BowPi the Cowgirl

By Victor Von Doum

(New: Illustrations by Mike Lee)


"Penel-o-peee? You there?" the female voice calls out, walking toward the barn.

Amy ducks behind the swung-in barn door, grabs the gun out of the back of her red belt, and readies it. Penelope, with blouse undone, bra wide open, belt off, and jodhpurs unzipped on the side and partially pulled down, would be not visible from someone looking straight in the barn, but after a few steps in and looking to the right, her helplessly hogtied, gagged, and blindfolded body would certainly make an unexpected sight for her female visitor friend.

The friend walks in, looks left and then right, sees Penelope hogtied on her side, and starts hurrying toward her yelling out, "Oh my God, Penelope!"

"Mmmmo!" Penelope tries to warn her to keep back,

To no avail: "Don't move. Not another step." Amy warns her as the friend moves past the swung-in door on her way to Penelope. "Hands up!"

"What? Who?" asks the woman, clearly shocked. As she puts her hands above her head, Amy moves toward her and sticks the gun in her back, to let her know she's got one.

"Shut up. I'll be asking the questions." Amy recognizes her from the night before. "Heather, isn't it?"

Heather Montgomery, the raven-haired beauty whom Amy had met last night, is wearing a different outfit as well: higher-heeled knee-high black leather boots, light brown suede riding skirt that falls well below the knees, and a royal blue silk blouse. She's wearing her black hair back in double French braids.

Amy knows she has to tie her up too and get out of there: no telling if anyone else would be showing up. She abandons her plan of giving Penelope a chance to escape, knowing now that these two can untie each other once Amy's safely gone.

"All right, hands behind back."

"Noooo, you can't," Heather pleads.

"You see your friend Penelope right there?! I most certainly CAN. And most certainly WILL."
Heather looks at the helpless Penelope.

Pointing to Penelope and her undone blouse and jodhpurs, Amy shifts course and tells Heather, "No back talk. Take a look at your friend and see how she's had her fun."

Heather complies, walks a few steps over and looks at the wetness of Penelope's jodhpurs. Penelope, still hogtied on her side, gagged and blindfolded tight, shifts uncomfortably, unsure of her fate.

"Now come back over here," Amy directs. "Hands behind your back."  

Heather puts her hands behind her back, wrist-to-wrist. Amy reaches down into the nearby duffel and pulls out a length of coiled rope, keeping one eye and the gun on Heather. Amy takes a length of rope and wraps it around Heather's wrists, tying it tightly.

"Ouch, too tight!" Heather protests.

"One more word out of you and I'm gagging you good."

"OK, sorry" Heather replies meekly.

Amy looks around for another place to tie Heather to, spots a step-stool near the front door and another chair, but too far off in the barn.  Amy thinks about tying Heather to the pole that Penelope's chair is still tied around, but doesn't know exactly how to get all the ropes and chair legs not to interfere with each other. She looks around and figures it out.

"On the ground, on your knees." she orders Heather. Heather gets on her knees, with her wrists still tightly tied.

Amy then grabs a length of rope, goes behind Heather, grabs Heather's boots and pulls them behind together, side-by-side. She ties Heather's tall black heeled boots' ankles. Amy then reaches under Heather's suede riding skirt and ties another set of ropes at Heather's lower thigh.

"No, please don't."

"Relax. Keep quiet," Amy warns.

"This floor is gross." Heather protests.

"What did I say about 'another word'?" Amy reaches into the duffel, pulls out a very long navy blue cloth, and starts wrapping it around Heather's head to gag her.


Instantly realizing the length of the navy blue cloth-gag, Amy wraps it once around Heather's head, then twice, tying it tightly in back, with plenty of cloth left over to hang. The thickness of the cloth, double-wrapped, makes a very effective gag for Heather.

Amy then takes more ropes from the duffel and ties ropes around Heather's ample boobs, first on bottom, then on top, tying them tight around Heather's arms above her elbows.

Amy, still behind Heather, moves her riding skirt forward and runs another rope around Heather's boots, just below the boot-tops, then runs that rope from the boot-tops to the wrist-ropes, tying it tightly.

"Mmmph!" Heather gag-yells.

