What a Day!

By Anne Woolsey

I was down stairs folding laundry when I heard Catharine’s footsteps on the tile entry way.

I dropped the last towel in and carried the basket up stairs.  C was standing in the living room, hands on hips, a ‘don’t mess with me’ look on her face.


She looked at me, but didn’t speak.

“Oh, oh !  Someone needs a glass of wine.  White or red?”

“White.  Please!”

“Coming right up!”

I had to open a new bottle.  When I came back she was sprawled on the sofa, her head back and her eyes closed.

I slipped her a little kiss on her forehead and handed her the glass.  She sat up and sucked down half of it in one gulp.

“Want to talk about it?”

“No!  Yes!”  She launched into a description of a rotten day filled with whining clients, billing problems and a big blowout with one of her associates.  I listened without comment; she was on a roll and wouldn’t hear me anyway.  She finally wound down after 20 minutes.  I refilled her empty glass.

“Sounds like a sucky day, sweetie!  What could make it better?”

“A new job?  A winning lottery ticket?  A…I don’t know, life transplant?”

“Yeah…I was thinking along more modest lines…like dinner or a run?”

“I’m not hungry and I couldn’t run if a fucking pissed off bear was chasing me!  Let me just sit here for a while, all right?”

“Not all right!  You got to get moving; clear your head!”

“No, really Annie, I’m totally down and out!  I don’t want to do anything!”


“That’s right…anything, nothing!”

I turned towards her.

“Sit up.  I’ll give you a neck rub.  I can see the bunched muscles from here!”

“I know where your neck rubs lead.”  But she did present her back to me.  She was tight in the shoulders and I began to knead those muscles.  She winced at first and then sighed.

“That feels so good!”

I reached around and played with her nipples through the fabric of her dress.

“Ah, as far as I know?  I’m not tensed up there!”

I giggled.  “Not yet anyway!”

I felt her nipples stiffen.  She leaned back into me.

“I know what you need, Cath.”

“What’s that?”  Her voice was just a whisper.

“You need a good tying up.”

Before she could reply to that, I clapped my hand over her mouth and pulled her tightly against me with my other arm.

Using my ‘bad ass’ role play voice, I said, “Don’t fight me, sweetie, it will be easier all around.”

I heard her suck in a breath and tense up.  I hoped she would resist and I wanted her to struggle, I just didn’t know how much she would be into it, given her present state of mind.

She surprised me by trying to wrench herself free, not in a token way, but with real anger and intensity.  Luckily I had a good hold on her or she would have gotten away.

This kind of game was not new to us.  We had role played before, each of us switching from sub to domme as the mood struck us.  This particular instance was a new experience as it was so spontaneous.  I hadn’t planned to jump her and she was certainly not thinking play time when she came home.  Usually we planned everything out and pretty much stuck to the script.

She wriggled her head free of my hand.

“What do you want, you freak?  Get your hands off me!”

She was swinging her body from side to side trying to dislodge my arm.  I doubled up grasping her with both arms and toppled us both onto the floor, with me on top. 

We were both the same size and were pretty evenly matched physically, but I was winging it and she was already pissed off.  Having anger and frustration on her side, she bucked me off and scrambled across the room on her hands and knees for her shoulder bag.  I assumed she was playing along and was going for her cell, but I also knew she had pepper spray in there.  Catharine played hard and there was no way I was taking a face full of spray.  Talk about a buzz kill!  I jumped at her and stopped her progress.  She landed hard and I climbed onto her back.

She was yelling at me, but I wasn’t paying attention.  I was trying to focus on my next move.  I had grabbed her on a whim and was totally unprepared to take her down.  In our struggles we had knocked over the laundry basket.  I spied a couple of pairs of pantyhose among the scattered clothes and made a grab for them.

As I moved she shifted under me almost freeing herself, but I managed to corral her hands behind her.  I wound one pair of hose around her wrists.  It was totally lame bondage, but I hoped it would hold for a minute or so while I got better control of her. 

She focused on her hands as I hoped she would, pulling and tugging them.  I spun around and grabbed her ankles and used the second pair of hose to capture them. 

I crawled back over her and pulled her head back by the hair to give me access to her mouth.  She opened up to scream at me and gave me an opening, so to speak, to shove a pair of balled-up panties into her mouth.  I found a stray knee sock to secure the wadded undies in place.

Now, although not tightly tied, she was at a distinct disadvantage, gagged and tangled up in the pantyhose.  She struggled on and I could see her getting loose pretty quickly.  That wouldn’t be good! 

