, much the way her own boob ropes were still tied to her. She takes the long end of rope still attached to Penelope's boobs and runs it down the back of the chair, tying it to the lowest rung of the chair back. With Penelope's torso now attached to the chair, Amy tells her captive,

"Hands behind your back, bitch." Penelope does what Amy instructs.

Amy quickly unties her own waist-ropes and uses them to make a number of loops around Penelope's gloved wrists, behind the chair, tying the knot tightly as she'd remembered from Girl Scouts and more recently, from Brett's and Penelope's tying techniques.

"Ok, uh, enough fun, Amy," Penelope nervously starts to plead, noticeably using Amy's real name and not nickname. "You can let me go now and we'll forget it all happened."

"Shut the hell up, you bitch! You think you can tie me up and gag me, molest me, walk me around like a pony and that's that?!"

""You know I was just playing. I hadn't seen you in a few years and you'd gotten so, you know, hot. You're even prettier than Stef now."

Penelope's comment enrages Amy.

"That's it!" Amy yells, while actually appreciating Penelope's desperately feigned compliment, no matter how fake. "You're pissing me off!"

Amy grabs takes the boob-rope harness off herself, over her head; the crotch rope, still attached to the boob-ropes on the back end, accompanies it. She unties the knot, takes the boob ropes and drops the former crotch rope.  Moving to the side of the chair-in the event Penelope was thinking of kicking her, Amy didn't want to get directly in front-she ties Penelope's shiny equestrienne booted ankles together, taking the remaining length of rope and tying it to a lower chair-rung to keep away any kicks.

"Amy, please…"

"Shut the fuck up, you bitch!" Amy moves behind Penelope to hide how she's going to keep Penelope quiet. Amy takes out the first of Penelope's scarves out of her left front pocket, then the other, and, tying them together into a huge knot, she puts them over Penelope's mouth, pulls them, shoving the knotted gag into Penelope's mouth.


"I've got to shut you the hell up."

Amy then pulls the gag under Penelope's long blonde tresses and ties it so tight that it even puffs out Penelope's taut cheeks slightly. The tied-together scarves make for a lot of leftover material, even after Amy double-knots them at the base of Penelope's neck.

"Mmmphk yu!"

"Sorry, Penny!! That ship has sailed."

"Mmmphkg mmtch!!" Penelope hates being called Penny. Amy considers the turnabout more than fair.

Amy then picks up the former crotch-rope off the floor and ties Penelope's legs together just below the knee, around her tall equestrienne boot-tops. Penelope struggles in the chair, to no avail, tipping it precariously.

"Penny, if you fall, that's where you're staying. I don't imagine the stable rats will mind one bit."

"Mmmph!" Penelope cries. She is terribly fearful of rodents and unsure of whether Amy was bluffing or not.

"By the way, nice boots. Maybe I can borrow a pair of yours some time?" Amy teases.

Amy now finds another rope on the ground and uses it to tie Penelope's lower thighs around the top of the chair. Amy looks at her rope-work, with Penelope gagged tightly and now tied around her boobs, her gloved wrists, her thighs, upper shins, and ankles and announces,

"There, that ought to do ya-for now. Wait-I'm forgetting something!"

Amy notices another pile of rope on the floor, picks it up, and ties Penelope's elbows together, the way Penelope did to her-tight. She then runs the rope from the elbows around the wrist-ropes.

"There! Now you know how it feels."
"Mmmph!! Mmmph!!!" Penelope yells through her gags. Amy decided to let her sit and stew for a while and moves over to the cooler that Penelope had dropped on her way in. Penelope, seeing Amy move toward it, lets out a lot of mmmphing and protesting.

"Hmmm, what's that, Penny?"

"Mmmpk yu!"

"Sorry, no such luck."

Amy opens the cooler and finds a bottle of Pommery rose champagne surrounded by ice, and a couple of plastic champagne glasses inside. "Very nice, Penny! And I'm plenty thirsty. Bet you're getting thirsty too," Amy exclaims.

"How's about I point the cork at you while I open it?"

"Mmmooo!" ("Noooo!") Penelope cries out.

"Just kidding-that'd be a waste of great champagne!"

Amy had seen champagne bottles opened before, so, she unties the wire around the cork. Finding her still-damp blue bandanna on the barn floor, she uses it to hold the cork while twisting it, opening it perfectly, then puts the wet bandanna in her left front pocket. She sets up the plastic champagne glasses on another chair, and pours one for her and one for Penelope.

