by Gethergun




The two young women were really looking forward to their 48 hour shore leave. They were glad to get away from the confines of the aircraft carrier USS Battlestation.

Lieutenant Linda Rowboat was the ship's physical education instructor.She was 24 years old and stood 5' 8' and had a very athletic body neck length blonde hair and blue eyes.. Her colleague and best friend was Major Lisa Geeforce. Lisa was a pilot of an F-16 Hornet aboard the ship and was 25 years old and was 5'7' tall and had short black spiky hair and slim figure. Lisa's eyes were a deep brown .

Their ship was visiting London an a goodwill visit and had moored on the River Thames near Tower Bridge.

Linda wore a tan coloured naval uniform of snugly perfectly fitted trousers with side pockets and two back pockets. A similar smartly pressed tan shirt and white service issue training shoes.

Lisa wore her Marine Air Core light green flying jumpsuit and black ankle length combat boots into which the bottoms of her jumpsuit trouser legs were tightly tucked.

Eventually after scouring the english capital for a couple of hours and finding every hotel fully booked they had at last found a small privately owned boarding house off the beaten track down a quiet side street away from the bustle of the city.

The boarding house owner was a young woman of a similar age to Linda and Lisa but had mousy hair and was rather plain looking and wore glasses. She explained that there were no other guests at the establishment. The boarding house owner who was called AbbieDuctor took them upstairs to there individual rooms .

Linda was placed in room 1 and as Lisa was taken to room 2 Linda said ' ok Lisa let me freshen up and I will knock for you in 15 minutes and we will visit the sights' 'ok' said Lisa in response.

Lisa was let into room 2 by Abbie who remarked that both women looked very smart in their military outfits. 'Why thank you ' said Lisa politely.

'Oh if you look in the bottom of the wardrobe ' said Abbie ' you will find the room safe to store any valuables'. Lisa opened the wardrobe and looked inside but could see no safe. ' There is no ....but Lisa did not finish her sentence as she felt a sickening blow to the back of her head. A black cloud swept over Lisa and she slumped to the floor.

The shattered fragments of the ornamental vase that Abbie had hit Lisa with lay around the young jet pilot's body who now lay face down unconscious .

Abbieknealt down beside Lisa and muttered to herself 'well cutie fly girl you may be some sort of hot shot pilot but I have just shot you down with a ground to air vase. Abbie the proceded to quickly frisk Lisa . Her hands ran over the perfectly formed butt of the American and she removed the wallet from Lisa's back pocket on her jumpsuit. Abbie opened the wallet and smiled to herself as it was packed with US dollars. Further searching of Lisa's jumpsuit resulted in Abbie finding Lisa's ID and also her mobile phone.

Abbie rolled Lisa over on to her back and then started to untie the laces on her right combat boot. The boot was removed and the left boot was also taken off.

Abbie then undone the two long zips which stretched from the shoulders to the waist of Lisa's jumpsuit . The waist belt was unbuckled and released enabling Abbie to pull Lisa's arms from the jumpsuit. Once this was done Abbie pulled as hard as she could on the bottom of the jumpsuit trouser legs and eventually the outfit fit slipped away the the Major's body.

Abbie held the flying suit close to her face and smelled it.....'hmmm nice perfume' Abbie purred to herself.

Abbie placed the jumpsuit on the bed......hmmm just my size she thought to herself. Suddenly she was awoken from her little fantasy thoughts when there was a loud knock at the bedroom door and she heard Linda's voice. 'Hi Lisa it’s me, are you ready yet ?

Abbie quickly moved to the door and opened it just a few inches. Linda look startled to see her. 'Oh, where is my friend Lisa' enquired Linda.

'There was a problem with the shower in this room so I have moved your friend to room 3' said Abbie . Abbie slipped through the narrow gap in the doorway and quickly pulled the door up behind her. 'Let me show you to room 3' said Abbie and they both started to walk along the hallway. They had only gone a few yards though when Abbie said 'oh silly me I have left my phone back in room 2, excuse me a moment'. She turned and went back and entered the room closing the door behind her. She looked down at Lisa who was still out cold and lay there just in her white silk skimpy panties and lacy white bra. Abbie grabbed Lisa by the ankles and dragged her into the bathroom.

