Sally's Game




The worst thing about hospitals Sally thought was the waiting.


Like she had had to wait half an hour to park her newly acquired black Mercedes four by four; wait two hours till the end of visiting time {wandering the corridors, trying to look innocent}; wait a further hour or so in this old linen store, for the hospital to become calm; as frantic day turned into passive night; and wait and wait, for what seemed like forever, for a nice unsuspecting nurse to come alone so that Sally could borrow her clothes and identity. 


As she sat on the lip of a large wheelie bin, that was half filled with old blankets and torn sheets, she eased off her four inch stilettos, massaged and wriggled her toes and then rejoiced in the comfort of placing her nylon clad feet on the cold floor.


“I must really learn to check out my next ID {or identity donor} and make sure they have a sensible approach to shoes” Sally grinned to herself.


Still in the last case, shed acted out of instinct and well the women had it coming. And after all on the credit side Ms Taylor had immaculate taste in pantyhose and knickers. Sally hoped Ms Taylor was currently enjoying the taste of Sallys intimate apparel.


She had not been idle while during her time in the linen room, Ms Taylors leather mini skirt had been cut into convenient tongs, her silk blouse sliced into strips and her faux fir coat affixed to a wooden slated shelf on one of the storage racks at very back of the room. {Too await the bond form of a naked nurse}.


In the mean time, Sally was only wearing a bright red low cut lacy bra, matching thong and shear black control top pantyhose.


She was just wondering how cold it would get, when she heard a noise, a door slammed and slow but steady foot falls could be heard approaching. There had been other nurses passing by but either they had been the wrong size, or had been in a group. But something told Sally that this poor lady was the one.


Moving to the door, she opened it a fraction, just as the footsteps passed.


Wow she breathed Bing, bloody o The nurse, a blonde, was just right, and no one else around prefect.


Sally quietly placed the shoes in the door way and reach down to her little bag of tricks but her eyes were locked on to her target.


The nurse wore a light blue uniform of thin material, because Sally could easily make out the young womans white bra, white panties and grey pantyhose under it. Her hair was tied up in a bum held in place by a starched white cap. The white belt around the trim waste marked the women out as a staff nurse.


So sorry my dear she whispered Ill have to have your undies as well


As she spoke, Sally had retrieved a thick cotton pad, applied some drops of chloroform, and replaced the bottle and, bent nearly double had slid out of the room, like a tiger stalking dinner.


Checking all the time, that no one else was around, the distance back to the store room and the state of awareness of the nurse, Sally closed quietly and swiftly on the women.


Nursie never knew it was coming. One moment her world was fine the next an arm had slipped around her, just below her ample breasts, pinioning her arms to her side, while a pad had been very firmly clapped over her mouth and nose. Huummmmmpphhh…… hellppppp hummmpphh was all she could say. Her uniform hitched up, feet scuffed the floor as she was pulled off balance.

Sally pulled her victims head backwards, locking it to own her shoulder and whispered menacingly


Silence daring.. Im just going to strip you, tie you up and gag you. Nothing for you to worry about. youre in the hands of a professional, so with any luck youll live


Hhheeellpppp Ummpphhh helpppp uuuuuunnnn


Stop wriggling young lady and be quiet..In you come Sally said in a soft matter of fact voice as the squirming woman was pulled into the room. Sally swung around and shoved the door to with her shapely behind.


By now Sally was supporting rather than restraining Nursie. Although both women were of equal build Sallys muscle tone and the element of surprise had given the nurse no chance.


With a final gasp and a little struggle the nurse vs. chloroform battle was decided. Sally could drop the pad into her bag and with both arms around her victim; she pulled her back into the farthest darkest reaches of the store. The nurses feet catching and ruckling up the thread bare strip of carpet as they went.


Lifting the woman up on to the rack, she dropped her face down on the fur coat, so that her head and shoulders and breasts protruded from the end of the racking.


