What's Behind Door #3

Velvet Ice, Stripper Detective: Case One

By Lady jane

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WHEN Velvet Ice took the main stage none of the guys missed that. She was the most popular girl at the Kitty Galore club on Ninth and Adams. She had a perfect body, lithe and slender but still sporting all the curves men like! She was toned all over but not too muscular or masculine. She wasn't overly tall but her legs went all the way up and ended at a perfectly heart-shaped booty. Her breasts however were the topic of much debate; a full D-cup on her petite frame, no one could decide if they were real or enhanced and she wasn't telling. Topping off that perfect body was a mop of thick brown hair, streaked with blond highlights framing a gorgeous face with high cheekbones, soft pink lips and almond shaped eyes that sparkled like huge emeralds.

That night she was wearing a turquoise teddy and matching thong. She moved to the slow pulse of an R&B beat, dancing and twisting to the music. Velvet Ice never failed to raise the temperature in the room a few degrees. It was not just her physical beauty that made her the most popular girl in the club, there were undoubtedly guys who preferred bigger boobs or bigger butts, or flatter, or blonds or what have you… But Velvet could move her body in ways no other girl could. She could twist and turn every curve so seductively and in such an intimate rhythm that she seemed more to throb with the music rather than dance to it. She moved in ways that, whatever a man's taste in women were, he wanted to feel how she moved, even if only once.

When she finished her set most the men in the room were sweating. Velvet gathered her discarded teddy off the floor along with her envious pile of bills and headed towards the back. She scanned the crowd, very picky about who got private dances since every guy who came through the club wanted one and she made enough on stage to afford her discretion. She picked out about three guys in the entire crowd and pointed them out to the dj, and tall muscular guy who was actually named DJ.

"You already got one waiting, Ice," DJ told her.

"I do?" she asked surprised. DJ knew she did not take just anybody.

"Yeah, don't worry," DJ replied with a smirk. "You've seen him before."

Velvet nodded and headed back confused. Having "seen" someone before did not always mean they got a free pass or even repeat performance. She stopped in the back room and packed away her money, then put her teddy back on before heading into the private room.

Understanding struck almost immediately when she entered. Seated in the room was Detective Jack Mason, a cop she had been in frequent contact with. Velvet was only stripping to pay her tuition after all and her major was criminal psychology with a minor in law enforcement. Det. Mason was burly man and a good cop but he wasn't (admittedly so) the brightest apple of the bunch.

"Aren't you supposed to be working tonight?" Velvet asked.

"Actually I am," he said looking over her scantily clad body. Det. Mason had a weakness for pretty girls and none more so than Velvet. "There was a bank robbery today, broad day light, lots of cash taken."

"Sounds serious," Velvet said, feeling a little bit like she should cover up.

"Very," Det. Mason sighed. "Chief's got the whole department working over-time; calling in any favors we're owed. I don't know why exactly but he wants this solved before the feds get into it."

"So you're wondering if anybody's been in here flashing around a lot of extra cash?"

"Something like that," Det. Mason nodded.

"I haven't seen anybody tonight," Velvet lied. "Nobody who isn't usually in here throwing around more money than they should anyway."

"I didn't figure," he said disappointedly. "But if you see anyone or hear anything later on…"

"I'll let you know," Velvet said.

"Call me first thing!" Det. Mason said firmly.

Velvet nodded but in the back of her mind, she was thinking that solving this crime could secure her place on the force once she graduated. What she wasn't telling Det. Mason, just yet, was that there had been a man throwing around more cash than usual. She even knew the guy; he was a regular called Jonny V.

AFTER her shift Velvet got in her car and headed across town, to Jonny V's. He had not stayed long at the club that night, bragging about some party he was throwing and trying to get the girls to show up, which was generally a big no-no at the Kitty Galore club. If no one else was going though, there'd be no one to rat Velvet out and it wasn't like she was going there for any extra "work".

When she got to Jonny's, which was way south on the wrong side of town, she could tell his party was 2 things. First: as wild as he promised. Second: no place she wanted to be. Velvet told herself that if she became a real cop, she'd be faced with far more dangerous situations. This would be good training. Besides she could handle herself better than most women.

Jonny V was on the porch with a group of people when she walked up. He was quite a bit drunker than he had been at the club. His eyes lit up when he saw her. She was wearing a tight red halter that displayed her ample cleavage and a short black skirt, fishnet stockings and shiny red heels.

"Holy Shit is that Velvet Ice?" he shouted as she approached.

"One and the same," Velvet replied painting a vixen smile on her face.

"Ain't that just something too fucking special," Jonny V said and everybody laughed. "To what do we owe the honor?"

"Well when I heard you say what kind of party it was gonna be how could I resist?"