Abbie spoke quietly to the unconscious marine pilot , 'listen little miss perfect flygirl I need to take care of your sailor girl buddy so I don't need you coming round before I have dealt with her.' 'So I have to make sure that you sleep a little longer'. Abbie lifted Lisa's chin with her left hand and then hit Lisa with a powerful right hook to the side of the head.

'There that should keep you in dreamworld long enough'.

As Abbie left the room she pulled her phone from her pocket and walked along the corridor to where Linda was waiting. 'Here it is 'said Abbie showing Linda her phone.

Abbie led the way up a flight of stairs and along a further hallway. At the end of the hallway was a door with a number 3 on it. Abbie stopped at store cupboard along the hallway. 'Just a moment' said Abbie as she opened the store cupboard door. Out of sight of Linda, Abbie pulled a small glass bottle off one of the shelves and took the stopper out. She grabbed a small white cloth from another shelf and soaked some fluid from the bottle on to the cloth. She then stuffed the cloth in her jacket pocket . Closing the store cupboard door she then continued along the corridor to room 3.

Linda knocked on the door of room 3 and said loudly 'Hi Lisa its me are you ready' ? Linda repeated herself several times but there was no reply.

Abbie said let me use my pass key....she opened the door and entered with Linda. The room looked unused . 'Try the bathroom 'said Abbie 'she may be in there'.

Linda turned to the closed bathroom door knocked on it but there was no reply, she then turned the door handle and pushed the door open . Linda scanned around the bathroom but nobody was there. Then without warning an arm from behind grabbed Linda around the neck and a hand clamped a foul smelling cloth over her nose and mouth. 'Uuummppphhh, mmpphhh'

Linda struggled against the powerful vapours of the chloroformed soaked cloth but she knew she was losing the battle as she was becoming weaker and weaker mmpphhh, mmphh, need to breathe, loo...,loooosingloooosingconsciosness she thought to herself, one lassstchhance and with all her remaining strength Linda thrust her left elbow back. There was an audible ummmpphhhh from her attacker and the cloth fell away from her face and the arm gripping her around the neck loosened. Linda took her chance and pulled away from her attacker breathing in large lungfuls of fresh air.

As Linda turned now partially recovered her attacker Abbie had also recovered partly from the elbow to the stomach.

Abbie lunged at Linda and threw a right hook but Linda using her self defence skills from years in the navy ducked under the punch and delivered her own left hook which struck Abbie on the side of the head. Abbie staggered backwards and Linda followed up with two further punches which sent Abbie tumbling backwards to the ground groaning. Linda stood astride Abbie looking at the barely conscious boarding house owner. But then came the decisive moment in the fight. 'I don't know what your game is but you'......Linda never finished the sentence as Abbie with all the strength she could muster brought her right foot up kicking Linda squarely between the legs .....

'oooopphh moaned Linda as she crumpled down on to her knees. The naval officer was nearly physically sick and gasped for air to fill her deflated lungs.

Abbie groggily got to her feet and took a few moments to recover. She looked down at Linda who still was on her knees with her mouth wide open trying to get some air into her body but her lungs were refusing to take any oxygen on board. A small trail of dribble had come from Linda's mouth and had ran down her chin and was now dripping on to her tan naval shirt. Linda's hands were both clutching her crotch area.

Abbie moved towards Linda and grabbed her by the hair with her left hand lifting her head slightly. 'OK right knee full steam ahead' cried Abbie and lifted her right knee and drove it into the underside of Linda's chin. Linda's head jerked backwards momentarily before her body fell forwards. Linda was unconscious even before her face hit the floor.

Abbie took a little while to get her breath back and rubbed the side of her face where Linda had punched her. 'You are going to pay big time for that sailor girl'. 'Now lets see what goodies do you have on you'. Abbie's fingers reached into the back pocket of Linda's service trousers and pulled her wallet out. Flipping open the wallets she quickly removed the large sum of cash held inside. Abbie's hand then reached deep into the right hand side pocket of Linda's trousers but she found nothing. The left pocket was also searched and Linda's mobile phone was removed and also her ID.

Abbie then flipped the young naval officer over on to her back and began to unbutton her shirt. Once all the buttons had been undone Abbie pulled the shirt free of Linda's trousers and then unbuttoned the shirt at the cuffs and pulled the shirt free from Linda's body.

