What A Hoot!

Velvet Ice, Stripper Detective: Case Three

By Lady jane

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AFTER her help on two prominent investigations, Detective Jack Mason had put Velvet Ice on payroll as a C.I.  He told her, and himself, it was so he could keep an eye on her since she obviously insisted on putting herself in harm's way.  She had actually proven invaluable to several investigations he had been able to wrap up since.  He would not admit, or at least hadn't yet, just how big of a help she'd been but Velvet wasn't going to make him.  She was making a name within the force, gaining experience and there were of course nice little checks associated with her "tips."  However this latest assignment might not have been worth any of that!

Velvet pulled on a pair of hose, carefully adjusting the shiny nylon to cling to her shapely legs without any bunching.  Then she pulled a pair of bright orange shorts on over them and stepped back to glance in a mirror.  A white skin tight tank top, hugging the voluptuous curves of her D-cup breasts and displaying ample amounts of cleavage, was tucked into the tight orange shorts, perfectly accentuating her hourglass figure.  The shorts were cut to fit her pert backside so that the lowest curves of each cheek were on display and her mandatorily nylon clad legs bare all the way down to her tube sock/tennis shoe combo.  Velvet didn't get it but it was the uniform.  She sighed, not oblivious to irony that a stripper found it degrading and embarrassing to be working as a Hooters waitress.

Three girls, other waitresses, had gone missing recently.  Det. Mason had told Velvet to ask around the Kitty Galore Club's patrons, figuring (wrongly so) that there was a significant overlap in the clientele.  Velvet had realized right away that was a dead end and had quickly gotten herself a job at the perilous restaurant.  It would be her first undercover assignment, allowing her to conduct a much more thorough investigation.  So far that investigation had turned up next to nothing; except of course for uncomfortable looks and curt answers to overly forward questions about missing employees.

Velvet did her make-up quickly, already running late, and fixed her highlight streaked brown hair.  Then with another sigh she headed out the door.

VELVET played the game well; laughing at bad jokes, switching her hips when she walked away from a table, and always finding some reason to bend over the table and give the guys a good look down the front of her shirt.  None of the patrons would have or could have suspected she was there under false pretenses.  She even had to admit it helped her tips, which was needed since she had devoted a bit too much time to this investigation and had been missing time and money at the Kitty Galore Club.  She was beginning to doubt that her efforts would turn up anything, and with the frustration inherent in with and such "job" Velvet was beginning to think this investigation might be nearing its end.

She had ruled out a number of the regular patrons, surprisingly able to administer fairly in depth psychological analysis in the course of taking their orders.  Actually the customers had been fairly helpful over all.  Her co-workers on the other hand had not.  Her questions, no matter how subtle or matt-of-fact, were met with cold, dismissive and often curt answers.  She supposed it was because no one had really put together that the danger might come from within the restaurant.  Therefore she was just coming off as the nosey new girl.  Only one other waitress, a natural redhead named Amber, had been very helpful.  Probably because she was still fairly new as well and had no love for her job either.

Velvet was standing at the register inputting an order when Amber walked up to her.  The redhead instantly began complaining about her table saying something about "just because my body's on display doesn't mean it's on display".  Still struggling to learn the register system Velvet tried unsuccessfully to tune her out and focus.

"Amber, Caitlyn!"

Caitlyn was the name she was using here, her undercover identity.  Deep in thought Velvet ignored the call until Amber elbowed her in the side.  She whirled to face the speaker who was now standing right next to her.  Bill, her manager, was standing there looking irritated.  He was a middle-aged guy with thinning brown hair and fast growing beer-gut.  He was the type of manager that always seemed stressed out, on the verge of losing it even when things were going well.

"Um, sorry," Velvet murmured.  "Yes Bill?"

"Caitlyn table 5 has four empty beer mugs, we've talked about that right?"

Velvet sighed and the thought of walking out flitted through her mind for the thousandth time.  "Yeah Bill sorry."

The manager cleared his throat.  "Amber I'm gonna need you to stay late tonight, there's an after hours training we have to go over."

