Strong As An Ox!

Velvet Ice, Stripper Detective: Case Two

By Lady jane

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BUSINESS was down around the Kitty Galore club. Even Velvet Ice was feeling the pinch. Not in her pocket book, still the most popular dancer by far she always cleaned up on stage but to her general dismay Velvet had had to begin taking more private dances and being much less picky about who she gave them too. This was at the specific request of her manager. Velvet was in the middle of the kind of dance she wished she could have refused. Wearing only a lacy black and red teddy, rolling and gyrating her shapely hips for a balding old man she just didn't feel her normal self. Having to stoop to entertain this man made her feel demeaned in a small way. Then something interesting happened; his phone rang…and he answered it.

"Yeah, what," he barked into the phone. "Oh Mr. Black," his tone softened considerably. "No the shipment is there."

Velvet's interest piqued immediately at the name "Mr. Black" and the way his tone softened. Detective Mason was in the middle of investigating one Carlos Black. He was becoming the new drug-lord of Capital City, moving everything from marijuana to cocaine to manufactured drugs like ecstasy through the bowels of the city. Was that this old man's "Mr. Black" that Carlos Black? Surely not. Still Velvet's curiosity got the better of her, she turned to face the old man, straddling him and putting her firm round breasts practically right in his face…hoping that she could maybe catch a little of the conversation more clearly.

"That's right," he went on. "Warehouse 14, Tommy and the boys are waiting to conduct the exchange."

Velvet strained to hear the response, even leaning close and rubbing her naked crotch on the old man's leg. She could not make out anything coherent. The old man grunted excitedly but pushed her back a bit. She flashed him a pouty-face but didn't push it. She did not want to tip the old man off that she was so interested in his conversation.

"That's right," he was finishing up. "Fourth and Broad, tell your boys not to be late."

He hung up the phone and his attention returned to Velvet. Fortunately for her the song and therefore their dance was ending. Velvet moved away quickly and pulled her thong back on. The old man grunted in disappointment, muttering something about "Mr. Black ruining the best part". Velvet was calculatingly flirty but dismissive as she left the old man undoubtedly frustrated and alone. She hurried to the back to change into her street clothes. Ever since her ordeal with Johnny V Det. Mason had her on a C.I. payroll, if the old man really had been speaking with Carlos Black about some kind of drug deal this could be a chance for a nice little payday. Not to mention getting her further into the good graces of the police department. However she had to be sure there was something of interest before she called Det. Mason!

SHORTLY Velvet found herself walking through the dark alleyways between the clustered warehouses at Fourth and Broadway. It was a hot night. She was wearing a short denim skirt, leaving her long legs bare, and a black tube top that fit skintight on her D-cup breasts. A pair of high heeled boots that came to the middle of her calves completed the outfit. Obviously it was not ideal investigative attire but she had not planned for this when she got dressed for work. Her highlighted brown hair fell thick about her bare shoulders and every time she had to brush it out of her face Velvet promised herself she would start keeping hair ties in her car.

Soon she reached warehouse 13 and slowed her pace considerably. This close to the warehouse in question Velvet did not want the click-clack of her heeled boots to alert anyone to her presence. She kept her eyes wide open for any guards and slipped into the shadows around the warehouse. The lights were on inside number 14 and there was a guy dressed in all black standing at the front of the doorway. Still not seeing any other guards Velvet decided to slip over for a closer look. She circled around warehouse 15 moving as quietly as she could and crept up to warehouse 14's rear. There was a line of windows there and, after a quick glance around, she peeked inside.

There were four men inside, huddled close talking. In the center of the otherwise empty warehouse five silver briefcases laid in a line on the floor. Velvet pulled out her cellphone and took several pictures. She stepped back from the windows, preparing to text the pictures to Det. Mason when someone snatched the phone right out of her hands! Velvet whirled around and before she could react a hand clamped firmly over her mouth muffling her startled yelp. Velvet grabbed and pulled at the wrist covering her face. Her attacker was too strong and she found herself shoved back against wall of the warehouse.

"What are you doing here girlie," asked a gruff voice. "You done stuck your nose where it shouldn't be!"

