By Mike Lee


“What, you’re crazy?”  Jane shouted.  She rubbed her face against her shoulder, trying to dislodge the blindfold.  “There’s no way I am going to just let you do that.”

“There’s not a lot you can do sweetheart although if you don’t stop shrieking at me I am going to have to go and find another gag for you.  Perhaps I could ball up your socks and put them in your mouth with some duct tape to keep it all snug.  What do you think about that?”  He playfully snapped her bra strap.

Jane growled at him through gritted teeth.  “When I get out of this I am going to kick you so hard in nu-“

She was interrupted as his hands deftly felt around her back and undid the clasp of her bra.

“Uh-oh.”  She muttered, then a thought came to her and she saw an opening and put a low seductive edge to her voice.  “Hey, if you take off the cuffs on my wrists, I could take it off myself for you, would you like that.”

“Oh I think I’ve got it covered.”  She could almost picture the grin on his face as the blade of his pocket knife sliced through her shoulder straps.  He pulled the tattered remnants of her bra away and whistled in appreciation.  “Jane, you are absolutely gorgeous.”  He breathed.

Despite her predicament Jane could feel herself blushing at his heartfelt admission.  “Yeah, well, I am still gonna put my foot to your ass when I get out of this.”

“And whose to say I wouldn’t deserve it?  After all, you’ve been falsely imprisoned, tied up, tickled, teased and torment.”  Todd sighed.  “Still, I might as well enjoy this then.”

Jane felt something tickle the bottom of her nose.  She tried to twist her head away but the tickle followed her.  “Oh God, what is that?”  She cried in exasperation.

“The kiss of a feather.”  Todd chuckled.  “I love tying and torturing women but I don’t like to leave marks and these softer methods can be very….effective.”

Jane gasped as another feather trickled down her neck and between her breasts to begin tracing the contours of her chest.  Her breathing quickened as the tip of the feather flickered around her nipples and they stiffened in arousal.

“Um, I think there’s a draft in here.”  Jane said awkwardly.

“Yes, that must be it.”  Todd whispered.  He gave her nipple a soft pinch which made her bit her lip and then the feather resumed its dance.

Jane didn’t like the way this was going, the feelings his attentions were creating were the last thing she expected or wanted.  She let out a little nervous chuckle.  “OK, you proved your point with the feathers, very good.”

Todd whipped the blindfold off her and pulled her up into his arms.  “I think our story is almost at an end, sweet Jane.  Wouldn’t you like to know if it has a happy ending?”

She blinked up at him, dimly aware of the pressure of his chest against her excited nipples.  “What..what do you mean?”  She breathed.

By way of an answer he smiled and lifted her up and carried her over to a large amplifier.  She was too frazzled to resist anymore and watched with a morbid curiosity as he draped a square of silk over the top of the amp and then gently lowered her onto it.  Jane had no idea what was in store next but she could feel the cold surface of the amp case through the silk and against her skin.  The edge of the amp was jammed into the crease of her hips and it was long enough to almost come up to her chin. 

A rope went between the cuffs on her ankles and was tied off to an eye bolt in the floor and then he uncuffed her hands from behind her back, pulled them in front of her and cuffed them again.  Another rope, another eye bolt and Jane was stretched over the top of the amp.

She tested her new bonds and wriggled a little but there was no way she was getting off the amp.  Todd ran his hands down her body and squeezed her slender, supple waist.  “You know Jane, your body looks just like a guitar that needs to be played.  Are you ready for some good vibrations?”  He pinched her butt and wandered away chuckling to himself.

She looked around to see Todd had picked up an electric guitar and was plugging it in.  Beneath her the amp crackled into life.

“Now you’re going to find out why they call me the Axeman.”  He grinned.

Before Jane could say anything his fingers slashed across the strings causing the amp to emit a low, thrumming growl.

“Ooh!”  Jane yelped.  The vibrations pulsed through her chest and her hips.  She suddenly realised why he had put her there and looked up sharply.  “Oh no!”

“Oh yes.  You like Hendrix?  Course you do, everyone likes Hendrix.”  He began to smash out a dirty, bass heavy rendition of Purple Haze with a lot of reverb.

Jane tried to lift herself from the amp as the pulsing and the music began to have quite an effect on her.

“Oh jeez, stop, stop stop!“  She wailed.

Todd’s had a fiendish grin on his face as he hammered his way through the song.  Jane could feel sweat prickling out on her skin and her hips couldn’t help but begin moving in time to the music.  She was breathless by the time he finished but before she had time to recover her wits he launched into Foxy Lady.