Amber groaned but nodded.  Velvet however was looking thoughtfully at Bill.  Something had just struck her.  The most she had gotten out of her investigation was that the missing had all been taken when they had stayed after hours for one reason or another.  Velvet was a little disappointed in herself for only just then connecting those particular dots.  She was staring at Bill who only offered a grimace (what passed for a smile with him) and walked away.  Velvet had hoped to get to the Kitty Galore Club for a couple hours before closing but her investigation had just taken an unexpected turn!

VELVET made it through another night waitressing and managed to keep a wary eye on Bill the entire time.  He didn't do anything out of the ordinary but now that she was watching him everything he did seemed creepy.  At the end of the night Velvet found Amber counting her tips in the break room.

"Good night, Caitlyn," the redhead groaned.  "Guess I'm staying late."

"I need you to do something for me,  Amber," Velvet said in a low tone.

"Really?  What?" Amber asked looking up.

"You've got that training with Bill right?"

Amber nodded.

"I want you to keep him occupied in the dinning room for just 5 or 10 minutes first," Velvet explained.

Amber gave a bit of an incredulous look.  "Okay…why…?"  

"I'm gonna be honest but you can't freak out," Velvet went on.  "The missing waitresses all went missing some night when they had to stay after hours.  I hate to jump to conclusions but I want to check Bill's office for anything suspicious."

"Oh my gosh your right!"  Amber gasped.  "Well shouldn't we call the cops?"

"I have a very good friend on the force, a detective named Jack Mason," Velvet said quickly.  "He'll come right away but we have to have some kind of evidence first!  And I might be wrong and I'd hate for you to lose your job if I'm just being paranoid."

Amber nodded in agreement, somewhat surprising Velvet with her cool-headedness.  

Amber went out and met in the dining room where he was finishing up some paperwork.  Velvet slipped past them moving through the now darkened kitchen to Bill's office at the very back.  The door was shut but not locked so she went right in.  The office seemed normal enough there was a desk, some shelves and a single file cabinet that looked to be about a hundred years old.  Everything was cluttered and strewn with loose papers and half filled out forms but Velvet was looking for something a bit more insidious.  

She searched the file cabinet first, checking each drawer quickly.  The she went to desk and checked only the top couple of the drawers before noticing a single, free standing locker next to the door.  Figuring that'd be the best place to hide something she rushed right over and began searching it.  Finding nothing of note, Velvet stepped away with a perplexed sigh.  She had been so certain there'd be something incriminating in this office.

"Actually I keep the chloroform in the bottom right drawer of my desk."  The voice startled Velvet from her thoughts.  "Of course it's not in there just now."

Velvet's eyes snapped up to see Bill standing in the door way.  He was pouring a bottle over one of the kitchen rags.  She was so shocked to see him standing there Velvet barely even noticed and was caught completely off guard as Bill lunged forward.  She could not even react as the manager shoved the damp rag into her face.  A startled cry was muffled by the cloth and her nose and mouth were almost instantly filled with a sickeningly sweet metallic smell.  Head already spinning, Velvet gagged and grabbed for Bill's wrist, pulling the damp rag back from her face.  She gasped a quick breath of fresh air and tried with all her might to shove him back!  She was more than capable of defending herself but needed some space to employ her martial arts training.

Before she could draw in a second full breath, Bill lurched forward!  His weight and somewhat surprising strength drove Velvet's lithe frame backwards.  Being easily manhandled Velvet was shoved on top of the desk, sprawling over the cluttered papers.  Quickly that damp rag returned, Bill's grip pinning her down on the desk.  Velvet kicked and flailed frantically but the fumes were overwhelming and she succumbed quickly.  First her arms dropped uselessly at her sides and then her shapely legs fell limp on the desktop.  The rag stayed firmly over her face as Velvet slipped into an inky blackness.

"WAKE up!"

It seemed far away and although she could not feel it, Velvet heard the slap.  Her head lolled on her shoulders from the force as she came around.  She blinked, her vision clearing slowly, the blurred outline that was Bill loomed over her.  

Right under my nose!  It really has been Bill this whole time? She thought groggily.  How could I have not realized this sooner!