Knowing she was in trouble, Velvet bit down savagely on the hand over her mouth! The thug hollered and let her go almost instantly. She started to spring away but the thug snagged a handful of her thick brown hair! Velvet cried out sharply as she was hauled back towards him. Velvet tried to twist away but his weight quickly engulfed her, pinning her in place.

"You little bitch," the thug growled in her ear. "That hurt! Maybe I'll make you hurt…"

Velvet squirmed but he had positioned himself just right trapping her. Then she heard the click of a switchblade! Next her feet were kicked apart so her long legs were spread wide. Then Velvet felt the cold steel of the knife press against her inner thigh! A shiver ran down her spine but Velvet held her composure. Even as the blade slid slowly up her leg, brushed over her lace covered crotch and then down the opposite leg she did not flinch.

"Is that the biggest tool you've got to put between my legs?" she even found the strength to whisper.

The thug responded with an indignant growl and pulled her away from the wall just enough to slam her back against it again! Velvet grunted in pain and chided herself for the remark. Sometimes she just couldn't hold her tongue.

"Stupid bitch," he growled. "I'll show you what I'm working with!"

"Ox!" shouted a new voice. "What are you doing?"

Ox, as he was called, stepped back suddenly but kept Velvet pinned to the wall with one hand. Turning in the direction of the speaker he opened his neck and jaw for a well-placed kick. She could already see Ox crumpling to the ground like so many sparring partners in her Muy Thai class. Velvet almost grinned as her long leg whipped up, connecting with the unaware thug just as she had envisioned. He grunted and stumbled away.

"You idiot," the new comer actually chuckled.

Velvet glanced around for an escape route. Knowing she had to think quickly and in her high heeled boots was ill equipped for a proper fight, she made a dash for the adjacent warehouse. Since there was no drug deal happening there it offered concealing shadows in which she could make her escape. The metallic sound of a pistol hammer being drawn back froze Velvet in her tracks.

"Yeah, it was a nice thought, toots," said the new comer smoothly. "You're not going anywhere."

Velvet turned slowly. "Surely you don't need that big ol' gun for little ol' me."

"Hmm, don't I?"

Velvet painted her face with a vixen smile. She stepped into the light and batted her emerald eyes at the gunman seductively. "I'm sure we can find a better way to settle this, don't you think?"

"No games," he warned even as his eyes drifted over her statuesque figure. "Hands up."

Velvet took a step forward, cocking her hips suggestively and raising her hands in such a way that her voluptuous breasts thrust forward between them.

"You are dangerous," the gunman said, something like admiration in his tone. "Ox, grab her!"

Suddenly Velvet was seized by those familiar big hands. They wrapped around her slender upper arms pinning them to her sides. Velvet tested the grip and found she was held fast by a man much more powerful than she. He grumbled to "quit wigglin'" and then guided her around towards the front door of the warehouse.

"Not that I wouldn't love to have a go at you," the gunman said leading the way. "And who knows, the night is still young but we'd better let Hammond decide what to do with you."

Her feet barely touched the ground in Ox's powerful grip. She wasn't quite walked but wasn't quite carried through the front door of the warehouse. Inside were the four men she had seen through the window. They all turned to regard her with curious looks.

"Found her out back snooping around," Ox explained quickly.

A tall man with dark hair and a lean frame stepped forward. He had eyes like a hawk, sharp and dangerous, set in a gaunt featured face. His gaze sent a chill down Velvet's spine just just as Ox's knife had. She could tell by the presence he exuded that this man must be in charge, the man called Hammond. He came towards them and when he spoke his voice was smooth as silk.

"Snooping around?" he said. "Whatever for?"

"I dunno, Hammond," Ox said confirming Velvet's assumptions. "But she snapped a bunch of pictures with her phone just before I grabbed her."

The thug handed over her phone and Hammond snatched away, glaring at Ox.

"I wasn't talking to you fool," Hammond snapped. His tone became instantly caustic only to cool again as he addressed Velvet. "I was talking to you, whatever was such a beauty snooping around after?"

"I wasn't snooping," Velvet played ditzy. "Just passing through and noticed the lights on, guess I got a little too curious."

"Passing through the warehouse district alone, dressed like that?" Hammond questioned. "Where exactly were you coming from?"

