by Arthur

translated by Gillian B

Chapter 1

NOTE FROM JEB: The four chapters of this story that we have here appear to be all that was originally posted, so it ends in an unfinished (though highly enjoyable) state.

"Just for once, I would like to have an evening to myself," said the Director to herself as she heard the door intercom buzz. A click on the remote control and the face of her intrusive caller appeared on the monitor. "Li-Anne!" she said, somewhat relieved to see the slender outline of her pretty Chinese-American assistant.

"I'll switch off the alarm and you can come in," she told her visitor.

Having shut off the alarm, the Director stood in front of the mirror and tidied her red hair, disheveled from being sprawled in front of the television. She looked good in her short cotton dress, snugly fitted at the waistline and showing off her shoulders and slender but firmly muscled arms.

Another button on the remote control allowed Li-Anne to pass through the reinforced door into the apartment. The young woman was dressed entirely in black leather: trousers, knee-length boots, a tight jacket and gloves. "Wearing battledress Li-Anne?" asked the Director in surprise, not that she would have entrusted a mission to this particular special agent.

Li-Anne looked worried. She spoke hurriedly, "I must explain quickly, Ma'am. I have accomplices waiting for me in a van outside."

"Accomplices?" repeated the Director with raised eyebrows.

"Accomplices. Not mine, but my twin sister's"

The Director's expression was increasingly astonished, so Li-Anne explained further, "I don't have a true twin sister, only a half-sister. I have not seen her for years and because of that, I did not really expect to see her again." The Director stared at the young woman, getting a little irritated by the length of the preamble to her story. "Get to the point," she seemed to be saying. Her wish was granted.

"I was kidnapped!"

"How did that happen?"

"Yesterday, while I was going back to my apartment, in the underground car park. I parked my car. There was a hand over my mouth. They must have used chloroform. It was horrible when I woke up. I was in a sort of dungeon, tied up tighter than I ever had been before. I was on the ground on my front, hands tied behind my back. My elbows tied too, almost touching. My ankles were crossed, folded back against my bottom and tied to my wrists. Another rope bound my toes and pulled them towards a strap jammed between my lips. The strap held a piece of cloth in my mouth with an unpleasant bitter taste. You can imagine how I felt when I woke up. And I forgot to say I was almost naked in that dank dungeon. The kidnappers had left me in just my panties. I was glad they had at least left me those; there was a rope (another one!) tight around my waist and the end went between my thighs and was tied to my wrists. Every time I moved my hands it was torture as my crotch was split in two by the rope.

"Split? Surely she exaggerates..." thought the Director, wishing just a little that she could have enjoyed the sight of the beautiful Li-Anne, half-naked, in her desperate plight.

"I was like that for an eternity... for hours anyway until at last the door opened. I recognised my half-sister Mariko, all dressed in leather. Just for a moment I hoped she had come to set me free. I was quickly disappointed; her first words were to taunt me. She asked whether I enjoyed her taste in my mouth. Do you realise, I had been gagged with my own sister's panties?!?

The Director understood perfectly. She nodded her head sympathetically as her assistant spoke, but her thoughts were much less sympathetic...

Li-Anne continued, "After watching me for a long time, Mariko finally removed my gag. I won't bother with all the details because we're in a hurry... The important point is that she told me she worked for a criminal organisation whose main objective I still don't know. On the other hand, I did get an explanation for my abduction; they wanted to make use of our resemblance to each other by putting me out of action and sending my sister here posing as me."

"But why?" the Director asked, puzzled.

"To kidnap you!" exclaimed Li-Anne loudly. "But why?" repeated the director.

"I don't know; Mariko didn't tell me that."

The Director raised her eyebrows, "But how is it that you are here and not this unpleasant sister of yours? You should still be tied up in a dungeon..."

"...from which I escaped!"

"Tell me how!" demanded the Director, suspiciously.

Li-Anne continued her explanation, talking even faster, "Mariko had already taken my gag off. I complained that my bonds were too tight. Mariko knew that; she had tied me up herself. She only agreed to give me a little respite for a few minutes. She released the rope which was bruising me between my legs and the one which pulled my wrists so far my fingers could touch my heels! I asked her to free my legs, which were very stiff, for a while but would only rub them. That was enough; as soon as the circulation returned to my legs, I surprised her by kicking her in the chest with both feet. Then I clamped her neck between my knees and squeezed hard until she lost consciousness. With my hands still tied, I searched through all the pockets in her leather outfit until I found a clasp knife. After that it was child's play to free myself. I stripped her and slipped on her clothes before tying her up in exactly the way I had been. I was able to go before the head of the organisation and be mistaken for Mariko..."

"You identified the head? Who is it?"

"No, she interviewed me in a big room lit by a single lamp which was shining right at me. I was only able to make out the silhouette of a large woman... I think she had her hair in a bun."

"She discussed my abduction with you?"

"Yes, the plan seemed to have been worked out already and she was just giving me the final instructions. Fortunately, Mariko had already explained some of it to me; I was to pretend to be... me... in order to get into your stronghold and neutralise you."

"She didn't tell you the reason for my abduction?"