Abbie pulled off the training shoes that Linda had been wearing and threw them in to a corner of the room.

Abbie placed her hands between Linda's legs and rubbed the young woman's inner thighs ' hmmm I bet you are a bit sore there ' Said Abbie and then she laughed to herself.

The thin brown leather belt on Linda's trousers was pulled to one side and the buckle released, and the belt was slithered free of the trouser loops. Abbieunfasted the top of Linda's trousers and she then pulled the zip fully down and Abbie was given a first glimpse of Linda's red silky short length boxer shorts. Hmmm unusual but sexy nevertheless thought Abbie to herself.

Abbie wriggled the trousers down slightly over Linda's smooth shaped buttocks and was then able to easily relieve Linda of her trousers.

Major Lisa Geeforce eyes slowly flickered open momentarily and then closed again enveloped by the darkness that swept over her. This happened a few times over a period of five minutes before her head flopped forward and the sharp jerking on her neck suddenly stirred her into life ' urrrhhmmmyheeaad...urhh....where am I. Lisa's eyes slowly focused and she realised by her surroundings that she was in a room with no windows, possibly a basement as it was not cold but cool in the room. There was a pulsating pain at the back of head and she went to move her hand to check the source of the pain but was unable to as she was unable to move her hands

As she came too more she quickly realised that she had been secured to a very sturdy chair which had been bolted into the concrete floor . Her arms had been been pulled behind the chair and her wrists secured very tightly with rope. Further lengths of rope had been used to secure her upper body to the chair and her arms had also been tied tightly to the upper parts of the chair . Rope around her waist also tied to the chair back stopped her from moving and each leg and ankle had been roped the front chair legs. But what most frightened and startled Lisa the most was that she was now only wearing her bra and panties. All her other clothing had been removed from her. 'What the f***' thought Lisa. Her thoughts were broken though as she heard a slight moan from behind her.

'Who is it ? , Is that you Linda ? queried Lisa.

' Urrrhhhyessssyesssits me' Linda groggily replied. Lisa could not see LInda but guessed that she too must be tied similarly to herself. 'What the hell happened to us said' Lisa.

'It was that crazy Abbie the boarding house owner, she attacked me with Chloroform and then overpowered me in a fight' replied Linda.'what happened to you 'questioned Linda. In response Lisa said ' I am not entirely sure but the ache at the back of my head tells me she must have struck me hard from behind with something heavy'.

At that the moment the door of the basement opened and in walked Abbie, dressed in Lisa's flight jumpsuit. 'You crazy *****, let us go ' cried Lisa . Abbie just laughed and said ' no way its my turn to have some fun in life. I am fed up of being ignored whilst rich and flash women like you two get all the guys and attention'. I am off out now in my new outfit but I just need to keep you two quiet whilst I am gone, not that anybody would hear your cries down here anyway but its good to make sure'. With that Abbie pulled a handkerchief from a pocket of the jumpsuit trousers and wadded it into a ball and shoved it into Lisa's mouth. Abbie then produced a large reel of duct tape from another pocket. Thed duct tape was then wrapped around Lisa's head several times covering her mouth and very effectively gagging her. 'Ok now you sailor girl' said Abbie. 'Look just let us go before you get in real tr.......ummmphhh' pleaded Linda but before she could finish, her mouth had been filled with a cloth material and soon she found herself as securely gagged as Lisa had been.

'Ok see you later ' said Abbie and she left the basement closing the door behind her.

Abbie strolled casually along the high street just two minutes from her boarding house, with her hands slipped into the side pockets of Major Geeforce's jumpsuit. She had walked along this high street hundreds of times and nobody ever looked at her or paid her any attention. Is was as if she never existed. But now with the flying jumpsuit on she was attracting the attention of nearly every man that walked past her. In fact within ten minutes she had received three wolf whistles and five chat up remarks like 'fly away with me can land on my carrier anytime etc.

Several women also looked admiringly at her as she strolled along. The feel of the jumpsuit also gave Abbie a warm feeling and she loved the extra confidence that it gave her.

Abbie entered the Ballgagged Arms a small bar half way along the high street. She never normally frequented such places as she was too shy but with the Major's outfit on she felt that she could do anything.

