The Missing Roommate

By Reid

The buzzing was consistent, growing louder and louder under the blanket until it seemed like it was the only sound in the world. She cocked her head back against the pillow, humming along in ecstasy. She felt chills along her bare legs as her pores opened, cold sweat dampening her jiggly thighs. She was almost there…

Right until the door to the dorm opened. The buzzing had been so loud, she hadn’t even heard it.

Shit!” Deb pulled the blanket all the way up to her neck, covering her pants-less form. She fumbled with her vibrator under the covers, finally finding the off switch—

AGH! That’s max!

She finally turned it off, ceasing the buzzing.

Man, why the hell do we have the sock system if you’re not going to adhere to it?” Red-headed Kate Parker asked as she walked nonchalantly passed the bunk bed and plopped her book back at her desk.

Cause… I wasn’t doing anything?” Deb Ross, Kate’s roommate, knew it was a bad lie, but her body was still so flush from the almost-climax that she couldn’t come up with much else.

Mmmmhmmm” Kate grinned, knowingly. It didn’t really bother her. If anything, it was funny.

So, you turning in for the night?” Kate started to unload her books and journals in preparation for what was looking like several hours of homework.

I wish”. Deb tossed her blanket off of her – making a point to keep her vibrator hidden under the bundle – and climbed down from the top bunk. She hit the ground and pulled the bottom of her tight Metallica T-shirt down so that her mid-riff wasn’t exposed anymore.

She did her best to be subtle as she checked the front of her blue and black lace panties for a wet spot.

Kate turned to focus on her papers and, really, give Deb some privacy. Deb appreciated it. Though she wasn’t jealous of Kate per se – there’s was a body-positive-focused dorm room – Deb couldn’t help but note Kate’s slender frame, her perky breasts, and her creamy legs whenever she examined her own body. It’s not that Deb was fat… she was just fuller figured, with D-cup breasts and stocky thighs, formed and molded from years of being on the rowing team.

I gotta go to lab” Deb complained as she pulled her skin-tight jeans up to her waist.

Who’s having lab this late?” Kate glanced over her shoulder to see that Deb was now fully dressed and pulling on a hoodie.

Not class. Doc Newton’s been ignoring my calls.”

Because he knows you’re investigating him Kate thought, though she kept the thought to herself. Deb was a journalism major – she had the same bug that Kate did, that urge to stick her nose where it didn’t belong whenever something seemed fishy. Kate wanted to catch bad guys. Deb wanted to report on them.

You think barging into his office this late is going to get an answer?”

Hey, I emailed him to ask for a comment. I’m not the one who allegedly is screwing students in exchange for higher grades.”

Deb zipped up her hoodie and grabbed her phone and keys.

Want me to go with?” Kate asked?

What, and let you take the credit in the end? No way Red. I’m still bitter about the other week.”

Kate knew what she was talking about. The incident, as they’d come to call it. When Kate and Michelle had nearly fallen victim to those creeps… and that bitch, Mallory… at the loading depot. Deb and made Kate tell her everything and still was giving her grief for not bringing her along.

Don’t wait up”. With that, Deb was gone.

Kate leaned back in her chair, rubbing her eyes.

I’m gonna be up all night. A few sessions wouldn’t hurt.

She pulled open her desk drawer and retrieved a length of white nylon rope. Slowly, Kate wrapped it around her wrists, pulling taught until it was tight and knotted.

Ever since the incident… ever since that creep Mallory had tied Kate down and spanked her…

Kate had promised herself she was never going to allow someone to have that kind of power over her again.

She twisted at the knot, prying at it with her fingers, until it finally gave way and she freed herself.

I’m getting better. But I’ve got a long way to go. Kate thought to herself.

She turned open her textbook and started studying.

Deb hated how the University buildings shut off most of their lights after 8. It made walking through those long, hold always a particularly creepy experience.

Doctor Newton?” Deb spoke louder than she probably needed to. She didn’t want to spook him as she entered the lab.

