Shopping Centre Walk

By Amy Flanagan


Lisa stopped in the middle of the shopping centre, leaning against a pillar, desperately trying to catch her breath and relax before continuing on her painful walk.  To a casual observer, she looked as if she was on a normal Saturday afternoon shopping trip, but it was nothing like a normal trip for her.


Amy had dropped her off outside one of the entrances to the shopping centre, telling her that they would meet at the exit at the far end of the shopping centre.  Amy had warned her that she was not to be late or there would be trouble, but she didn't tell her when she should be there; that was one of the challenges.


The other challenge was her outfit.  A casual observer looking at her would just see an attractive woman dressed fairly smartly, but someone more attentive might spot the little bits of bondage keeping her in the clothes.  On her feet were shiny red shoes with dizzyingly high heels; ankle straps fastened with small padlocks kept them inescapably locked on her feet, and of course Amy had the keys.  The shoes were too small, and there were some pieces of grit stuck to the inner soles, making them extremely painful to walk in.  She was wearing a knee-length tight pencil skirt.  Its hem, reinforced with a wide strip of leather, only allowed very small steps when walking, making her wiggle in a very seductive and sexual manner.  The way that the clingy skirt tightly hugged her hips and bottom made the wiggle readily apparent to any observer.  Under the skirt were red stockings and suspenders, but no panties.


Her tight and very high-necked sweater was very successful at showing off her ample breasts. Underneath it was a white satin corset.  It had been laced brutally tightly, trimming quite a lot off her waist and making her breasts even more prominent.  It was so tight that breathing was difficult.  The high neck concealed a rigid posture collar, which forced her to keep her chin up and meant that she could not turn her head.  The overall effect of the sweater, corset and skirt was to give her a magnificent hourglass shape.  She noticed the sort of looks she was getting from men and even a few women as she teetered slowly through the centre.


The restrictiveness of the skirt, the difficulty of walking in those shoes and the tightness of the corset all combined to make her feel like she was tied up in tight ropes, and yet here she was out of the house, walking publicly through the shopping centre.  She shivered just at the thought of it.  It gave her a strange sensation that people were looking at her, not realising how restrictive her clothing was making her feel.


It wasn't just the outfit that was restricting her movement and sending shivers through her body as people looked at her.  She was wearing gloves.  They looked normal from a distance, but in fact they were bondage mitts, forcing her to keep her hands tightly clenched.  Once her hands were in them, her fingers and thumbs could not move, making them completely useless.  There was no way that she could grab or hold anything, but no one looking at her knew her hands were useless.  The gloves were fastened on by zip ties around her wrists; until someone cut them off she was pretty helpless.


As she looked around, having to turn her whole body to do so due to the posture collar, other shoppers were not even looking at her at the moment.  Yes there were some men looking, but it was a normal look at a hot woman dressed to the nines, not thinking that she was restricted in movement and her hands were useless until Amy let her out.


There was one final problem she was facing.  Amy had taken off her own panties and stuffed them into her mouth, effectively gagging her.  They were not Amy's normal satin thongs, but fairly big cotton ones that filled her mouth, just enough to be unpleasant but not so much as to make her cheeks bulge noticeably.  She couldn't open her mouth in case they fell out and humiliated her as she walked through the centre.  Again, nobody knew or could tell that she was effectively gagged.  It also didn't help with the tightness of the corset and trying to catch her breath as she walked through the centre.  That was one of the reasons for stopping, trying to calm her breathing and relax.  Her calves were starting to ache from the heels, and the very small steps the pencil skirt was forcing her to take.


Lisa quickly looked around the shopping centre trying to see if anyone was staring or had noticed her predicament.  Still nobody seemed to be taking too much notice or attention, although she was sure people were watching her sexy walk and the curves of her bottom through the tight, clingy skirt.  She swallowed carefully; the panties were soaking in her drool and she had to be careful it didn't escape her mouth.


She had to keep moving.  She didn't know how long she had to get through the centre, but she felt sure that she was behind time already and needed to hurry.  She started moving again towards the exit and Amy, her steps so restricted by the lack of give in the skirt, the heels click clacking on the floor sounding loud in her head.  She felt sure that men would stop and look at the noise and the sexy woman wearing the stiletto heels.  She kept moving, head held high, trying to look like a businesswoman in a rush through the rush hour traffic on the way to an important meeting, hoping that it would stop people from talking to or looking too long at her.  She avoided all eye contact, using the reflections in the shop windows to try to see if anyone was following or watching too much.  She kept catching double-takes from men as she moved slowly onwards.  How it amused her when she saw a man's wife slap him for staring too much, but she did not dare to laugh in case her mouth opened.  She liked the power the outfit had over men, though not the restriction it caused.