Penelope looks at Amy and begins whimpering softly, pleading to Amy with those cornflower blue eyes of hers. Amy, fighting odd feelings of sympathy-empathy, really, seeing how she'd been the one tied up only a few minutes ago-goes over and loosens Penelope's gag from the back, allowing the knot of Penelope's silk scarf gag to drop from her mouth, letting it fall around her neck, next to her silk kerchief

"Drink," Penelope gasps. "Dying of thirst."

Amy puts a champagne glass to Penelope's lips and tips it back slowly. Penelope sips delicately

"More, please." Amy obliges and pours more champagne. Penelope sips again, and then addresses Amy:

"Ames, listen. This is fun and all, but it's getting late and Heather and Charles are due here any minute. If they find you having tied me up, you may end up in the same situation as before."

"I don't believe you. Besides, you're in no position to threaten me. And I have a gun, remember."

"I'm not threatening, Amy, I promise."

"Your lies mean nothing, Penny. Tell me the truth or I'll re-gag you tighter than before and hog-tie your pretty riding girl ass." Amy isn't exactly sure she knows how to hogtie-though she thinks she remembers Kim Cattrall's Big Trouble in Little China scene well enough-and it sure sounds tough.

"OK, ok, Amy," Penelope replies, apologetically. "I'm not 100% sure when or if Heather and Charles are coming. I mentioned to them I was coming here but they don't usually join me."

"That's better. Anything else you want to tell me?"

"Could I have another drink of champagne?"

Amy pours some more in both of their glasses and brought it to Penelope's lips, pouring it into her mouth gently. Amy then drinks some from her own glass.

"Good champagne, Penelope."

"The best in its class," Penelope replies. "Glad you like it. Now couldn't you get me out of this chair and let me go? My arms are starting to hurt with how tight you tied my elbows and wrists."

Amy, not used to drinking champagne, is getting a bit tipsy by now. Plus, her judgment is becoming a bit cloudy from her multiple orgasms, and a bit confused and angry with herself over her undeniable attraction to Penelope.

Amy isn't quite sure what she is going to do; she could go back to campus right now, leaving Penelope tied up and re-gagged, or she could untie her just enough for her to free herself, after Amy herself has driven safely away, of course.

While pondering these choices, Amy notices Penelope staring at her and rolling her eyes as if she's in a hurry. Amy looks over and Penelope sees her notice her eye-rolling.

"Damn it, Penny. You're starting to piss me off," Amy tells her. Penelope scowls.

Amy quickly thinks of another option: she could throw Penelope in the back seat of the car and back to campus, still bound and gagged, and show her to Stef and Erica before letting her go, humiliated. Amy thinks about this third option and decides it just might work: the perfect revenge for Penelope's lying in wait for her. She decides to use Penelope's request to get out of the chair to her advantage.

"Tell you what, Penelope. I'll get you off the chair for a little while, but you'd better not try to escape, or else. Oh, and I'm going to re-gag you for the moment." (Amy doesn't want Penelope calling out should she somehow elude her and make a break out the barn door.)

"Nooo-mmmph!" Penelope yells as Amy re-gags her, tying it tight and noticing the long lengths of the silk scarves' overhang. Penelope, upset, thinks she had been winning Amy over.

"Shut it. Consider yourself lucky I'm untying you at all."

Amy goes to the back of the chair and unties the rope that connects Penelope's gloved and bound wrists from the bottom chair rung, but leaves Penelope's wrist-, elbow-, and boob-ropes intact. Amy then moves to Penelope's lower thighs, and unties them from the seat of the chair.

Amy looks around and notices Penelope's duffel bag, close by. Without examining its contents, she takes Penelope's saddle brown suede vest from the floor and puts it in the duffel.  

"Mmpp mmmn!" ("Come on!") Penelope whines through her gag.

"Zip it. We're working on MY time now."

Pissed off at Penelope's whining, Amy slowly saunters over to her cowgirl hat, still sitting on the barn floor where it had fallen. She picks it up and puts it back on.

"There. Learn any patience yet, Penny?!"

"Mmmphk myu!"

Amy then walks over to Penelope, and disconnects the rope that runs from Penelope's bound ankles to the chair, enabling Penelope get up from it.
With the revolver still tucked in her right front pocket, Amy points at it and tells Penelope.

"Get up."

Penelope complies. As she stands, with legs still tied right around the ankles and boot-tops, Amy thinks she sees loose ropes around Penelope's wrists, and approaches from behind to check them.