"Work," Velvet replied too quickly.

"And I wonder what kind of work do you do?"

"She looks like a whore," said a voice from behind.

Velvet recognized the voice of the gunman.

"Doubtful," Hammond said. "These boots are Versace and her eyes…no doubt you wouldn't notice Ox but there's intelligence behind them. This is no hooker."

Velvet had never been less pleased by such a high compliment.

"I wonder what you're really hiding?" Hammond went on staring at her.

Velvet met that gaze but did not respond.

"Hold her still."

Ox's grip tightened, pulling Velvet's arms behind her slightly, causing her breasts thrust forward. Hammond moved forward and squat down. He slowly and firmly pulled her feet apart, spreading her legs much like ox had done. Velvet's stomach twisted nervously. Hammond ran both hands up her right leg, tracing every firm curve, at the top they slipped under her skirt one hand frisking her peach like ass and the other slipping over her crotch then the sensitive curve where her hip met thigh. Velvet gasped in surprise and recoiled from the unwelcome touch. She tried to pull away from Ox but could not. She heard the thug chuckle. Then Hammond did the same thing to her left leg. His touch was coarse on her smooth skin and Velvet squirmed as his hands crept slowly up her leg. He rubbed more firmly on her pussy this time drawing an uncomfortable groan and an angry stare. She tried to pull away but he straightened and grabbed her slim waist. His hands inspected the waistband of her denim skirt, and then moved up her sides. Velvet now realized this was more to embarrass her rather than search as he was now frisking a clearly skin tight shirt. Those strong hands patted around her tight stomach and finally cupped her pert, round breasts. Again Velvet gasped in dismay.

"Want to tell me why you're here?" Hammond asked leaning close and giving her breasts a slight squeeze and twist.

Velvet squirmed as he grasped her firm D-cups. Ox tightened his grip holding her in place while Hammond fondled her. All around them the others chuckled and shifted excitedly. Velvet felt her cheeks burning with embarrassment. She gritted her teeth and forced herself to meet Hammond's gaze.

"Take your hands off me," Velvet managed with enough venom in her tone to drive Hammond back a step and release his grip. "I'm actually D.E.A. agent Alison Lane, you've gotten sloppy Hammond, or should I say 'Mr. Black'!"

A look of surprise crossed Hammond's dark features. Everyone seemed surprised for the moment and Velvet took the opportunity to pull free of Ox's grip. Her ruse seemed to be working so she threw herself completely into it, strutting confidently toward Hammond.

"I've been undercover, tracking your movements here in Capital City," she went on. "And you're all about to be under arrest… that is unless I call off the operation…which I can't do without my phone."

Hammond pulled her phone from his coat pocket. "This phone?"

"That's the one," Velvet grinned. "Hand it over and I'll call off my team…then we can talk about how I'll be compensated."

Hammond glanced around at his crew and made calming motions. "Very well, here…come and take it."

Velvet eyed him warily then reached for the proffered phone. Lightening quick the back of Hammond's free hand whipped across her face! Velvet cried out in pain and surprise as her head snapped the side and her cheek was left stinging. Then his hand whipped back across, the palm striking the opposite side of her face with enough force to drop the girl to her knees. Hammond towered over her, laughing. The whole crew was laughing.

"That was almost a good one," he said. "I'm not sure who you are or who you work for but it's certainly not the D.E.A….agent Lane."

Another chorus of laughter. Holding her burning cheeks Velvet chided herself. She had never been a good liar and found herself in worse predicaments for trying to be. Someday she'd learn better.

Ox's big hands closed on her arms again and Velvet found herself dragged back to her feet. Hammond came forward, a broad grin on his face this time. His smooth fingers slipped again under her tight denim skirt. They fumbled around causing her to squirm uncomfortably then he got hold of her panties and yanked, tearing them off!

"Please, don't," Velvet gasped, her resolve wavering. "Just let me go, I won't….mph!"

Hammond ignored her pleas and stuffed the lacey thong into her mouth. Then the gunman appeared at his side holding a strip of duct tape. Velvet tried to turn her head away but that strip found its way easily over her ruby lips. Strong fingers smoothed it down. Velvet groaned in dismay the sound muffled by her own panties.

