By Peter Moriarty

I carefully wriggled the handle on the door, Just to make sure. Hoping against hope that he might have forgotten, just this once, to lock it.

He'd held me here it seemed like forever in the tiny room overlooking the sea. He seemed to think I was some kind of spy or something. Whatever the reason for my abduction, I knew he meant me no good. He kept asking me things. Things I couldn't answer. And I wondered what it could be that he wanted. Why would he care about my family? Why would he keep me captive against my will?

Damnit! What the hell did he want?

I heard a noise and sat down on the bed, away from the door, away from him or at least as far away as I could go in that tiny space that he'd allowed me.

"Ahhh, there you are Bridget." He smiled.

As if I would be somewhere else. The Bastard!

"Do you know what day it is?" He asked, then answered before I could reply. "It's your birthday, My Dear, and I have a gift for you. but first I need you to sign something."

"What?" I asked, wondering what he was up to now ...

"Just some papers, young lady. All you need to do is sign them and I'll have you out of here very soon.

All those questions I asked? Well it seems that you were telling the truth after all. Once you've signed these release forms and I have them filed, there really isn't any need to hold you any longer. You can be home with your family very soon."

Was that what it was? Just some Government thing? Something those stupid "Homeland Security" people had thought up? If it was, once I was free I would damn well find out! And Georgie and his friends would wish they'd never heard of me!!!

"Ahhh lovely, just lovely. Now if you'll just initial here, and here. That should do it."

There was a gloating look in his eye that I didn't like as he folded the papers and turned and left the room.

Damnit! I'd screwed up. There was something that I didn't understand and I'd just put myself in deep trouble. And I didn't even know why.

The door opened again and he came in. He was carrying some things, a basket of some sort and a bag.

Damnit, I knew that bag! He'd used it once before when he'd interrogated me down in that dark cellar room. Naked, Tied to that wooden chair.


I remembered ...

The cords very tight around my body.

The bag snug around my throat. The sound of my breathing loud inside the bag as he asked question after question ... over and over ... again and again.


"Now, My Dear, how would you like to be tied?"

"Do I have to be tied up?" My voice took on a pleading note. I was very very frightened at the look on his face. He'd said he was going to let me go.

No, he hadn't said that. He'd said he'd have me out of here soon.

Damnit! I HAD screwed up. I'd done just what he wanted!!!

I wondered what I'd signed.


"Yes, you do. I don't think I can trust you not to try to escape. Would you rather I used some persuasion first?"

God! Not that again ...

"Well, If I have to ..."

I turned and crossed my wrists behind my back ...

"Aren't you forgetting something?" he asked?


"Your clothes, My Dear. You have entirely too many clothes on. You might be hiding a razor blade or something ... "

As if he hadn't searched me several times before. Cruelly, suggestively. The slimy bastard!

"Please, not my clothes ..." I was remembering how little I had on underneath my sexy dress ...

"I must insist, My Dear." he said gently ... and what choice did I have?


I reached behind me and unzipped the dress. And I watched him as he noticef how high I could put my arms behind my back. Not that! I thought. Not some torture tie, remembering how he'd tied my hands high behind my back, a strappado I think he'd called it, till I was bent over and hurting then asked the same questions again and again.

I hesitated, then slipped the dress off and stood there in just my silky panties and demi cup bra. Then I started to reach down to slip them off my hips ... At least before he'd allowed me to keep my undies.

"You can keep your lingerie on, young lady. I don't think you're hiding anything in there. Well, not any razor blades anyway. If I decide to see what's inside later I'll tell you." I didn't like that leer ...

"Now turn around!" He was impatient and I wondered why. He'd always taken his time before. Always held a touch just a little longer than necessary, enjoying my revulsion at his touch. It was odd, and scary, but what choice did I have?

I turned around again and crossed my wrists and felt soft cords encircling them several times, Then he changed direction and wrapped them the other way, and finally he wrapped the last of the rope between them and tied it up between so I couldn't reach the knots.

"Struggle a little for me."

I tugged at my wrists but they were too well tied ... and I didn't want to give him too much of a show ...

"Come over here and sit down on the bed, darling."

HIS Darling? Not Hardly!!

I had to do what he said though, what can a girl do when she's tied up?

"Hold out your legs ..."


"I'm going to tie them too, I wouldn't want you just walking off would I?"

I held my feet out and he tied them side by side. Then he slipped his hands up my legs to my thighs just above the knees and tied them too ... Tight and cinched even tighter.

I shuddered when I saw him looking at me. My thighs, My panties. The way my breasts thrust against my bra ...

"One last thing, Beauty," he said, and I wondered at the change in his tone.

It was as if he'd become a lover instead of a kidnapper ... And the look in his eyes ... Could he control himself?

"Nothing much. Just a gag. Can't have you yelling for help," He reached in his pocket and pulled out a ball on a slender black strap.

"Plea ... mmmmppphhhh!"

"Kiss it, Beauty. Mouth it gently ... Makes it go in easier and it's more comfortable to wear if it's wet when I slip it in."

He kept pressing it between my lips as I did as I was told ... slowly moving it in and out until it popped behind my teeth and he buckled the strap behind my head. Then he forced my head forward and tightened the strap until the ball was deep in my mouth and the strap was a tight band between my teeth and across my cheeks ... Then he gently took my ponytail and pulled my head back and the gag was forced even deeper !!!! "Hllllfffffff!" I tried to scream but almost nothing came out ...

He looked at me greedily, caressing my body with his eyes and I shuddered.

Why me? I thought. Why did it have to be me? I remembered reading all those newspaper stories. The girl found. The tragic looks. Would I be the tragedy this time?

He slid his hand between my thighs. Up and up further until it was pressed against my panties and he was gently rubbing against the soft silky fabric and my breath was coming in gasps

"Knoppffff" I tried to scream but all that came out was a tiny squeak.

"Yes, I think that will do for now. Nicely tied and thoroughly gagged. I suppose I could hogtie you to keep you from trying to hop away. But I have something else in mind that should keep you amused till I get back"

He opened the drapes till the light showed through onto the carpet in the room. Then gently and carefully opened a basket he'd set on the floor and stepped back.

It slithered out ... black and deadly looking, eyes questing for prey.

"I won't tell you what kind of snake this is. Suffice it to say that it's extremely deadly. It doesn't see too well. Hunts mainly by sound and by heat sensing. As long as you stay in the middle of the bed you should be all right ... if you stay quiet that is ... I'll just go and file these papers. Then I'll be back to check on you. I do hope you survive. I have such lovely plans for a celebration once I take control of your trust fund!"

Trust fund?

"Yes, young lady. You're twenty-five today, you know. You remember your grandfather? That old farm you visited as a child? Well he left you something, My Dear. Something very valuable ... "

"Knopppffff!!!" I tried to scream ... And I saw the snake's head move in my direction ... Ohhh God, I thought. It's seen me !!!

I lay back quietly, not daring to move as he shut the door to the room.

He hadn't even told me when he'd be back !!!

Or if he'd be back for sure ... Maybe he would just leave me there ...

I started getting light headed from trying not to breathe ... trying not to make noise ...


Was it still in the sunlight? The mirror on the wall !!!


Where was it then?

Could it climb?

Ohhh God !!!! Was that a head poking above the covers?


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