The Adventures of Anne and Vicky

This one needs a bit of introduction:

A couple of online friends of mine, Anne and Vicky, did some cyber-roleplay a while back. It was your typical "Roommate's Revenge" type story, with Vicky tying Anne up, then Anne escaping and tying Vicky.

Once they got to that point, they wanted to have the story continue, but with both of them tied together. Well, Vicky suggested that the person to do this would be a rather wild friend of hers named Denise, who she unfortunately hadn't seen in a few years.

Both ladies being (blush) fans of mine, Anne suggested that they send me an outline of the story up to where their roleplay had ended, and let me write something to pick it up from there: wouldn't be "real time," but I figured I could spring a few surprises on them. They each outlined some specific elements they'd like to see in the story, and I took it from there.

They've each suggested that I post the story, and though I was reluctant (after all, what they found specifically exciting might not work as well for other readers; plus, not everyone gets into that second-person "you did this" sort of narrative), I decided to go ahead and share it, since I had so much fun writing it. There's a couple of references to things from their earlier roleplay that don't actually figure into this part of the story, but I don't think it should be too confusing.

I actually wrote two versions, one from Vicky's perspective, and one from Anne's. Personally, I think Vicky's came out better (in fact, I never completely finished Anne's), so that's the one I'm posting.

Part One

As we pick up from where they left off, Anne has just finished tying Vicky spreadeagle on the bed, gagging her with panties and scarf.
She's an amateur.

You pull against the knotted scarves holding your wrists to the head of the bed. With your legs fastened similarly, you try to arch your head enough to see the bonds clearly, but it's hard from this position. It's not the first time someone has tied you up, but before it was always just little games, nothing "serious"-- certainly nothing like what you just gave to Anne. And, now, unless you can get free, she's obviously planning a bit of payback.

It's clear that Anne doesn't have a lot of experience with tying roommates to the bed. All you need is five minutes alone, and you're sure you'll free yourself, and then you'll show her just what being tied and tormented is all about. If you can just...

"Well, Missy, I guess we know who's 'Boss' around here, now!" The damn little minx! She's smiling down at you, now, her green eyes sparkling with the promise of mischief. She gives a toss of her head, the waist-length curtain of chestnut hair swinging as she turns to pick up her discarded blouse. She shrugs it on, grinning, "The bra can wait. I might find something 'creative' to do with it!"

Anne leans down next to you on the bed. She sees your hands wiggling in the bonds, and playfully slaps at them.

"Stop that! You're going to stay right where I put you." For the time being, you obey. You'll watch for your chance...

"Now, let's see..." Anne leans over you, and you gasp involuntarily into your gag as her silky hair washes across your naked belly. "I seem to recall something about showing photos of me." Anne leans her head on her hand, now, grinning into your face as you growl at her around the panties stuffed in your mouth. "I suppose I could take a few pictures of you like this, "she runs a finger around the gag creasing your cheek, as you flail your head furiously, "but, you know what... I've got a better idea." She bounces up off the bed, and heads for the kitchen.

Now, Now's your chance. Your muscles strain as you try to get enough slack to allow your fingers to get to the knots. You hear Anne's voice from the kitchen, but pay no attention to that-it doesn't matter what she's up to, if you can just get...

"Naughty, naughty!" the grinning harpy is back, standing in the doorway with the phone in her hand. Damn. Did she call someone to come over? You're not even close to being free, yet, as she sets the phone down, and merrily checks your bonds, tightening them again. Not too badly, though; if she'd just take her eyes off you for a few--

What's that? You hear a thumping, and realize that it's someone knocking on the door. Rescue! Of course, it would be embarrassing for anyone to see you like this, but it's worth a try, and you take a breath, ready to shriek as loudly as the gag will allow... when you look at Anne's face. She's not startled by this; if anything, her grin has got bigger.

"Well, what do you know?" she giggles, "We've got company."

Oh, for God's sake! The silly bitch has decided to embarrass you by inviting someone over to see your predicament.

Anne hops up from the bed, her breasts bouncing under the loosely-fastened blouse. "I guess I'll just go see who that is," she giggles, and flounces out.

Her bare feet patter quietly on the floor as she heads for the door; the sound comes of the door opening, and Anne greeting someone, but you're not paying attention: at this point, getting free is the only thing on your mind. To be displayed like this in front of anyone else would be too humiliating for words! Perspiration makes your fingers slippery, and you realize that there's simply not enough time, as you see the door to the bedroom open.

"Here she is," Anne's voice is annoyingly perky as she addresses the unseen visitor. "Guess she bit off more than she could chew--so now she's chewing on her own panties!"

Anne dissolves into a fit of giggles, but you scarcely notice; all your attention is fixed on the figure you can see behind her, looking down at you from behind Anne's shoulder: Denise!