Once again as she approached the bar counter she felt the eyes of men turning in her direction. The barman also immediately came over and gave her a big smile. She ordered a drink and then sat down with it a small round table with a pillar running from the floor to the ceiling in the middle of it. There were two high stools at the table one of which was now occupied by the outfit snatcher Abbie.

Across the bar more eyes were studying Abbie. A group of four female biker chicks in their early thirties were checking her out . Their leader Suzy Pistonhead said ' It looks girls as though our pay cheque has just arrived. I have an idea listen to my plan'.

A few minutes later three of the biker chicks left the bar leaving only Suzy behind.

Suzy walked up to the bar and ordered two drinks and walked over to where Abbie sat.

'Have a drink on me ' said Suzy as she sat on the stool next to Abbie. 'Ohhhohh thanks very much 'said a slightly startled Abbie. 'I assume you are from the big boat parked on the river enquired Suzy ? 'urmmm yes, yes maam ' replied Abbie trying to put on her best american accent. Abbie looked at Suzy and thought she is actually quite attractive under all that leather gear and long hair.

Suzy shifted her stool at little closer to Abbie and placed her hand on Abbie's thigh and slowly stroked her leg. 'Oh my your outfit has an awful lot of zips and pockets ' said Suzy as she she slowly pulled the zipper down exposing Abbie's cleavage ever so slightly. 'Why don't me and you go somewhere quieter and have some fun; suggested Suzy. Abbie blushed a little but before she knew what she was doing she was out of the bar and walking along the high street with Suzy next to her. Every few steps Suzy nipped Abbie's bottom and nestled up to her giggling . Abbie liked the feeling, in fact she liked it a lot.

'This way' said Suzy as she grabbed Abbie's arm and pulled her into a side alley, 'its a short cut to my place'. A further turn into yet another side alley and they were in an abandoned small courtyard away from any prying eyes.

Suzy grabbed Abbie and pulled her towards her and started to kiss her. Abbie did not protest and soon found herself kissing Suzy back and running her hands over Suzy's oily jeans .

Suddenly a hand grabbed the back of Abbie's hair and pulled her away from Suzy. 'Gotcha ' said one of the biker chicks. 'My plan worked perfectly ' said Suzy 'now check her out'. One of the biker chicks pulled Abbie's arms tightly behind her back whilst the other two unzipped and searched every pocket on Abbie's jumpsuit. Abbie felt scared and did not fight back as she was well outnumbered.

'Hmmm $1200 a mobile phone and a wrist watch ' said one of the biker chicks after all of Abbie's jumpsuit and person had been thoroughly searched.

'Ok now take off the outfit yank we can get a good price for that down at the market.'

Reluctantly Abbie took off the combat boots and then unzipped the jumpsuit and slid herself out of it. She was left cowering in a corner of the courtyard just in her polyester panties and sensible lacy bra as the biker girls left her, laughing as they went with her possessions and clothes.

Abbie skulked back to the boarding house under cover of darkness and rested up for the night.

Later next morning she thought she would try her luck with Linda Rowboat's naval uniform.

She got dressed into it and looked at herself in the mirror. Hmmm not bad she thought as she let her hands run over her body. The crisp tan shirt and sexy tan trousers together with brilliant white training shoes certainly suited her.

Abbie walked confidently up the high street in her new outfit. Once more she felt the eyes of the men following her. After a while she neared a bar where there was lots of women's laughter. She decided to enter and saw the bar was full of female naval ratings all dressed in white naval uniform shorts and white cotton knee length shorts. She approached the bar and as she neared it one of the naval ratings grabbed her arm and shouted 'hey yank you know that we do not allow your kind into this bar'. ' I am not American I am British' protested Abbie. ' Oh really' replied the woman ' you can cut the phony british accent' What shall we do with her girls' shouted the rating. Seconds later the ratings swarded towards Abbie and she was grabbed by many arms and hauled off her feet and carried and placed on her back on the bar's pool table. Her arms were were pulled to one side as were legs so that she was now in a starfish position.A hand reached into the left pocket of her trousers and relieved her of her wallet . She went to protest but a large hand was placed over her mouth. Hands then pulled off her training shoes. The belt from her trousers was slithered from its loops and the flies undone. Moments later her trousers had been pulled off her. Next her shirt was ripped from her scattering buttons in every direction.

