Russian Roulette

By Otto


Chapter Six


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Since they had still two horses left at their hideout, Marion, Benson and Carlyle had reached Krasnaja Ljubila only minutes after Natalya and Nadeshda, but, not knowing about the small door, had to climb the walls one by one, quit a laborious task. So, when they had reached the side entrance of the main house, the yard again was empty and silent. "All right, let´s split up. I go upstairs directly, because I know where the sleeping rooms are. You two make sure the ground floor´s safe. We meet in the hall in one hour", Marion whispered her orders to her colleagues. The two men nodded and they slipped inside.
"My, my, what have we got here?", Dimitri laughed when he discovered the crotch rope Nadeshda was still wearing. The girl couldn´t answer, so she just blushed and turned his face away from him, uttering a small sound.

After having dragged her to the prison cell, Dimitri had put her in a simple but effective bondage. He had cuffed her hands in front of her, then put the hook dangling from the ceiling through the chain and pulled upwards, forcing her to stand with raised hands. Then, he stuffed her mouth with a dirty rag and tied another one tightly between her lips. After that, the  - according to Dimitri - funny part had begun. Accompanied by much fondling and groping, he had removed her clothes one by one, using his knife. Nadeshda had tried to draw back as far as her ties allowed, but this was to no avail. However, Dimitri wasn´t finished with her. He took a long device, looking like a broomstick with eyelets on its ends, from outside the room, about four feet in length, and let it swish through the air, almost hitting her. "Uuhhmmph! Mhhhuuuhhmmmm!", Nadeshda moaned with alarm, trying to twitch back. Dimitri smiled, then he tied her left ankle to one of the eyelets at the stick. "Just to make things easier for us", he hissed, grabbing her right ankle with one hand. Then, using the stick for pushing her legs apart, he forced her to stand with her legs spread wide. Nadeshda moaned and fought keeping her balance. When it seemed that she couldn´t stretch her lower limbs any more, he tied her right ankle to the eyelet at the opposite end of the stick. Now, Nadeshda could only move her head and had no chance of hiding her charms, let alone fighting off Dimitri´s hands. "Well, it seems that some of my dreams have come true", he said with a wolfish grin. "Perhaps you should just keep on dreaming", a calm voice said from behind him. Before Dimitri could turn, Ivan knocked him out with a small bat.

"Ooouuhhhmmmm! Mhhhhmmmmm!", the naked girl moaned with suprise and relief when she saw who her rescuer was. Ivan smiled at her, then he quickly felt for Dimitri´s pulse, discovering he had not commited severe damage to the butler. Then, he approached the trussed up and gagged girl. "Mhmmm! Nnnng!", she moaned, begging with her eyes to be freed. "He´s come to rescue me! That means he´s not indifferent towards me", she thought. Alas, instead of freeing her, Ivan only checked her gag. "Mmph?" Ivan didn´t seem satisfied, since he loosened the cleave and pushed in the wad even deeper, making Nadeshda retch. Ivan reapplied the cleave, knotting it tightly, and tied a broad strip of Nadeshda´s slip over it, further muffling her. "Right. It seems you´re quite safe here until I´ve done some last - business. I´ll come back for you, so just wait here and don´t go away." Natasha moaned in protest, but Ivan only shook his head: "Why don´t you just learn I don´t like noisy girls, my dear?" Despite her weak resistance, he pulled the knickers that had once been worn by Natalya and then worked as a gag first on Natalya, then on Nadeshda from his pocket, hooding the girl with them. He ripped two more strips from her slip and tied one over the hood at eyes´ level, effectively blindfolding her. The second, he tied over her nose and chin, making breathing a bit difficult and making her protests almost inaudible. Then, he took a rope and tied it to Nadeshda´s crotch rope, just above her triangle of pubic hair. "Mhmmm? Hrrmph! Uhmmmmm! Nnnngnnng!", she protested into her multiple gags, but Ivan brought the other end to a hook in the wall and pulled until the spread girl had only the possibility to either hang from her bound wrists or to allow the crotch rope to carry some of her weight. "Just as a way of passing the time, since I might be some time", Ivan said and let the squirming and moaning girl alone in her plight. After a last look at the still unconscious Dimitri lying outside, he closed and locked the cell door, taking the keys with him.
Dunja, Irina and Olesya couldn`t beliefe it would be so easy: in the bed, they could see the form of a person, soundly sleeping. Obviously, it was Tamara, since her clothes were draped over a chair. The three maids approached. They had separated from Natalya who wanted to look for Nadeshda. "If we have got her, half of this ordeal´s over", Irina thought. Filled with fear, but determined, they sneaked to the bed
"Nice try, but you sure haven´t thought I would be that naive", a voice said. Gasping, the three maids twirled. Tamara stood beside the desk, holding a gun. She was wearing a blue and golden brocade robe. "I actually expected this english woman, but anyway, I was prepared for a night visit. Since you´re here now, we can start by making sure that you´ll stay here. Remove your clothes, after all, I need something I can offer Dimitri for his loyalty."
Whilst Tamara had taken precautions, Giselle and Cherie had become more or less unprofessional. Being frightened about what could happen, they had drunk some sherry, then some more, just to calm down. It had worked indeed and soon, the lack of sleep, the alcohol and the excessive amount of stress during the last 50 hours - of which they had spent a great deal naked, bound and gagged - had taken its toll. Earlier that day, they had discovered a bathtub in a tiled room that also contained an oven and a big barrel with water in it. Obviously, the Duchess enjoyed the luxury of a bathroom, though the whole chamber measured only some ten squaremeters. The two french agents had hesitated, but at least decided that it would be safe, since Dimitri was on guard, looking for anyone coming from the outside.There would be enough time to dress and react if they heard an alarm. To be sure from any unwanted visits from the butler - or Tamara! - , they just decided to lock the door from the inside and to hang a towel over the keyhole. In their state of tipsy weariness, they considered this to be enough precaution. Now, the two girls sat in the narrow bathtub, enjoying the hot water and relaxing from the horrors of the past few days, from time to time taking sips from their sherry glasses.

