The Student Astronomer

by Mel

Who would have thought that in 1958 women would still be regarded as inferior beings? Yet here was Jane, someone with stellar (excuse the pun) qualifications in astronomy, facing opposition to being allowed to study for a PhD in astrophysics. "No girl has ever done that in this university." Well, someone has to be the first. "There’s no women’s toilet in the observatory." If she's alone there all night, what’s the problem with using the toilet? "It’s not safe for a girl to be left alone all night in the observatory." What can go wrong? Do they think she would smash the telescope or something? Fortunately for Jane, her family had donated a fortune to the college over the years, so they could put pressure on it to accept her.

Well into her second year of research, Jane was making good progress. Being a stunningly beautiful blonde with a great figure, she was also popular with the mathematics and physics undergraduates (nearly all male). Some had a crush on her. More seriously, they often turned to her for advice if they didn’t understand something, finding her more helpful and patient than many of the lecturers. But some of the students were taking unfair advantage of her, more or less demanding that she should do their homework for them, and they got quite indignant when she refused. Apart from the fact that this would be quite improper, it was taking up far too much of her time. A particularly persistent student was named Brad. He thought that he was entitled to whatever he wanted because his father had made donations to the college, though scarcely on the same scale as Jane's family. He came to her nearly every day, and eventually she told him that she would not help him any longer. He stormed out of her room, furious.

Ah well, she had to get on with her researches. She knew that the coming night should be particularly good for observations. The Moon would be new so it wouldn’t interfere, and the forecast was for cloudless skies. By 10pm, she was well into her observing session.

Meanwhile, Brad was in his dorm room, fuming. "How could Jane tell me no? She is smart enough to know all the answers and everyone knows she is only here until she can find a man. With her looks, that will not take long. I need those answers or I am going to fail. That stuck-up bitch!" Sitting on his bed, he decided on his revenge. He found a phone and mase a quick call to a girl called Mary. She fancied a guy called David. Brad knew that David had no interest in Mary. However, like many others, he really fancied Jane. It was not Jane's fault; she had done nothing to encourage him. But Mary, unreasonably, blamed Jane for David not returning her attention. Brad could use that to his advantage. "You still want to get some revenge on that Jane girl in the astrophysics group for pinching your boyfriend? ... really ... good. I have a plan...."

He packed a duffle bag with what he would need, and wearing an all-black outfit he met up with Mary and her friend Stacy who wanted to come along. They went to the observatory and let themselves in. They knew that Jane would be the only person in the observatory. They went into the observing room, and saw Jane intent on her work, crouched by the telescope.

This object that she was trying to photograph was so faint that she had to expose the photo for an hour. The 19th century machinery that rotated the telescope to track an object as it moved across the sky made quite a lot of noise. It was also not very accurate, so she constantly had to monitor the image through the finder-scope attached to the telescope so that she could correct the position of the telescope if the image started to drift. With the telescope in the position it was in, she was sitting on a chair, bent over to look into the eyepiece of the finder-scope. She was totally absorbed, watching the image and occasionally twiddling the big brass knobs that made slight adjustments to the telescope’s motion.

As Brad saw Jane by the telescope, not knowing what was about to happen, he turned to the girls and murmured, "Now remember, we keep our masks on and we are going to just tie her up and teach her a lesson. If we keep her in here, she will be found by the department head in the morning."

Mary smiled. "Yes, that will teach her to steal David from me." Stacy just nodded her head. Brad pulled on a black ski mask so only his eyes could be seen, and he motioned for the two girls to do the same. He then walked up to Jane; the sound of the telescope drive drowned out any sounds he made. He jumped out in front of her and yelled out, "Hello!" Startled, Jane sat up. The two girls moved behind her and attacked, each grabbing an arm and pulling it behind her.

Jane yelled, but immediately realised that it was futile as nobody would be within earshot of the observatory so late at night. But before she could shut her mouth, Brad shoved a sponge into her mouth and then quickly wrapped a stocking around her head, pulling it tight and tying a double knot over her mouth. She was effectively gagged. However hard she writhed and struggled, she could not free her arms from the girls' grip. Jane kicked out, but Brad had moved out of range. He moved behind her and she could feel something cold snap around her wrists as he handcuffed her.

