Samantha's Mistake

By Katrina Lumley

Samantha had worked  for Top-Notch Bondage films for about a year . She had applied for a position as a bondage model but after a long chat with the owner, who said in a very nice way that she wasn't glamourous, enough had decided to take the offered position of secretary. This position involved her manning the front desk, organising the models for shoots, keeping the premises clean and best of all looking after the tons bondage equipment.

Over the year she had worked there she'd been to many shoots, she even got to appear in one film tying one of the models up, but she had always wanted more than anything to be tied up, especialy here at Top-Notch films as they were a high glamour, high fetish studio featuring inescapable damsels in distress bondage, but Samantha had never got the chance. She loved to watch the girls struggling in corsets and stockings or other fetish wear, and fantasize it might be her turn one day, but that looked like it would never happen. Its not like she was an ugly girl:  she was quite tall, slim, black bob style hair, its just that she didn't have that….erm  "look" that Gavin the owner required.

It had been a very boring week for Samantha, not much work to do, and this Saturday morning had been no exception. She'd been asked to come in and interview a new model, but she had not turned up, so Samantha had spent the morning at her desk daydreaming. At least she wasn't alone, though: Gavin the owner, and Helen, who was a part time model but was a real talent when it came to editing, were in the back office looking over some of the new films.

 Bored, Samantha decided to make everyone a cup of tea so she left the front desk and went to the small kitchen to make a brew. While she waited for the kettle to boil she stared at the heavy security door on the other side of the hall way and dreamed of all the fantastic bondage equipment behind it…

CLICK! went the kettle, which brought her back to earth. She made the tea, and took two cups to Gavin and Helen in the back office. Gavin was alone in the office as Helen had gone to the toilet.

"Sorry about you having to come in today Samantha," said Gavin.

"No problem" she replied.

"Yeah, it's a shame she never turned up, she looked stunning.  But anyway you might as well go home, Helen and I will be here till about 5 or 6 so it seems daft for you to stay," said Gavin.

"OK. I'll tidy up the kitchen and the equipment room and then I'll be off " Samantha said, and with that she walked down the hall back to the kitchen.

As Samantha tidied the kitchen, she thought about being tied up in all that bondage gear behind the steel door. She started to become very aroused and exited when BAM!! she had a fantastic idea: she could spend the rest of the afternoon or at least a couple of hours bound and gagged.

On one of the film shoots she'd been on, the model had tied herself up as a present for her husband when he arrived home for work. She could do that: tie herself up in the equipment room for a bit; she knew about the ice in a stocking trick as a realistic method, no one would know.

As she put the cups away, her hands trembled with excitement as she planned what was she was going to do. She walked down the hallway to the front desk and put her bag in the desk drawer and locked it, then walked back up the hallway to the equipment room door. She unlocked the door and placed the big padlock on a hoop next to the handle.She pushed the heavy door open and reached just inside to flick the light switch on and entered the room. She had to work fast as she didn't have that much time, maybe 3 or 4 hours.

The room was a sort of L shape with a vast array of drawers and cupboards along one side. As she walked to the far end, she made note of the eyebolt in the floor and smiled. "That'll come in handy," she thought.

At the far end she reached the two wardrobes that kept all the clothes,  opened the door and glanced over the amazing selection of outfits and then she saw what she was looking for: a black long sleeved, polo necked, leather leotard type thing that zipped up the back. "Great, that'll do," she thought.

Next she selected some thin barley black tights, black stockings, six stocking straps and a pair of long black lycra gloves. She placed the clothes on the floor and started to remove her own clothes: off came her black shoes, skirt and shirt; next came her bra and nude tights' finally, off came her pants.

Samantha stood there naked; she felt very horny at what was about to happen, but she didn't have time to daydream. She had to get on.

She placed her clothes in the floor of the wardrobe  and  went back to the pile of clothes and quickly started to get dressed. First on were the barley black tights, next were the long gloves and now for the good bit, the leather leotard. She placed one foot, then the other, into the leg holes then pulled it up over her nylon covered legs until it wouldn't come up any more. She then placed her right arm into the long sleeve and worked the item over here naked breasts. She then worked her left arm into the other sleeve. After a bit of struggling she was almost in, just the zip at the back to fasten, she reached round the back and worked the zip up to the middle of her back and then she reached over her top and pulled the zip to the top. Samantha couldn't believe the garment fitted so well, very tight and restrictive.

She then took hold of the stocking straps and started to hook them to the base of the leotard, three for each leg. Next came the black stockings: she slid them up her legs and fastened them to the straps; she loved the feel of the stockings moving about over the tights and the tautness of the straps pulling as she moved.