Some rope was produced and A bbie was turned over on to her stomach and her wrists bound behind her back. A small sack bag was produced and pulled over her head and tied to prevent it from coming off. Abbie was then taken to the bar entrance and pushed out into the street where she staggered about in only her panties and bra unable to see where she was going because of the hood.

Abbie felt humiliated as she tottered around in the street with the bag on her head and her hands bound . She heard lots of people laughing and mocking her.

Eventually somebody took pity on her and took the bag off and untied her hands. Once free she quickly ran off through the crowd back to the boarding house. But were things were about to get worse for abbie ?

In a nearby police station WPC Connie Stable of the Armed Response Unit and SgtFilma Baton an american Military Policewoman were discussing the recent case of two missing american military personnel. 'Its clear the CCTV we have obtained shows Linda and Lisa entering the side street and that is the last record we have of them' said Connie. 'Also' added Connie 'that side street has no other way out. There are only a few small shops and lock ups in the side street and one boarding house. I suggest that the boarding house is the most obvious place for us to investigate first'. ' 'I agree' replied Filma. 'In addition ' added Filma 'I have obtained the number of Major Lisa Geeforce's mobile phone number. Can I leave that with one of your operatives here at the station to call her non stop to see if they can a reply'. 'Of course 'said Connie , ' I will see to it straight away'.

Five minutes later in the basement of the boarding house still bound and gagged and tied tightly to the chair Major Lisa Geeforce suddenly felt a strange sensation between her legs. As she heard the familiar ring tone of her phone she suddenly reallised what that bulge in the front of her undies was . At first it was just a tickling sensation but then the feeling gradually became more intense and Lias felt herself becoming slightly aroused. A further ten minutes passed and still the phone rang. Lisa was now finding it really hard not to make involuntary noises of arrgghhargghh . Ten minutes later Lisa was thrashing as hard as she could against her bindings and thrusting her head back and forwards and screaming through her gag 'yesshhh, yesshhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Wpc Connie Stable and SgtFilma Baton entered the side street where the boarding house was.

 Filma Baton wore brown combat boots into which her brown trousers were tucked. She wore a similarly brown coloured shirt. Around her waist she wore a white leather gun belt with a white holster containing her colt revolver. Connie Stable had an all black jumpsuit with black leather gun belt and holster containing her glock revolver. Connie also wore a black baseball cap with the initials A.R.U. on the front of it.

Going through the door they entered the reception of the boarding house. There was nobody there so Sgt Baton placed the palm of her hand firmly on the heavy brass counter bell on the reception desk'''DING'''. About twenty seconds later a young woman with mousy hair and glasses appeared from a back room. 'Can I help you' said the young lady. 'yes 'said Connie stepping forward. 'We are looking for two Americans, a naval officer and Marine Core pilot, have you had anybody of that description staying on the premises ? 'No' replied Abbie, 'in fact I have not had any guests for over a week.' 'Do you run this place on your own ' enquired Filma. ' Yes its just me here ' answered Abbie. 'Can we see the guest register ' asked Connie . Abbie pulled the register out from under the desk and placed it on the counter. Connie opened it and it was true the last entry showed that the last guest stayed over a week ago. 'Ok thank you for your assistance ' said Connie and she turned and left the boarding house with Filma.

Ten yards up the road she stopped and turned to Filma ' did you notice the register'. Yes the small edges of paper in the fold of the register's pages, it looks as though a page has been torn out'. I thought the same' said Connie.

'Ok lets go back and search the building' added Filma.

They both drew their revolvers and re-entered the building. 'hands up' Coonieshoutered ' armed police officers' Abbie was startled and raised her arms. Abbie was told to come out from behind the desk and stand by the counter with her hands in the air. 'Ok you cover her Connie and I will check the upstairs rooms said Filma.' Filma departed upstairs while Connie covered Abbie with her gun.

A little while after Filma had gone Abbie started speaking ' look I don;t know what you think I have done, bit I am innocent' 'Oh here is my friend Norma she will be able to vouch for me' she said looking towards the reception door. Connie turned to see who had entered but there was nobody there. In an instant Abbie had picked up the heavy counter bell and swing it at Connie striking her on the side of the head'''DING''' Connie let out a groan and her revolver fell from hand. As Connie' s legs gave out under her she was unconscious before her body hit the floor.

