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The Perils of Victory

By Lady Jane


"PLEASE…don't do this," Victory pleaded.

"You know how to stop it!"  Dr. Callas snarled.  

"Never," the heroine gasped.

Callas squeezed the trigger and Victory screamed in agony!  She had never felt a pain as intense as when that current surged through her soft spot.  He pulled away for a moment leaving the heroine mewling in pain, her sexy body trembling.

"Yes, yes," Dr. Callas laughed.  He drove the tazer back between her legs!  "Scream for me heroine!"

She did.  Victory shuddered helplessly and when the tazer pulled away every curve of her statuesque figure was trembling.  

"Please…stop…" the heroine begged.

"Then tell me what I need to know!" Callas demanded.  

He pressed the tazer against her soft spot but did not activate it.  Victory moaned in fear.

"No, please," she whimpered pathetically.  "I'll tell you… please, stop… I'll tell you!"

Dr. Callas howled in Victory!  "I've beaten you, heroine! Admit it!"

"Yes," she admitted softly.

"No, I mean tell me, say it," Callas ordered.  "Oh and now that I own you, address me properly from here on."

"You've beaten me," Victory said.  "M-master."

The doctor's smile could not have been any broader.  "And are you helpless before me?"

"Yes master," Victory gasped.  "I'm no match for you or your incredible intellect!"

"Then tell me," Dr. Callas said smugly.  "What is the source of your power?"

"My magic b…" Victory began dejectedly.  "…bracelets.  They're the source of my strength."

Dr. Callas looked at her wrists.  They were wrapped in the thick chains.  He let his eyes drift over the defeated heroine.  Her slender arms stretched out and chained down, her naked breasts quivering as she gasped for breath, even her long sexy legs were still trembling.  She was helpless but he did not want to get foolish now.  He prodded one of her exposed nipples, drawing a shuddery moan from heroine.  When the nipple hardened he twisted it she let out a soft whine.  Then he pressed the tazer against it.  Victory looked at him pleadingly.

"Don't…" she gasped.

"Then don't you try anything while I remove your bracelets!"

"No!" Victory pleaded.  "Then I'll be completely powerless!"

"You already are slave!" Callas snarled.  "Now, do I have to do some more convincing?"  

"No…" Victory gasped.  "No, I'll obey!"  

"Good," the doctor grinned.  

He turned a crank on the table loosening the chains around her wrist.  He grabbed her wrist roughly and quickly yanked the bracelet off!  

"No…" Victory moaned.

He repeated the process on the other wrist.  When he was done he left her arms free.  Victory pulled them to her chest, rubbing them gingerly.  Dr. Callas raised the bracelets before his face smiling in triumph.  Victory sat up and started to pull her halter down.

"Don't!" Callas ordered.  

Victory hesitated.

"Arms at your side slave," he ordered.

Victory let her arms drop, leaving her breasts full exposed.  

"As a matter of fact," he said, grinning lewdly.  "I want to see all of you.  Strip!"

"Haven't you humiliated me enough," Victory whimpered.

"You should be proud of that beautiful body," Callas said.  "I know I'm proud to own it.  Now strip."

"You'll have to unchain my legs," Victory said, dropping her eyes in shame.

"Of course," Callas laughed,  "You're no threat now."

He turned more cranks and slowly the chains binding her ankles released.  Dr. Callas stepped back and let her climb of the table.  He set the bracelets on a nearby desk and crossed his arms.  He looked the heroine up and down, then made a twirling motion indicating for her to spin around.  Victory complied turning slowly.

"You are sexy, slave," Callas said hungrily.  "You've got an ass like a peach and legs that go all the way up."

Victory paused with her back to him.  She cocked her slim hips, accentuating her feminine figure.  

"Take a good look," she told him.  

Victory smiled now that he could not see her face.  The subterfuge had worked!  The bracelets were how she became Victory but the source of her power was her belt, which was still safely around her waist.  The heroine pulled down her halter, covering her breasts.  Suddenly she mule kicked backwards.  Dr. Callas was just close enough that it caught him square in the chest, blasting him off his feet!  He landed in a crumpled heap as Victory turned to face him.  The doctor pushed himself up, a shocked expression stamped on his face.

"But…but you're powerless," he stammered.

"Do I look powerless?" Victory growled.  

She reached down and pulled the doctor off the floor.  She gave him a vicious punch across the face dropping him easily.  When he started to crawl away, the heroine grabbed his ankle and drug him across the floor to the table.  A single backhanded slap dazed the doctor and she easily chained him down to his own table.  As his head cleared he began to struggle feebly.  

"You bitch," he growled.  "You bitch!  You can't do this!"

"You impotent little man, did you really think I'd give up the source of my power so easily?" Victory said angrily.  "It's true, you were able to outsmart and capture me but because of your arrogance, your supposed intellect counts for absolutely nothing!"

"We'll see!" Dr. Callas growled.  "You haven't heard the last from me!"

Victory ignored his cries of protest and turned to leave.  The five phony bank robbers were outside still, laughing about their triumph over Capital City's super heroine.  This time Victory was the one to catch them unaware!  With her strength fully returned and a clear head, she made short work of the group.  She gave them a good beating, taking out more than a little frustration and retribution.  Finally she left them with a nearby street sign wrapped around them.  


Finally Victory was finished and free to leave.  When she got home she called the mayor and had him send CCPD to pick those scumbags up!  She left out the specifics of her embarrassing capture and the mayor thanked her for handling the situation without any damage or loss to the jewelry store.  He also promise these men would face maximum punishment, even if they did not take any real hostages.

After their brief conversation Victory banged her bracelets together, and was turned back to plain old Jordin Tyler.  She could not suppress a great sigh of relief.  It had been a long night and one of the harder challenges she'd had to face since becoming a super heroine.  Jordin even smiled at the thought of having come through it so well.  What could she not face?

Jordin smiled even broader at the thought of long hot bath.  What better reward for her tonight.  As she turned on the bath and went to her cd collection to pick out a soothing R&B album, her cell phone rang.  

The red cell phone!

 Jordin hesitated only a moment before answering.  If Capital City needed her, Victory would always answer the call…no matter what perils she might face!


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