He was there, at one end of the long chem lab. Tall, slender, with a hooked nose and small glasses.

Oh” he said as Deb walked across the classroom, approaching him. “It’s you.”

You haven’t called me back”

Which is kind of it’s own form of answer, is it not?” He nearly spat those last words out. This wasn’t going well.

Look man, you do what you want. I’m publishing the story about the allegations, and I just wanted to give you a chance to tell your side.

He considered, and Deb got the sense that he was really looking at her, maybe for the first time.

After a beat of silence, he spoke. “Come here”

Excuse me?”

I’ll give you your quote, but I’m late for something in my office. Help me carry this equipment out of here, and I’ll talk.”

Deb walked, slowly, around the desk to see the heavy crates and bags near his feet.

You building a time machine?” Deb was trying to joke, but he didn’t laugh. He lifted one box up and onto the table and opened it.”

Grab that bag, will you?” He motioned his head at the closest duffle bag to Deb.

Deb bent over and grunted as she tried to lift the surprisingly heavy bag. ZZZZPPPP. The duffel fell back to the ground as the zipper unwound.

Deb dropped the bag to the ground and found herself gawking at the contents. She hadn’t meant to look. It was just one of those things where she couldn’t help where her eyes went.

Inside the bag was coils and coils of rope, zip ties, rolls of tape. Ballgags. Nipple clamps.

What the fu—


Deb had been so fixated on the contents of that back that she hadn’t noticed as Newton came up behind her and pressed a damp cloth against her face, covering her mouth and nose. Deb reactively breathed in the fumes before she could even react.

Okay, come on” she heard him say as he wrapped a free arm around her stomach, holding her to him.

Deb slammed her foot back, hitting him in the foot. He let go, allowing her to stumble forward.

What did… what did you…” Deb wobbled, on her feet. Her vision shook. Black spots dotted from the corners of her view. She leaned on desk and then toppled over.

I’d really rather prefer it if you didn’t write that story”.

Doc Newton’s boots were the last thing she saw before she blacked out.

I just don’t get why you’re so uptight!” Kate bellowed into her phone.

It was late; her spotify “study” playlist had hit its end and started over twice already. Kate had gotten so desperate to distract herself from her studies that she’d actually called Michelle and asked for an update on her case. Literally, any case.

Michelle, of course, wasn’t too keen on being disturbed.

Kate,” Michelle offered over the phone, “I promise you, if I get any kind of lead about who those guys were, I will let you know… after I’ve made the arrest.”

But Michelle—”

Don’t. Just, don’t.” Michelle’s tone said she wasn’t in the mood to joke around. “You are the luckiest girl in the world that you got out of that depot unscathed. I’m the luckiest detective in the world that you didn’t get hurt while you were under my watch. If your dad found out—”

Dad’s not going to know—”

You’re right, because he’s never going to get the chance. It’s late. Do your homework. Go to sleep.”

Kate sighed. She checked over her shoulder, as if she expected Deb to walk through the door any minute. Where was she? She should’ve been back by now.

I will, just once Deb gets back”.

Deb? Where is she?”

I don’t know, detective. I may go look for her.”

If you go anywhere, remember to turn on find my phone—”

Okay!” Kate was finally fed up. Michelle was only seven years older than her, and yet she loved acting like she was Kate’s mom. “I’ll get back to you on that, Michelle. ‘Night”.


Kate hung up and sighed, loudly. She loved Michelle, she really did, but sometimes that big-sister instinct she had really got under Kate’s skin. Kate was going to be a cop soon – she was off to the academy as soon as she graduated college – and sometimes she just wished Michelle showed that she respected the fact that Kate was going to be a peer one day soon.

Kate rubbed her eyes and checked her phone. It was nearly midnight. Where was Deb? It shouldn’t have taken this long to get a simple quote from some perv professor.

She dialed Deb and listened to the endless ringing of the line that was never going to pick up.