Samantha caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror on the wardrobe door. "WOW" she gasped. She ran her hands over her leather clad breasts down to her crotch, over her thighs and round to her behind, doing a full 360 degree turn while she stared at herself, then walked over to the large equipment cupboards.

Samantha knew where everything was, so she worked quickly. First came some lockable leather straps, lockable leather cuffs, lengths of chain, leather neck collar, leather blindfold, harness ball gag, a black stocking, thin string and some keyed alike padlocks.
She laid all the stuff next to the eyebolt in the floor and headed off out the room in  her nylon covered feet.

She reached the door and slowly peered up and down the hall, making sure there was no one there and then nipped across to the kitchen. Quietly she removed a mug from the cupboard and then a hand full of ice cubes from the little fridge freezer. Samantha checked the hall again, darting across back into the room and slowly closed the door;  "click" went the latch.

Before the fun bit she had to set up her release method. She went back to the pile of stuff at the very end of the room and picked up the stocking and string and got to work.

First she placed four ice cubes in the stocking, thinking that would give her about an hour of bondage fun. Next, she tied the string to the stocking and ran the other end of  the string over one of the roof girders then across to the girder that was above the eyebolt in the floor.  She then fastened  5 of the keyed alike keys to the string and positioned the keys so they would fall to the right of the eyebolt. She set this mechanism up like this so that melting ice would not drip on her as she lay on the floor bound and gagged. Now for the bit she had been so looking forward to: her excitement grew even more as she moved to the pile of equipment.

Samantha glanced at the hanging stocking that had stated to drip, took a deep breath and picked up the leather collar padlocked a 4 inch length of chain to the front of it, she then padlocked a 6 inch length to the rear of the collar. At the end of this chain she fastened a short chain that had a locking leather cuff on each end. This would be used to secure the tops of her arms, she then fastened the whole thing to the eyebolt in the floor via the 4 inch chain on the front of the collar.

Next she moved onto binding her legs,  she picked up the leather strap and wrapped it tightly twice around her ankles and then secured it at the front with a padlock. Next she did the same below her knees and above her knees these were both padlocked the same as her ankles, she tugged on the locks to makes sure they were fast and then stretched her legs out to admire there bound form. Samantha was  getting more and more excited as she saw her bound legs, she could feel her crotch becoming damp as she rubbed her bound legs together.

She next reached over and picked up a longish length of chain and feed it through the back of the leather strap securing her ankles and then padlocked that, this would be used to put her into a hogtie position.

Samantha grabbed the rest of the gear in one hand shuffled over to the collar on the floor, she made sure she was well away from were the key would drop and place the rest of the items near to her. She picked up the blindfold and placed it over her head and adjusted it into position, only the slightest haze of light penetrated the lower part of it she felt about and picked up the harness ball gag, this took a bit more time to get into position and also took abit of getting used too as she had never had anything like this on before but after a bit of strap tightening it was tightly fastened to her head this also would make the blindfold stay securely  in position. This gag had a black rubber ball but across the ball was a wide leather panel, now that the gag was on the combination of ball and leather panel were very affective at keeping her silent she tried to speak but all that came out was a small mmmmmmph. Scary-- no one could hear me," she thought.

Now blindfolded and gagged, Samantha laid on her stomach and positioned her neck into the open collar tethered on the floor. She fastened the buckle snugly around her neck, felt around for a lock and padlocked the collar on. Next she placed her hands into the cuffs tethered to the collar and worked them up above her elbows, then rolled onto her side to reach for the wrist cuffs and the last few padlocks. The cuffs were already locked together so she placed one hand into the cuff and with the other hand pulled the buckle tight around her wrist then she padlocked the buckle. Next she worked the other hand in to the other cuff and with abit o fiddling about tightened that buckle up, she then placed a padlock on that buckle.

Samantha lay there for a bit soaking up the sensation of being bound, but there was one final thing left to do: she felt for the final lock, grabbed and held it in her hand she then brought her ankles up to meet her hands. But as she did she discovered that she had tightened her leg straps a tad too tight so her legs would only bend about 90 degrees, so she flicked her leg and now she felt the chain fastened to her ankles. Grabbing the chain she rolled back onto her stomach and fed the chain over her lock securing her wrist cuffs together and the fed the chain back toward her ankles. As she pulled the chain it slowly started to put her into a hogtie. When her legs wouldn't bend anymore she locked the chain together. "CLICK" -she was now inescapably bound and gagged until the keys dropped.

Samantha tested her bonds, tugging, stretching and pulling: she really was tied up. The feelings running thought her body were of total excitement, terror and arousal. She could feel her nipples becoming larger under her leather suit and this turned her on even more, she rubbed her crotch into the floor as she could feel the tightness of the leather suit on her delicate parts, as she lay there she began to fantasise about her situation.