"Take this bitch to one of the other warehouses and tie her up," Hammond ordered. "Carlos will be here any moment…we'll deal with her after we deal with him!"

WAREHOUSE 12 was not nearly so nice as warehouse 14. There were no lights on and 12 reeked of rust and mold. Velvet yelled and fought as she was dragged inside but with the two strong men restraining her lithe figure she was practically helpless. No matter how loud she screamed, Velvet's cries died to squeals and moans behind her makeshift gag. Thrown roughly to the ground she landed with a grunt. The floor was filthy. A single dim light clicked on almost directly over her. In that unpleasant spotlight Velvet felt the two men moving around her. She pushed herself to her hands and knees, feeling her skirt ride up and expose her naked butt. Lewd chuckles met her ears. Velvet straightened onto her knees and pulled the skirt down.

"Oh don't be shy now," said a familiar voice, the gunman.

Velvet tried to respond but the panties filling her mouth prevented any coherence. She heard the ripping sound of tape being unrolled. She tried to stand and run but too quickly she was seized by what seemed a multitude of hands. Perhaps it only seemed so. Panic had begun to creep at the edges of her mind but Velvet resisted. She needed her wits if she was going to come out of this. Even still she found herself forced onto her back in the rust and filth with a frustrated groan. The gunman straddled her, positioning himself so her arms were pinned by his legs. Velvet writhed and squealed angrily but found herself trapped.

She looked up at him, gathering her wiles. Velvet gave him a sultry look so intense it might have melted ice. Her almond shaped eyes had entranced many a man in her days and there was nothing special about this one. She locked his gaze intent on seducing him with her emerald stare, if he let his guard down even a moment she'd have a chance at escape. The gunman leaned forward, falling into her gaze just as she wanted.

"Oh yeah, you want me, don't you," he purred.

Velvet arched one delicate eyebrow and nodded so subtly her head might not have moved. Then to her surprise he broke their shared gaze. Ox knelt beside them and together they pulled Velvet's arms out from under the other and up over her head. There the two men quickly taped her wrists together. She tried to pull away but it was hopeless. Velvet began to realize she would simply be overpowered at every turn and her resolve wavered a bit more.

Next Ox held her down while the gunman removed her boots. She kicked at first but that only prompted her assailant to straddle her thighs ending all resistance. Velvet sighed in resignation as her Versace boots came off and supple but strong duct tape shackles came on. When the man stood she wiggled her legs, not surprised to find her ankles securely bound to one another. Then she was pulled to her feet. Ox kept her arms up over head but pulled her hands down behind her. Velvet's back arched slightly thrusting her chest forward with a soft helpless moan. She looked plaintively at the man before her but his eyes had fixed on her full chest. He came towards her wringing his hands.

Velvet could not move to escape. She tried to wriggle, to pull away but her bonds and Ox's grip kept her in place. The gunman reached out and grabbed the edge of her tube top. He yanked down exposing her plump tits. They jiggled as he bared them roughly and Velvet felt true helplessness wash over her. This was after all a very different situation than when she was on stage where she was in charge. These men had her at their whim; they would do whatever they like with her and her body. Velvet flushed with humiliation.

The gunman wasted little time staring and grabbed the firm orbs. He leaned close kneading and groping. Velvet moaned into her gag with helpless frustration. This only seemed to heighten his excitement as he squeezed and twisted. Velvet could only writhe as she felt the tug and pull on her breasts. She whimpered through the panties filling her mouth as her nipples involuntarily hardened in this man's unwelcome grip.

"Look at that Ox…the whore likes it!" He stepped back and gave the pink thimbles a flick, drawing another embarrassed whimper from their captive.

"Hadn't we get back over to 14 before Carlos comes," Ox suggested.

The gunman glanced at him, bit his lip then nodded. "In a minute, you don't want any of this?"

"All I want from this little bitch is some payback," Ox growled. "Won't take long."

"She's all yours."

Velvet wasn't sure what that meant but she didn't wait long to find out. Ox released her arms and she pulled them over in front of her with a relieved sigh. It was short lived relief as the big thug stepped around and leveled her with a crushing right hook. Velvet would have screamed if her mouth hadn't been full of the now sodden lace of her own panties. The force of the blow dropped her and Velvet writhed in the dust moaning in pain. She realized that Ox had hit her in the same place she had kicked him earlier.

