Voyage into Slavery Chapter 32

Jenings helped to silently paddle his dinghy to the river bank.He kept his eyes peeled.There wasn't just the hostile force of Madam Chen's people waiting,but also,the dangerous wildlife.Jennings made sure he looked hard at the dense undergrowth,always remembering his training in this enviroment,and he always remembered his jungle instructors advice.One of them spoke these words to him,which Jennings never forgot.


'The jungle's a beautiful place.It can be your friend,as well as your enemy.Study the terrain well.Watch out for spots,where the enemy can ambush you.Believe me,you'll see,and always watch your step.The wildlife here is deadly,which I'm sure you already know.Keep your eyes peeled,but above all,just be careful,and you'll be fine.'


Fortunately,there were no problems,as he,Panna,and the rest of the Thai Special forces men scrambled ashore.They then camoflagued the dinghies,and swith Panna leading,they silently moved ahead,checking the surrounding area for any enemies.Fortunately,there wasn't,and Panna gestured silently for Jennings to come up to him.


'Madam Chen has her place about two kilometres away from here.'Panna whispered to him,obeying the rules in jungle combat.It wasn't a good idea to call out loud,within the enemy's earshot.


'How many players?' Jennings whispered back to him.


'Unknown,but we'll find out.'


Panna then moved forward,with Jennings behind,just keeping his new found friend in sight.The rest of the group complied too,as they neared their target.Jennings didn't see any lurking wildlife,as he advanced,but then Panna stopped,raising his hand as a warning.Jennings did the same,and everybody within the group stopped.Then,Panna motioned for the group to take their positions.It was then,that Jennings spotted the small house,just visible from his spot.He moved slowly up next to Panna,and both men could see several armed men,obviously patrolling around the house.


Jennings raised a pair of binoculars,an closely scrutinized every opponent.Each one of Madam Chen's men was heavily armed,either with assault rifles,or shotguns.They all looked mean,and highly alert.However,Jennings and Panna were more than ready to meet the challenge.Silently,Panna then gestured for his waiting men to eliminate the patrolling opposition,although he made sure his people would do it discreetly.


'We'll wait until the sentries have been dealt with.'Panna informed.'Then,we'll advance into the house.'


'Understood.'Jennings nodded his approval,although he did warn.'What about any booby traps,or camera surviellance?'


'No.'Panna shook his head,confident in his answer.'Madam Chen is utterly confident we can't find her here.She's never bothered.Thinks the jungle is a good alarm call.'


'She's right in that.'Jennings made sure he still whispered,knowing the jungle wildlife would react to any outside interference,especially from humans.He wasn't convinced by Panna's reply,about the booby traps.So,Jennings made a mental note to himself,that he'd stay alert to spot any of these nasty things.For the moment,both men waited for a signal from Panna's men,as they began to silently stalk their unaware opponents.However,as Jennings and Panna did,they suddenly spotted movement from the house.Madam Chen and Liu were there,with more armed men,but both of them clearly identified the bound girls being forced from the house.




Madam Chen sat on one of her couches,with her legs up.She had Louise's still bound and gagged form in her grasp.A very pleasing smile visible on her face,as she stroked Louise's cheek.She had the girl's head face up,on her lap,and was enjoying herself immensely,relishing the power she held over the girl.Sarah was unable to resist,even though her eyes were still displaying a mixed emotion of fear,and hatred at her captor.This didn't bother Madam Chen in the slightest.She was still touching Louise up,and kissing her quite frequently,when she heard a very forceful knock on the door.


'Madam Chen?'It was Liu's voice,and he sounded impatient.'Open the door.I want to talk to you.'


'I'm busy,Captain.'Madam Chen's response wasn't encouraging.She just wanted some time alone with her favourite captive,but Liu wasn't having any of it.


'Now,Madam Chen.This is important.'


With a reluctant,and regretful sigh,Madam Chen kissed Louise's gagged mouth,and then allowed him to enter.When he did,both women noticed his expression wasn't friendly,although he clearly enjoyed seeing the pretty English girl trussed up and gagged.


'What is it,Captain?'Madam Chen asked him,now stroking Louise's tightly bound legs.


'The men want the girls now.'He informed her.'They've waited long enough for this,as I have too.'


Surprisingly,Madam Chen agreed.


'Of course.I don't see why not,but not my favourite slave here,' She chuckled,lifting Louise's chin.'Her turn comes later.'


'I can wait for her.'Liu also nodded,knowing he had other options.'We'll take her sister first,as well as her brother's girlfriend.'