Benson and Carlyle couldn´t beliefe their ears when they listened to the occasional plashing and giggling from behind the door. "Really? They´re taking a bath?", Benson whispered. "Dunno. I cannot see anything", Carlyle answered, trying to look through the keyhole. "Well, let me try", Benson hissed, pulling a piece of wire from his pocket. In his past, he had been a cat burglar for two years, and so the simple lock was no match for him. Whilst Carlyle was on guard, he managed to slowly unlock the door, making no sound at all. Equally noiseless, he pushed the door open a few milimeters. Now, the could see a tallish, brown haired girl and a slightly smaller blonde one sitting in a bathtub facing each other, still unaware of the men´s presence. This did not change before the two men stood beside the two naked bathing belles, holding a gun against each girl´s temple.
Dimitri slowly came to himself, his head aching terribly. He massaged his back head, then, he suddenly realized what had happened. He found himself lying in front of the prison´s door. "Damned!", he uttered, picking himself up. Who had attacked him? Was he still there? He reached for his gun and knife, but both had disappeared. He took another look, but he seemed to be alone. Dimitri tested the cell door, finding it locked. He opened the little hatch in the door. Since the lantern was still standing in a corner of the cell, he could see quite well what was going on inside. The girl was still trussed up, naked and spread, but now her head was wrapped in some white silky cloths. Since he could only hear the faintest of sound, he could tell that she was still thoroughly gagged. Then, he discovered another change in the girl´s bonds. Her crotch rope was now connected to a horizontal rope that was fixed to a hook in the wall and put considerable strain to the rope between her legs. The girl moved her hips and fidgeted, obviously trying to mitigate the pressure on her bonds. Dimitri was fascinated and watched Nadeshda´s moves.
Suddenly, a hand grabbed his shoulder and a gun barrel appeared just an inch from his right eye. "I hate disturbing you, but if you could please interrupt your free time to help me getting some things done around here", a deep voice said. Dimitri let out a suprised gasp and turned his head. He looked into the cold eyes of a tall man with a scar on his left cheek. The butler had seen Orlow only twice before, but he remembered him well. So well, his heart stopped beating for a few seconds and his blood ran cold. Though the Orlow brothers were rather insignificant noblemen, they were loyal friends of the Grand princess, and this Alexej´s calm attitude had something that had made him shiver from the first second on. And now, this man had taken more than just notice of him.
"T-to your s-s-service, S-sir", Dimitri stammered.
All her life, Natalya had been a nice, innocent country girl, but the last days had left their traces on her. She had been kidnapped, stripped, bound, gagged and manhandled just once too often. Now, she wanted revenge. So, when she saw Marion in one of the rooms, she did not care about who else would be with her. She didn´t care about fetching the maids for assistance. She just threw herself on her  twin, grabbed her hair and wrestled her to the ground.  "You bitch, you´ll pay for this!", Marion hissed. Having made a living in the streets of London for some years, she had come over her suprise and took up the fight. Natalya fought, too and tried to beat her opponent, and soon both girls found themselves on the carpet in an intense catfight. It took them some time till they overheard a voice saying: "My, my, ladies! Is this the way the aristocracy behaves when they think noone´s watching? You should be ashamed of presenting such a bad role model to the lower classes."
Panting heavily, the two girls looked up and saw a man standing about six feet away, a gun in his hands. Indeed, both girls didn´t look quite representative. Marion´s shirt had been ripped open, revealing her left breast. Natalya´s dress was totally disarranged and partially torn. Both girl´s hair and faces looked like they had just encountered a hurricane. Realizing the change of situation, both tried to crawl away from the intruder.

