To The Surprise Of Many

By Brian Russo

Chapter One

It was a typical night at the chambers of Madam Carmen in her downtown Philadelphia residence. Men coming and leaving having been humiliated, spanked, crossdressed and dominated by Carmen's stable of fine looking dominatrixes. Carmen's establishment was one of the best in the city in catering to the fetish desires of men and her bank account showed this. Men paid up to $200.00 an hour to be with one of her women in a chamber to basically be abused by the Dominatrix. It was easy money for the ladies and men were begging to get a session at the club with one of these women. Men of stature and power in the city were often in her client book. There was a careful screening and interview process before any man was allowed to enter. Any potential problem customer was turned down and there was always at least 5 women at the residence in case a session had gone wrong. Each of the Mistresses made at least $600.00 per night with Carmen overseeing the operation. Carmen made 40% of the total profit for that night. She was not hurting financially. Little did she know her establishment was being watched by Jim Nolan who worked downtown as a courier in the same district as Carmen's private chamber.

He had heard stories of what had been going on inside and knew there had to be a lot of money changing hands. He had watched men go in at 4:00 P.M. and come back out by 5:30. After work he would sit on the bench across the street from the chamber studying the patterns of when new women would be coming in and leaving. He knew that a new stable of women came in at 7:00 P.M. and that they were there until at least 22:00 before business basically slowed down or ended. He knew there were 5 women in there as well as Carmen until closing. This was the time to strike.

Carmen was a full figured woman who carried herself very well. Standing about 5'8" and weighing about 158lbs, she was very attractive for a 45 year old woman. She had large breasts and often wore fetish attire in the club which added to her larger than life stature. Often being seen with her 4" stiletto heels, she gave the appearance of an amazon who was in complete control of her women and clients. She treated her women well and they loved her for it. They made a lot of money working for her.

Jim Nolan had all of the plan details worked out. He called the chamber from a payphone, speaking to one of Carmen's employees, Rachel, to discuss his fantasy session which included strict bondage and gagging as part of a abduction roleplay scenario. He acted very passive with her, telling her of what he wanted her to do to him. He knew all of the right things to say to her to avoid suspicion of what his intentions really were. He made a request that she wear fetish clothing when with him including a short tight black spandex mini skirt with garter-belt, black seamed stockings and those stiletto heels as well. He knew they often work this clothing but made on like he was a total novice to the B & D scene. He said he would be in the city tomorrow evening and requested a session for about 9:00 P.M. knowing that would give him his best chance to complete the robbery.

Carmen had overhead the call that was made to Rachel, and had felt Jim would be another easy profit for the ladies. She found nothing he said to be out of the norm. She told Rachel to tell him to call tomorrow an hour before the session to get directions to the chamber. They had no idea that Jim already knew where they were.

He prepared diligently for his session with Rachel. Packing several rolls of duct tape along with nylon rope and handcuffs, he had prepared for a successful evening. He was prepared for almost any problem that would arise.

Slowly he eased his 45 caliber pistol into the bag as insurance in case something went wrong. He was hoping to not have to use it, as bad thoughts began running through his mind, but he felt better knowing he had it just in case.

He had time on his hands as he called for directions to the chamber. He was right down the street from the location and decided to have a few drinks before going to the session. It would relieve his inhibitions.

After ringing the bell several times, a receptionist came to the door and requested he come in. She had on a standard white long sleeve blouse, a mid thigh navy skirt with navy stockings and heels. There was no appearance that anything was going on in the front room of the residence, where her desk was located. She buzzed the backroom telling them that a gentleman named Jim Nolan was here. She told him to go on back where he was greeted by Carmen.

Carmen looked tremendous this night in a red short skirt and heels matching her auburn hair. She was taking her last drag on her cigarette when she told him to go to the last room on the right at the end of the hall. Rachel would be there shortly.

As Jim walked down the hallway to the room, he saw Carmen's office immediately off to the right. There were three sessions already in progress so he knew his was one of the last ones for the evening. The rooms were on the left side of the hallway.

As he entered the room, Jim closed the door behind himself and began his preparation. He produced several sets of handcuffs and began cutting off pieces of duct tape having them ready near the entrance. Jim pulled the gun out of his bag and slipped it along the backside of a table easily within reach in case he needed to grab it quickly. The chamber had an iron cross in it and he would have Rachel put on it once the robbery began. She had no idea of what was about to happen to both her and the rest of the dominatrixes at the chamber.

Rachel came into the room and immediately gave Jim instructions to get undressed and to settle her payment first. Jim produced the money with one hand, grabbing the gun from near the table with the other. He was close to her when he shoved the gun into her face. Rachel froze in silence, totally stunned. She was dressed exactly as he had requested, complete with a black panty-girdle with attaching garter straps, seamed black stockings, stiletto heels and that tight black spandex mini skirt.

Jim told her he would not hesitate to shoot her if she did not do exactly as he had ordered her. He told her she would not be harmed and that he was there to rob the safe in Carmen's office. He asked her if she knew the combination and how many other women were in the building. She told him there were three other dominatrixex plus Carmen and Sandy up front. Carmen and Sandy were the only ones who kew the combination and both were here until closing.

Jim quickly ordered Rachel over to the cross where he secured her wrists and ankles tightly. He quickly placed a tight red ball gag in her mouth and used the duct tape to secure it along with the strap on the back of the gag. Wrapping duct tape several times around Rachel's head, her cheeks bulged as she grunted struggling to breathe. Jim completed her bondage by placing a tight black stocking over her head to make sight difficult.

Rachel grunted and shook her head to avoid the hood but it was useless. She looked so hot being totally helpless there but Jim knew he had work to do. He gathered up his bag of tricks and headed to Carmen's office. As he left the chamber, Rachel was now struggling very hard and grunting and mmmpphhhing hoping that someone in the other chambers may hear her. But the sounds were very common and no one seemed to pay much attention to them.

A buxom short blonde was in the next chamber. She was dressed like a french maid complete with fishnet stockings and heels. She had a customer in the chamber tied to the cross in only his birthday suit. He was already blindfolded, strapped and gagged on the cross. She was taking a cigarette break as Jim entered the room.

She was angry as he entered, asking Jim what the hell he was doing in here and telling him get out now or she would kick his ass. The client on the cross must have felt totally scared, hearing that someone else was in the chamber.

Jim immediately put his hand over her mouth as he produced the gun.

"Not so tough now, are you, bitch?"

 Jim pushed her up against the wall forcing her maid outfit to hike up, exposing her garter-belt and fishnet stockings. He ordered her to get on her stomach on the floor.

With that he immediately handcuffed her hands behind her back, palms outward. He produced sets of plastic cable ties which he used on her stocking clad ankles and above and below her knees. She whimpered now as the cable ties secured her totally and began to beg and cry not to be hurt.

Jim then tugged at her hair forcing her mouth open as he now stuffed a small rag into her mouth. Her cheeks bulged as again he wrapped duct tape several times around her pretty head. With that he secured some rope which he now used to put her in a tight hogtie bringing her ankles up to her wrists. He again pulled a tight black stocking over her head making sight difficult and patted her ass once he had her finished. He then checked the bindings on the man on the cross as he now was trembling. Caressing her ass again before he moved on Jim now knew that there were only three more women to take care of.
He was almost enjoying this part as much as the robbery itself.

To Be Continued...

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