"Sorry. Has to be tight."

Amy then finds another rope in the duffel and runs it from the back of Heather's boob-ropes to the ankle-ropes: a real kneel-down double hog-tie. Realizing how Heather would be better off blindfolded, Amy fishes around in the duffel and finds another silk scarf, coincidentally the exact color of Heather's steel blue blouse. Amy starts to wraps it around Heather's eyes but pauses.

"Hey, at least your blouse and blindfold match, even if you can't see it." Amy jokes.

Knowing Heather now can't go anywhere, Amy looks in Heather's golden brown eyes and tells her, "You won't be comfortable kneeling very long," then takes out the blindfold and wraps it around Heather's eyes, just tight enough. Seeing how relatively compliant Heather has been-compared to Penelope-Amy gently rolls her on her side, lined up, gagged-face-to-gagged-face with Penelope about a foot away. With both women blindfolded, they can't see each other; and both gagged, they cannot speak to each other, only gag-talk. Knowing where Amy placed her, Heather attempts with Penelope.

"Mmenlpph, mmphs me, mmphher!" ("Penelope, it's me, Heather!")
"Mmmphr?" Penelope asks. ("Heather?")

"Shut up you two!" Amy yells, wanting to get out of there and not wanting any distractions.

Ignoring Amy, Heather continues, ""Mmennphr, mmys!" ("Heather, yes!")

"Damn it, Heather, you're starting to piss me off!"

"Mmmph!" Heather replies, irking Amy.

Amy knows she has to get out of there and get back to campus, and quickly realizes a way she can put the girls in a slight pickle for whoever finds them. Behind Heather, Amy unbuttons Heather's blouse below her bra and unclasps the front snap. Heather's perkies appear.
"Mmmph!  Mmmp!" ("No, stop!) Heather gag-yells.

Amy then unzips the side of Heather's skirt, and pulls it down part-way to below her panties.  

"Mmmph!!!" ("Noooo!!")

"Shut up," Amy shoots back, pulling Heather's panties down just a bit.


Amy then picks up the duffel, fumbles inside, and grabs the double-headed dildo. She then grabs the champagne bottle off the floor; pours champagne all over the dildo, then drops the dildo between Penelope and Heather, suggestively right between their open crotches.

"There. Chew on that."

Amy feels her time is running out. She looks at her well-tied prey, checks the revolver still tucked in the back of her belt. She looks around, and seeing nothing else of hers, decides to get out of there. She takes a step toward the barn door, but stops when she hears a man's loud voice, yelling out from well outside the barn, "Hellooooo! Anybody home?"

"Not a fucking word," Amy turns around and warns her two captives in a soft voice.

"Crap!" Amy thinks. She hides behind the barn door, takes her still-wet blue bandanna from her left from pocket and ties it over the lower half of her face, like an outlaw. She fumbles around the duffel for the chloroform and the Ziploc bag of cloths. Soaking the cloth, she re-caps the chloro, puts it back in the duffel, gets up on the step-stool, and takes the gun out from the back of her belt.

The man walks in, peering into the darkness. Hearing a rustle and light murmur of Heather and Penelope, he turns to the right and sees them.

"What the fuck?" the man wonders out loud. He stops dead in his tracks at the sight of the bound, gagged, blindfolded and booted pair of co-eds. He doesn't know, of course, that Amy is standing on the step-stool right behind the swung-in barn door. With him standing right in front of her, at edge of the door, Amy notices he's wearing a baseball cap and a red polo shirt. She takes points her gun at his head and, cocking the hammer with her right hand, advises

"Hands up, dickhead. I said 'hands up!' And don't turn around."

"Ok, ok," he replies, calmly, and he puts his hands up. Amy can only see the back of his baseball cap, still in darkness, and his hands raised up.

"Hold steady. Don't move. You understand?"


Amy readies the chloro cloth but thinks she probably can't overpower him. Exhausted from her ordeal and needing a few seconds to think, she demands,

"Who the fuck are you? Turn around."

The man turns around and sees Amy with her outlaw bandanna on and pointing a revolver at his face.

"Brett? Oh my God!" Amy hadn't recognized the back of Brett's head with the baseball cap on.