As Filma came back in the reception room she saw Connie lying face down on the floor. 'Don't move 'said Abbie emerging from her hiding place behind the reception door. Connie's Glock was placed into the small of Filma's back.

Abbie's free hand reached down and pulled Filma's colt from its holster on her waist.

'Ok drag your friend here into the back room and then remove her clothes'. Once in the back room Filma was forced to remove Connie's combat boots and then unbuckle her gun belt and finally remove her jumpsuit and baseball cap.

Thirty minutes later Abbie was walking down the high street in the MP's brown uniform and white gun belt' As she passed the bars filled with navy and marine core females the ratings and officers suddenly calmed down and stopped laughing. Abbie loved the power the uniform gave her.

Abbie watched Tammy Nubile leave the bar on her own. She was a rookie naval rating with blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She had only been in the navy for two months and this was her first overseas assignment. She was quite petite and had a perfectly formed curvy bottom which showed off her tan coloured naval uniform at its best. Abbie followed her as Tammy turned off the high street into a narrow isolated unoccupied alleyway. Abbie shouted ' hey rating stop there'.

Tammy turned and looked startled when she saw the military policewoman.

 'Who me maam' said Tammy nervousley.

'Yes you rating, I was watching you in that bar and the high street and the navy does not tolerate that kind of behavior ' barked Abbie.

' But I just had an orange juice with a friend and was not clowning around like some of the other ratings' Tammy truthfully said.

 ' Don't answer back' cried Abbie, 'now get your hands up against that wall'. Tammy felt her bottom lip tremble and her eyes began to well up with tears as she placed the palms of her hands high up on the brick wall. She had worked very hard every day since joining up and she would not disgrace the uniform she loved but now this MP was harrasing her with a trumped up charge.

‘Spread you legs' demanded Abbie, and when Tammy had not spread them enough Abbie kicked the insides of Tammy's ankles forcing her legs further apart.

Abbie looked at Tammy spreadeagled against the wall with her pert little bottom sticking out. Abbie felt herself becoming aroused and thought to herself that this young rating needed to be dominated. Abbie cupped her hands either side of Tammy's left leg and patted her down from the ankle up to her groin area. She then did the same to Tammy's right leg teasing the inside of Tammy's thigh as she reached the groin area again. Next Abbie ran her hands over Tammy's upper body cupping the young woman's breasts as she did so. Tammy took a sharp intake of breath as her breasts were touched.

'Whats up rating have you never been touched there before ' mocked Abbie. Then Abbie demanded to know where Tammy's ID was.

'In my, in my wallet, my wallet. in my right trouser pocket' stammered Tammy as tears ran down her cheeks. Abbie thrust her hand into Tammy's pocket and deliberately did not pull the wallet out straight away but felt around first caressing the inside of Tammy's thigh through the pocket lining. Eventually the wallet was removed and Abbie opened it. She ignored the ID but quickly checked the cash ...$800...she kept $400 and returned the other $400 to the wallet on the basis that at a later point when the rating checked she would be unsure if you had lost the money at the bar as why would the MP only take half. Abbie slipped the wallet back into Tammy' pocket.

'Ok rating your ID is in order and this time I will let you off with a verbal warning. Now be on your way and go straight back to your ship'.

Tammy ' muttered a quiet' thank you maam' as she turned and continued down the alleyway. Tammy glanced down and felt highly embarrassed as she saw the large wet patches staining her trousers around her groin and upper leg areas. She had not wet herself since she was four years old.

Abbie;s next victim was a Marine Corp pilot. After isolating her she took half of all her money from her wallet.

Abbie continued to do this all afternoon. Isolating victims , frisking them and then taking half their cash from wallets without the victims noticing. The Marine Corp pilots were her favourite targets as they were paid more and therefore had the largest amounts of cash on them.

As Abbie returned to the boarding house plans were afoot at the local police station. Inspector Ellie Mentary was addressing her all female Armed Response Unit in the briefing room.

'Ok listen up over 72 hours ago two US military personnel went missing. 24 hours ago an American Military Policewoman and Connie Stable from on own unit who were investigating the case also disappeared. Both the disappearances can be linked to a side street just off the high street where a small boarding house is situated. An AbbieDuctor runs the establishment and she is our prime suspect. Our mission is to raid the building. Once the reception area is taken I will search bedroom 1 , Jones and Smith will take bedrooms 2 & 3 . Jenkins the back room and Walton the basement. We will keep in touch with our headsets and microphones.' Officer Sophie Flatchest you will remain at the top of the side street to ensure that no ciivilians enter from the high street and endanger themselves whilst the operation is taking place.’