Sally now stripped, the bra fluttered to the cold floor, the pantyhose and thong slid down and were balled up tight.


Opening the womans mouth Sally stuffed the warm moist undies in and thumbed them back till the rested around the nurses back molars. Using a cut up sheet, Sally applied a firm cleave gag, locking the balled up underwear in place. A couple of drops of superglue were applied to the lips, the lips pinched together, for  a second or two for the glue to set; a length of duct tape with addition of extra superglue was wrapped over the woman lips.


Sorry about that my dear Sally grinned Just need to make sure that even when your found itll be a good few hours before you and tell anybody about your little adventure.


Sally then started the procedure {which she had been looking forward to, that of becoming a nurse}, as she unclipped the cute little cap, the nurses long blonde hair cascaded down.


She flipped her over on to her front. Removed the flat black pumps {she tried them on Oh what heaven shoes that actually were comfortable}; Next the uniform belt was slid of and put to one side.


Licking her lips Sally started to open the poppers of the light blue uniform, a white comfort bra was revealed, that was containing some very meaty breasts. Undoing the bras front fastenings Sally, could not resist, gently massaging the sleeping womans tits. She even kissed and licked the nipples, till they stood up like chapel hat pegs.


Oh you little darling, if only I had some quality time to spend on you, I am sure we would both enjoy the result. Then Sally pulled herself together remember your on a mission you silly cow she thought, and got back to business.


She finish undoing the uniform and flipped it open. Next she rolled the grey pantyhose and the white sloggi style panties, down and off those shapely legs.


A true blonde Sally smiled, her fingers brushing the little blonde pubic tuft. She could not control herself, Sally parted the womans legs and bending over kissed and licked the nurses cunnie moisten figures slid into the cunt and locked on to the clit.


Once again she forced herself back to reality and the task in hand.


She slid into the warm panty, and the hose. Humm.. Nice fit and good quality, youre to be congratulated young lady Then flipping the nurse over for the last time, Sally divested her of the uniform and the bra.


She donned both, but before fastening up the uniform there was the little matter of restraining the nurse. (Who otherwise, on awakening might start to wander the hospital looking for her clothes!)


Using the torn silk blouse she tied the hands together, wrapping up past the wrists, and tying the binding off and applying some superglue to the knot, as she always did so that no matter how hard a victim struggled they would never get the knots undone.


Pulling the elbow tight together and securing them with a strip of leather, Sally worked her way methodically over the nurse. Ankles were crossed and bound; knees tied together. Legs bent up and tide to the elbow bindings; wrists fastened to the knee ropes.


She repositioned the blonde, pushing her in to the wall, then pushing the fur under her breasts so that it supported and cosseting them.


Using more strips of sheets, she then secured the women in place by tying her ankles, and upper arms to the slats above and her thighs and waste to the slats below. Shed add a blindfold just before she left to enhance the womans sense of helplessness.


Wow smiled Sally youll not be going anywhere soon darling, sorry about that and all. she patted the nurses shapely butt. And now, before I finish donning your clothes, I need to camouflage you and leave you to your fate


She started to stack blankets around the nurse, so that she would be hidden from all but the most diligent of searches.


So preoccupied with the task was she, that the sound of the two women walking down the corridor went unnoticed until there was a loud exclamation:


Shoes..want are these blood shoes doing here.Matron I want and answer NOW!


Sally nearly jumped out of her skin. Silly bitch she cursed herself. Not only had she completely forgotten about her cast off shoes, but she had been so engrossed with the sexy nurse, that she had lost her concentration.


And to top it all Nursie was coming too and starting to struggle, making muffled huuummmmppphhhh, ooohhhhhh that only a well gagged woman could, plus that enticing sound of  naked breasts rubbing on soft fur, as she tested her bounds for the first time.


Ignoring the helpless nurse, Sally grabbed her trusted 25cal. Beretta complete with silencer and her new Taser weapon. She checked the Taser as she ran, her unfastened uniform flying out like a cape,  silently in her hose clad feet to the other end of the room. In the semi-darkness, she nearly tripped up over the carpet.