"Holy shit, Amy? Is that you?"  He didn't recognize her at first sight with her outlaw-bandanna on.

Amy drops the chloro-cloth to the floor, pulls the bandanna down, and wraps her arms around Brett. Brett gives her a huge embrace back and kisses her deeply on the lips. Her cowgirl hat falls back behind her head while its tie-cord falls around her neck. With Amy on the step stool, she and Brett see each other at eye-level. Amy can't believe it.

After some kissing, Brett turns and points at to the tied-up pair and asks, haltingly, "What the hell happened here?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"Try me."

Just then, the pair hears another car pull up, fast. They duck and both hide behind the barn door. Amy hands Brett's revolver back to him.

"Thanks," he whispers.
"No, thank YOU. It got me out of a huge jam."

The pair keeps quiet and hides behind the door, Brett with the gun at the ready. Penelope and Heather, blindfolded, of course can't see them, and, thinking they may be alone, start straining against their bonds, writhing on the floor in an attempt to find each other, all the while groaning through their gags.

"Mmmmn! Mmmmmn!!"

Amy realizes she can't shut those two up without giving away her and Brett's location behind the barn door, so she just waits, behind Brett, while they both hear the car stop, the doors slam, and what sounds like a couple of people get out. They hear just one set of feet starting to running for the door. Amy looks down and sees the duffel, with the chloro cloth on top. She picks it up.

A man's voice, from just inside the barn door, surveys the situation and shouts out, "What the Sam Hell is going on here?"

Nervously, Brett peeks through the opening of the barn door and the jamb. He recognizes the uninvited guest.



"Holy shit, Jimmy,' Brett exclaims, "How did you know we were here?"

"Brett, man, relax. Stef told me that Amy had come here. More importantly, what the HELL happened to these two?" Jim asks as he points at the Heather and Penelope, mewling into their gags and straining at their bonds.

"Amy…?" Brett turns and queries.

"In a sec," Jim interrupts. "I've got an idea. Wait here." Jim runs out of the barn.

"What do you think he's doing?" Amy asks Brett.

"I don't know. But if I know my cousin, it's something cool."

A few moments later, Jim hurries back in making the universal "shhhh" finger-sign over his mouth, telling Brett and Amy to keep quiet.

A second later, in rush Stef, decked out in the chocolate brown cowgirl boots, jean mini skirt, and a tan-colored sleeveless cotton turtleneck, and Erica, wearing the black pair of kickers, tucked into faded jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and a turquoise-inlaid silver and black leather belt. They see Amy and Stef starts moving toward her but Jim waves her off for a second.

Stef holds in her hands a small item that she'd obviously had in the car. She motions to Jim to come over to her, whispers something in his ear, hands him the small item. Jim then motions everyone to step back.

Jim winks a "thanks" to the new arrivals and reminds them of the "shhh" sign. Amy moves over and hugs Stef, then Erica. Silently, Stef and Erica point at the captive duo on the floor still straining and mmmphing.

When Jim ran out he told Stef and Erica the coast was clear as well as the identities of the tied-up duo. Stef and Erica now have to cover their own mouths to keep from laughing; Amy sees them and joins in the stifled laughter. Brett and Jim smile but find it hard to keep from looking at the bound, blindfolded, and booted semi-dressed smokin' hotties on the ground, with a double-headed dildo between their unzipped fronts and panties partially pulled down.

Jim gives everyone the one-finger-up sign for "one minute." Everyone looks at each other wondering what he's up to.

Hiding the secret item behind his back, Jim and Stef walk around from Penelope's and Heather's bound boot-ends to their blindfold-ends, and checking with Stef for the high sign, Jim removes their blindfolds from both the girls at once.

Stef cries out, "Well, hello, you two! So nice to see you again!"
"Mmmmpht? Mmmphk yu!!" ("What? Fuck you!") Penelope, surprised and furious, yells back into her gag-and blinking too, from the flash of the digital camera that Stef had handed to Jim, with Jim now taking furious pictures of them.

"Mmt mm mmmhk mwy!" ("Get the fuck away!") Heather chimes in.