She noticed she was still in the office, set on a steel folding chair.  She glanced down, her uniform was still in place, white tank top clinging to her full chest (which seem abnormally thrust forward), orange shorts framing the tops of her thighs.  She also noticed something wrapped about her knees.  Seeing the binding brought her to begin feeling her body again.  Shifting her shoulders Velvet felt the strain in them.  She tried to look back; she could not see but felt tightly bound.  Her arms were pulled back over the chair's back and tied at the wrists.  She could not tell with what but it was an odd sort cord or rope, smooth and with stretch to it.  She could not break it or pull enough to get loose, in fact the pliability worked against her really preventing her from getting any tautness.  Velvet looked back to her slender legs, the same type of material was wrapped just above the knees and about the ankles pinioning them together.  Velvet wriggled and pulled uselessly, slowly realizing she was bound with the same type of nylons she was wearing.  She shifted, wrenched and tugged angrily trying to free herself.

"Sorry about the hose," Bill said.  "It was the only thing I had on hand to tie you with."

Velvet glared up at him, daggers lurking in her green eyes.  For once Bill was oddly calm, his usually harsh voice calm and collected.  

"You better let me go this instant," she growled.

"I'm onto to you Caitlyn," Bill went on.  "Oh you play the game well, ditzy, cute, flirty, but I've been doing this a long time, Caitlyn."  He moved around behind her, his fingers sinking into the thick locks falling about her shoulders.  "I saw you coming a mile away, Caitlyn."  Now Velvet noticed the very specific way he used her name and a small pit of fear settled in her stomach.  "First you are much much too gorgeous to be a Hooters waitress, Caitlyn and secondly you're much too smart for that!  Sure you act ditzy enough but I could tell it was an act…Caitlyn."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Velvet said quickly.  "Let me go and no one ever has to know about this…AH!"

Bill cut her off with a quick slap to the face.  Velvet yelped in pain and surprise as her head snapped to the side.  

"You'd do well to stop your lying bitch," Bill growled, his voice taking on a vicious edge.  He calmed quickly, squatting before her.  "Tell me…who sent you?"

"Nobody sent me," Velvet began.  "I'm just a wait…OW!"  Bill slapped her again, harder this time.  

"I'm not so stupid!"  His hand whipped back across her face, backhanding her!

"AH!" Velvet gasped, feeling her resolve slip some.  "Please, I don't know what you're talking about!"

Bill slapped her again, then his big hand clamped around her delicate chin.  He leaned close forcing her emerald gaze to meet his dangerous glare.  Velvet tried to pull away but his grip was too strong.  He held her firmly in place staring into her.

"I know you're here looking for me," Bill said.  "All your prying questions about the regulars and the missing waitresses, you haven't exactly been subtle.  What I don't know is who you're working for. Tell Me!"

Velvet recoiled from his hot breath and shouting.  Bill gave her head a rough shake before letting go.  Velvet's eyes fell to the floor and she again struggled uselessly against her bonds.  Trapped, cold fingers of fear crept up her spine as her mind shifted through possible escapes routes.  There were far too few.

"I'm, uh…" she began stammering.  "I'm a private investigator," Velvet lied.  "One of the missing girl's families hired me because the cops don't have a single promising lead."

"And you thought going undercover where she had worked would be the easiest way to find her," Bill surmised, nodding.


"And your real name?"

"Jackie," Velvet said too quickly.  "Jacqueline Mason."

"Hmph," Bill grunted rubbing a hand over his rough cheek.

"Listen let me go now and I'll drop the case," Velvet said.  "I'll tell the family some story about… OH!"

Bill silenced her with his most vicious slap yet.  Her head snapped to the side and her body lurched on the chair as pain exploded across the side of her face.  Tears gathered at the corner of her eye.  

"That sounds like bullshit," Bill snarled.  "Because I happen to know that the police do have some leads.  I've actually had several conversations with a detective over the last couple weeks…gosh what's his name?  Oh yes, Jack Mason!"

Velvet cursed herself.  One day she would learn to lie well or just stop doing it.  

"You must work for the cops," Bill said, regaining his unusual calmness.  "That makes you my crown jewel, Caitlyn.  Not only are you by far the most gorgeous but you're the one that should've been ready for me."  

He laughed and the sound chilled Velvet.  He pulled out another pair of hose, rolling the middle into a thick bundle.