Tucking herself behind the large wheelie bin and a stack of blankets just behind the door, Sally peeked out through the crack between the door and the jamb.


Two women stood there. One- tall and slender, hugging a laptop to her flat chest. A large brown leather bag slunk over her right shoulder. Sally guessed she was about thirty-five. No sign of jewellery, wedding ring or otherwise.

She was a brunette with shoulder length hair; wearing a grey jacket; grey figure hugging skirt, cut to below the knee, white hoes and black high heeled dress shoes, completed the look.


“Officious bitch” Sally thought.


The other one was short tubby women, her short silver grey hair, and a topped by a large white frilly cap. Her uniform button through dress was dark blue, complete with a, black belt, black hose and flat black pumps; this signified her as a senior hospital Matron. . Sally would put her at about fifty to fifty five.


“What nurse is assigned to this section Matron” laptop lady snapped.


“Nurse Henshaw should be around here somewhere” The Matron replied “As you know Karen, this area is scheduled for painting next week so there are no patients on this section.”


“Yes funny enough I was aware of that fact. So please don’t repeat the bloody obvious. And its Ms Davies if you would be so kind” Laptop lady added with a note of distain in her voice.


Ignoring her colleagues stroppiness the Matron added “Henshaw is very conscientious Ms Davies, if she had seen them she would have placed them in my office, so I don‘t understand why they are left here, they aren‘t hospital uniform style a visitor perhaps?”


Ms Davies face seemed to light up “Are you saying this nurse has visitors Matron? You mean lovers don’t you!”


“No I…” the Matron started


“Don’t cover up for her. I am looking for staff savings and that could be a dozen nurses or one Matron. Do I make myself clear! This nurse is having sex with a woman right now and we are going to find them and sacker on the spot, follow me”


Ms Davies and the Matron had two choices, they could start their search at the far end of the section, and Sally could clear up and lock up the store room and be gone, long before they came back here. But they made the wrong choice. With Ms Davies leading the way they strode into the room.


Sally waited until they passed the first storage rack, Ms Davies sweeping ahead with the Matron following. Sally quietly locked the door and keeping the central racks between her and the women, she slid after them, thanking the good lord that the hospital had not seen fit to replace most of the florescent lights.


The two had reached the racking where nurse Henshaw laid squirming, probably making muffled cries for help Sally grinned. “Just what the doctor ordered…a nice little distraction for my two new friends”


“Nurse Henshaw” the Matron called out into the darkness…. “Nurse is you there” Then speaking to Ms Davies “I don’t think she’s here, she’s probably tied up helping someone .... She’s that kind of girl”


“Oh you mean the kind who likes to have sex on duty Matron. Yes she probably is, we’ll find her and her shoe less friend and then….What was that?” Ms Davies snapped.


“Probably just the water pipes” Matron interjected {a little nervously Sally thought}


She probably thinks that was Henshaw hiding for super bitch” Sally smiled to herself “Almost right Matron”


“No it came from behind these blankets” Ms Davies grabbed a pile on the rack and pulled. “What the….” she exclaimed


“Fucking hell” gasped the startled Matron


As the blankets fell Nurse Henshaw was revealed in all her bound glory.

“What is the meaning of this Nurse?” Davies snarled “A Little love game gone wrong, call security Matron NOW”


The Matron paid no attention to her, but stepped over to the nurse, stumbling over Sally’s cast off bra and the unused torn sheets and clothes.


“Claim down Paula” the Matron soothed. For the nurse had become frantic in her struggles and vociferous in her muffled yelling, because she could see, what the other two could not…Sally striding down on them guns in hand.


“Easy…easy Paula” Matron implored as she tried to tug at the girl gag. “Relax, we’ll so have you out of this and I’m sure you have a reasonable explanation and it can all be sorted out. Now come on girl don’t sob….what is the matter?”


