By Mike Lee



Jane screwed her eyes shut, even though she was pretty sure she wasn’t about to be sliced up like sushi by Todd, the verve with which he referred to the playroom made her nervous. She wasn’t sure she wanted to see. She cracked one eye open and found herself in another room that looked like a musician’s den.

She turned to see him regarding her with a quizzical eyebrow raise.  “What, you were expecting something else?  Sorry to disappoint you.”

Jane shrugged, with the ballgag in place there was little else she could do.  She felt a little saliva trickle out of the corner of her mouth.  She was surprised when Todd gently wiped it away for her.

He ushered her over to a sturdy looking barstool, spun her round until she was facing him and then lifted her onto it.  With her ankles still cuffed together she couldn’t have got up there by herself. 

Jane exhaled noisily through her nostrils as Todd circled her slowly, admiring the view.  “Oh that’s special indeed but before we get started I need to make a couple of adjustments.”

Todd vanished back into the other room and she could hear him rummaging around in his sports bag.  When he returned he was holding a black leather blindfold.  “Have you ever been blindfolded before, Jane?  For games like these it is quite a thrill.  It overloads your other senses to a peak that some people find almost overwhelming.

She tried to dodge her head away but the soft padding of the blindfold moulded itself to her face, rendering her sightless.  Almost immediately she could feel her skin start to tingle.  Everything was amplified, the beat of her heat, the subtle creak of her leather boots, the coarseness of her denim jeans, the clinking of the buckles and chains on her restraints.

She flinched as Todd blew gently in her ear and then she could feel him undoing the ball gag.  He was in no hurry and nibbled softly on the back of her neck as her worked which made her squirm.

When the infernal ball was out of her mouth,  Jane wasted no time in letting Todd know what she thought of him and cut loose with a stream of threats and invective that would have brought a tear to the eye of many a salty sea dog.

“That’s quite a vocabulary you’ve got there.”  He murmured as she paused for breath.  His lips brushed the top of her shoulder.  “Then again for a journalist I shouldn’t be surprised.  Are you done now?”

“Buster, I am just getting started!”  She yelled.  She would have carried on but she was distracted as he pinched her waist and all she could manage was a yelp of surprise.  He chuckled and then went silent.

She cocked her head this way and that trying to guess where he was and flinching occasionally as she imagined his fingers reaching for her.  She wrinkled her nose as she tried to move the blindfold aside but to no avail.

He pinched her above the knee and she shrieked.  “Cut that out!”  She blurted.

“Cut what out?”  He said innocently, pinching her other knee.

He went quiet again she twisted and turned listening for him.  He tickled her ear and she spun round so hard she overbalanced and fell off the stool.

She cringed waiting for the impact but strong hands caught her and she was soon upright again.

“Settle down, Jane.  I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”  He was behind her and resting his hands on her shoulders.  His fingers drifted down her upper arms leaving an unscratchable itch before they suddenly darted into her armpits.

She instinctively clamped her arms to her sides but all this did was trap his hands right where he wanted them and she shrieked and flailed as he tickled her.  “What the hell are you doing?”  She screamed.

“Just a little tickle torture.  Funny how maddening it becomes when you can’t see and can’t free your hands isn’t it?”

Jane pulled at her cuffs, twisting her arms, hoping to create a stretch in the leather so she could get one hand free.  Todd snaked an arm around her slender waist and tickled the smooth skin around her belly button.

“Pull all you want, Jane.  You aren’t getting out of those cuffs until I let you.”  He teased. 

She had fallen back against him again.  “And what would it take for you to let me out of these cuffs.”  She said breathlessly.

He nuzzled her thick red mane of hair whispered in her ear.  “I am open to negotiations.”

“Drop dead!”  She growled.

That seemed to amuse him.  “Good girl, it would be boring if you gave in so easily.”  He worked his fingertips into her underarm again and carried on tickling her.

 “Have you learned your lesson?”  He said.

His fingers teased her ribs and tickled her waist.

“Yes!”  She shrieked.  “Yes, yes, yes!”

He pinched her knees and teased her neck.

“Have you learned your lesson?”  He said.

He stroked her back and darted his fingers under her arms.

“Oh God yes, yes, yes, yes!”  She cried, anything to make it stop.

But he had no intention of stopping. He pinched her knees, tweaked her ribs, blew in her ear and tickled her slender waist.

“Girls who poke their noses where they shouldn’t get poked in return.” He teased, jabbing his fingertips lightly against her sides and making her jump.

She didn’t know how long he kept her on the chair as he tickled her but it felt like hours. Her ribs hurt from laughter and she was exhausted with the constant anticipation of where his fingers would fall next. He was infuriating. He knew just where to touch her and just how. There was nothing she could do but giggle and wriggle and try not to end up on the floor.

“I’m getting a little tired of having to catch you all the time, Jane.” Todd said after she toppled off her stool and into his arms again. “I think the next time I have to catch you I am going to have to impose a penalty.”

She didn’t like the sound of that but before she could retort he started nibbling the side of her neck while tickling her hips. She squealed in anguish and promptly found herself airborne.

Todd chuckled as he caught her. “Anyone would think you wanted to pay a penalty.”

Jane was struggling to catch her breath. “You didn’t really give me much choice did you?”

“Leather or satin, Jane, your boots or your bra. I’ll have one of them but since we are getting on so well I’ll let you choose.”

“What? That’s no kind of choice.”

“Make a choice or I’ll have them both. Either way, I win.” He said, tweaking her nose.

“Fine you pervert, take my damn boots off then and I hope my feet are stinky as hell!”  There was no way she was about to surrender her bra to him.

Todd swept Jane up in his arms and deposited her gently on the pile of bean bags. “Oh I am sure they will be just as fragrant as the rest of you.”

He sat on the backs of her legs facing her feet and removed her ankle cuffs.  His fingers sought the little zipper on her black leather boots and he tugged it down slowly, enjoying the slow chainsaw sound of the metal teeth parting.  He jerked the boot off her foot and then flipped off the little white sock she wore.  He repeated the process with her other foot and then re-cuffed her ankles.

Jane’s pretty pink feet lay before him, her toes bending and flexing nervously.

When he tickled her soles she jerked and wailed as if she was being electrocuted.

“Have you learned your lesson?”  He said.

“Yes!  Please!  Oh God!”  She screamed breathlessly, in between peals of laughter.  She couldn’t believe how agonising this was, she felt completely at his mercy.

Mercifully he stopped and she rested her head against the bean bag.  He got up off her legs and she heard him disappear again.  All she wanted to do was get her breath back but she had a tiny window of opportunity now to free herself.  She lifted her feet back towards her butt and fumbled for the buckles on her ankle cuffs.

“Uh-uh, the cuffs come off when I say so.”  He called out cheerfully.  He grabbed hold of her ankle cuffs and jerked her legs out straight. 

Jane felt herself flipped onto her back and then his weight settled over her thighs.

“Now I gave you the choice of losing your boots or your bra but you were trying to escape just then so I think you just earned yourself another penalty. “  His fingertips traced soft patterns over her flat stomach,  they moved higher and gently squeezed her breasts.  “I think it’s time for you to lose your bra.”


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