Velvet recoiled fearfully as he came towards her, she began to stammer.  "No, don't…there are squad cars outside waiting for…MMPH!"

"Not likely," Bill chuckled as he forced the rolled hose into her mouth.

Velvet thrashed but Bill calmly pushed the bundle further in.  The nylon hose tasted terrible, depressing her tongue and clamped between her teeth.  The legs he wound tightly about her head, looping a few times then knotting at the back of her neck.  She groaned into the gag, anything she said now hopelessly muffled.

Bill grinned and picked her up easily off the chair.  He carried her to the back door and dropped her next to it.  Bound and unable to catch herself, Velvet landed with a thud and painful groan.  Bill disappeared out the door momentarily.  Velvet tried desperately to find some purchase to stand but he came back too quickly.  Bill scooped her up and carried her outside.

His car was waiting, trunk open.  Velvet squirmed desperately, her shouts and cries dissolving into pleading squeals through her gag.  Bill dumped her unceremoniously into the trunk.  He took a moment to smile down at her, looking demonic in the red glow of his tail lights.  Then the trunk slammed shut and Velvet was left in darkness.

PANIC boiled in Velvet's mind, threatening to overwhelm her.  In the darkness of the trunk, bound and helpless, the jostling ride seemed to take an eternity.  However it gave Velvet time to calm herself.  Even in this predicament she was able to force down the panic.  She would have to have her wits about her to escape.  Finally the car came to a stop and shut off.  Another eternity seemed to pass before the trunk opened and light flooded in.  Bill was there, still unsettlingly calm.  He reached in and pulled her out.  They were in a rather normal looking garage.  There was a spare fridge, a work bench and tools hung on the walls.  She wasn't sure what she had expected but it wasn't this!  Perhaps something more akin to the house from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Velvet stayed quiet now, save for an uncomfortable groan as she was slung over his shoulder.  She struggled a bit at first and received a sharp swat across her heart-shaped orange booty in response.  Velvet slumped in helpless frustration as he carried her inside.  His rough hands caressed and squeezed her firm, round backside as they went, slipping his fingers toyingly under the edges of her shorts.  His attentions sent a wave of revulsion through her and something told Velvet it would get worse before it got better.

They passed through a normal looking kitchen and living room before Bill started down a flight of stairs.  Velvet glanced around frantically, taking in everything she could, looking for anything that may help her escape.  Nothing jumped out at her and quickly their decent left her staring only at carpeted stairs.  The basement was finished but finally she began to see more insidious things.  On the wall hung a pair of shackles but next to that was a large projection screen TV.

Across from the TV was a couch on which Bill deposited Velvet.  He dropped her face first onto it and she was almost pleasantly surprised how soft it was.  Bill stepped away moving into what would have been the laundry room in any other house.  As the door opened Velvet glimpsed a bare mattress with another girl bound on it.  She was wearing the same bright orange and white that Velvet had on.  The other captive was blindfolded and gagged and bound much more securely with white rope.  The sight caused the panic to swell in Velvet once more but she was again able to will it down, keeping her wits about her.

Bill returned then, carrying a thick coil of the white rope, a long metal pole and what looked like a black tool box.  Velvet squirmed as he came towards her.  She pulled and tugged at her bonds, in her desperation ignoring the deep bite of the nylon into her wrists and ankles.  She moaned helplessly, bound and defenseless as Bill sat beside her.  He gave her perfect ass another rough swat, stinging through her orange shorts.  She was then pulled to a kneeling position on the couch, though quickly shoved back face down.  This left her prone but with her round booty, orange shorts riding up a bit further, thrust upwards.  Velvet groaned in dread.

"You're going to have to learn to behave yourself, Caitlyn" Bill's calm growing  more eerie.  "I don't like noise and I don't like struggling."

Then his hand slapped across her defenseless ass!  Then again, harder!  Velvet yelped and squealed as stinging pain shot across pert backside.  Bill continued the spanking, each swat jolting Velvet's body, drawing a pained cry!  He continued to admonish her in that unsettling tone as he administered the punishment.  Crying out helplessly with every painful swat, Velvet's throat grew raw and hoarse.  When the spanking ended, Velvet slumped, gasping weakly, her ass trembling under the skin tight orange shorts.

