Terri hissed loudly, straining hard on her wrists and ankles. She started struggling again after a long break, but the ropes hadn't loosened at all no matter how hard she'd tried, and now hurt more than ever. So she had retreated to pulling her hands in feet as hard as she could in opposite directions, hoping to at least break the length of rope keeping her in her extremely painful hogtied position. The rope twanged and stretched, but so far showed no sign of breaking or even weakening. Terri kept on pulling; if nothing else, it relieved in small increments the harsh pressure being exerted on her elbows and knees from her arms and legs being pulled hard towards each other. And besides, she wanted to maintain at least some control over what was increasingly a hopeless situation.

She strained on and on, her lips twisting around under all the layers of tape sealing them shut, trying to somehow get it unstuck. How much time had elapsed, Terri had no idea, not as heavily blindfolded as she was. She and her friends had to have been prisoners for at least a whole day, she guessed, although it had seemed like a lifetime. It was unusually cold and damp inside their prison for the tropical location they were in, and Terri, wearing only her swimsuit, had started shivering every now and then. She still could not move a muscle, and her arms and legs were going numb from the ropes cutting her circulation, the numb sensation having spread down her arms and legs moment by moment. Soon she'd have no feeling in them at all, at which point she would be totally doomed to permanent helplessness...

"Why?" she mused sadly, slumping her head against the floor again, "Sure, my family has some money, but I'm really an ordinary college student, and so's Mandy. And really so's Carrie even though she's a millionairess. Why should we have to go through this!?"

She had no answer for it. Across the room from her, Mandy had stopped struggling a while ago, and had been laying still, breathing heavily, for a long time, apparently depressed and despondent. In contrast, Donna was still thrashing and screeching hysterically on the far end of the room, her pure terror at being bound and gagged apparently keeping her going all these hours. Terri wished she could comfort the frightened lifeguard, but she'd have to be able to move to do that, which was simply impossible at the moment. Indeed, by now, Terri had almost forgotten what it felt like to be able to move at all.

"It's amazing the simple things in life you take for granted," she thought grimly, "Freedom seems so much more valuable when it's taken away from you like this. Am I ever going to know what it feels like to see, or speak, or even get to move at all again...!?"

A new sound reached her ears: a boat pulling up alongside the boat she and her friends were on. Terri raised her head up. By some miracle was rescue at hand!? She started crying out, desperately trying to force any intelligible sound through all the cloths and tape silencing her. Then a new sound reached her ears--one that sounded like loud muffled moans, similar to the ones she, Mandy, and Donna had been making for hours on end. Did this mean more hostages were going to join them?

A loud scraping sound rang out above them, followed by the sound of a hatch swinging open. And Terri heard it: a pair of sharp muffled moans, making it clear two more people had run afoul of their kidnappers. "OK, put them down there and hogtie them, but spread them out so they can't work on their bonds with the others," one of the abductors ordered.

"MMMM MMMFFF MMMMM MMFFFFF MMMMM MMMMMMFFFFF!!!" came the two terrified hostages' cries. Terri heard footsteps clanking down a long metal ladder. "Afternoon, ladies," another voice called to the prisoners as she heard the newcomers be set down on the floor on either side of her and more ropes started thrashing, "Say hello to Jennifer and Courtney; they'll be sharing this room with you for a long time to come. Grabbing you, Miss Lawrence, made us feel like going on a lifeguard binge," he now said to Donna, "They were two of the prettiest we could find around here, so we brought them here to join you and your friends."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!" Donna screeched in pure terror, thrashing hard and sounding like she was about to start crying. "Oh relax, Miss Lawrence, it's not that bad down here. Besides, you look prettier wearing your ropes anyway," he was mocking her, "So let's check and make sure they're still good and tight while we're here."

Terri growled in protest as hands slapped at the tape encircling her head over her eyes and mouth, making sure they still stuck tight. The hands then tugged at all of her ropes, testing them to make sure they were still tight. Yep, they're still tied as tight as possible," the man said out loud.

"Same over here," a second man over by Mandy declared.

"Good, then we don't have to worry about any escape risks. "Now you two, behave yourselves while you're down here," the leader of the kidnappers warned the two new lifeguard prisoners, "We have your friend at a different location, and we'll hurt her bad if you two try and escape."

"So they kidnapped another lifeguard too besides these two?" Terri thought grimly, "Oh boy, this is even more serious than I thought! If lifeguards are disappearing from the beaches like rabbits, no one's coming to save us! But we can't save ourselves if we can't move an inch...!"

She listened to the footsteps tromping back up the ladder. The hatch was slammed closed and the heavy object dragged back over it, firmly imprisoning all five girls inside the metallic dungeon. Terri slumped her head back on the floor, hearing the two new girls cry out and start thrashing, as well as Donna letting out more gutteral screeches of horror and struggling wildly out of control again. Their nightmare just would not end. And what about Carrie, she wondered? Did her best friend have it as bad as her and her friends, or even worse...?


Miles away, a sobbing Carrie was wondering the same thing about Terri and the rest of her friends as she continued throwing herself around wildly, screaming hard. Her muscles burned and ached from hours of hard struggling, she was also losing feeling in her hands and feet, her throat was sore and bone dry from nonstop screaming into her gag, the blindfold was saturated from her tears, the heavy net encircling her felt like it was constricting around her--Carrie was living a horrible nightmare without respite, and she was utterly terrified.

"There was no need to do all this to me when I was tied like a mummy anyway!" she rued, straining hard to try and move inside the tight net, "I'm only twenty; there was no need to treat me like this!"

She slumped down, exhausted. She'd struggled for hours and had nothing to show for it, still unable to move even in the slightest. Carrie cried and cried, which meant breathing was now becoming more difficult with her nose stopping up, a task already made difficult with the outermost cloth gagging her completely covering it. Carrie strained to breathe, the cloth sucking against her nose and being expelled outward with each breath.

"It's hopeless," she rued sadly, sniffing harder, "I'm helpless. I can't get out of this on my own. Am I as good as dead now!?"

She didn't want to know. She now sat stock still, the tight ropes now digging harshly into her with even the slightest movement, a situation made worse in her bathing suit. Her back and legs were stiff from her constant kneeling position on the cold stone floor, and the iron restraints holding her to the wall felt like they were getting heavier in her mind; the huge waist restraint locked around her abdomen felt to Carrie like it weighed a ton now. It was torture for her mentally. On top of it all, her bladder, which had been at critical mass for a while now, gave way for the second time since her capture. Carrie moaned from it, but there was nothing she could do about it. There was nothing she could do about anything.

As Terri had elsewhere, she now heard the unwelcome sound of muffled cries from the hallway outside the room she was locked in. A key turned in the lock, and the door opened, at which point the cries became deafening. "Meet Pretty Princess Plummer. ladies, your new roommate," one of the kidnappers declared. "We decided to get you some roommates, Caroline," he bent down to her level, "Meet Stacy and Christina; they're two gorgeous knockout blondes like you, and they'll be sharing the room with you. This way, you won't be lonely."

More hostages, Carrie thought grimly? Did these men never know when to stop? She listened at the sound of chains clanking and padlocks snapping to her left and right, making it clear the new girls Stacy and Christina were just as helpless as she was. The two of them thrashed and screamed hard, panicked. The men said nothing else, walking back out and re-locking the door. Carrie lowered her head, not interested in struggling anymore. There was no point in it, not when she and the two newcomers were clearly done for...  ​

To Be Continued...

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