'Good.You can enjoy yourself,whilst I enjoy Louise's company here.'


They both enjoyed listening to Louise's frightened,but gagged scream.Then,Liu too,made an unwelcome touch on Louise's face.


'She really is beautiful.'Liu felt his lust increase,and Louise saw it.She couldn't help,but cringe back into Madam Chen's grip,which delighted the Chinese woman.However,Liu didn't press forward his advantage.He wanted to get things started,so he just smirked down at Louise.


'Don't worry,my pretty.' Liu promised.'I'll be back for you.But first,let's get your sister out there.'


He made to leave,but then stopped,as he heard Madam Chen say.'Wait,Captain.I'm coming with you.We'll make sure Louise won't get away first.'


With that said,Madam Chen then gestured for Liu to bring out something.He did so,and much to Louise's horror,she watched him pull out a small,but rectangular box.It had a caged bars on the front,and immediately,Louise knew that was where they were going to put her,and she could do nothing to prevent it.


Liu then came back over,and grinning,reached down to pick up Louise into his arms.Madam Chen too,smiled,as she too rose up from her couch,and produced a key.There was a padlock on the front of the box,and she went over to it.Bending down,she unlocked it,and then opened the cage front.Stepping back,Madam Chen then watched Liu easily put Louise's bound,gagged form into it.The girl squealed into her gag,not relishing being put into this claustrophobic space,but her captors cruelly ignored her frightened protests.


Once Louise had been put in by Liu,the man stepped back,allowing Madam Chen to kneel down in front of her,and she locked the padlock,trapping her prize in.With that accomplished,she then stroked a hand through Louise's long,dark hair.


'Now you stay right there,my dear.'Madam Chen chuckled.'We'll be back soon,and I sincerely hope you'll still be here when we do,for your sister's sake.'


Louise could do nothing,as she watched her kidnappers laugh,and exit the room.She wasn't just scared,but she was full of dread.What were they going to do with Sarah? She remembered Madam Chen's words about their so called game,and this made her more worried than ever for Sarah,as well as herself.Louise felt certain her turn would be soon,and all she could do was lie here,bound,gagged,locked up,and helpless.




Sarah Jennings sat against the thick stone wall.Like Louise,she too was still bound and gagged.She'd long since given up fighting the ropes.It was just impossible.She was tied up too tight.All she could do,was just stare in fear at the locked door,wondering what was going to happen.The waiting was always the worst part.She kept mumbling occasionally behind the gag,merely in despair,and kept hoping her kidnappers taunts about her brother were false.Seeing Louise's reaction however,didn't make rescue a strong possibility.She prayed repeatedly for John to be safe,and to help them escape.


Suddenly,Sarah heard ominous footsteps outside her cell.They stopped,and she heard a key being placed into the door.The familiar figures of Liu,and Madam Chen filled the doorway.They both stared down at Sarah's nicely bound,gagged form.Their prisoner stared back fearfully at them,especially when Sarah saw Liu produce a knife.She couldn't help,but shake her head madly at them.


'Now,don't worry,Sarah.'Madam Chen smiled.'We're going to give you a little treat.Just stay still,and we'll let you have some exercise.'


Liu approached Sarah with the knife,and despite her cringing back against the wall in terror,Liu cut her bonds loose,and yanked off her gag.Before she could rub her sore wrists,Liu suddenly grabbed her,and pulled her to her feet,pulling her arms behind her.Sarah gasped in pain.It felt good to be free from being tied up,but now,her fear was running into overdrive,as she was forced out of the cell.Madam Chen following.


'What are you going to do to me?' Sarah yelped,as Liu frog marched her on.


'Why,we've already told you,my dear.'Madam Chen answered her.A cunning smirk on her face.'We're going to give you a little break from the ropes,and you can run as much as you want.'


'Wh-what do you mean?' Sarah couldn't help,but stammer.


'Oh,you'll see,my pretty.'Liu's voice was full of lust.'Just wait and see.'


Finally,Sarah was forced out of the house.She wasn't alone either.There was another girl here.Sarah recognised Angela Lee,the Chinese policewoman,like herself,was free from being bound and gagged.She was held the same way as she was,by one of Madam Chen's men,and her expression too,was very frightened.There was also a very large presence of Madam Chen's men too.Every one of them was eyeing the two girls eagerly,and they both knew what the men were after.


'Well then,ladies.'Liu gestured for the man holding Angela,to give her to him.Somewhat reluctantly,the man did so,having enjoyed holding her.'Let's get started,shall we?'


'What are you going to do to us?' Angela tried to demand,but her voice shook with fear.