"There, now we better head back," Ox said sounding satisfied.

"Not just yet," the gunman said kneeling beside her. "I'm gonna show you how to tie a bitch up!"

Velvet squirmed away from him an inch or so but he easily pulled her back to him. First the gunman went to her legs and wrapped the tape just above her knees. He encircled her thighs many times ensuring the binding was secured. Then to Velvet's surprise he unbound her wrists. Quickly though he pulled her legs up, folding her limber body in half. Again her short denim skirt rolled back exposing her naked ass and the prim, shaven pussy between her slender legs. With her will to fight drowned in a sea of helpless humiliation, Velvet did not even resist as her arms were pulled down and her wrists taped together behind her knees. Those bindings were then connected to the tape encircling her thighs. How, she wasn't exactly sure but it was that piece that prevented her from being able to reach any of her other bonds. The two men stepped back, surveying their work. Velvet struggled with little determination, knowing she was trapped and well trussed. Her helpless moans were now desperate pleas falling on deaf ears.

The gunman bent down to her. Velvet whimpered feeling his hot breath on her neck as he whispered into her ear.

"I'm gonna go make sure this deal goes through…then I'm coming back and I'm going to make you my little slut!"

She believed him. He gave her peach-like ass a painful slap! Then a second! After a third Velvet squealed into her gag. A fourth and she squealed again, feeling hot tears begin to roll down her cheeks. Three more spankings and pain filled squeals later he bent to her ear again.

"You belong to me now, slut."

She knew it was true. Then he stood and they clicked off the light, leaving Velvet in complete darkness to struggle hopelessly against her bonds.

LONG after Velvet Ice had given up hope and slumped into the dust and grime on the floor of warehouse 12 there was commotion outside. Cars pulling in, men shouting, she realized Carlos had arrived and likely not by himself. The commotion lasted some time and Velvet found renewed resolve to escape. Unfortunately the supple duct tape held her as tightly as powerful Ox had and she was quickly exhausted once again. Velvet's fingers and toes tingled numbly, limber as she was her hips and shoulders ached from the uncomfortable position. Even her tongue had begun to swell against the sodden wad of lace in her mouth. Again she slumped into the filth.

Outside things went quiet. They stayed quiet long enough she began to wonder if they had forgotten about her. Before Velvet could decide if that was good or bad, the door burst open. Soft light, moon light perhaps, flooded in stinging her eyes. A dark shape came towards her. Velvet tried to squirm away but her exhausted body would not respond properly. Her vision cleared to reveal the old man whom she had been giving a lap dance which had begun this whole ordeal. His eyes went wide at the sight of her as did hers. He looked over her trussed body, lingering on her exposed underside. Finally Velvet wiggled some and made a plaintive moan.

He turned and yelled out the door. "She's in here!"

In a flash Det. Jack Mason came through the door and relief flooded through Velvet. His brown trench coat quickly covered her and he barked at the old man to avert his eyes. The old man blushed and left the warehouse.

"Are you okay," Jack asked pulling the tape from her mouth.

"Mmm hmm," was all Velvet could manage as she finally spit out her own panties.

Det. Mason quickly freed her of her bondage and Velvet wrapped the coat around herself, then wrapped Det. Mason in a grateful hug.

"How did you find me," she asked hoarsely.

"We caught Hammond down the street," Det. Mason explained. "He had your phone, so I radioed back to find you and rushed over here."

"How did you…?" Velvet coughed, unable to finish.

"Know about the deal?" Jack finished. "That man who just found you has been undercover for four years working this case."

Velvet's eyes went wide, she almost laughed.

"I have to ask you," Jack went on. "Was it Hammond or Carlos Black who did this to you?"

Velvet mouthed: "Hammond."

A smile spread across Det. Mason's face. "Do you realize that Hammond nearly got away without being tied to this whole bust? But now with your testimony and the images on your phone, he'll do as much if not more time Carlos!"

Velvet grinned that vixen smile and the edge returned to her emerald eyes. She coughed hoarsely and forced out; "Guess you guys really owe me one then."


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