“She’s just embarrassed that she’s naked and your both dressed, so to help Nursie please both of you strip now” Sally stood there smiling {well your just about to turn two women’s day really bad… but there’s no need to be nasty about it Sally reasoned}


The Matrons hands flew up, in surrender. Just a micro second after her jaw dropped in shock


“Please….please don’t shoot I give in……please” a little tears appeared in Matrons eye’s.


“This is ridiculous….there are two of us….Help….Help …SECURITY” Ms Davies yelled


Before Sally could intervene the Matron swung around and slapped Davies in the face.


“Shut up you stupid women she’s got a gun, you bitch”


Now it was Davies who started to cry “You ……you …hit me”


“Both of you be quiet and strip” Sally said with a hint of menace.


Davies was bent over holding her cheek and intoning to herself in shocked disbelief “she hit me…she hit ME…”


Matron however, swallowing hard, removed her belt and unbuttoned her dress and slid it off. Underneath she wore a white comfort bra, long legged white panties which she had on over her black pantyhose. Kicking of her shoes she raised her hands.


“No lady.... undies as well my darling” Sally cooed


“But why..?” the scared women started to interject then seeing a grim look on Sally’s face she started to undo the bra. Her breasts kind of flopped out as the bra slid off.


Davies had seemed to regain some decorum and had docilely kicked placed the laptop on the floor and slid her shoulder back of and removed her jacket. A blue silk vest top was revealed. Her breasts may have been small, but in the cold room her nipples stood out through the silk.


Then she swung the bag, and hit Sally’s left hand and sent the Beretta flying to the floor. The bag flew open and something gold and long flew into the air. Sally staggered back against the racking.


Davies was off running screaming for help.


Sally turned and ramming the Taser into the Matrons midriff she discharged the weapon. Matron yelped and slid to the floor. But Sally did not see this as she was already chasing after Davies.


The women had a bit of a head start, but her tight skirt and high heels slowed her, even so she was nearly to the door, before Sally was close.

Come here you bitch youll be sorry for this


Davies looked around, that was her big mistake. She pointed toed shoes caught in the lifted carpet and with a scream she went flying. Flying head first into the wheelie bin full of old blankets. Her long legs were still pointing to the ceiling kicking the air her skirt up {revealing that Ms Davies did not believe in underwear} as Sally delivered a swift chop behind the woman left ear. This quickly sent her to dreamland.


Grabbing hold of the bin she pushed it back to where Matron was just staggering to her feet.


Sorry about that lady Sally was all smiles again. But I could not risk a war on two fronts as you might say.. What that youve got?


For as dazed Matron stood up, she was holding two items. The first one was the Beretta, which item Sally moved quickly to pull from her grasp, before Matron could come too enough to realise she was holding the trump card. In her other hand she held the gold object.


Sally laughed out loud it was a large vibrator. Matron with a look of distain placed the item next to nurse Henshaw {who did not seem all that keen on having it either}.


Right where were we.Oh yes you were get naked I believe MatronPlease continue you can answer some questions as you do, then once your finished, you can strip the bitch as well


Down came the panties, the black heavy duty control topped pantyhose were rolled down and Matron stood naked and a little scared.


Once the unconscious Manageress had been relieved of her top, skirt, shoes and thigh high stocking, and Sally was satisfied that the Matron had supplied all the information she could, it was time to bind and gag the two of them.


Now Matron you’re lucky, normally I gag my victims with each other panties, but as Ms Davies was not wearing any and youve been quiet good about things. Soyou can gag yourself with your own


ButBut The Matron stammered I can put those in my mouth.the tastethe hygienethey wont fit in!


Sally pressed the barrel of the gun to the womans cunt Oh I think youll find that they will my dear


And in fact they did. But the Matrons face looked like a hamster that was stocking up for hibernation. Sally then complete the gag, with a cleave, superglue and duct tape combo.