"Yeah, right," Jonny scoffed. "When you saw me flashing around that cheddar you couldn't resist, maybe." Everyone laughed. "Flash that cash and the bitches come running, am I right?"

Despite herself Velvet felt her cheeks flush. Jonny raised his beer in the air and all the men on the porch shouted their agreement. Jonny V was tall and thin, with stringy blond hair. He had a face like a rat but there was a dangerous edge in his eyes. Velvet didn't sweat him though; he was a small time thug not a brilliant bank robber.

"Well if you don't want me here I can leave," Velvet said turning. She made sure switch her hips as she walked, probably flashing the lowest curves of her ass in that short skirt.

"Well I ain't said all that," Jonny V quickly called after her. "Looking that hot girl, you be welcome just about anywhere."

Velvet turned, again flashing that vixen smile.

"C'mon inside and get your hot little ass a drink."

VELVET had to play nice with Jonny V longer than she wanted. Eventually his drunken attentions were drawn and she was free to move around the party. Jonny seemed to be the highest profile figure hanging around so she quickly moved on to searching the house for something incriminating. Taking care that no one noticed, she slipped upstairs. There were only three rooms on the second story; one was a bathroom badly in need of cleaning. The second was Jonny V's bedroom, a cluttered mess with a bed in the center that had no sheets on it. She assumed searching there would be as pointless as it would be frustrating because the door was wide open.

The third room was hidden behind a locked door so Velvet decided that was the best place to search. She pulled a bobby-pin out of her hair and quickly picked the lock. Something she had learned from her alcoholic uncle (he had been a locksmith at the time) when she was younger.

Velvet slipped inside as the door opened, carefully shutting it behind her. Inside was far more than she had expected to find. The windows had all been covered over with newspaper. On one wall was a huge map of the city, with scribbling all over it. In the center of the room was a lone table with several huge bags on it.
Velvet pulled out her cellphone and quickly started taking pictures. Then she moved to the table and opened one of the bags. Sure enough inside were stacks of cash. Velvet's jaw dropped, perhaps she had underestimated Jonny V after all.

"See what I mean, flash a little cash and the bitches come running."

Velvet nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Jonny's voice. She whirled around to see him leaning against the door jam, holding a beer in one hand. That dangerous edge had returned to his eyes and he seemed to have sobered up some. Her mind began to race, she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar now.

"You know, I been coming to Kitty Galore for a minute now," Jonny said. "And you ain't never given me no private dance, now all a sudden you're here to party with me?"

"I was just looking for the bathroom?" Velvet stammered.

"Just looking in here behind this locked door?" Jonny scoffed. "I ain't so dumb, bitch. I called up to one of my boys at the club and do you know what he told me?"

"That a cop came to see me tonight?" Velvet decided it was time to dispense with any subterfuge. She had clearly underestimated Jonny V too much.

"That's right!" he said locking the door behind him and coming towards her. "You call your cop friend yet, bitch?"

"It's not what you think," Velvet said thinking quickly. "Yes a cop came to see me, he was just stressed from some robbery today so I gave him a private dance. I remembered you flashing some extra cash tonight, I just wanted a piece of the action."

"So you're snooping around to steal from me?" Jonny snarled. "You think that lie's any better than the truth?"

Velvet frowned it had seemed like a good story in the moment. He was almost within reach by then. She stepped forward and launched a kick that caught him in the temple! When Velvet's mother had begun to recognize what a beauty her daughter was growing to be, she had insisted that Velvet take a self-defense class, which had led to her current study of martial arts.

Shock played across Jonny V's face as he toppled over holding his head. Velvet dashed for the door. Forgetting it was locked she was momentarily hung up fiddling with the door knob. It was a moment too long; as soon as she opened it and started through a big hand coiled itself in her thick locks. She yelped in pain as Jonny V yanked her back into the room.

Surprising Velvet yet again he was much stronger than his lean frame had led her to believe. He shoved her face first against the wall and held her there with one arm while he shut and relocked the door. Velvet first tried unsuccessfully to pry his fingers from her hair, then to get an angle for another attack. Once he saw to the door, Jonny V turned his attention back to her. His free hand smashed viciously into her rib cage! All the breath exploded from Velvet's lungs and with it all the strength left her body.

"Stupid bitch," he growled into her ear.

Velvet was reeling and gasping for breath. He grabbed her arms and pulled them together behind her back. He tied them together with something, she couldn't tell what, then spun her around to face him. His head was already beginning to swell where she had kicked him. He pressed her back against the wall, robbing her of any balance and leverage.

"Listen just let me go," Velvet said, fear welling in her chest. "And I'll give you all the private dances you want."

"Bitch, in what world is not too late for that?" Jonny V snarled.