Samantha had been kidnapped and was been held captive until the ransom was paid this meant that she had to be securely bound and gagged. Not only that her captives have left her there to get the ransom and this could take a day or two...

As Samantha fantasised she rolled from side to side,  tugged, pulled and wriggled about pretending she really had been kidnapped.

Samantha was loving the feeling of been bound she rubbed her legs together and could feel her stockings glide over her tights a similar sensation was felt and she rubbed her feet together her reinforced toes of her stockings and tights twisted as she rubbed. After some more rolling and wiggling try to get free she started to think about her release she must have been tied for about 45 minuets now.

 As she lay there on her stomach dreaming about another bondage fantasy  something brushed past her toes and tapped her knee then something touched the very top of her leg.

"The key" she thought. "But why has it hit me? It should have landed next to me."  

Little did Samantha know that as she had been struggling  she had moved under the key and by coincidence it had landed on her.

"Hmm strange but not a problem"  she thought. AS she felt about with her gloved hand she felt the string on her buttocks.

"Brilliant lets get free." She started to slowly pull the string after a while she felt a  rubbing on her toe then it moved to between the heels of her feet, she opened her feet and the rubbing went to between her ankles. After pulling for abit longer she felt the heavy keys rubbing up between here nylon clad calves then the string went tight.

"O SHIT" she mmmpphhed into her gag. She stopped pulling and let out some slack, and tried again but the string kept on going tight as she tried over and over again Samantha became more scared and frustrated. She tried letting out some slack again and then kicked out with her feet as she did she accidentally rolled onto one side with another frustrated kick she tried to get back on her stomach but instead flopped onto her other side. Samantha huffed and mmmmphhed into her gag as she tried one more time to pull at the string but this time as she pulled she felt the string tighten around her left ankle and the leather strap secure ring them. Samantha tugged furiously at the string when suddenly "SNAP" went the string, she reeled the rest of the string in and found no keys at the end: the keys had got knotted around her ankle restraints.

Samantha went crazy, she hopelessly tugged and pulled at her bounds, she screamed into her gag but all that came out was a whisper of sound, she was stuck, properly stuck and she didn't know what to do she tried to reach her ankles but the straps around her leg were to tight her fingers were a good six inches away also the tether around her neck prevented her from rolling onto her back to reach them. After what seemed like hours of struggling Samantha just laid there on one side and rested trying to think of something to do to release her self.

The clock in Gavin's office read 17.10.

"Blimey, look at the time Helen" he said. " I think its time we called it a night."

Helen looked around the side of the PC screen and nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, lets go home," she said.

The two of them tidied up their things,  shut down pc's, shut and locked drawers and closed the window blinds. They chatted about the girl that never turned up as they headed out the office door; Gavin turned and looked the door . They both walked down the hallway when Helen noticed the lock was not on the equipment door.

"Samantha's forgot to lock the door " she said as she opened the door. "You in here, Samantha?" Helen shouted.

"She's gone home. I sent her home about four hours ago seeing as there was not much to do."

Helen stopped " Ah, I noticed her hand bag and things were gone. She must have forgotten.

Samantha had heard someone open the door and shout her name,

Thank goodness, Helen's going to come in and release me. Samantha tried to scream into her gag but hardly a sound came out, she thrashed about trying to make some noise but she was too far away from the door to be heard. She stopped moving and laid there and listened.
"Come on Helen turn off the light and let's go," said Gavin.

" Yeah, I'll see her on Monday about it" said Helen.

"No you won't, it's a bank holiday on Monday, we get a day off. Well, I might come in, though" said Gavin.

Samantha went ballistic, thrashing, trying to shout and generally trying to get free.

Helen walked out of the door way and turned off the light.

"You fancy a drink Gavin?"  she said.

"I'd love one, let's go for a couple of pints down the pub. It is Saturday night after all," said Gavin,  as he pulled the door shut and locked it. The two of them headed down the hall deciding which pub to go to.

Samantha heard the door lock and noticed the small amount of light visible though her blindfold had gone. She was bound, gagged, and all alone in a building with no means of escape. Not only that, she might be here for two days tied up like this: her fantasy of being bound had come true. Samantha tugged at the padlocks that secured her wrist cuffs hoping that one wasn't locked correctly but no chance. She pulled her legs hoping the chain that had her in a hogtie would break but it was to strong it was hopeless.  She was totally tied up and there was no way she was getting free.

Samantha lay there in the dark and started to cry into her gag not knowing how long she was going to be there until someone let her go.


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