'It's time to play our little game,Miss Lee.'Madam Chen explained.'You see,my men are exceptionally loyal to me,so it's only fair to give them a reward from time to time.Now,I will.'


She then stepped up close to Angela,and lifted the girl's chin,still explaining,'We're going to give you a chance to get away.All you have to do is to avoid my men,and you'll be home free.However,should my men catch you....'She paused deliberately,making Angela and Sarah sweat her answer,before she finished ominously.'They can enjoy your full assets.'


'You're mad!' Sarah's voice was full of venom,still struggling like mad in her captor's grip,although the desperation tone was fully evident too.'What kind of sick bitch are you?!'


Madam Chen smiled,not taking her hold and gaze off Angela.She wasn't bothered in the slightest by Sarah's insult.In fact,it pleased her.


'You should know by now,my dear Sarah,that I'm not bothered by your name calling.'Her voice was calm,but then went on.'However,I'm sure you'll be a good girl for Louise's sake,won't you?'


This shocked Sarah,who instantly demanded.'Where is she? What have you done with her?'


'She's perfectly safe.Rest assured,my dear.But I hope you'll do as you're told,or else I'll make your pretty sister pay dearly,for your defiance.'


The threat was fully there,and Sarah had to shut up,even though her face was desperate.This increased Madam Chen's sinister smile at her.


'Don't worry though,Miss Jennings.You're not going first.Miss Lee is.'She turned to Liu,still smiling.'Take her,Captain.'


'No!' Angela squealed in fright,but Liu easily dragged her away.Sarah watched helpless.There was nothing she could do to help the girl,and more importantly,who was going to help her,when it was her turn.


Liu easily forced Angela along,dragging her deep into the jungle.He knew this way,having used this route many times.There was a faint trail here,so he could easily get back to the house.He very much doubted the girl would,and that was precisely what he wanted.He'd dragged many pretty young girls here,for his men to chase,and finally catch them.Not one girl had escaped,and he was supremely confident this one wouldn't either.


Finally satisfied he'd gone deep enough into the undergrowth,Liu released Angela,by throwing her down onto the ground.The girl yelped,as she hit the ground,and still lying on her back,slid away from him fearfully.Angela's eyes widened,as Liu suddenly produced a handgun.


'Get going then,Miss Lee.'Liu aimed the pistol at the girl.'I'll give you five minutes headstart.'


'You're a monster!' Angela shrieked that out.


Suddenly,there were gunshots,as Liu fired his weapon.The bullets struck the ground to the side of Angela,as he knew not to aim at the girl,but his voice was now full of menace.


'I'm sure you don't want to stagger through the jungle with a bullet wound,Miss Lee.'Liu informed.'Blood wounds can attract some very nasty creatures out here.It's a well known fact,that people have fallen victim,to certain spieces of wildlife here.I'd hate to think you'd end up on the menu of something.Now,get going.'


Liu fired again,still deliberately missing her,but he smirked,watching Angela rise up,and stagger into the dense jungle.Checking his watch,he decided to head back to the house.It would be that pretty English girl's turn next.However,before he did,Liu produced his walkie talkie,and made contact with Madam Chen.


'You can send the first group in now,Madam Chen.'He smiled,already hearing the whoops of delight,and excitement from the men,as they raced into the jungle,determined to catch their prize.With that completed,Liu headed back,to get Sarah.


Jennings and Panna still lay perfectly concealed,as they observed what was going on in front of the house.Both men watched,appalled as Liu forced the Chinese girl into the jungle.A few minutes later,they watched him return,and seize Sarah,and did exactly the same.This infuriated Jennings,but he kept calm.Panna then gave him an update.


'My men have dealt with the sentries.They're obeying your wishes,checking for booby traps.'


Jennings nodded at that,but his mind was on other things.


'Right now,Mr Panna,there are two girls who need our help.Tell your men to reece the house,once the perimeter's secure,but don't enter.'


'Understood.'Panna then relayed the instructions,as Jennings slowly slid away,before following himself.As they moved into the jungle,Jennings could see that they would reach Angela first.The girl was running,although she was stopping at times to check behind her.Jennings then noticed two of Madam Chen's men,also eyeing her keenly.It didn't look as if she'd spotted the men yet.Even though it was tearing his heart out that he couldn't reach Sarah first,Jennings knew Angela needed his help,and he and Panna headed closer to her current position.