Velvet's mind raced, fighting down panic, knowing she needed a level head if she was going to get out of this. Throughout her somewhat unorthodox upbringing she had acquired many tools most women lacked but when she noticed the way Jonny V's eyes were flitting up and down her body, she realized that she once again might simply have to rely on her feminine wiles. Even in his rage he could not keep his male mind from indulging other thoughts.

"Well maybe we can work out some other arrangement," Velvet said, giving her best temptress look.

Jonny V looked at her and cocked an eyebrow. "Like what?"

"Come on, Jonny," she purred. "If you 'ain't so dumb', what do you think."

Velvet leaned forward off the wall licking her lips seductively. Jonny V chuckled and shoved her back against the wall. His hand whipped across suddenly, slapping her in the face and snapping her head to one side. Her cheek stinging, tears began to well in Velvet's green eyes. She pulled against the binding holding her wrists but whatever it was had no give to it.

"You gonna seduce me now?" Jonny V growled.

"I just thought we could have some fun," Velvet murmured. "Then you let me walk…"

"You know what I'm getting sick of your fuckin' voice," he cut her off.

Pulling a bandana out of his jeans' pocket Jonny V tied a thick knot in the middle. Then even as she tried to protest, he shoved the knot into Velvet's mouth. She shook her head violently trying to resist and spit out the gag. Her struggles only earned another, more vicious slap, and all the fight left her. Jonny tied the bandana behind her head, cinching it tight enough that she had no hope of coherent speech.

"You gonna offer to fuck me or suck me if I let you go?" He grabbed her by the chin and got right in her face. "What makes you think you got a choice now anyway?"

Velvet shook her face free and glared at him. He reached out and grabbed the thin straps of her halter top. Yanking downward he exposed the strapless, lacey bra she wore underneath. Jonny made an appreciative grunt and slipped his fingers into the cups pulling them down as well. Velvet gasped as her plump breasts were exposed.

Jonny V let out a low whistle. "Those might be the best tits I've ever seen."

Humiliation washed over Velvet as the man stared at her naked breasts. Yes, she exposed them for a living but that was different; then it was on her own terms. Jonny V had her on his terms now and she did not like that feeling.

"You know every guy at the club is wondering about these tits," he said. "Are they real or fake?"

Velvet said something defiant but it only came out as a jumbled grunt.

"Look at how perky they are," he went on. "Perfectly round almost, they must be fake. Only one way to know for sure."

Velvet grunted pleadingly but Jonny V ignored her. He grabbed her naked breasts roughly! She groaned in helpless dismay. He leaned close, groping and kneading the firm round orbs. Velvet squirmed in his grip, unable to pull away from the unwelcome touch. Jonny worked her over thoroughly and finally drawing a long moan as her soft nipples hardened between his fingers. He flicked and twisted them causing Velvet to squeal into her gag. At last he stepped back, grinning like a fox.

"I didn't feel any scars," Jonny said. "But I'll be damned if them ain't too firm to be natural."

Velvet looked at him dejectedly. She was breathing hard and her plump tits bobbed with each gasp.

"You gonna dance for me now?" he asked.

Velvet only made a pouty grunt into her gag.

"Oh don't worry baby," he said smugly. "We're only getting started."

He stepped up to her again and Velvet braced for his hand on her breasts. Jonny V went lower though, he grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it up. Beneath she was wearing a black lacey thong. Velvet made pleading noises behind her gag as his hand began to explore underneath her skirt. She squirmed and twisted her hips futilely as his hand slipped around to squeeze her firm ass.

"Damn girl," he sighed. "That feels nice and firm, you ever been fucked up that perfect booty?"

Velvet whimpered into the gag, pulling desperately (yet uselessly) against her binding. With his other hand Jonny V pressed her more firmly against the wall holding her in place. Velvet was helpless as his fingers twisted into the fishnets covering her crotch.

"I love fishnets," he said into her ear. Velvet recoiled from his hot breath. "I love ripping them off sluts, that is!"

Before she could react he ripped the crotch out of her stockings! Then he kept ripping, tearing the fishnets in random spots until they were practically hanging off her. Velvet gasped and groaned with each tare.

"This slutty little skirt, what's the point even wearing it?" Jonny V shouted seeming suddenly angry.

Velvet squealed in surprise and fear as he grabbed the hem and ripped her skirt off. Standing before the man now in only her panties and ruined stocking, fear and humiliation began to take over in her mind. Hot tears began to roll slowly down her cheeks. Jonny V stepped back up to her, leaning close but not touch her…yet. Velvet trembled feeling his hot breath on her neck.

"Don't cry, baby," he purred feigning tenderness. "I'm just gonna give you what every little slut wants."