Pretty soon, Jane was thrashing against the amp, powerless to fight the effects it was having on her body.  Her thick red hair was a tangled mane and the silk under her body was damp with her body heat.  She had heard of bored housewives pressing themselves up against the washing machine as it went through a spin cycle but she had never imagined what the effects would be.

“Oh God,” she groaned in anguish, “I can’t take any more.”

“Sure you can.”  Todd said.  “I told you this would have a happy ending.

He was halfway through The Ace of Spades when the magic happened

As she slumped down against the amp, breathing hard and shaking she thought her ordeal was finally at an end.  Todd unslung his guitar and came over to check on her.

“You OK there, sweetheart?”  He said stroking her back and smoothing the hair out of her face.

She looked up at him with a dull expression that suggested a severe sense of humour failure was imminent.

“You know what?  I think I got a couple more in me.”

“No please, it’s too much.”  Jane breathed.  But Todd was already picking up his guitar.

Jane pulled at her wrists and ankles, even if she could just roll onto the floor it would be an improvement but Todd had made sure she was going nowhere.

Somewhere towards the end of I wanna be Sedated by The Ramones he hit her with the second climax and then went straight on to drive her to a third which occurred just after the intro to Hush by Deep Purple.  She threw back her head in a long sensual moan and promptly passed out.

Todd put down his guitar and slapped her on the butt and tickled her sides.  “Hey, are you quitting on me already?  Yeah, well I guess you learned some kind of lesson today.”

He undid her cuffs and rolled her onto her back, pausing to admire her.  “Can’t send you home looking like this though.”

Two weeks later Jane sat in Jeb’s, the bar around the corner from the newspaper office.  It was Friday evening and the Saturday edition had just been put to bed.  Jane felt strangely detached from the conversation that evening.  She hadn’t told a soul about her experiences at the hands of Todd but she thought about them almost all day long.

She vaguely remembered passing out on his amp and the next thing she knew she was waking up in her own bed wearing her panties and an oversized Ramones T-shirt - a gift from her curious captor.  Her jeans, boots, bag and belongings were arranged in a neat a pile on the floor.

She excused herself from the post work drinks.

“What’s the matter, Jane, not feeling so hot today?”  Asked Kristin, her friend who did the restaurant reviews.

“Just feeling a bit zonked today.  I thought I’d get an early night.”

“OK, girl, you be good.”  Kristin said, raising her glass.

Jane walked to her car and drove home.  She looked down at her wrists as she drove.  She could remember the feel of ropes and bindings encircling her body and the memory was almost physical, as if they were still there.  She remembered

She gave herself a metaphorical slap around the head.  “Get a grip, Woodstone.  It wasn’t that big of a deal.”

She got home, booted up her laptop and checked her email.  There were the usual messages there from friends and family as well an offer for 2 for 1 from a local pizzeria which she filed away for later.  Her attention was taken by the last new email in her inbox.

The sender’s email was DforDomination and the message heading was ‘Have you learned your lesson yet?’  The little paperclip icon told her there was a movie file attached to the email.

Jane’s heart began to beat faster and she felt the short hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.  When the download had finished she opened it and saw an HD image of herself, trussed up in Todd’s basement.  The clip wasn’t long, only a minute or so, but Jane didn’t breathe throughout its running time.

She was trussed up, then stripped or her shirt and finally, she was wriggling on top of Todd’s amp.

Her cellphone rang and she nearly jumped out of her skin.

“Hello,” she said in a dull tone.

At the other end of the line Todd said, “Hi Jane, did you like the highlights clip I sent you?”

“What the hell are you playing at?”  Jane blurted.  “You can’t do that to me!”

“I can and I did.  Believe me, there’s a lot more footage than that floating about.”

Jane was hit by a wave of panic at thought of the footage being made public.”

Todd chuckled.  “Call it a little insurance policy.  You keep your nose out of affairs that don’t concern you and your bondage movie debut will never see the light of day.”

Jane sighed.  She knew she was well beaten.  “I don’t suppose you’d consider deleting all that footage would you.”

Todd chuckled.  “Not a chance sweetheart, it’s one of my personal favourites.  Do we have a deal.”

“Looks like you’ve got me over a barrel.”  Jane grumbled.

“Damn, now there’s a thought.”  Todd said with more than casual interest.

“Fine fine, we have a deal.”  Jane said in annoyance.

“Alright then, I will wish you a pleasant evening and be on my way.  Places to go, people to see, women to tie up.  You know how it goes.”

Jane hung up on a chuckling Todd and growled in frustration.  She hated being beaten like that but she couldn’t risk that footage being made public either.

She slumped back in her chair and ran her hands through her hair.  “How I do get into these situations?  Maybe I should ask for a transfer to Homes and Gardens instead.  Nope, I’d probably still find a way to get kidnapped and tied up.  It’s the living end!”


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