Jim, impersonating Austin Powers during the closing credits of International Man of Mystery, does his best fashion photographer, keeps taking pictures with the camera, "Yeah, baby, yeah!" and "No, no, no, yes!"

With the entire non-gagged crowd laughing hysterically, Jim takes about 20 pictures from all possible angles, many with their unzipped fronts and the dildo in between, before Stef interrupts. Heather and Penelope squirm and writhe in vain to hide their faces, much less their boobs, from photographer Jim.

"That's probably enough, Jim, for what we need," as she saunters over to the trussed-up pair. "So, you finally got your wish, Penny."

"Mmmmph!"  Penelope gag-screams in protest.

"Yeah, you finally got to get down 'n' dirty with a woman. All tied up too. Too bad Erica and I wouldn't play your lesbo games in high school. Nice equestrienne outfit too, Penny. Looks familiar. Fucking psycho bitch."

"Mmmphk yu!!"

"Sorry, save it for your BFF Heather. That's what the pictures pretty much do in fact show, anyway."

"Mmmmphkn mmitch!!"

"I don't think you'll be spreading any more rumors about me or Erica, like you have been ever since we got to college-or about Amy too, for that matter, calling her a lesbian in high school- not with the evidence WE have here now." Amy holds the camera tauntingly right by Heather and Penelope's faces.

"Come on, every one. Let's leave these two lovebirds alone."

"Mmmph!! Mmmph!!!!!!!!!!!!!" the pair protests and strains against their bonds as the gang starts walking out.

"Toodles!" Amy yells back to the gagged pair. "It's been a slice! You're BOUND to get free at some point!"

"For their sake, I sure hope so. They're in a TIGHT situation!" Jim adds, to Amy's laughter.

"Mmmmmmmph!!" the bound pair yells out several times.

Seeing Penelope's duffel on the barn floor, Amy picks it up, and shouts back to Penelope, "I'm going to confiscate your contraband, Penny! Cool? We wouldn't want you to get into any more situations like this one!"

With everyone laughing, Jim and Stef head toward his car. Those two, plus Erica all walk past Heather's car, which she had parked close to the barn. Wanting to ride back with Brett, Amy hurries toward Brett's jean jacket and yells to the three collegiates to wait. Still holding Penelope's duffel, Amy grabs Brett's jean jacket off the hook, finds Stef's car keys, and hands them to her. Stef then turns to Jim, kisses him. Jim gets in his car and waits for Stef and Erica to follow. Stef makes sure the two high schoolers know their way back. She and Erica head to get in Stef's car and they drive back to campus.

Amy hands the jacket back to Brett, with a "Sure glad you forgot your gun in the pocket."

"Hey, whatever I can do," Brett replies

Brett and Amy walk out and toward Brett's car, closing the barn doors behind them to Heather and Penelope's desperate but muffled pleas, which they ignore. They both hear the parking lot gravel crunch underneath Amy's boots.

Brett takes his keys from his pocket and walks to the passenger side, Brett follows, unlocks and opens Amy's door, then heads to the driver's side. In the meantime, Amy throws Penelope's duffel in the back seat.

Brett starts the car, and then backs up. Pulling out of the gravel parking lot, they see a convertible BMW pulling its way in. The cars slow to a crawl when they approach each other. Amy remembers the car and recognizes the guy as Charles Kent, Penelope's boyfriend from the dance last night.

The driver's side window already down, Amy leans over and yells out to Charles, "Hey Charles, sorry Penelope and Heather didn't get back sooner! They got a bit tied up!!" Amy and Brett crack up to the cheesy humor. A panicked Charles races his car to the barn door.

"Want to stick around for the fireworks?" Brett asks Amy.

"Oh, I'd love to see how freaking pissed Penelope is going to be when Chuckie Boy unties her; for that reason, step on it and let's get the hell out of here!"

"Wings don't fail me now!" Brett replies as he guns it down the two-lane road, back to campus.

Brett turns to Amy and asks, so what DID exactly happen? I mean, how did you get those two tied up? And more importantly, why?"

"Well-," Amy starts, and then stops. "Why don't I tell you tonight? Haven't eaten all day; I'm starving."