Then he grabbed the soft V between her thighs! Velvet groaned as he began to massage her pussy over the lace of her thong. She gasped and moaned as his fingers sent unpleasant tingles dancing over her slender abdomen. She squirmed helplessly and shame welled in her chest as her hips began to buck involuntarily with the molestation. Poor Velvet moaned through her gag in unwanted arousal.

Suddenly the moment was broken by the sound of a phone ringing. Velvet gasp thankfully as Jonny V pulled his hand away. It was short lived relief though, just as quickly that hand slugged her across the jaw. She fell sideways with a stifled cry, her plump tits slapped painfully against the rough floor. Her head spinning from the pain and abuse Velvet writhed on the floor trying to regain her bearings. She pulled uselessly at her binding, chewed frustratedly on her gag, and tried unsuccessfully to stand.

"Ain't it just the way?" Jonny V said kneeling beside her. "We were just starting to have some fun and business interrupts!"

Velvet recoiled as he reached out and brushed a lock of hair over her ears.

"But don't worry," he said. "You ain't going nowhere, we got all the time in the world."

Velvet wasn't sure where it came from but suddenly Jonny V had a long length of rope. She squirmed away desperately but he grabbed her legs and pulled them together. Quickly that rope was coiled around her ankles.

"Don't worry sweet-thing," he said almost somberly. "I won't be gone long and when I get back we'll have some real fun."

Despite Velvet's desperate struggles another coil of rope was wound around her knees and cinched painfully tight! She squealed painfully into her gag.

"We're gonna find out just how hard you like to get fucked!"

Exhausted and defeated Velvet's already futile struggles grew steadily weaker. Next her ankles and wrists were drawn together and lashed to each other. Her shoulders strained painfully, her toned abs were stretched taught and poor Velvet could only groan as she was arched backwards.

Finally Jonny V stood back. Velvet slumped into the uncomfortable hogtie, completely bound and utterly helpless. Tears streamed down the girl's face as she moaned pleadingly into her gag. Jonny V stooped and patted her perfect ass teasingly.

"We're even gonna find out if you like being fucked in that perfect ass!" he said almost laughing. "Yeah, we're gonna have lots of fun!"

Velvet squirmed helplessly as Jonny V left the room. She knew she had to escape before he returned. Unfortunately every body part she moved only pulled painfully on another part. She ached all over and gradually realized the hopelessness of her bindings. Weeping miserably Velvet at last gave up her struggling, realizing there was no escape. Going limp in her bonds, she knew she'd be helpless when Jonny V returned and had his way with her.

SOMETIME later Velvet was startled by the sounds of commotion below. There was shouting and crashing sounds. Velvet tried to squirm so she could face the door and see if anyone came through it. Whatever was happening below went on for a little while before things went eerily quiet. She was unable to squirm enough even to turn or move around. With a frustrated sigh Velvet again slumped against the floor.

Then she heard the door open. Fear clutched poor Velvet and the dreadful thought of being fucked by Jonny V flitted through her brain. She whimpered pathetically.

"Velvet?" Relief washed through her at the unexpected sound of Det. Mason's voice.

He rushed to her side and quickly undid her bindings. Velvet was moaning in relief as each length of rope came off. Finally she was freed and she spit and sputtered as the sodden gag came out. Her tongue was dry and swollen but it was beyond relieving. She rubbed her wrists and ankles gratefully as Det. Mason moved around the room, his jaw hanging open.

"I was surprised too," Velvet croaked hoarsely.

"Don't talk, just relax," Det. Mason said rushing back to her side. "Are you alright? How long had you been trapped that way?"

"Too long," she whispered softly. "But I'll be fine. What took you so long?"

Velvet had text him the pictures from her phone before Jonny V had caught her.

"Do you know how hard it is to get a warrant at 4 in the morning," Det. Mason said sheepishly. "Besides I figured you'd be able to handle yourself for a couple hours."

"Yeah, me too," she chuckled.

"Well don't worry it's over now," he tried to sound reassuring. "Next call me first, don't go off on your own investigation!"

Velvet only smirked and nodded weakly, they both knew she'd likely ignore that advice more often than not. Det. Mason helped her stand and wrapped his blazer around her shoulders. They head out of that awful place. Downstairs there were police everywhere, any stragglers from the party were cuffed and outside.

"I guess you got them before the feds arrived," Velvet asked.

"Way before."

"So that means your chief owes me one now?"

Det. Mason looked at her with surprised expression. He nodded slowly, realization dawning. "I suppose he does."

Velvet glanced back at Jonny V's house before sliding into Det. Mason's car.

"It might all have been worth it then," she said with a wink.

Det. Mason rolled his eyes and slapped himself on the forehead. This girl was going to be trouble.


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