Sophie Flatchest listened intently to the briefing. She had only left police college a few days before and this was her first operation. Sophie had neck length dark hair and boyish good looks. At 19 years old she was easily the youngest member of the unit.

An hour later the unit were all in place at the end of the side street, all wearing black combat jumpsuits, combat boots and baseball caps and all wearing gun belts. Sophie Flatchest remained at the end of the side street as instructed. Inspector Ellie Mentary and the other four members of the unit moved towards the boarding house. Outside the boarding house a female parking warden was checking a car . Inspector quickly told her that a security operation was in progress and that she should leave the area immediately. The warden made her way towards the High Street.

After a count of one two three the unit burst into the reception area shouting 'armed police'.

The reception area was empty and they all moved off to their respective target areas. Ellie kicked down the door of bedroom 1 and scanned the room. ' Room 1 clear ' she called into her mouthpiece and she heard further calls of room 2 clear, room 3 clear and back room clear. The final call requested assistance in the basement area.

All members moved to the basement. Upon entry to the basement

Ellie saw two woman hogtied on the floor SgtFilma Baton and Connie Stable.

Bound and gagged and tied to a chair was Lt Linda Rowboat.

Also bound and gagged and chairtied was Major Lisa Geeforce. The Marine Corp pilot was drenched in sweat and her silk undies were heavily stained with her own cum. She rocked slowly backwards and forwards straining against the bindings and seemed oblivious to anything and just kept mumbling to herself yesshhh, yessshhh,yesshhh as the phone kept ringing between her legs.

A fifth unidentified woman in only her under garments also sat in the corner of the room bound and gagged.

As the other women were released from their ropes Ellie took the gag off of the fifth woman.

'Who are you' asked Ellie. ' I am Trixie Yellowlines a parking warden, I was just checking a car outside this place when a crazy woman attacked me and stole my uniform...

Ellie immediately radiod Officer Flatchest.

' Flatchest arrest that parking warden she is our suspect.

Sophie Flatchest shouted after the parking warden who was now walking down the high street' hey you stop'. The warden ignored her and began running off with Sophie in hot pursuit.

The warden ran down a side alley and then into a small derelict court yard. Sophie followed 50 yards behind revolver in hand.

As she entered the courtyard Sophie could not see anyone. However she felt the thick piece of wood which slammed into the back of her head knocking off her baseball cap, Her revolver fell her hand as she let out a groan. A sea of blackness swept over her and the last thing she remembered was lying on her back and her gun belt being unbuckled from her waist.

Polish air stewardess IwearlottaLipstickski had been excited at the prospect of working for the small charter plane company at Heathrow Airport. It was her first day on the job and she had not thought it strange when the young policewoman wearing the Armed Response Unit jumpsuit had instructed her to follow her to the staff toilet. Once inside though the policewoman had attacked her and stole her stewardess uniform and left her bound and gagged in the toilet store cupboard.

A thousand miles away and at a height of 20000 feet Abbie in her new smart stewardess outfit had served coffee to the last of the six passengers on the small charter plane bound for the Seychelles. She went behind the curtain at the back of the plane and sat on her seat and pulled her mobile phone from her holdall ...'yes' she said excitedly to her self as she read the text message from her solicitor...boarding house sold and funds transferred to your Swiss bank account. She put the phone back in the holdall on top of the bundles of bank notes amounting to some $25000.

As Abbie sat there she picked up the Seychelles travel brochure, flicking the pages over she stopped at page 4 which depicted a Seychelles policewoman giving a tourist directions. Hmm what a smart uniform thought Abbie.

On page 7 was a list of forthcoming events in the Seychelles. In one months time a goodwill visit will be made by a britishnaval minesweeper containing an all female crew. There was a picture of the eight crew members. Abbie knew all their faces as they were the women who had attacked her in the bar and robbed her, and took off her clothes and tied her hands behind her back and put a hood over her head.

..............'Soon my revenge will be complete' thought Abbie.


*************THE END***************



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