I could try and tighten up on her existing bonds or I could make a dash for our toy box which held a bunch of rope and other useful things.  I decided both were necessary and I fought her struggles to tighten up the flimsy ties on her wrists and ankles.  When I had that done as best I could I jumped up and dashed into our bedroom.  The toy box was readily available and I was back in 30 seconds or so. But she had, in that short time, managed to kick her legs free.  Her wrists were still tangled and the gag, the most efficient thing I had managed to inflict on her, held.

She had pulled her legs under her and was trying to rise.

I pushed her over suffering a wash of curses, and grabbed her ankles.  I gave them a proper tying with a length of rope while she kicked and squirmed.

I turned my attention to her arms.

With my knee on her butt, I managed to slip a loop around her elbows.  Cath was quite flexible and could touch her elbows behind her back without benefit of any restraints.  They fell together easily and I bound them tightly.  I stripped the pantyhose off her wrists and tied them with rope.

At that point, she was mine!

I yanked her to her feet and made her hop to the bedroom.  She was not happy and swore and resisted all the way.  After I pushed her down on the bed, I did a quick hogtie and finally breathed a sigh of relief!

Now I had to get her naked!

I knew she loved the dress she was wearing; I couldn’t just cut it off!

Then an epiphany!  This wasn’t real; I wasn’t really kidnapping her!  I realized I could just ask her to undress, so I did.

“You really know how to ruin a mood!”  This, after I had removed her gag and untied her.

“Just think of it as a break in the action for a commercial or something.”  I watched entranced as she pulled the dress over her head.  Any time she was getting naked, I wanted to be there to take in in.  She sat on the edge of the bed and unzipped her boots and shucked off her tights.

Slipping back into ‘bad ass’ mode, I growled, “The bra and panties too, bitch!”

She took them off and threw them at me.

“I don’t know who you think you are or what you want, but you’re going to pay for this, you freak!”  She too was back into character.

“What I want is for you to shut up!  And turn around!”  She turned away from me.

“Put your hands behind your back!”  I knew she would make her move and I was ready for it.  She spun around and lunged at me.  I side stepped and tripped her.  She tumbled to the floor.  I jumped on her and in seconds had her wrists re-tied.  I actually think she let me do it; her resistance was pretty lame.

I pulled her to her feet, yanked the covers off the bed and shoved her down on the bare mattress. 

From there it was easy.  I bound her elbows together with a wide band of loops and then put a bunch of tight loops over and under her breasts cinching them off on the sides.  Next, I bound and cinched her forearms and tied that rope off at her waist.  Finally I put six inches of tightly cinched wraps around her ankles and above her knees.

Throughout the binding she was ungagged and kept up a running commentary on how cheesy the bondage was and what she would do to me when she got free, along with peppering me with disgusting insults.  I let her babble figuring it was good for her soul and it was amusing given what she was coming up with.

In the end, without preamble, I balled up her recently discarded panties and shoved them into her mouth and secured them with a few turns of vet wrap.  That ended her commentary!

Then I began to taunt her just for fun!  She fumed and tried to respond, but everything came out as a muffled mmpphh.

I pushed her back on the bed and put her into a loose hogtie.  The connecting rope ran from her ankles to the elbow rope.  The slack gave her plenty of room to struggle her little butt off.  She lay quietly for a several minutes.  I knew she was withdrawing into her sub space.  Finally she began to struggle and grunt. 

The mental place she was in now was worlds apart from where she was when she came home.  I also knew she loved being in this predicament; a true rope slut was she!  And I was glad I could help her out!

About fifteen minutes into it, I got out a vibrator and went to work on her.  With her legs tied together it was a bit more difficult to get to her, but with the right tools anything is possible.  She protested and resisted the siren call of the vibe, but eventually I had her bucking energetically around on the mattress top.  I envied her orgasm!

I let her loose a half hour later.  It was longer than our usual play time, but she wasn’t complaining.

She was wrecked, but after a glass of wine and repair of the bed, we made love.  Cath had put the awful work day out of her mind and was especially grateful to me for helping her do so.  She made it all worth my while with special attention to my needs; we fell asleep tangled up with each other.

The next day was Saturday.  She awoke first.  I heard her in the bathroom and was surfacing from sleep as she walked back into the bedroom.

“Well it’s about time you woke up!”

Still groggy, it didn’t register on me that she had rope in her hands until she grabbed my wrists and applied said rope.

In a gruff voice laced with fake menace (I hoped it was fake), she said “I told you that you’d pay!”


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