Next she was flipped onto her back.  Velvet gazed up at her captor with more fear than she would have admitted.  

"I'm going to undo your gag," Bill said.  "And you'll stay quiet, understand?"

He leaned forward and undid her gag, unwinding the nylon and pulling the thick sopping bundle from her mouth.  Velvet licked her lips and took a few sweet breaths.

"Please, just let…AH!"  She began to whisper but his big hand whipped across with another vicious slap.  

She was yanked forward suddenly and laid over her captors lap.  His big hand caressed her firm ass then slapped it again.  Velvet cried out!  He administered a proper spanking now, explaining the "house rules" a condescending tone that made Velvet feel like a little girl.  She tried to bite back her cries and pained moans but she could not and soon hot tears were rolling down her cheeks as well.  Finally the spanking stopped and a hand wound itself in her hair and pulled her face up to meet Bill's gaze.

"Silence," Bill whispered.

Velvet nodded submissively.  Despite her formidable will power the combination of pain and denigration had considerably weakened her resolve.  Velvet would obey this time.

Bill knew it too.  He reached into the tool box and pulled out a red rubber ball with leather straps hanging on either side.  Velvet clamped her mouth shut and tried to back away, shaking her head pleadingly as Bill brought the ballgag towards her face.   A yank on her already ensnared hair pulled her mouth wide open, allowing the ball gag to be pushed past her soft lips.  Velvet resisted futilely as the rubber ball was forced into her helpless mouth, spreading her jaws apart painfully.  She moaned as the ball gag snapped painfully into place between her teeth.  The straps were quickly buckled behind her head, Bill taking care to leave her hair loose.

Next his fingers worked into the waistband of her shorts.  Velvet squirmed a little but not enough to warrant any more punishment.  Her full chest was heaving as she gasped for breath around the gag.  Bill slowly, almost carefully, pulled her white tank top loose of the orange shorts, and then gingerly pulled it up over her breasts, exposing the skin colored bra beneath.  Velvet moaned in dismay as she was exposed against her will.  Bill looked over her chest appraisingly, before reaching out again.  The bra clasped between her breasts and he undid the clasp pulling the cups to either side.  Velvet groaned again as her plump, round tits and soft pink nipples were laid bare.  

Humiliation washed over Velvet.  She exposed her breasts every night at the Kitty Galore Club but that was her choice.  Bill had taken that choice away.   On stage she was in control not just of her body but the entire crowd.  It was a powerful feeling.   Now Velvet felt absolutely powerless.  Bill was in control now.  A feeling of complete helplessness washed over Velvet as Bill reached out and cupped her firm breasts.  Velvet writhed in his unwelcome grip, repressing a moan so she would not earn another spanking.  He squeezed and fondled her plump tits.  His rough touch sent unpleasant tingles all across her abdomen.  Then he stood looking down at her with an expression of clear disdain.  She felt worthless under that gaze.  Had he only done that to demonstrate his control?

As he moved down to her feet Velvet thought about kicking at him but found herself fearing the punishment.  She let him hold her legs up in a slightly humiliating position, feeling the tight orange shorts riding up again exposing more of her ass to him.  He removed her shoes and socks, leaving her feet bare save for the nylons, and even undid the bindings at her ankles and knees.  A sigh of relief pumped her naked chest as her legs were freed.  The relief was short lived as Bill picked up the bar and for the first time Velvet realized it had shackles on either end!  She moaned in helpless dread as Bill fixed one end around her left ankle then pulling her legs apart, did the same to the right.  She kicked and pulled meekly testing the spreader bar.  It would do its job well, holding her legs in that position until she was released.  

Bill held the bar in the middle, gazing down at her bright orange crotch.  Velvet looked up him, pleading in her eyes and he smiled.  Dropping the bar, her legs flopped over the couch.  Velvet offered a protesting groan as Bill pulled her up by one arm and dragged her over to the wall shackles.  She stared in horror as he positioned her in front of them, facing the wall.  Again she felt fingers coiling her thick locks, a sharp yank pulled her entire head back, thrusting her exposed chest forward.

"You won't resist will you, Caitlyn," Bill growled into her ear.  