Angela was full of fear.The jungle she'd been forced into,was alive with the wildlife calls.Had she been a researcher,there was no doubt she would have found this place fascinating.Instead,it spoke only danger to her.She could still hear the calls of the men pursuing her,and always tried to run.However,she was still in her high heels,and didn't make much progress.The best thing she thought of,was just to hide.Angela hid behind many trees,anxiously hoping she wouldn't be seen.So far,it seemed to be working.A lot of Madam Chen's men passed her by,not noticing her trembling figure,and Angela just felt a faint ray of hope,that she could avoid detection.


This hope was shattered instantly,when she felt herself grabbed from behind.She was jerked up to her feet,a powerful arm seizing her waist,and a gloved hand clamped hard over her mouth,stifling her scream.


'Got you.'A man's voice sniggered into her ear.It was one of the two men who'd spotted her earlier,and were now full of triumph,savouring their catch.


Angela struggled like mad,but the man's grip was unbreakable,and the two men laughed,determined to enjoy her.


'Tie her up to that tree.' She heard a second man's voice order,and was then forced onto the thick trunk.Her hands were grabbed,and also forced behind the back of the trunk.Still tightly handgagged,Angela felt rope immediately being lashed over her wrists.Then more rope was tied over her ankles,her knees,waist,and the man tying her up,enjoyed winding the rope over her chest,and under it.He made sure every loop was pulled tight,and then grinning,took out a strip of grey cloth,folding it over.The man handgagging the girl took his his hand away,but before Angela could scream out for help,the cloth was then tied tight over her mouth.Her frightened eyes were darting between her two captors.


'So,'the first man spoke to his colleague.'who goes first?'


The second man was fondling Angela's chest,enjoying the girl's gagged protests.He'd already made his mind up to ravish this Chinese beauty first.He was just about to do so,when a sudden sound from the top of the tree made both men glance up.Instantly,both men screamed in terror,and ran off,completely forgetting Angela.Puzzled,she looked up at the souce.She wished she hadn't.Instantly,her gagged screams were now filled with utter terror.


Both Jennings and Panna had seen the two men capture Angela,and bound and gagged her to a tree.They were moving in silently to ambush the two of them,when they noticed both of Madam Chen's men run off in utter fright.When they saw the reason why,both men gazed on in horror.Snake!


If there was anything that Jennings hated more,it was these bloody things.During his jungle training,he'd handled many snakes before,and was told they would always run(or slither) off from you.However,it wasn't to be in this case.Jennings could clearly see it was a python,a big one,and it had an empty stomach.It had it's sights firmly set on Angela's helpless form.The girl was screaming like mad into her gag,as the reptile grew closer to her.


Despite his own fears,Jennings didn't hesitate.There was a young woman's life at stake.Pulling out his knife,he raced forward.The snake's head was very close to Angela,it's razor sharp fangs fully visible as it opened it's mouth,ready to eat this free meal.Angela's eyes were still bulging in terror,praying for a miracle,when she got it.A man suddenly dove onto the snake,grabbing it away from her.Both man and reptile went crashing to the ground.


Jennings had made damn sure he'd grab the snake's head,and would keep hold of it.Already,he was beginning to feel the snake wrap it's coils around him.He felt the power it had,as it began to crush.Fortunately,the coils were on his legs,and bringing his knife into play,he slammed it into the reptile's head repeatedly.He finally stopped stabbing,when he felt the coils go limp,and after making the thing was dead,by slicing open the back of the spinal cord,Jennings breathed a huge sigh of relief.


Pulling himself together,Jennings stood up to free the girl.


'You okay?' He asked,giving her a friendly smile,removing her gag.


Angela was just staring at him in utter disbelief.The terror had vanished from her eyes,and she was just totally uncomprehending at this Western man,who'd just saved her life.


'Who are you?' She finally managed to ask.


'My name's Jennings.'He answered.'John Jennings.I'm here to help you,and anybody else that needs it too.'


Jennings freed her,and Angela warmly hugged him,giving him a nice kiss too.


'Thank you.' Angela meant that.'I thought I was finished.'


'You're okay?' Jennings was pleased she appeared to be.


'Yes.' Although,Angela still wouldn't let go of him,she was beginning to pull herself together.


Then,Panna came onto the scene.Jennings felt Angela hug into him more tightly,as she watched him arrive.


'It's okay.'Jennings reassured her.'He's one of the good guys.' He then decided to take the girl back to the boats,informing Panna of this,who fully agreed.


'I'll keep a couple of my men with her.'Panna knew she'd be okay there,and relayed his orders to his men by his radio.With that accomplished,Jennings still held Angela's hand,who was gripping him tightly,led her back to the dinghies.When they reached them,there were two of Panna's men waiting,as ordered.Jennings led Angela to one of them,and then offered her a drink of water.She gratefully accepted.