Her walk continued in painful small steps, her hips swaying seductively, heels clicking as her breathing started to become more laboured, deep breaths through her nose, the corset pressing in hard against her diaphragm and forcing short sharp breaths.   She desperately wanted to open her mouth to gulp in air, but she knew that the panties would fall out of her mouth onto the floor and she wouldn't be able to pick them up.  She could just leave them, but then Amy would punish her and that would be oh so much worse.


She kept walking, revelling in the tight and constricting feeling of her clothes, imagining what would happen at the end of this walk, imagining what the men looking at her in the shopping Centre could do with her.  She pushed these thoughts to the back of her head, concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other.  Struggling to keep her balance in the six inch heels, her calves started to burn more and more with each step.


Eventually, Lisa realised she was nearly at the end of the centre.  She just had one last obstacle to overcome.  The exit from the centre was up a set of stairs.  Escalators ran either side of the fixed stairs, but the up escalator was not working; two workmen were repairing the motor.  There was no possible chance of using it.  Lisa continued walking towards it, the click clack of her heels sounding ever louder in her head, her breathing harder now than before; she could hear her blood pulsing in her ears.


As she approached the stairs, the noise of her heels alerted the workmen to her approach and they looked up from their work.  She quickly looked away, but not before she saw the look in their eyes, a look of amazement that a beautiful woman dressed as she was could be walking towards them.  She continued on; she had to get up the stairs and out to Amy.  Lisa could feel the workmen's eyes burning into her as she approached the steps.  This was going to be the hard part: the combination of heels and skirt didn't allow for much movement in lifting feet and climbing stairs.  With her hands also held rigidly by her gloves, she would have great trouble balancing on the stairs.  She hoped that she could keep her balance and climb the stairs without making too much of a show for the workmen.


Nearing the bottom of the stairs, she focused on the first step, not looking at the workmen, although she knew that they were staring intently at her.  The first step was always going to the be the most difficult; she approached it slowly and carefully, concentrating on where her feet were being placed, lifting her foot, balancing on her six inch heel, stretching the skirt as far as it would go, straining against the fabric to put her foot down on the next step.  Her hand reached out automatically for the hand rail to help her balance.  She couldn't grip it but she touched her hand to it, futilely trying to wrap her fingers round it for balance.  Her foot came down on the step, and she started to move up the stairs slowly and steadily.  Breathing short and sharp gasps through her nose, she tried desperately not to drool down her chin from her clamped mouth.


Slowly, step by step, she moved up the stairs, her bottom swaying sexily from side to side as she slowly climbed each step, trying to keep her balance by touching the handrail, unable to grab it as she wanted to.  Eventually, after what seemed like an hour, she made it to the top of the stairs and was back on level ground.  From the bottom of the stairs she heard a wolf whistle and a cry:


"Thanks for the show luv, that's a great bottom you have!"


Lisa turned and looked down the stairs.  The two workmen were looking up, thumbs up, smiling and waving.  Lisa raised a hand, waved and moved off to the doors of the centre.


The door slid open automatically as she approached; that was some relief.  She moved outside into the sunlight and blinked, looking around for Amy, hoping she wasn't late.  She spotted her car parked a little way from the doors, and started moving slowly across the car park towards it. How she wished that she was sitting in that car.  Her calves were burning and her breathing grew ever more difficult.  The panties in her mouth were soaking wet.


She got to the car and moved around to the driver's door, knowing that she would not be allowed to get in through the passenger door.  With her hands useless, opening the door would be difficult. The window slowly dropped down with the whine of an electric motor.  Amy sat there in the driver's seat.  She looked at her with a pleased and triumphant smile. Automatically Lisa dropped her eyes, shivering at the look.


"You're late," Amy whispered to her.  "Do you know that means a punishment?"   It was really a statement rather than a question. Lisa nodded her head, keeping her eyes low.


"I'm going to take you home and give you a good spanking.  Then I'll bring you back here to do the walk again, only next time you'll have these."


Amy reached round to the passenger seat and picked up two objects.  Lisa looked at the contents of Amy's hand.  She gasped, and moaned through the panties that still filled her mouth.  They were a butt plug and a dildo, both quite large and no doubt both with vibrators.  No, she couldn't do it like that, walking through the centre again, but filled in both holes.  But then, what choice did she have?  She was going to have an interesting afternoon.



The End


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