----Oh, God, Anne, you stupid cow!----, you want to shriek at her. ----How could you be so... so... well, STUPID?---- Even if you weren't gagged, words would fail you at this point. Of all the people Anne could have called, out of the dozens of names in your phone book, she chose Denise!

Denise. How many times did you have that conversation with Denise: "No, Denise, I really don't feel like trying something 'a little kinky'. No, Denise, you are NOT going to tie me up. No, Denise, I DON'T think it would get me 'all hot and bothered', as you put it." Of course, there was always just a hint of doubt--could there actually be something in what she was saying?--but in the end, you always resisted her "invitations". And always, Denise would shrug, and says "Well, maybe someday." And now, as she looks past Anne's shoulder, and catches her first glimpse of you on the bed, naked, bound and gagged, she beams with delighted surprise, like a child at Christmas.

Anne is prattling on, looking down at you, some idiocy about how you'd greet Denise, but you're "all tied up" right now. Neither you or Denise, though, is even listening. Instead, Denise is looking you straight in the eyes, her smile growing broader. Slowly, she licks her lips as her eyes traverse your helpless form; then she gives you a broad wink, and you know you're doomed. No point in even trying to free yourself--Anne would simply tie your bonds more tightly.

Anne. Denise's attention has shifted now, from you to your new roommate. You can see Denise's cool gaze running up and down the back of Anne's trim form, dressed only in the panties and loosely-buttoned blouse; it's like watching some great feline predator on The Discovery Channel, as they take their time, hungrily sizing up their prey. Denise's hands are out of your line of vision, but she seems to be quietly rummaging in the pile of scarves, cords, underwear, and such, that you had used on Anne. And now, Denise has closed the space between herself and Anne; your eyes grow bigger over the gag, but Anne doesn't even register your alarm. Instead, she feels Denise's finger running along the inside of her blouse's collar.

"What?--I--oooooo," The stupid little twit is actually enjoying the sensation! For just a moment, Denise's fingers linger at the back of Anne's neck; then, suddenly, she has seized the collar of Anne's blouse, and yanked it back and down, scattering buttons.

"Denise! What--hey?!?!" Anne tries to turn to face Denise, but her blouse has been twisted tightly, pinning her arms together. "Denise, let go--uuugghhnn!!" From behind, Denise uses her grip on Anne's arms to lift her off her feet, and she throws her, bouncing, face-down on the bed, beside you.

"Let go!!!" Anne is flailing her head, trying to see, but her long hair is a tent around her face, now, as Denise presses her down on the bed. Denise has picked up what looks like a bathrobe tie. She has pulled Anne's hands close together behind her, and is wrapping the thin terrycloth around Anne's crossed wrists, knotting them tightly together. The blouse dangles crazily about her arms, but Denise takes it again, and twists it tightly enough that Anne's elbows are nearly meeting behind her back, before she knots it firmly in place.

"OOOwwww!!" Anne squirms on the bed, but Denise is right next to her on the bed, one knee in the small of her back as she finishes binding Anne's arms.

"Just hold still, sweetie," Denise purrs at her. "You're only making this harder on yourself!" Anne's screams are partially muffled by the fact that she can barely raise her head from the bed, and her face is half buried in the thick bedspread and the mane of hair that cascades around her.

Denise doesn't slow down. She has corralled Anne's madly flailing legs, and has slid her panties off. Denise is now proceeding to use a pair of nylons: the first binds Anne's crossed ankles together; the other is tied just above her knees, immobilizing her legs. One of the long scarves is then passed between her bound ankles and tied off against your right ankle; now, Anne can't even try and roll off the bed.

While Denise is busy trussing your roommate, you really ought to be using the time to make one last attempt to get free. But you can't. Despite yourself, you can't help watching; watching as Denise reduces the lovely Anne to a squirming, naked parcel on the bed beside you. You can't help the fact that the sight of your delicious roommate helplessly tied there is bringing a warm stirring in your loins. Nor can you escape the fact that your body is breaking out in goosebumps at the thought that you, too, will soon be helpless in Denise's hands.

"I understand that all this started over an argument about underwear!" Denise is standing next to the bed, now, grinning down at the helplessly writhing Anne; you can see that she holds Anne's panties in one hand. "But there's no need to argue, now-you each get a pair!"

"NNOOOOOO!" Anne tries to twist her face away, but her pathetic attempts only elicit a giggle from Denise. The grinning captoress leans down next to Anne, and rakes the mass of hair back from Anne's face.

"Anyone in there?" she snickers. Denise tightens her grip in Anne's hair, and forces the lovely mouth open, stuffing the panties deeply between her teeth and into her mouth.

"UUUnnggghhh!" As Denise forces a scarf between Anne's teeth, and yanks it hard against the corners of her mouth, you realize that you've heard Anne's last coherent words for a while: that, from now on, the only sounds Anne will be making are the helpless mewings and moanings she is making now. You're startled to realize, though, how much you're enjoying those sounds. You twist in your bonds, trying to rub yourself as you grow warm and breathless at the sight of the scarf being tied over your roommate's shining hair, her mouth distended by the gag.