"Yeah, sure. I know Jim was planning on some kind of dinner for everyone at one of the local pub places. You can tell everyone then. Uh, if you want, that is."

"I might," Amy replied, smiling, thinking of how much she enjoyed being bound and gagged, "Then again, it might be more fun to give them the Cliff Notes version and save the details for you."

"Yeah," Brett replied, intrigued. "Sounds phenom."

At this point, they are pulling up to the small parking lot in back of Stef's and Erica's sorority. Jim's fraternity house sits just a few blocks away.

Opening the driver's side door, Jim turns to Amy and said, "I'll just head to Jim's fraternity house, shower and see what he's got planned for tonight, then call you."

"Count on it," Amy replied.

Amy reaches in the back seat for Penelope's duffel, picks it up and gets out of the car. The pair walks to the front door. Brett leans in to kiss Amy, who takes his face in her hands. They kiss playfully, with a just little tongue.

"See you in a few," Amy calls out. Jim gives her the finger-gun sign and pulls his thumb trigger. He really likes Amy, and is dying to find out what exactly happened between her, Penelope, and Heather.

Noticing the sorority front door open, Amy walks in and looks around. Stef appears from the downstairs hallway.

"Ames, you made it! Come here, sweetie." Stef hugs her and Amy hugs back. "Want to shower?"


"OK, let's go upstairs. Erica's about to take one already."

Stef and Amy get to the room and notice Erica's clothes already in a pile. They guess she must already be in the shower.

Amy drops Penelope's duffel, sits on Stef's bed and starts taking her dusty, slightly muddy red boots off, then the cowgirl hat, and the bandannas from her neck. She unbuttons her blouse, leaving on her in her ribbed t-shirt and faded jeans, then takes off her red belt and lays it over the footboard. She takes the cell phone from her front pocket where she'd put it after giving the jean jacket back to Brett and puts it on Stef's desk.

Stef comes over and sits on the bed next to Amy.

"What the hell happened, Amy? How did you end up tying up Penelope and Heather-not that those bitches didn't deserve it-and how did they get a double-headed dildo between them? You know, I tried calling you on your cell phone a bunch of times and it went straight to voicemail."

"Crap, did you? Let me check," as Amy picks up her cell phone from the desk and realizes she'd never charged it.

"Stef, it was insane. Stupid cell phone: I forgot I hadn't charged it when I ran out of your sorority house this morning. Yeah, Penelope must have planned the whole thing, what with this bag of tricks of hers and all. But hey, could I tell you all about it after I take a little nap? I'm beat. Won't be in any shape to go out tonight if I don't grab a few Zs first."

"Sure thing, Ames. You look like you could use a little shut-eye."

"Thanks, Stef. Oh, hey, Penelope did say something that really pissed me off that I have to ask you about real quick."

"Sure, what did she say?"

"Promise you won't get mad."

"YOU didn't say it, that bitch Penelope did, so I won't be getting mad at you, Ames."

"OK, here goes. She said she, Erica and you were lesbians in high school and that the reason you and Erica stopped being friends with her was because you two chose each other and not her."

"She said THAT?!"

"Don't get mad. I'm sorry…"

"No surprise that bitch would make up a story like that. Amy, here's the truth: remember my high school boyfriend, Zach?"

"Sure. You guys went out a long time. You lost your virginity to him, you said."

"Virginity, blow jobbity, you name it. He was my first everything." Stef pauses, a bit wistfully. "Well, one night senior year at his house, we watched a movie called "Big Trouble in Little China."

"That's funny; Brett brought it up at the barn dance last night."

"Came out in the mid-80s, yeah. Do you know it?"

"Sure. I've seen it on cable a few times."

"Do you remember the scene where the Suzie Pei, the Chinese bride-to-be gets tied up and gagged on the bed?

"Sure. Then those flying guys come and abduct her through the ceiling. I remember."

"And that other scene, with Kim Cattrall hogtied and gagged on the bed, before Kurt Russell comes and sets her free?"

"THAT'S the scene that Brett talked about, sure."

"Well, Zach and I had just watched that movie in his basement TV room and I thought to myself how fun it'd be to be a damsel in distress, all tied up and gagged like that, so that he could come and rescue me, Figured the role-playing would make the sex great, and it did."