Something was wrong.

Kate heard two voices in her head. The first sounded oddly like Michelle, telling her to stay put, call campus police and wait for someone to get back to her with a lead as to Deb’s experience.

But the second…

Kate grabbed her jacket, keys and phone and headed for the door.

Campus was cold. And dark. A mixture of both.

Kate buried her hands in the pockets of her jacket as she crossed the quad toward the science building. The steam of her breath kept causing her glasses to fog up. She couldn’t speak as to what she was doing… or even what she was looking for… but she had an instinct that was telling her to check in on Deb as soon as possible.

Her instincts, it turned out, were spot on.

She spotted him just as she rounded the corner to the chemical science building. Doctor Newton, pushing a large dolly on wheels, over-stuffed with duffle bags, toward a van.

Like, way too many duffle bags.

Kate ducked behind a hedge as he approached a car. She watched him as he started to load the duffle bags into the trunk.

She also noticed when one of the duffle bags seemed to move. As if something inside it was squirming.

He moved toward the driver side of the car… and Kate jumped into action.

She sprinted after the car as the doc turned the engine over and started to move. The van turned the corner of the building – Kate was losing it. She rounded the bend, just in time to see:

The van, hitting the breaks at the experimental sciences building, right next door.

Lazy prick Kate thought, not that she was complaining.

She watched Newton load the bags back onto a dolly and push them toward the entrance.

Kate made her way toward the door as soon as he vanished into the building.

The inside of the experimental science building was just like outside – dark and cold. Kate wrapped he arms around herself as she moved through the barren hallways, following the sounds of the dolly’s wheels.

The sound stopped, just up ahead. Kate moved forward, slow as she could, making sure that her footsteps didn’t make a sound.

She reached the door, and, soft as she could, pushed on the handle and pushed in.

She froze once she entered the room.

The “lab” – for it was indeed something out of a mad scientist’s wet dream – was lined with foam knobs of sound-proofed panels.

In the center of the room was a large X-framed structure, at least six feet tall.

Deb was fixed to it.

She was unconscious. Her eyes were closed and her head lulled forward away from the frame. Her arms were up and outstretched, each wrist attached via manacle to the top beams of the frame. Her ankles were similarly fixed to the bottom beams, her body displayed in an outstretched X-shape. A red rubber ballgag with a black strap was secured around her mouth.

Oh my god!” Kate through caution to the wind as she rushed across the sound-proofed lab to her friend.

In hindsight, that wasn’t the smartest call she could have made. Michelle had lectured Kate more than once about checking a room before you barge in. But Kate couldn’t just let Deb hang like that from the X-beam.

Hrmmmmmmmm” Deb moaned softly into her gag as Kate reached her, rubbing her shoulders, anything to wake her up.

C’mon roomie. Let’s get you up and get you— Hmmmmnph!”

Kate raised her hands defensively to her face just as someone behind her pressed a damp cloth to her face. She caught a whiff of some kind of sweet, musky smell as she felt her legs give out from under her.

She collapsed into her captor’s arms.

Kate’s mouth was dry. Her vision came back slowly as her eyes fluttered open. One side of her head was sharply sore; she recognized the feeling from all the times she’d fallen asleep with her glasses still on.

She felt a sharp pain in her shoulders as she tried to move. There as a pressure against her wrists and ankles.

She was restrained.

Kate thrashed about as she came to, wiggling around on the ground. Her arms were behind her, tied with rope to her ankles. A hogtie. Her jaw was sore from the rubber ball that she couldn’t push out of her mouth. A ballgag, identical to the won Deb sported, if Kate had to guess.

Great detective work here, Kate she thought, hating herself just a little.

She rocked back and forth, trying to warm her goosebump-covered arms. Whoever had drugged her had taken off her jacket, leaving Kate just in her tank top and jeans.

Mrrrrmp!” Kate squealed through her gag as she continued to pull against the bonds of her hog-tie. “Hrrrmmm! Hrnp!”

