Katie's Bondage Day

By Walter Hammond


Katie and Sophie were ideal flatmates.  Sophie liked girls, but Katie preferred boys and they respected each other's feelings.  Apart from that, they were alike in many ways, both in their early twenties, both generally regarded by their many male admirers (unrequited in Sophie's case) as being very pretty and with excellent figures.  More important, both of them enjoyed tying each other up, and being tied up.  They had a friendly rivalry about who could tie the other one more securely.


Sophie had always escaped from whatever Katie had done to her; Katie not always, but mostly.  Sophie had hogtied her once with simple rope.  Katie thought it would be easy to escape and had made some catty comments.  (Important note: Never be rude to someone who is tying you up.)  Sophie had not said anything until she was done.  Katie was tied tightly at her knees, ankles, wrists and elbows.  The elbow ropes were secured with a line going under her arm around her neck, then back under the other arm, where it then wrapped around the elbow tie and up to her neck where it pulled the entire elbow tie up toward the line around the back of her neck.  The rope from her ankles had been tied off and then brought up to the knees, where it was finally knotted off.  Her wrists were tied and then cinched.  The knot was tied off on the top of the cinch, far from anywhere that she could reach with her elbows disabled, but then the running ends were brought through the cinch of her ankles, pulled back and secured at her elbow tie.  She could hardly move and there was nothing she could reach that would help her get out.

"Sometimes rope is much more secure than chains and locks," Sophie had said as she left the room.  "I'm going to the coffee bar around the corner.  After I have had my drink I may return and let you go.  Just hope I don't meet anyone interesting while I am there."  She picked up her jacket and went to the door.  "Feel free to join me if you can.  I will buy."  She laughed and the door closed.  Katie hadn't liked it.  She liked their escape games, but she didn't like this one at all.


She knew the correct actions for escaping from a rope tie.  First, you feel for rope ends.  If you can find one, you can sometimes follow it back to a knot.  Sometimes pulling can loosen things.  There were no rope ends that she could possibly reach.  They had all been tied off at her elbows or knees.

See if you can slip a wrist or move a binding down from an anchor point or to a narrower part of the body.  This included moving ropes from above to below the elbow, down the body or the legs, anything that would create slack in the bindings.  Work the bindings back and forth by changing the alignment of the restrained body parts - this usually meant twisting the wrists, arms, or ankles one way or the other against the bindings.  She had tried to twist and pull her arms at the elbow tie.  The over the shoulder harness tie ensured that it could not slip.  Even if she somehow managed to free her hands, she would have serious difficulty releasing her elbows.

Releasing a hand is the most important step in any rope escape.  Sometimes you can tighten the wrappings on one wrist to create slack on the other.  The same approach is possible on other parts of the body, but more difficult to apply.  A wrist can be pulled out with the least amount of additional slack.  Close your thumb into the palm of the hand and try to work through the wrist bindings.  This is very difficult to do with the elbows tied.  With your elbows tied together, it is impossible to work a single wrist loose because your hands cannot move much relative to each other.

Feel around for knots.  When you find one see if you can loosen the knot.  This even applies in situations where the knot is not at the end of the rope.  Loosening the knot sometimes allows slack to be moved through it, loosening the tie the knot was meant to secure.

Find any line with some slack in it and then move it toward where you needed slack.  Sometimes you can move the slack into a different position creating enough to perform one of the above tasks.

The use of tools was important.  Something sharp could cut rope, but even things like a stick or ballpoint pen can be used to enhance the above actions by picking a knot.  A stick can even be used to place between the ropes and the body and then leverage the ropes off.  Feeding another rope or similar thing through a binding may then allow it to be hooked over something else and used to apply pressure to help remove the restraint.

Katie tried everything she had learnt over the months of being tied up, and of watching Sophie escape.  Nothing worked.  She was completely helpless.  She was very flexible, but that did not help.  She could not slip a wrist, the tie was too tight and the elbow tie didn't allow for any angles to be put on the tie.  All the knots were out of reach, either at her knees or her elbows.  She tried to work some slack into the ropes, but she could not create enough to use to her advantage.  Sophie had been careful to ensure there were no tools within reach and the door to the bedroom had been closed and locked, so Katie could not try to roll somewhere and find something to help.

When Sophie finally returned an hour or so later, Katie was fuming.  Katie tensed and was about to tell Sophie what she thought.  Sophie shook her head.  "Be very careful now.  I think I am starting to feel that I need another cup of coffee."

Katie's whole body went limp.  She lowered her head and sobbed.  Then she turned to her side and slid her body across the floor until she could lay her head against the side of Sophie's leg.  "Now that is a good girl," Sophie said as she stroked the side of Katie's head.  Katie remembered that Sophie had not stopped there.  Her hands had explored Katie's naked body, touching and tweaking her nipples and then stroking the inner sides of her thighs before a finger finally moved inside and began to run gently around her labia and then flick at Katie's clitoris.  Katie had gone crazy.  She had twisted and bucked and moaned.  She tried to push her sex further into Sophie's hand, but Sophie maintained control, teasing and caressing.  She kissed the side of Katie's head and then her mouth.