"So what did you do?"

"Zach and I talked about it, and he went into the basement laundry room and found some clothesline. They had a closet in their basement with some old Halloween costumes and masks, so he found a burglar mask and pretended to hide while I went upstairs. When I came back down, I turned a corner, he hand-gagged me and dragged me into their guest bedroom down there, tied me to the bed-posts like Suzee Pai, and gagged me with some bandannas. A few minutes later, he came in as himself and pretended to rescue me. We had phenomenal sex."


"Oh yeah."

"Then what did you do?"

"The sex was so great that we decided to try the other scene from Big Trouble in Little China, where Kim Cattrall gets hogtied. So, the next night I wore an outfit as close as possible to what she wore: jeans, boots, T-shirt, light sweater. Only I didn't have her exact boots, so I wore my black cowgirl ones, and tucked into the jeans."

"How did it work?"

"Unbelievably well. Zach hogtied and gagged me with a thick black cloth-like in the movie-and when I struggled, the boots made a squeaking sound and really turned both of us on."


"Oh yeah. And after he 'rescued' me, he moved the gag from my mouth and put it over my eyes to make a blindfold, so I could give him head. After he finished and I swallowed, he took me from on top the bed, slid me down a bit and put my back on the bed and my boots on the floor-still cross-tied together of course-then undid my jeans, pulled them down to the tops of my boots and went inside me. With my wrists tied together under me, it hurt a little bit, but hearing the boots squeaking, feeling the blindfold, our kissing, and the ropes, it made everything so tight that we both came huge. It was the most intensely erotic experience of my life.

"I had to tell Erica and Penelope what they were missing out on. Erica had a boyfriend at the time, but Penelope was on the rocks with her prep-school asshole named Everett. Erica brought up the idea to her boyfriend and they tried it. Erica thought it was fantastic. When we all talked about it at a sleepover, Penelope just got pissed that she hadn't tried any bondage sex yet.

"So, remember, this all started to happen in early December '94, just after football season. We wanted to try out different bondage fantasy games, but I only had the one pair of black kickers, so I asked for other pairs for Christmas and my birthday, you know, in February '95. Getting the red pair for Christmas was great because I got to play an NFL cheerleader in our sex-games, and with the brown pair, a real ranch-hand cowgirl. With the red pair, Zach played an opposing team football player who kidnapped me, and with the brown pair, a cattle rustler who caught me spying on his illegal operation.

"I only really wore those other pairs for sex with Zach. He tied me up a few times in each of them, and I lent them to Erica a couple times so she could use them too. That's why they have almost no wear on the soles but kind of beat up around the ankles, from the ropes."

"Oh! I get it, now!" Amy exclaims.

"So get this," Stef continues. "Erica had outgrown her own old pair of kickers, so she borrowed my pairs a few times. She tried out bondage fantasy role play with her boyfriend, with great results. Penelope didn't yet have a pair, considering them low-class compared to her equestrienne boots and fashionista boots, she told us. But when her prep-school boyfriend comes home for a weekend, she suggests boot-bondage role play sex to him. He TURNED HER DOWN. 'Too improper,' he said, though personally I actually think that dickhead swung both ways. Penelope gets furious, that any man would refuse her anything, and kicks him out of her house.

"So, frustrated at Erica's and my tales of the great fantasy sex we were having, she calls me up and tells me she's coming over. Dad was in the office on a Saturday and you were out with mom shopping, some early Saturday evening, so I thought she wanted to have a few beers before going to a party.

"I'm home alone and Penelope rings the doorbell. I answer it and she waltzes in, wearing jeans tucked into leather fashion boots--remember, it's March, not too cold but not really warm-and one of her leather jackets, which she unbuttons right away to reveal a tight cream-colored sweater. She's already flustered, and carrying a large plastic drawstring bag with a box inside it.

"She looks at me all serious and says, 'Stef, we need to talk. Mind if we go upstairs to your room?' I say, 'sure,' not knowing why she's all upset. We get to my room and she takes her leather coat off, puts in over one of my chairs and comes up to me, saying, 'I need you to show me something.'