The two girls grabbed the handcuffs and fastened them to the rung at the back of the chair. Then they pulled Jane's coat off her shoulders. The handcuffs kept it from coming off her arms, but Mary took some scissors and cut the sleeves, then threw it on the floor. Jane, furious, tried to kick and get her arms free. Brad was too far away for her kick to do anything, but it made her skirt slide up her legs, showing off the tops of her stockings.

Next, they took Jane's ankles and bound them to the front legs of the chair. They removed her shoes. They pushed up her skirt, revealing her white cotton panties. She could see that the masked man was enjoying the view. She was terrified now; since she was booked to use the telescope all night, she knew that nobody would come until tomorrow morning. There was no possible way to make enough noise to attract anyone's attention.

Brad ran his hands up Jane's stockinged legs as she squirmed helplessly. She wanted to shout at him, but she knew that it would be futile and doubtless would just amuse him. His hands passed her knees, then stopped. She was relieved, having assumed that he would go up to her panties. However, her relief was short-lived as he started to massage her breasts. Pulling her blouse out of her skirt, he pulled off the buttons one by one, and pulled the blouse aside to reveal her bra. Jane thought that she would die of shame. Then she thought how fortunate it was that she was wearing plain ordinary underwear. How would he react, she wondered, if he saw her fancy lacy black satin bra and panties?

Mary cut the blouse to pieces and they fell to the floor. She then grabbed the bra between the cups and pulled it out. She cut the bra there and then cut the shoulder straps. The remains of the bra fell to the floor. She went to Brad's bag and returned with a length of thin rope. She looped it around the base of Jane's breasts, doing a figure eight a few times around and pulled it tight, making Jane's breasts swell and stick out. The cold air and the bondage made her nipples go hard. Stacy bent over and bit Jane's right nipple. Mary then bit Jane's left nipple. This made Jane squawk into her gag. They both bit the nipples a few times and then both started to suck on the nipples as Brad watched gleefully. Jane moaned, whether in agony or pleasure was impossible to tell.

Brad ran his fingers over Jane's panties. He looped one finger around the front of the panties, pulling the cotton material to give her a wedgie. After doing that for a bit, he used the scissors to cut away the panties, exposing her pussy. He cut off the skirt, leaving Jane naked apart from her stockings. He wrapped a scarf around her head, blindfolding her.

Mary released the handcuffs from the chair. They made Jane stand up, although her ankles were still bound to the chair and her arms were behind her. Brad held her firmly. Mary took out a butt plug. She sucked it to get it wet, then pushed it into Jane's bottom. It stretched Jane out until she yelled into her gag. They made Jane sit down again; the butt plug made this uncomfortable. They re-attached the handcuffs to the chair. Rope went around the chair back and Jane's body, above and below her breasts, pinning her firmly to the chair.

Stacy took out a box that had a plug wires. She put the box next to the chair and pushed the plug into Jane's pussy. Mary wrapped rope around Jane's elbows and pushed the elbows closer then tightened the rope. Eventually, she got the elbows to touch and tightened the rope again to keep them there. That made Jane's breasts stand out even more. Stacy braided a rope into Jane's hair and pulled it back, tying it off to the elbow bonds, holding Jane's head tilted back. Brad pressed a switch on the box, sending electrical impulses surging through Jane's inmost core.

With that, the three went out, leaving Jane alone, helpless, gagged and blindfolded, and with the electric current stimulating her to orgasm. She had no way of knowing how long she sat there in the darkness, experiencing orgasm after orgasm until she lost count.

Eventually, she heard footsteps and voices. "What the hell? Get her loose and call a doctor." It was her supervisor and two other professors. It’s such a relief to be released. "What happened, Jane? Who did this?" asked her supervisor. Weakly, she explained.

"I think I can guess who did it," said another professor. "Though we'll have to prove it. He thinks he’s the great I am because his father has given us some money. But fancy picking on a relative of the college’s biggest benefactors."

"It’s what I always said," said the third professor. "We should never have allowed a girl to be in the observatory all night on her own. It’s far too dangerous."

"That’s easily fixed," said her supervisor. "I’ll just have to be with her."

"I’ll take turns with you if necessary," said the second professor. "Don't worry, Jane. We'll catch the perpetrators and make sure you get your doctorate."

The End

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