"No, I don't know anything else about this organisation. Also, I was brought here in the back of a van and I don't know the location of their headquarters..."

The Director looked Li-Anne squarely in the eye, "I can see the only way to find out more..."

" if I really kidnap you."

"The most serious risk in my opinion..."

" that Mariko could make them recognize her."

"You look exactly the same?"

"Just like identical twin sisters."

"Then there is no reason why they would believe her!"

"There is still a risk though."

"If this organization wants to capture me, the risk will always be there, just as long as we don't know who they are."

"They are waiting for me. I must signal with the lights as soon as I put you out of action."

"Then do it quickly."

"Let's say that I took you by surprise and overpowered you with some trick you weren't expecting. Now, I will have to tie you up... just as Mariko would have done."

"Let's do it. If you want, I have some scarves in those drawers."

"No need, this outfit has pockets full of different kinds of rope."

"OK, tie me up," said the Director. "Let's get on with it..."

She crossed her wrists and held them out. Li-Anne moistened her lips nervously and shook her head, "Mariko would have tied your hands behind your back."

"Very well... let's put my hands behind my back," said the Director, turning round and putting her arms behind her.

Li-Anne took a thin cotton rope and doubled it. She made three turns round the Director's wrists horizontally then three turns vertically, before tying several knots. She made three more horizontal turns and one last one vertically.

The Director looked straight in front of her impassively. Li-Anne took the two ends of the rope up over the Director's bare shoulders, lifting her wrists up into the hollow between her shoulder blades. Li-Anne passed the ends of the rope under the Director's armpits and brought them back to the wrists, making several more turns round them vertically before tying a last, very secure knot. She took another rope, a little thicker than the first, wound it round the wrists horizontally this time and took the ends out sideways to encircle the Director's arms, above her elbows. Li-Anne tied them firmly and took them round to the back again, where she tied them round round the wrists again.

The Director tried to move her arms, "Hmm... I think that's enough; I can't move my hands at all."

In the mirror, she could see Li-Anne behind her with a slight smile on her face. Li-Anne looked through her pockets for a third length of rope. The pretty Chinese-American found what she was looking for, pursed her lips and said, "Sorry... but for Mariko, it still isn't enough."

This rope was even thicker, a full half inch. Li-Anne made a loop which she put over the Director's head like a necktie, letting the end hang down on her chest, between her breasts. Taking it down over the Director's stomach, she guided it between her thighs, rolling up the cotton dress with the other hand.

"The famous crotch rope..." commented the Director as the rope went up between her buttocks and settled itself into the crack, despite the protection of her fine pink silk panties.

"Yes, one of Mariko's favourite tricks. That's what she told me. She says there is nothing quite as incapacitating as a rope cutting into the crotch.

"It does indeed seem dissuasive," agreed the Director, grimacing when Li-Anne gave a sharp tug on the rope before tying it around her wrists wedged between her shoulder blades. The Director tested her bonds again. She was now completely immobilised. The least movement of her wrists caused a painful burning sensation between her legs.

She turned her head and looked at Li-Anne coldly, "Don't you think that would be enough for Mariko?"

"For the arms, certainly," agreed Li-Anne. "But there's still your legs."

The Director shook her head, "Obviously, but I thought you would tie them once we were in the van?"

"No, the plan is for one of the others to come and help me carry you to the vehicle. Can you sit down?"

The Director sat down on the dark red leather sofa slowly and carefully. The rope between her legs made its presence felt and she tried to move with as little pain as possible. She sat so as not to press her arms twisted up behind her against the leather backrest but her efforts to lean forward made her dress slide still further up her silk-covered thighs.

Li-Anne took another length of rope and wound it several times round the Director's ankles, cinching it by tying the ends vertically betwen her ankles. She prodeded to tie the thighs in the same way, just above the knees. The Director examined the rope cutting into the flesh of her slender thighs desite the nylon of her stockings.

"That will leave marks," she noted regretfully.

"Sorry, Ma'am," acknowledged Li-Anne in a tone of sincere contrititon, "but Mariko tied me very tightly too. Do you want me to loosen the rope a little?"

The Director sighed, "No, it's OK. You're quite right; this has to be done right. You have done a good job. I have never been tied up as well as this!"

Li-Anne helped her kneel on the Persian rug. She ran her fingers through the Director's auburn hair and apologised, "One last detail and not a pleasant one. Where do you put your dirty underwear?"

The Director understood what she meant at once. She grimaced, "Is that really necessary? I have some very nice panties, clean and ironed in my dressing table drawers."

"Sorry, again, Ma'am, but Mariko prefers to use panties that have been worn for a long time and which are very smelly. I promise you that!"

"I believe you," the Director replied, with an air of resignation. "Look in the utility room and you will find something to keep you happy there..."

The Director knelt quietly wile Li-Anne went to search in the utility room. She returned holding a pair of black and tan panties like a trophy.

"Those will do," she acknowledged. Hesitantly, she continued, trying not to laugh, "Have you kept them for at least a week?"

The Director gazed at her steadily, "I came three times while I was wearing those. Does that suit your purpose?"