"'Sure, anything. What's up? You look upset." I say.

'I broke up with that prep-school asshole Everett today."

"Why?! I thought he really liked you?!"

"Oh, he did. But he, I dunno…"

"What? What happened?"

"First things first: tell me about your latest sexcapade with Zach."

"'Um, ok, sure,' I start out a bit confused. "'Last night we played cowgirl rustler and sheriff. The time before that, a kidnapped cheerleader. Both very hot. Afterwards he tells me he wants to try me as a snotty equestrienne and him as a poor stable boy. He says he can't wait to see me in those high boots and tight jodhpurs. Too bad I don't have any yet. He says it's his ultimate fantasy. Meanwhile, I'm going to dress as Lori Singer from Footloose and he's going to play a bondage-obsessed Kevin Bacon.'"

"Sounds hot."

"God I hope so. Sex has been, wow, just unbelievable. So tell me about what happened with you and Everett."

"'He wouldn't do bondage role-play with me, the fucker!'"

"What do you mean he wouldn't?"

"He refused! He said it'd be 'improper,' whatever the fuck that means! I told him to get lost. He's GOT to be gay, to refuse ME and an offer like I one I gave him."

"No doubt."

"'Which brings me here, Stef,' Penelope announces as she drops the bag on the ground, undoes the drawstring, takes out and opens the cardboard box, and shows off a brand-new pair of very expensive Lucchese tan and chocolate cowgirl boots."

"'I need you to show me how,' she says."

"'Show you how to WHAT?' I ask, thoroughly confused."

'How to do EVERYTHING,' Penelope replies, as she moves over me-I'm sitting on my bed-having picked up the tops of the pair of boots with her left hand. She sits down next to me and stars rubbing my upper thigh with her right hand.

"'What the fuck are you doing?!' I yell to her, as I jump up and off the bed."

"Come on, Stef. You know it'd be fun.'

"You know what, freakshow, no!" I say to her as I get up from the bed. "Get the fuck out of here!'"

"Fuck you, then, bitch! You and Erica have been flaunting your new sex acts in front of me for weeks now, knowing the entire time I didn't have a boyfriend around to try them on!"

"First of all, you just broke up with dickless today, so you actually DID have a boyfriend. He just happened to be away at snob school, and, as you found out this afternoon, NOT INTERESTED!"

"Then fuck you, slut!' Penelope screamed, and ran down the stairs in tears. I got up and followed her down, watching her slam the front door and drive off."

Amy asks, "So then what happened?"

"Well, right away I called Erica and told her the whole story. She couldn't believe it. I was on the phone with her for maybe an hour. Meanwhile, Penelope goes home, puts on her own full equestrienne outfit-she'd been riiiiiding for years-and goes over to Zach's house. She tells him that for his upcoming 18th birthday, she and I are going to give him a threesome, with her as the opening act, and me as dessert. She told him I was on my way, that'd I be there soon, and that part of the present was for him to tie her up and have her give him head and fuck her, then I'd come over and he'd have to tie me up too before we did him together. Penelope told him that part of the act was for me to come over, and 'act' pissed off, so that he'd have to tie me up to calm me down. "

"Shit, so THAT'S what happened!"

"Yeah: so I go over to Zach's house wearing my best Lori Singer in 'Footloose' outfit, with red boots, jeans, flannel shirt, planning for another role play sex romp, with Zach playing a rope-wielding Kevin Bacon.

"I ring the doorbell a couple of times, and no answer, so I go around to the back door, which they often kept unlocked. It was, so I walked in and called out for Zach. I hear him yell back 'Down here!' from the basement, so I head down there, walk into the guest bedroom, and see Zach fucking the tied-up and gagged Penelope the same way he and I had been fucking each other: with her back on the bed and her cross-tied boots on the floor, arms tied behind her back. I notice she's wearing an equestrienne outfit-the same one she was wearing in the barn today, actually-her jodhpurs all bunched up down by her boot tops. I yell out to Zach, 'what the fuck are you doing?!' I'm, like, in total shock."