Now gag Ms Davies with your pantyhose please


Sally gave Matron, a playful smack on her ample ass, to encourage her.

With a muffled oomph Matron set about the task with alacrity. She pulled Davies into a sitting position propped up against a pile of blankets.


She poked the cotton gusset (complete with a few grey pubic hairs) between the manageresss teeth and yanked the legs back, knotting them at the nape of the womans neck; pulling the legs then back over the mouth knotting them and finally tying of the feet end on top of the first knot at the back of the head


Sally then ordered Matron bind Davies wrists behind her. Matron pushed Davies face down, then straddled her, sitting on the womans thighs. She pulled the arms back, crossed the wrists and started to firmly bind the hands, with the use of one of  stockings.


A task, she accomplished just as the women started to come too. Davies squirmed her lower legs and feet scrambling on the cold floor, but the Matrons weight ensured she was not going to move.


“Hmmmmm….hellppppp” her eyes were as wide as the sound see could make was soft.


“Quiet Bitch” Sally snarled


Poor Ms Davies lay on the floor and sobbed, her nostrils’ flaring and drool running from the stretched corners of her mouth.


When Sally informed her that she was gagged with Matrons sweat hosiery, Davies head shook violently from side to side, as if trying to rid her mouth of the yeasty tasting gag. This was obviously to no effect, but Ms Davies whining intensified.


Meanwhile, Sally had found a drum of very strong, but coarse nylon cord. The normal usage of which was to fasten the piles of linen and blankets. A wicked grin came to her face, she’d give them both something to really moan about. But first…


“Matron tape over her mouth and make a good job of it or I’ll be taping over your nose”


Ms Davies found her head pulled back by her short hair. She swore and cursed the Matron as the scared woman drew the tape from ear to ear and then smoothed it over the gag.


Sally had no need to add superglue to the gag for judging from Davies’s file, the lady was in for a “one-way” ride later unless some surprising, and it would have to be very surprising new evidence came up in her investigation.


“Pull her to her feet” Sally grinned. “Since she got only very little in the way of tits, I have got something else in mind”


Cutting a good length of the nylon, she doubled it and handed the cord to a rather perplexed Matron


“Never crotch roped a woman?” Sally said as if it was an occurrence as natural as smoking a cigarette. “Well never mind I instruct you and with a little practise I am sure you’ll get it right”


Poor Davies stood sobbing as the cord was whipped around her middle. Her eyes gazing at Sally, imploring, begging.


Then Matron tucked the cord between the butt cheeks, between the legs, up to the rope around the stomach, threaded it through thenpulled hard.


Ooooppphhmmm.noooo…”Davies eyes bulged, she went up on to the tips of her toes, trying to reduce the tautness and ease the rubbing on her clit.


Sally was moved somewhat towards compassion. But then the fact that by her actions. Davies had knowingly caused a number of deaths, hardened Sallys resolve.


Please tie Ms Davies to the radiator over there, behind the racking. Then I can deal with you She ordered.


She then made Matron crotch rope herself. Having tested the workmanship she found that she could not have done a better job herself. She complemented the wriggling woman and she firmly tied her hands behind her back fastening them to the crotch rope to discourage and struggling. Finally She fastened the Matron on the wracking just below the nurse. Blindfolded them both, pile blankets around them to conceal them from view. She collected all the discarded clothing and Ms Davies, she used the end of the crotch rope like a leash.


Walkies Sally commanded and on tippy toes the once self-important woman obeyed.


Crossing the corridor Sally shoved her into and empty office and then into a walk in closet. She fastened the end of the cord to a high rail.


That should hold you darling, I would like to stay and chat but, well the conversation looks as if it would be oneway and I do have other fish to fry tonight bye-bye Sally said


Davies squealed through her pantyhose gag as Sally slammed and locked the closet door.

She switched off the office lights before leaving


Oh dear, oh dear lights left burning, have this butch of callous bitches not heard of global warming Sally shook her head proceeded on with her mission.

To Be Continued...

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