Li-Anne shrugged her shoulders and held the Director's pretty pointed nose. She opened her mouth reflexively and Li-Anne stuffed in the panties, rolled in a ball. She tied a stocking over it, which she had also retrieved from the dirty clothes basket, and tied it tightly at the nape of the Director's neck, eliciting a muffled snarl.

"I think we're ready," commented Li-Anne while she stood up and tugged gently on the rope which held the Director's arms above her elbows, to check that it was secure. That done, she switched the light off and on three times. Less than a minute later a big black woman entered the apartment. The Director waited, kneeling on the carpet, motionless in her bonds while Li-Anne held a gun to her temple.

From her kneeling position, the captive looked up at the newcomer. At first sight, the woman could not have been more impressive. She was over six feet tall with broad black shoulders and arms like a bodybuilder, shown off by a white tank top which barely contained her ample chest. Her khaki shorts were almost too tight for her powerful thighs. She wore heavy boots with white socks rolled down to her ankles. The Director was fascinated by her hair; it was not crinkly but stiff, worn in a crew cut and cropped very short on the temples. Her physique and her hair style gave her a masculine bearing, moderated by the fine features of her face out of which shone dark eyes with long lashes.She had a full, greedy mouth, its thick lips coloured with a fiery red lipstick. The Director was just thinking that the hair must have been trated in some way when she was grabbed by the woman and slung over her shoulder like a parcel. The black bodybuilder held the Director with one arm across her knees, her head hanging down behind the black woman's bare shoulder. She was carried to the waiting vehicle in this dubious and humiliating fashion.

The Director expected to be put on the floor of the van but it was not to be. The black woman sat her on one of the benches along the sides of the van and sat on her left, Li-Anne taking the seat opposite. A muscular arm gripped her round the neck, pressing her tightly against the giantess. Her bare arms, bound behind her back were painfully crushed between her back and the metal side of the van. The vehicle started.

The first unpleasant sensation for the captive was to feel the gaze of her neighbour fixed on her thighs which were now uncovered up to her stocking tops. The pressure of the woman's powerful black thigh against her leg was not at all innocent. The Director would have liked to pull the hem of her dress down but was powerless with her hands bound behind her back. Squashed against her jailer like this it was not even possible to twist enough to make her dress move down even an inch.

The second unpleasant sensation was the way Li-Anne, sitting opposite her, looked at her with an ironic glint in her eye. The Director realised that her assistant appreciated the position she had put her superior into. "And what if it's really Mariko and not Li-Anne at all? Then they would have caught me like an amateur!"

Finally the third unpleasant sensation was much more immediate and physical; the weather was very hot on this August evening and even hotter in the back of this van which had been parked in the sun all day. The passenegers all perspired profusely. The Director had her head wedged in the black woman's armpit. The woman apparently never bothered to shave there and the long frizzy hairs were soaked with the flow of sweat. The odour was unbearable for the gagged prisoner, forced to breathe through her nose. She tried to breathe using her mouth but that only made the taste of her panties in her mouth worse and did not let any fresh air in.

For the first time in this escapade, the Director was surprised to see a look of compassion in Li-Anne's eyes. The girl was sitting opposite them, fully six feet away but still able to smell the giantess's pungent odour and could well imagine how it must be for the captive stuck right at its source.

The rear windows of the van were tinted and it was impossible for the Director to judge the route it took. She could tell that it was a long journey. She could not check the time as her watch was out of sight on one of the wrists twisted up behind her back. She could just make out Li-Anne's watch and she thought they had been travelling for nearly two hours when the van finally stopped.

Li-Anne opened the door and the giantess took up her load again, the Director's nose now pressed against a sweaty shoulderblade.

From her precarious viewpoint, the prisoner was hardly able to make out their surroundings in the dark. They seemed to be in wooded parkland. They reached a huge white-walled mansion and climbed a wide staircase. There was a succession of corridors after that. She did not even make the effort to lift her head as they went. The effort was too painful and the information gained worthless.

The black woman ended the journey by tipping the Director over her shoulder. She fell onto a stone floor. The giantess broke her fall as she dropped her. Being dumped down like a bundle of wood was worse than the fall itself.

She was not left on the floor for long. Li-Anne helped the black woman lift her onto her knees and dragged her to a device whose purpose the Director understood immediately and which sent a shiver up her spine. It was a wooden bar held about four inches off the floor on two iron supports embedded in the flagstones. The Director was forced to kneel on the bar.

"Hold her, Mariko!" commanded the black woman as she took a length of red rope. Li-Anne took hold of the Director's arms, insinuating her pale bronze fingers into her armpits. The black woman had tied the rope around the bar to the right of the captive's knees. She passed it over the top of her calves, through the hollow behind the bent knees and tied it to the bar on the left of the knees. The woman ran the rope back through the hollow behind the knees and, with obvious pleasure, forced her right hand between the thighs to thread the rope through. She wound the rope vertically twice round the bonds securing the Director's knees and the bar. The knees were so tightly bound that the woman had to push the rope between the thighs quite high up, her hand lingering on the naked flesh above the tops of the Director's stockings.

That done, the woman stood to attention on the Director's right while Li-Anne did the same on the left.

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