Denise releases Anne's head, now, and the captive slumps down to the bed. For a moment, you take a wonderfully guilty pleasure in the sight of the naked Anne tugging uselessly at her bonds. That lasts only a moment, though, because Denise has now turned her attention... to you.

"Vicky." She purrs your name, seeming to savor its very taste. Satisfied that Anne isn't going anywhere, Denise gives a tug at the bonds holding you, tightening them just a bit, and kneels next to your side of the bed.

"Oh, Vicky," she repeats, running a finger slowly up the inside of your left thigh. "You never told me your new roommate was so pretty." You gasp into your gag at her touch. "Such soft skin, all that nice hair... Yummmm." Now, she is gently dragging her long fingernails over your naked belly, and you begin to moan helplessly into your stuffed mouth. She leans over you, now, her silky strawberry-blond tresses dancing lightly over your astonishingly-erect nipples. "Were you going to keep her all to yourself? I thought friends shared with each other." Now, her hand is slowly making its way down your belly, and between your legs. It feels too good-- you buck and try and pull back from her touch; if she were to feel you trying to masturbate against her hand, the humiliation would be more than you could bear.

Abruptly, the hand leaves as Denise stands up. "Well, that's OK," she continues. "I guess I'll have to teach both of you girls just what fun sharing can be!" She disappears from your view for a moment, and you sneak a look at Anne, still struggling futilely next to you. Shameful as it is to admit it, your bound hands are itching to reach out and take hold of the lovely prisoner lying so temptingly close to you.

"Uuunnggghhh!!" Your contemplation of your bound roommate is interrupted as you feel Denise cinch something around the scarves tying your wrists to the bed. There is no more give in the bonds, now; any chance of freedom you might have had is gone. Before you can even decide if you want to resist or not, Denise secures your ankles the same way, eliciting another gagged moan from you.

"That's right, Vicky," she giggles. "Make all the noise you can, now. Before long, I'll find something else for you to do with your mouth."

Denise has untied Anne's bound ankles from your own, and with her wiry strength she flips the helpless girl to her back, and lies her next to you on the bed, her head resting against your arm. Side by side, now, you both look up anxiously at the lovely witch who smirks down at you. Hands on hips, Denise addresses her "captive audience".

"You know, you two girls sure look like you've been having fun, here." You feel Anne squirm, her hair soft against your skin.

"Just one thing, though-from what I can see, you BOTH need lessons in tying someone up. After all, Vicky, Anne got loose without too much trouble, and I know you'd have got yourself free if I hadn't shown up." She purses her lips. "Sloppy, sloppy. Well, girls, no worries now. No one gets loose, anymore. Denise is here. And do you know what that means?" Her face is inches from yours, her breath hot against your cheek. "It means that Amateur Night... is over!" Her hands lightly brush over your groin, and Anne's, and she laughs at the helpless moans that produces. "When I tie a girl," Denise continues to gloat over you, "she stays tied!" She touches the scarf in your mouth, the scent of your shameful arousal pungent on her fingers. "And gagged." You close your eyes, now, and realize that your position is hopeless: no matter how you try to fight it, your body is going to betray you... and Denise knows it.

"Now, girls, " Denise continues, "I'm going to pop down to my car, and get a few things that we can use, here. In the meantime," she lifts Anne up, now, and lays her bound form on top of you. With Anne's hands tied behind her back, and yours tied above your head, neither of you can do anything as Denise fits your naked forms against each other.

The sensations flooding your body are indescribable: Anne's nipples have hardened like yours, and you're startled to realize that your roommate is sharing with you the humiliating sensation of being desperately turned-on at Denise's handling of her. Her body is slick with sweat from her struggles, and you groan in helpless ecstasy as you feel Denise fasten some cord to the twisted blouse that binds her arms, and pull her hard up against your helpless form. The cord is passed beneath your straining body, and tied again to Anne's arms. Anne is shorter than you are, and Denise nestles her up against you with the top of her head beside your cheek; Anne's breasts rest just under yours, the tops of her breasts hot against the bottom of yours.And as for heat--you can feel Anne's pussy practically glowing as she is fastened to your naked form.

Denise gives a pat to Anne's raised ass, and blows a kiss at you. "Don't go away, ladies. I'll be right back," she smiles as she leaves the room.

The nerves in your skin are nearly overloaded with sensations: Anne's glistening skin against yours, her silky hair trailing across the two of you; you feel the wetness as she begins to drool around the gag in her mouth, and the saliva trickles on your arm. Your nostrils fill with the heat coming off the top of her head and the scent of arousal that emanates from two naked women, bound, gagged, and helpless, as they await the pleasure of the woman who has captured them.


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