That evening.

Barbi was out of uniform and into her handcuffs. She had tape over her mouth and looped rope kept both ankles side by side.

íProbably should have tried this with clothes on, yeah next time.í

With her hands cuffed in front, it took four minutes to unlock. And that was with the key there next to her on the bed.

She tried talking with the tape on her lips.

íMum mum Maybe. Yeah itís loose just moving my mouth a few seconds.í

She peeled the tape and tossed it in the wastebasket, untied her legs and lay back on her bed and reached for the phone. She kept a second one in her bedroom so Andy could alert her to all points bulletin reports. Not that she spent much time in bed.

She dialed and while it rang she rubbed the sticky off her lips.

"Hey Toni, itís me. Yeah I was trying the handcuff thing. Not so well. I better try behind the back when someoneís here. Well Wednesday of next week Iím having the new county nurse over. Make up for running off on her when we had that problem last week. Could you be there? Just for fun. No you donít have to bring anything. It may be surprising. Iíll be by the station to check in with you. What do you mean I should ask Cari about how to gag? No Iím not tied up. Iíll see you. Keep Wednesday free. Bye."


Andy had this Friday night and most of Saturday off. Neither he nor Barbi worked much on Sundays. Since Barbi was going fishing next weekend, she wanted Andy to take off this one. Cari was going to help him with the time on his hands.

He parked in front of Cariís house, and strolled with his sack up the sidewalk to her porch. Like a good policeman, he noticed things, her Hawthorne bicycle on its kickstand parked under the Sycamore tree in her front yard, Cari behind her screen door on the front porch. How much her top displayed.

She opened the screen door to let him in.

"Thatís nice ."

"Thanks, Iíll never take it off."


"Well, maybe."

"Weíre grilling in back right?"

"Iíve already ready got it going."

" You should have let me handle it. Howíd you avoid getting charcoal on that white outfit?

"Iím very neat."

"Did you buy that in town?"

"No silly. Itís Frederickís of Hollywood. So you think I should order more from them?"

"How quickís the delivery?"

"Quick. Be quick cooking the steaks, Weíve got other entertainment besides eating," said Cari.

While Andy walked through Cariís living room and kitchen to the back porch door, Cari clacked down her hallway in her white glove Grecian slippers with the scrolled T-back strap to check in the mirror. Of course her hair was great, but Andy had her thinking Ďhuge charcoal stains.í Got to be careful with cotton duck material. She twirled and turned. Her two piece set of short shorts and shortie top looked fine, along with her midriff exposed by the top. Bottom tight, legs great. She better lay off admiring and get that second opinion.

Andy didnít come right out with it. But while he was cooking, eating, and drinking, with a look here and a slight touch there, he was enjoying more then the twelve- ounce steaks.

"Full up?"

"It was great," said Andy.

"Getting dark out here, bugs are moving in. Probably get chewed up when Iím camping with Barbi."

"Just keep covered up."

"No Barbi will do all the fishing, Iíll be sunbathing. Got a new suit."

"Same place you got what youíre wearing?"

"The same. Want to see it?"

"Well I donít want to bother."

"No bother. Can you douse the grill, Iíll be right back."


Carri talked back over her shoulder on the way to her back door.

"Itís not quite right to wear at the city pool, with the kids and all. Iíll be glad to have someplace private."

Andy poured a little water on the grill coals.

Carri stopped halfway in the door, turned and said, "you know Iíve been sunbathing in the nude."

Steam shot up off the fire.

Carri went on inside to her bedroom, shucking her top, her Grecian slippers, shorts, panties, and bra.

"Whereíd I put that?"

She remembered sheíd stashed the bikini in her bathroom, thinking sheíd make a surprise quick change for Andy. Oh well this was going to work out too.

She walked out of her bedroom and bumped into Andy. His arms went around her.

"Hey you youíre supposed to be taking care of that fire. Is it out?"

"Itís starting up again."

"Well youíre the Sheriff, youíre supposed to look out for public safety, Now go on and do your mummph!"

Heíd shut her up with a kiss. He made it a long one.

"Mum. Mum mum. Mummph!"

She pulled his head back.

"I want to show off my bikummph."

She went along with this kiss.