"'Cool, you're pissed!' Zach replies. 'Now I've got to tie you up too, Ariel,' using the name of Lori Singer's character from Footloose. He pulls his jeans partially back up, walks toward me with a massive hard-on, reaches over to a pile of rope on the chair and moves toward me. I tell him, 'Get the FUCK away from me, you sick fuck!' and back away, shaking my head in rage.
"I noticed that Penelope was gagged with some bandannas, but I see her looking right at me and laughing through her gag, that playground taunt-laugh: 'Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!'

"Zach at this point knows Penelope set him up and yells, 'Holy shit! You bitch!' to Penelope, but by now I start running back up the basement stairs and out the door. He's not exactly in any position to run, with his jeans at his ankles and his dick at high salute, so I make it out the door and into my car, driving away to see him running out his back door after me.

"I flipped him off and yelled out the window 'Now you can fuck your little riding girl all you want!'

"And that was it. Zach tried calling me a bunch of times, but I wouldn't take his calls. He wrote me a letter explaining the whole story of how Penelope had tricked him."

"Did you believe him?" Amy asks.

"Didn't matter whether she tricked him or not. He cheated on me with my best friend. Plus, he and I were going to different colleges anyway, so it saved having to break up later, before we went away to school."

"Wow, Stef. I had no idea. Why didn't you tell me?"

"It happened just after the end of basketball cheerleading season and I knew I was moving on from that part of life, from my friendship with Penelope, from Zach, and soon from high school. I didn't want to burden you with Penelope's bitchiness. I just let it lie."

"Wow. I'm sorry to hear that's how it ended."

"Me too. At the time anyway."

"Wait, when you walked in on them, you were wearing the red cowgirl boots I wore today?"

"Exactly," Stef replies.

"No WONDER Penelope commented on them!" Amy exclaims.

Amy thinks for a second of a part of Stef's story that doesn't quite add up. "So, Stef, you said that Penelope had come over with a pair of cowgirl boots? Was she wearing them when you kicked her out of our house? I mean, what was the point of her bringing them?"

"I'm sure it was because she had heard Erica and me tell her how much their squeaking sounds turned us on during sex, but I never got the chance to ask her, after she hit on me." Stef pauses, her eyes light up and she smiles. "Ames, wait a second; I just remembered something!"

Stef heads over to her closet, gets on a chair, and reaches for the highest shelf, covered mostly with sweaters and sweat shirts. She reaches behind them, and pulls out a box: $400 Lucchese Boots, size 6-1/2. "Look!"

Amy walks over to Stef, as Stef gets off the chair and opens the box, "Ta-daaaa!" Amy sees the tan-and-chocolate pair of boots, still with wrapping paper in the box and boot-shapers in each boot.

"Are these them?" Amy inquires.

"Yep! I had completely forgotten about them, with their being tucked so far away on that top shelf. Penelope had left them in my room that night after I'd kicked her out, so I brought them down last year to see whether I could give them to one of my sorority sisters. Erica and I didn't want to wear them: karma and all, you know."

Amy looks at her sister, smiling at the discovery.

"Ames, guess what. They're yours."

"Really?!" Amy exclaims, examining the beautiful part of tan and chocolate boots, tall shaft, medium heel, with fancy dark stitching. "Stef, I don't know what to say. They're gorgeous. Thank you."

"Don't thank me, thank Pen…," Stef catches herself, "On second thought, she OWED you. With the pictures in the digital camera, we've got blackmail pictures on her. She won't be hatching any more schemes or spreading any more rumors."

"Wow. That's awesome. Can I try them on?"

"Of course, silly!"

"Cool!" Amy slides the gorgeous expensive boots over her socks and tucks her jeans into them. Brand spanking new, they fit perfectly as Amy takes a few steps around Stef's room. "I love 'em."

"Great, Ames. I'm so happy for you." Now why don't you take a nap before we have to rally and meet up with Jim and Brett tonight at the bars?"

"Good idea, Stef. I'm going to keep these babies on and admire them for a sec." Amy announces as she puts her hands behind her head, then on the pillow, crosses her new booted legs, and lets out a deep sigh, realizing she not only bested Penelope, but got to "borrow" a pair of her boots after all.

BowPi no more, Amy, exhausted from today's adventure, sated but finally awakened, swiftly drifts off to sleep.


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