She arched her neck back to see that Deb was still unconscious and bound to the X-frame. “HRRRM!” Kate hoped she might get Deb’s attention, maybe even wake her up.

Not that she knew what either of them would do after that.

No one can hear you.” Kate froze at the sound of the voice. She didn’t know Doctor Newton personally, but she had heard the stories that had led Deb to her article in the first place. Sex for grades. That was the deal Newton offered. Kate had been so proud when Deb said she was going to take him down.

Now, it seemed, he had taken them down.

She rolled over on her side, which allowed her a better look at him. He stood by her, still in his teacher clothes of khakis and a button-up. Not really the most sinister wardrobe for a kidnapper, but then again, he had managed to snatch Deb and Kate with ease.

Michelle is going to kill me Kate thought to herself before realizing that if she actually ended up ever seeing Michelle again, she’d be lucky.

Newton kneeled down by Kate, making eye contact.

This is a sound lab. It’s technically meant for wave experiments, but it’s booked up all semester. By me. A little spot where I can work in peace”.

Hrrmm” Kate wiggled in place, not giving up her fight to free herself.

Keep struggling if you want. You’ll just wear yourself out.” He reached out and rubbed a hand on the side of Kate’s face. Shivers slithered down her spine at the unwanted touch.

Newton stood, pacing nervously.

I didn’t. This isn’t how it should go.” Was he talking to Kate? Or himself?

What do I do? What do I—” he rubbed his hands together nervously. Kate realized…

He’s panicking. He didn’t plan for this.

She continued to wiggle in silence as his attention was away from her. By arching her back, she realized that she could just barely bring her fingers against the pocket of her jeans.

My phone! Kate realized that it may be her only chance to escape. She kept quiet as she started to stretch and reach for the device in her pocket.

No. This isn’t my fault”. Newton stood up straight with a newfound, very scare resolve. He walked past Kate toward a small table set against the opposite wall. He opened the duffle bag on the table and started rummaging through it.

It’s not my fault you two had to go sticking your noses where you didn’t belong” Newton spat out as he crossed back over to Deb at the X-frame. “I didn’t ask for this.”

Kate watched, confused, as he fixed a small, button-covered device to the beam of the frame to the left of Deb’s head. It looked like some kind of monitoring device.

He then took two pads that were connected to the device by thin wires and stuck them on Deb – one on the side of her head and the other at the nape of her neck.

Hrrrmmmmm” Deb lulled her head at his touch. She was waking up.

You know…” Newton crossed back to the bag and retrieved a pair of scissors. “It’s wrong, what they say about me. I don’t fuck my students.”

He carried the scissors back toward Deb. Kate wiggled as fervently as she could – her only real way to express her displeasure at… whatever Newton was doing.

I study them.” He said, almost in a whisper. Kate watched horrified, as he brought the blade of the scissors to the hem of Deb’s shirt.

No! Deb loves that shirt!


The fabric gave way, parting clean as Newston ran the scissors upward. He pulled the ruined fabric apart, exposing Deb’s large, black-bra covered breasts.

LRRRRV HRR RLRN!” Kate wiggled in place, urging Newton to back off. He ignore her. The rest of the shirt gave away and Newton tossed the scraps to the floor.

Then, he unbuttoned Deb’s jeans.


Kate rolled back onto her belly. Her own tank top was starting to ride up from all the struggling. Her bare stomach chilled against the cool wood floor. She didn’t care. This creep was stripping he friend!

Newton finished un-buttoning Deb’s jeans and then went to work with the scissors again. The denim sliced open under the force of the blade, and soon the tatters of the jeans were on the floor with Deb’s shirt.

Deb was half-naked; her black bra and black-and-blue lace panties the only clothes covering her tan skin.

HRMMMM?” Deb’s eyes fluttered open. Kate saw her come to and realize the alarming scene in front of her.

