The Conjuring Trick

Walter Hammond

"Oh yes, I'd love to do that," I thought. There was a small ad for an assistant for a magician who was doing a charity performance. I'd always fancied being a magician's assistant. An e‑mail brought a swift response and an address with some suggested dates and times to meet. I opted for the earliest.

The address turned out to be a rather run-down office block. There was only one name on the entrance doorbell buttons, Morgan. Was he the only person in the block? I pressed the button and a female voice answered. I gave my name and she let me in. I went up some stairs with a very worn carpet and knocked on a dilapidated door. "Come in," was the reply.

Entering, I saw a beautiful brunette of about my age. "Hello, I'm Morgan," she said, rising and offering me her hand. I was surprised, but of course there's no reason why a magician shouldn't be a 20-something female. "I'm absolutely delighted to meet you," she said as we shook hands. "My ideal assistant would be a gorgeous blonde, and here you are!" I smiled at the compliment. "I couldn't specify that in my advert, as that would be sex discrimination, but I've turned down a couple of men today."

We had a long chat about me, and she wrote down my address. "Now, do you have time for a quick rehearsal?" she asked?"

"Sure," I said eagerly.

"For the actual performance you get to wear a lovely outfit, a spangly leotard; here’s a picture. But I don't have it yet, so is it OK if you just strip off to your bra and panties? No need to be modest; there’s just the two of us here."

I imagined myself in that outfit; I’d really enjoy it. I had no objection to undressing; taking off my shoes, skirt, blouse and tights, I put them in a neat pile on a chair.

“Now, the trick is that I tie you up comprehensively and gag you, and then make you vanish. I’ll start with your hands; put them out, please.” She wrapped duct tape tightly around each hand, immobilising my fingers.

“Hands behind your back, please, palm to palm.” She tied my wrists together, cinching the rope tightly. Next, she wrapped rope around my elbows and tightened it until my elbows touched. More rope went around my arms and body, above and below my breasts. She secured the elbow bonds to this rope. “That stops the elbow bonds from slipping down.” Then she put a cinch between my breasts, pulling the ropes above and below my breasts together. My arms were totally trapped and useless.

More rope went around my waist. A loose end dangled from the front. She pulled it between my legs and tugged. “Ow!” I said as it dug into my crotch.

“Sorry, I’ll be more careful next time,” she said as she fixed the end of the rope to my wrist bonds. I had to keep my hands pressed against my bottom, or the crotch rope would dig in more. This secured my arms even more firmly. Ropes above and below my knees and at my ankles pinned my legs firmly together.

“Now the gag,” she said. “Open wide, please.” She stuffed a sponge into my open mouth. “Close your mouth tightly please.” Several turns of tape around my head over my mouth ensured that I could not open my mouth. I was very effectively gagged.

She helped me lie face down on the carpet. Bending my legs, she joined the wrist and ankle bonds, putting me in a strict hogtie. She wrapped yet more rope around my bent legs. I could barely move.

“I’ll just add this hood,” she said. She pulled a hood over my head; it smelt strongly of leather. She tugged at various laces and straps until it gripped my head tightly. It was impossible for me to move my jaw, and of course I was completely blindfolded. She fastened a wide collar around my neck, buckling it uncomfortably tight. “This, together with the gag, really silences you,” she explained. “Now, try to move.”

She watched me struggle for a bit and then she called out, "OK boys, all ready." I heard two men come in; they picked me up. "Of course," she continued, "I have her address and door key; we can clear out the flat once we’ve got her dispatched." Why, what on earth was happening?

As the men carried me out, the magician said to me, "You know, I've never actually done this trick in public. I've rehearsed it with a few other girls and – you know – they really vanish completely after the rehearsal. I've never seen any of them again."

The end

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