Penelope notices her approach, waits, and then as Amy gets close, Penelope moves her bound hands back and grabs for the gun in Amy's front pocket, just narrowly missing it! Amy sees Penelope's hands move just in time, and then jumps back a few feet, screaming:

"You stupid fucking bitch! I was going to loosen up your ropes! What the hell are you thinking, Penny?!"

Incensed, Amy puts her cowgirl kickers' nickname to good use, and uses the bottom of her right boot to flat-kick Penelope's right butt cheek, so that Penelope falls to the ground, coincidentally in the same pile of straw where Amy had fallen after her second orgasm.

"Mmmpwww!" Penelope yells through her gag as she loses her balance and falls on her right arm and shoulder.

"Shut up, you scheming bitch. That's the last time I even remotely listen to you lying to me." Amy pauses. "Speaking of lying, since you're already on the ground, I think you need a real lesson." Amy decides to delay the trip back to campus for a little diversion instead.

Amy takes the gun out of her front pocket and sticks it in the back of her own jeans, between her belt and the denim, to keep it away from Penelope's prying hands. She then takes off her cowgirl hat with her left hand, reaches for her Scunci holding her shoulder-length tussled hair in a pony tail, takes it out, and puts her hat back on. With Penelope lying on her side, her long blonde hair had fallen about her face and shoulders, and Amy wants to make sure she could see the back knot of the gag to make sure it stays on. Amy leans down, grabs Penelope's hair, pulls it back tight, and takes the Scunci out of her hair and applies it to Penelope's, putting Penelope's hair into a pony tail.

"Mmmugh" Penelope winces as Amy pulls her hair back tight into a pony tail.

"There. Excellent. Now you're getting what you deserve."

Amy checks Penelope's gag knot, which is starting to loosen a bit, unties and re-ties it, extra tight. Penelope says nothing but a little grunt, resigned to her current situation.

Amy doesn't want Penelope getting up and heading toward the door, and remembers how Brett described the hog-tying process last night, "for people it works a bit a bit different: first you tie the legs together and the wrists together, and then run a rope between them and pull it tight. You ever see Kim Cattrall in Big Trouble in Little China? Just like that."  

With Penelope's wrists, elbows, ankles, and boot-tops already tied, Amy knows her job is already half-done. To replace the lower-thigh chair-tie, Amy grabs some rope off the floor, wraps it several times around Penelope's lower thighs, ties it tight, and knots it.

Penelope protests, "Mmpph itt!" but Amy isn't about to stop. She remembers as best she can how Kim Cattrall looked in Big Trouble in Little China, and grabbing another rope, doubles it over, and runs it from the ropes around Penelope's ankles to the ropes around her wrists. She tightens this rope, but just enough that much that Penelope can continue her kicking and flailing, with her boots making squeaking noises from the rubbing with each other near at her ankle-ropes.

"Penelope, I'd calm down if I were you. Those knots I learned from you; you're not going anywhere."

Seeing the champagne bottle still mostly full, Amy pulls up the chair close to Penelope, grabs the bottle, and pours herself another glass, holding it in her right hand.

"Yum," Amy declares, as she crosses her boots and places them under the hogtie ropes, onto Penelope's gorgeous tight jodhpur-clad ass. Penelope's gloved hands reach back and rub Amy's red kickers, making a leather-on-leather squeaking sound.

"Mmmpt mff me!" Penelope yells as she tries to shift away. She moves so suddenly that it bounces Amy's legs a bit. Her glass jerks forward and spills a bit of champagne on the floor.

"Damn it, Penny! You made me spill some of this wonderful champagne!"

Penelope struggles some more, making her boots squeak between her bonds. She makes zero headway in loosening any of the ropes.

"Now, what to do with you, Penny…what to do?" Amy posits out loud, sipping more champagne. "I've got it! Let's see what's in your duffel bag of tricks! Inquiring minds want to know."

Taking her crossed boots off of Penelope's rock hard ass, Amy gets up from the chair and walks the few steps to Penelope's duffel. Opening it and moving aside Penelope's vest, Amy finds a veritable bag of bondage tricks: a large Ziploc with a bottle of chloroform and some cloths, a roll of duct tape, several more lengths of new coiled white rope, several long silk scarves in different colors, a vibrator AND a double-headed dildo, and some KY Jelly.

"Oh my goodness, Penny! You're a regular Marquise de Sade! Impressive."

"Mmphk yu!"

"Shut it," Amy replies as she grabs the vibrator. "How about a little tit-for-tat, tat-for-tit, whatever we want to call it?"


Amy saunters over to Penelope, and squats gently next to Penelope's face, holding the vibrator, and announces; "Now it's YOUR turn."