Katie had not been gagged but all she could say was "Yes and please and don't stop."  Sophie didn't stop until just before Katie thought that she would explode.  Then Sophie rolled Katie onto her stomach and slipped her legs around Katie's head.  Katie's mouth was now positioned right next to Sophie's sex.  The message was clear and Katie obeyed.  She moved her head back and forth as her tongue moved rapidly into and out of the moist opening.  It appeared that Sophie had become as excited as Katie.  It was not long before Sophie was moaning and shaking.  Katie took great pleasure in bringing Sophie to climax but by then her own need for release was immense.

Sophie turned her attention back to Katie.  Her mouth found Katie's nipples, licking and caressing first one and then the other.  Her hands found her now moist sex and went back to work.  Katie knew she would have rope burns on her wrists, elbows, and ankles, if not from her earlier efforts at escape clearly now from her struggles.  She was so helpless.  Sophie was completely in control and could do anything she wanted to Katie.  Katie had never felt quite so excited.  Was being helpless contributing to her excitement?  It certainly seemed that way.  But Sophie was not cruel and, after teasing and tormenting for a while, she brought Katie to the most magnificent climax the girl had ever had.

When Sophie was done, Katie felt completely limp.  She did not think she would be able to move even when she was released.  Sophie too seemed completely sated.  She collapsed next to Katie and just lay there.  For minutes they both just lay on the floor both breathing deeply.  Then Sophie crawled up onto her bed and collapsed.

Katie looked around.  She looked up at the bed.  She was still very tightly hogtied and now things were starting to hurt.  Her arms hurt a lot.  Her elbows were not touching, but they had been pulled back close to each other and then tightly wrapped.  She wanted to follow Sophie onto the bed, but she could not navigate the height of the bed from the floor.

"Didn't you forget something?"  Katie tried a joking, subtle approach.  There was no response or movement from the bed.  Katie could see one of Sophie's feet, but that was all and it was not moving.

"Hey!"  She raised her voice a little.  "A little help here would be nice."  There was still no movement or response.

"Sophie!" The volume was up and the tone sharp.  "Sophie, don't go to sleep.  You have to untie me first!"  Katie's head was only about two feet from where Sophie's foot hung off the end of the bed.  But it might as well have been in the next county.  Katie could not get to it.  She rolled to her side and tried to bang against the bed.

"Sophie.  Help.  Please help me."  Katie's voice was insistent now, and loud.  Very loud.  The foot moved.  That was a good sign.

Sophie's head and upper body appeared above the edge of the bed.  Katie looked up with shock at Sophie's hand.  She was swinging a ball gag back and forth.  "It certainly got noisy in here.  But there is a solution for that."  Sophie was looking right into Katie's eyes.  Katie could see that her bondage session was not yet over.  Damn.

"Ok, I'll be good." Katie felt defeated.  She wanted to argue with Sophie, but she knew when Sophie made her mind up about something there was no changing it.  If she resisted and complained, it would only prolong the time before Sophie finally let her go.

"You were supposed to get loose.  After all our practice, everything I showed you, you have failed.  Failure has a price."  Sophie slipped off the bed next to Katie.  Katie wondered if she was going to start touching her again.  She was pretty exhausted, but the idea was certainly not repellent to her.  Sophie stroked Katie's head moving her hair back.  Katie relaxed and pushed her head against Sophie. 

Katie felt pressure on her lips.  She opened her mouth to speak and the ball gag popped into her mouth.  Katie shook her head wildly, but Sophie quickly buckled the gag behind Katie's head.  It was followed by a blindfold.  Where had that come from?  "I am going to take a nap.  You can continue to try to escape or you can rest, but whatever you do, you had better do it quietly.  If you wake me up you will be very sorry."  Sophie smiled, patted Katie on the head and crawled back onto the bed.


Katie bit into the gag.  She shook her head.  She tried to rub her mouth and her eyes against the floor.  The gag and blindfold were both unpleasantly tight and, just like the rest of Katie's bondage, they were not coming off.  Katie was furious.  She wanted to scream at Sophie but part of her told her that was a bad idea and she had better just roll with the programme.  She already knew she could not escape from the ropes; she was going to be tied until Sophie decided to let her go.  She sighed and finally tried to relax on the floor.

Amazingly, Katie had somehow fallen asleep.  When Sophie woke from her nap, they had repeated the sexual adventures of earlier in the day.  It was only then that Sophie released a completely exhausted Katie.  Katie had soaked in a bath for at least an hour before crawling to bed.  What a day! But in the end, it had been worth it.  And she and Sophie were going to have a very different sort of relationship in future!




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