MMM! MMMMPH!” Deb thrashed about, straining against the restraints that held her to the X-Beam. Newton simply stood back, clearly enjoying ogling the sight of the half-naked girl he had restrained before him.

Hrrrm!” Deb cried through her ballgag.

MMM NNPH!” Kate squealed back. They made eye contact, each of them realizing that they may truly be fucked.

Good. You’re awake.”

Kate strained to watch as Newton moved away from the X-frame. He started to set up an iphone on a tripod.

He’s going to film this! Kate realized, not even wanting to know what exactly it was he was going to film.

My work largely deals with the female anatomy” He continue on, talking softly as if he didn’t have two co-eds tied up and at his mercy.

Lately, I’ve been studying the chemical effects in the brain of certain… stressful scenarios, and how they may tie to arousal.” Newton hit a button on the phone. Deb closed her eyes in shame and tried to turn her head away so that the camera wouldn’t see her.

Newton walked back to the duffle bag.

It’s all anonymous, of course” He continued. “And finding volunteers proved to be easy enough. I just looked at the girls with the failing grades and offered them some ‘extra credit’.

Kate and Deb’s eyes went wide when they saw Newton produce a large hitachi wand from the bag. Kate thrashed about even more, furious at the implication.

I film it just… well, to keep my subjects in line. Though, I’ll confess, I’ve rewatched the tapes on more than one occasion.

He approached Deb at the X-frame. She did her best to jut her head forward, hoping she could head butt-this creep. Newton laughed as Deb’s forehead stopped inches from his face. He grabbed a handful of her dark hair and forced her back.

Now, now.” He grinned. “Behave”.

Deb kept her head still as he let go. She was suddenly very, very afraid.

Kate continued thrashing against her own bonds as Newton taped the hitachi wand to the inside of Deb’s bare thigh; it’s bulb-like head nestled firmly against her crotch. Deb wriggled her waist, clearly trying to get some slack between her most sensitive spot and the wand’s head. But Newton had a practiced efficiency to this sort of thing. The wand wasn’t moving.

He uncoiled the cord from the wand and walked it over to an extension cord he had nearby. Deb strained her shoulders and ankles against the straps that held her, but it was no use.

On her side of the room, Kate finally managed slip her fingers into her butt pocket. She could almost get her fingers around it. She felt it sliding along her butt, nearly out of her pocket – she had it!

And what are you up to over here?”

MMMMMNP!” Kate squealed in sudden pain as she felt a sudden THWAP of an open hand swatting against her ass. She still carried the bruises from her time as a “guest” of that crazy bitch Mallory, and with that one hit her entire backside felt it was on fire.

She looked up, glaring, as Newton kneeled in front of her, waving her phone tauntingly.

You’re not getting out of here that easily.”

Newton dropped the phone on the floor in front of Kate and – CRUNCH – smashed it under his heel.

NNNNNME!” Fucker! I’m not due for an upgrade until June! Kate rolled back and forth on her stomach, shaking in his displeasure.

I’ve never had someone else in here to watch me work. Well, other than my subjects, of course. You’re acting so feisty… I wouldn’t want you to upset my experiment.”

MMMMMNP” Kate tried to pull away from Newton as he kneeled beside Kate had grabbed at her waist. The hogtie left her fairly immobilized, and even as she tried to pull away, she just found herself rolling back in Newton’s directing.

LLLLMP RRR GRR”! Deb was crying through her gag now, yelling in protest as Newton manhandled Kate. Kate felt her cheeks turn bright red as Newton pulled her tank up, over her breasts and up to her neck, exposing her in slim, pale stomach and her blue B-cup bra.

MMMMN!” Kate screamed in her gag as he cupped one of her breasts over the bra. He man handled her for a few seconds and then reached down for the button of Kate’s pants. Kate tried to scooch away, but he had his hand on her waistband. She wasn’t going anywhere.