'Okay,Angela.'Jennings then told her,not really wanting to put her on the spot,but he needed some fresh intel on the enemy.'Can you tell me how many men there are,in that house?'


Angela was more than willing to help him.He'd just saved her life after all.


'Madam Chen's got most of them on this 'hunt.' She spoke that word with venom.'She's a bitch,'That too.


'Could you give us a number,Angela?' Jennings hoped she could.


'I'm sorry.'Angela really wanted to help on that,but she did say.'It's only a small house,so I don't think there's that many.'


Jennings nodded.'No problem.Okay,Angela.I'd like you to stay here with Detective Panna's men.You'll be fine here.'


He wanted to get back to the house,and see what was happening,and to check on his sisters safety.Just then,Panna received a radio message from one of his men.The Thai policeman listened to it,and he then turned back to Jennings.It wasn't good news.


'They're forcing one of your sister's out now.'Panna's voice was grim.'Sarah?'


Jennings now had the moment he'd been waiting for.He readied his weapon,and hurried away.Panna right behind him.Angela watched the men leave,and sincerely prayed they'd come back.


Back at the house,Liu glanced at his watch.He smiled,knowing the pretty Chinese girl had been caught.His men had radioed that in,and in fact,he'd heard the shouts of triumph from them.Now,he was eagerly looking forward to dragging another pretty prize in,and his meaningful expression never left Sarah.The English girl was still tightly held by one of his men,and she was staring at him,as if he was deranged.It didn't bother him at all.


He then advanced on Sarah,who was promptly shoved into his arms,and Liu forced her along,enjoying her screams.


'Let me go,you bastard!' Her voice was still a mixture of fear and hate,but she was easily taken into the jungle.Liu took her in the same way,as he'd brought Angela in,then he finally shoved Sarah onto the ground too.


'Okay,Miss Jennings.'He pulled out his pistol again,wavering the weapon menacingly in her direction.'Five minutes is what we'll give you,so you'd better start moving,my dear.'


'You really think you'll get away with this?' Sarah shouted angrily to him.'Just you wait till my John gets a hold of you! I can't wait to see him smash your face in!'


Liu just chuckled at that,but he smiled pleasantly at the girl,answering her.'Your brother's dead,my dear.He won't save you.Madam Chen's an expert fighter.Nobody has ever beaten her.Your brother certainly wouldn't have.'


Horrified,Sarah shook her head,refusing to accept what she'd just heard.'I-I don't believe you.'


'Well,that's your opinion,Sarah.'Liu then fired his gun again,making sure he didn't hit Sarah.The girl yelped in fear,feeling the bullets strike the earth beside her.'I will give you the five minute headstart,my dear.'He went on,now smirking.'I suggest you'd better get started.A lot of Madam Chen's men can't wait to get their hands on you.'


Sarah's eyes widened,but that comment made her scramble up to her feet,and she ran off.Liu enjoyed watching her as she did so.He was still smirking,seeing how easy it would be to catch her.Like the Chinese girl,Sarah was still wearing her white navy shirt,and white knee length skirt.She easily stood out,in the green jungle.Still,he'd honour the five minutes,before he'd call in the men,and he couldn't wait to do so.


Sarah ran like mad,or at least she tried to.Her high heeled shoes certainly hindered her flight,as she tried to keep her balance constantly.Her face was desperate,fully realising her predicament.Here she was,trapped in the jungle,and there was danger approaching her from all sides.Sarah tried to think of something as she stumbled on,but she had no ideas.It was dawning on her now,that it had been a bad idea,politely refusing her brother's invitations to go camping.Sarah promised herself,if she got out of here alive,she'd never refuse him again.


Suddenly,Sarah heard men shouting.It made her jump in fright,and the shouts were close.There was a lot of laughing,and she even heard broken English being shouted out.


'Pretty lady! We come for you now!'


This made Sarah more frightened than ever,and it was then she saw her pursuers.Madam Chen's men were hacking their way through the jungle,with razor sharp machetes.They were close too,and Sarah panicked,making her run again.She couldn't think where she was going,as she blindly stumbled on.The voices seemed to get nearer to her too,and she turned to check on the men hunting her.They were almost on her,and would have no problem seeing her.Sarah turned to make another dash for it,when suddenly,she felt herself seized from behind.A strong arm wrapped itself around her waist,and a hand silenced her cry.Sarah's eyes bulged in fear,as her unseen captor yanked her back.

To Be Continued...

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