Carri stopped first. "Iím worried about that fire."

"Me too, letís work on it together," said Andy.

Another kiss filled the time.

Then Cari broke away and slid by Andy in the hall.


"Iíve got to get that suit on."


"I have to show it to somebody."

"Youíre showing plenty. Come on Cari."

He had to follow her to the bathroom.

Cari was removing the two pieces of the suit hanging from the shower curtain rod.

"Thatís all of it?"

Cari held the two pieces to herself.

"What you think I canít wear this? Do you think Iím fat?"

"No no no. What I meant was that itís, well itís not necessary for right now. Sun bathing, camping, what ever, Iíll be happy to see you in it. But I know youíre prepared for whatís next. No need to add to it."

"Oh come on, just shoo out and Iíll be ready," said Cari.

Andy took away the swimsuit, laid it back over the shower rod and took one of the towels off the rack and tucked it under his right arm.

"Now youíre going to cover me in a towel."

"Turn around."

Cari looked at Andy then turned her back. He took her wrists and began binding them with the towel.

"Hey whatís the big idea?"

"Youíre under arrest."

"What for?"

"Reufusal to stay naked."

Cari moved her head to look back at him and say.

"This is a frame up."

"Call your lawyer."

"Heís Perry Mason."

"He sure stays busy."

Cari turned her head to the front. She wiggled her arms, surprised how tight the towel was tied. Andy took another one off the rack folded it and held it at both ends.

"Now hereís the deal. You stay naked, Iíll get naked, and no more mention of the word bikini."

"Bikini bkini bikini.

Andy brought the towel from behind Cariís head and pulled it over her mouth.


Andy knotted it behind her black hair while she tried to keep her lips working.

"Mum mu mummph?

He finished the knot and tuned her to face him.

"Now that is the most surprised Iíve ever seen you look."

Cari made loud sounds, but nothing that gave a clue as to what she wanted. Thou the feeling of anger could be detected.

"Letís start where we left off. You were in the bedroom naked, and I was entering there to get the same. Would you lead the way?"

"Muff mum mmerf mum."

"I hope thatís yes. Come on letís go to bed."

Cari moved her head to look around him and at her bikini. Andy cupped her chin in his right hand and moved it back to face him.


Andy cut her off by pressing his right index finger to her lips, or where they should be under the towel. Then he used it to point.


She gave him a narrow-eyed look, then began walking out the bathroom. She stopped in the doorway and looked at Andy. He took another towel off the rack. At that she got wide-eyed. He came toward her and motioned to go around the corner.

Slowly she walked, Andy couldnít resist. He gave a slight pat with his left hand on her bottom.

"Speed up."

This brought more noise from under the towel, but she did pick up the pace.

When they made it to the bedroom, Andy closed the door and said, "sit on the bed and cross your ankles."

Cari made an awkward flop on her bed, and Andy kneeled and tied her ankles with the third towel.

He picked her up as best he could and moved her to the middle of the bed. He sat behind her and tightened the towel tying her wrists, then made the towel gag fit firmer.

He stood up off the bed, looked at her and said, "I just remembered paperwork I have to do at the courthouse."

This brought on more of the narrow-eye look.

"No Iím serious."

Cari made growling noises, she wiggled on her bed.

"Iíll check the fire before I go."

He turned to leave; loud attempts at speech came from the bed. Now Cari had the doe-eyed look.

"Iíll be sure itís out."

He left the bedroom. Cari thrashed on the bed. She got her hands free, reached and untied her ankles, and jumped up and ran. She caught up to him in her living room.

"Whoa, Iím sorry, I wasnít really leaving. You got out of that quick."

He pulled the towel down around her neck.

"Youíre a bully," she said.

"And youíre a tease. You drove me crazy."

"Me or my body?"

"The whole package. Lets take it back in the bedroom."

"You wonít run off and leave me there?"

"No way. But letís get one thing straight."

Andy pulled the towel back up over Cariís mouth.

"Muff," she said.

"No mention of Ďyou know whatí And no clothes for either of us until morning light."

"Muff muff," she said while shaking her head yes.

He untied the towel and let it drop, picked her up in his arms and away they went.

To Be Continued...

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