Amy looks down the length of Penelope's hogtied body, and finds her best spot. She kneels, with one leg on either side of Penelope, and kneels, resting lightly on Penelope's elbows, facing opposite, that is, toward Penelope's boots. Penelope lies still.

Amy turns on the vibrator and starts to stick it down the back of Penelope's crotch. Penelope, protesting, begins kicking her boots down, to try and move Amy's hands out of the way, and knocks the vibrator out of Amy's hands, onto the barn floor.

"Penelope, you're gonna wish you hadn't done that."

To get Penelope to stop kicking, Amy first loosens the hogtie rope running from Penelope's ankles to her wrists, and then tightens it as much as she can, bringing Penelope's legs tight up against her wrists in a strict hogtie.

Amy then picks the vibrator off the floor, back to Penelope's now-strict-hogtied body and tries again. Penelope can only squirm and writhe as Amy lets the vibrator hum on high, moving it back and forth, in and out, from behind.

"Like it, Penny? How does it feel?" Amy teases.

Feeling Penelope tense up, Amy presses the vibrator hard up against Penelope's sex.

"Mmmph-argh!" Penelope moans through her silk knotted gag, with an orgasm that Amy reckons rocked her.

"Was it good for you, Penny?" Amy taunts.

With Penelope breathing heavy, Amy sits back down on the chair, drops the vibrator on the floor, and pours herself some more champagne. Taking a sip, she quickly remembers that Penelope made her come three times; she wants to even the score.

Noting a nearby pole, Amy grabs some rope out of the duffel, and walks behind Penelope. Amy takes a chair, turns it on its side, and runs the high flat chair back under Penelope-turning her onto her left side in the process-then aligns the chair legs astride the pole, with the bottom rungs touching it. Amy then takes the rope, runs it around Penelope's booted ankle ropes, then behindthe pole, then over to Penelope's elbow ropes. Amy pulls the rope tight and knots it; Penelope now can't roll in any direction, with the chair and the ropes keeping her in place.

"Mmmph mg go!" Penelope cries out, realizing her latest predicament.

Amy leans down toward Penelope's face, and softly announces, "I don't think so. We've got some evening-up to do."

With that comment, Amy moves the side of the chair keeping Penelope in place, and gingerly unbuckles Penelope's belt, letting the heavy ¾-round bronze buckle fall to the barn floor. Amy then unzips Penelope's jodhpurs, a side-zipper on her right side, conveniently on the up-side of her body. Penelope struggles but only succeeds in loosening her jodhpurs more quickly.

"Thanks, Penny! Your squiggling just got you closer to another O," Amy teases, as she moves her right hand into Penelope's panties, towards her sex. She notices plenty of wetness, but just a tuft of pubic hair at the very top.

"What's up, Sinead?! Nice shave!

"Mmphk gyu!"

"Oh, sorry-a spa waxing, probably, the snobby bitch that you are."

Amy, skilled in the art of self-pleasuring from her ugly duckling BowPi days, had never touched another woman's vagina. Kneeling in front of Penelope, Amy noticed her captive's as full, smooth, and lusciously juicy. Quickly finding Penelope's sex, Amy began applying pressure with her left middle finger, around and around, up and down. With her right hand, she reaches toward Penelope's blouse, unbuttons a few buttons, unclasps her front-snap bra, and starts massaging her 36C nipples: first her right, then her left. They get erect quickly; Penelope begins purring into her knotty silk gag, till, in just a few minutes, her muffled orgasmic yell comes out as,

"Mmmmph gd!!"

Amy works it a little more, than stands up, satisfied, and a bit excited herself with the knowledge she could make this gorgeously gagged and hogtied hot blonde writhe in ecstasy two times. Amy ponders for a moment the way she's going to get Penelope to number three.

However, Amy knows she has to get back to campus soon, so she changes her mind about parading Penelope around campus and decides she'll leave her tied up but with a chance of escape-after safely back in her own car of course. Amy goes over to the duffel and finds a pink silk scarf, widens and flattens it, then walks behind the trussed up Penelope, behind the chair, and quickly wraps it around Penelope's eyes, blindfolding her.

""Mmmph!" Penelope protests, but Amy replies,

"Don't worry, sister, this way you won't see me leave."

"Mmmpht gmmmpho!" Penelope pleads, more desperate than defiant.

"'Don't go?'" Don't sweat it; I'll be giving you a better chance than you'd have given m-

-Amy stops talking, hearing footsteps outside. The steps come closer.

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