He finished unbuttoning her jeans and slowly, clearly enjoying it, pulled them down Kate’s legs and passed her knees until the denim was all bunched up around her bound ankles. Kate gasped as she felt the cold air of the room on her ass-cheek; her sheer white panties did little to keep her warm now that her pants were gone.

Kate shuddered as she felt his cold fingers run along her bare thighs, squeezing at her bony knees, caressing her hips.

MMMMM” Kate froze up; she couldn’t shake anymore. She was too upset by the violation. Deb, likewise, shuddered and squealed from her spot on the X-beam.

Kate felt a light SWAT on her ass as Newton stood. “Let’s hope that helps you behave”. Kate rolled back on her side - she gasped as her bare stomach touched the ground - and arched her head up again to see Newton as he walked back to Deb.

I can’t enjoy myself too much… yet.” He was back in front of Deb. He stood still for a moment, just staring at her. The goosebumbs on her bare arms. The skin of her belly, heaving up and down as she breathed faster and faster out of fear. Her wide eyes, desperate, pleading him to just let her go.

He smiled, excited by all of it.

Then, he reached his hand between Deb’s legs and switched on the vibrator.

HRRRRRRRRRMPH!” Deb’s entire body convulsed as the buzzing head came to life. She squirmed, responding to the stimulation, her hips pushing back and forth in rhythm against the buzzing head.

STMP!” Kate meowed, more out of desperation than anything. She hated what was happening in front of her and, more, she hated that she was powerless to stop it.

She couldn’t imagine how Deb felt.

Newton hovered by his computer, watching readouts cross the screen. “Not a bad readout”.

Deb’s head was bobbing up and down as her hips convulsed, thrusting her nethers as hard as she could against the buzzing machine on her thigh. Drool pooled down her chin, running on her cleavage, her bare stomach. She didn’t seem to care. Her eyes fluttered…

You should enjoy it while you can. I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with you when the experiment is over.” Newton went back to Kate, kneeling beside her. Kate wiggled violently as he grabbed at her breasts again, kneading her while he watched Deb flirt with the edge of ecstasy.”

I supposed for starters we’ll hook you up, miss snoop.”

Kate froze at the thought. She imagined, just for a second, herself strapped to the X-beam. Buzzing vibrator against her.

She’d rather die than give this creep the satisfaction.

Doubt you’re gonna reach tenure, huh?”

Newton and Kate turned in unison to spot Michelle. She’d entered quietly, and now she had her gun trained on Newton.

Now how about you untie these two before I read you your rights?”

All things considered, Deb turned out fine. Michelle helped her fish clothes out of the lost and found before she booked Newton. Kate would need to take Deb to the station in the morning for a statement, but for now the mandate was to go back to the dorm and stay there.

You don’t have to tell me twice” Kate had told Michelle.

I’ve heard that before, and I usually do” Michelle retorted. “I’m just glad you turned on find my phone”.

Kate hadn’t, but she decided to just bless her luck that it had been on anyway. She and Deb were back in the dorm now, prepping for bed.

If you wanna talk…” Kate offered from the lower bunk.

I will. Just… not yet” Deb responded.

They resigned themselves to sleep.

And then Kate heard the buzzing. She thought of saying something, but then held her tongue. She’s earned it she giggled to herself.

Days later.

Mallory had watched the video of the young woman on the X-beam more times than she could count. The first few times had been for research. The remaining 100 had been… for other reasons.

And this one is friends with Kate Parker” she asked her buyer on the phone. This Professor Newton – or, she supposed it was ex professor Newton now – was out on bail and looking for a way out. It was sheer luck that had brought him onto Mallory’s radar… though she had made it a point to make Kate Parker’s life her business.

Yes” Newton responded on the phone. “Roomates. Best friends”.

I think we’re going to work well together, Mister Newton.”

With that, Mallory hung up the phone and returned her attention to the video. As she watched the delicious-looking girl writhe against the vibrator, she began to form something resembling a plan….


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