She shook her head obediently.  Even bound and gag Velvet was surprised how quickly that submission had come.

He untied her wrists and brought hands forward all the while keeping a tight grip.  Her hands were placed palms down against the wall and Bill let go.  Part of  her screamed that this was her chance to fight back, but the rest of her subdued mind held her hands firmly in place.  Bill was able to shackle her wrists without any problem and as they locked tight a pit of shame dropped into Velvet's stomach; shame at her being caught, shame at her failed investigation but mostly shame at her total submission to her captor.

Bill grabbed her trim waist and pulled her ass against his crotch.  He groaned now as her struggling backside wiggled against him.  Completely helpless Velvet squirmed as his hands snaked back to her chest.  He grabbed her tits more roughly this time, mashing and kneading them.  Velvet groaned, ashamed as her nipples hardened in his rough grip despite her revulsion.  Then he moved down and hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her tight orange shorts.  He pulled them down to about her knees.  Velvet whimpered as her nylon covered ass was exposed.  Bill spent a few moments squeezing and caressing each peach like cheek.  Velvet writhed in his commanding grip, knowing that he could do whatever he wanted with her now.  A pathetic whimper escaped around the ball gag spreading her jaws as Velvet wondered if she would resist even if she had the chance.  

"You are my prize pony," Bill said.  "Perfect body, smooth curves, big tits, tight little ass…But even thoroughbreds have to be broken.  You wait here I'll be back shortly and we'll get started.

Then he stepped away and moved upstairs.  Velvet slumped weakly.  Her knees bowing inward she leaned against the wall for support.  Gasping for breath she felt the unsteady sway of her dangling D-cups with each breath.  Goosebumps rippled across her tanned skin as now only the insubstantial nylon separated her lower half from the cold basement air.  She was trapped, helpless and about to be "broken".  Velvet Ice felt more tears rolling down her cheeks as she glanced around for an escape route that did not exist.

SOMETIME later after listening to her captor stomp around erratically upstairs, Velvet heard the doorbell.  A glimmer of hope seeped into her mind.  Despite the ache in her jaw and the drool running down her chin Velvet screamed for help!  However the ball gag defeated her cries.  Velvet groaned and moaned pulling against the shackles in frustrated despair.  As her complete powerlessness again became apparent; control of her voice had even been taken away!  

Then heavy footsteps came slowly down the stairs and Velvet found that the dread in her stomach took full hold of her, almost numbing her normally formidable mind.  Then something unexpected happened.  Det. Jack Mason came down the stairs, his gun leading the way cautiously.  His eyes went wide at the sight of Velvet bound and half stripped.

"Velvet?" he barked in surprise.

"Jack?" she replied equally shocked.  Relief flooded through Velvet and her knees buckled.  Det. Mason caught her and began undoing her shackles.

"What are you doing here?" Det. Mason asked.  

Velvet leaned on him for support as he unbuckled her gag.  She spit it out gratefully.

"I was trying to find the missing girls," she explained.  "So I went undercover at Hooters."

A look of disbelief crossed Det. Mason's face. "You are something else."

"I guess I found them though," Velvet sighed.  "There's another girl in that room there.  How did you find me…us?"

"Another waitress, Amber, I think her name was," Det. Mason began.  "She said she had a bad feeling about the manager tonight so she waited to see what he did after hours…I guess she watched him load another waitress into his trunk then followed him home…then called the cops to handle it…which is what you should've done!"

"Yeah yeah," Velvet sighed.  "You just would've told me not to do it."

"Right! So nothing like this would happen to you!"  Jack made no attempt at hiding his frustration.

Velvet only grinned in response to Jack's incredulous stare.  Her confidence and composure returned quickly now that the danger had passed.  Finally able she readjusted and re-clasped her bra then pulled her shirt down and her shorts up.  Still weak from the strain of her ordeal she took a few unsteady steps.  Jack scooped her into his arms and carried her up the stairs.  Other officers passed them, Jack telling them quickly about the other girl.  Velvet knew she owed a great deal to Amber this night.  Though it was nice to have someone else she could count on (besides Jack Mason) Velvet Ice still intended to count this investigation as a success!


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