"Just don´t move, except if I tell you", Ivan ordered, not taking his eyes from the two twins. "You", he said to Marion, "help your playmate to strip. Come on, move it." Reluctantly, Marion rose up and approached Natalya who had come to her feet, too. She went back, but Ivan interrupted. "Just let her work on your clothes. Please, I don´t want to kill you, but if you leave me no choices..." Natalya closed her eyes and did not move when Marion opened her dress and let it fall to the floor, entangling her feet. Then, her corset was loosened and the chemise pulled over her head. With one yank, Marion pulled her knickers down, leaving her naked except for her boots, suspenders and silk stockings. Ivan ordered the blushing girl to do the same to Marion. Despite the english woman´s angry glances, she had quickly removed the shirt, trousers, chemise and knickers from her, leaving her naked except for her boots. "Catch", he ordered, throwing Marion´s knickers to Natalya. "And you, pick up hers", he ordered Marion. The two girls knew what was coming, but they saw no point in being defiant. "Right. Stuff them into each other´s mouths, all the way in." The two girls obeyed, first reluctantly, but then none of them wanted the other getting away with her mouth stuffed less thoroughly then hers. They prodded and pushed, accompanied by some moaning and retching. Finally, Ivan made Marion turn around and bring her arms together behind her back. He ordered Natalya to tie the other girl´s wrists and ellbows with strips torn from her chemise. Immediately after, he did the same to Natalya, then he completed the ties with ropes, pulling them tight and cinching them. Now, both girls were firmly bound at wrists and ellbows, their busts forced to thrust out. "Mhuuhmm!", Natalya mumbled into her gag she tried to work out of her mouth with her tongue. "Nnng!", Marion answered, trying the same with her gag. Ivan tore two more strips from Marion´s chemise and tied big overhand knots in it. Then, pushed the panties firmly back into Marion´s cheeks and throat, then he cleave-gagged her with one of the strips. Using the other one, he did the same to Natalya. Both girls were making small sounds through their gags and tried to breath through their noses, coping with being gagged with another woman´s used panties once again. Ivan quickly searched the desk and drawers for money and jewelry. Then, he saw two  pieces of silk lying on the floor, entangled in Marion´s clothes. He took it,suprised to find two more pairs of panties. One of them, consisting of light blue silk, were the torn knickers he had used both on Nadeshda and Natalya as gag earlier and that he had stolen from Oksana months ago. The garment was still slightly damp. The other one were white and frilly. Unbeknownst to him, these were the ones that had originally belonged to Giselle and since then had gagged or hooded three other women, before Natalya had been hooded with them. The fragrance was still quite strong. He thought for a moment, then put them both in his bag, too. Then, he tied a rope leash to each of his captives´ necks and forced the reluctant girls to follow him.
"Now, that´s a lovely sight", Tamara gleefully said, looking at the three girl kneeling on the bed. After Dunja, Irina and Olesya had stripped completely, she had ordered Dunja and Olesya to kneel on the bed, leaning their backs to two of the bedposts. Irina had to tie the other´s hands behind the posts, using some of the ropes the maids had brought with them. Then, she had tied Irina in the same position, but also tied her ellbows as tight as it was possible behind the post, cinching both ties extremly tight and making the girl whimper. Tamara checked Dunja´s and Olesya´s ties, tightening them, and tied their ellbows as well. Now, the three girls were forced to hold their uncomfortable position with their thrust out breasts pointing towards the center of the large bed. Since none of the girls had worn any knickers, Tamara ripped their chemises, stuffing their mouths to the bursting and cleave.gagging them. Finally, she took more ropes and tied each girl´s ankles to the respective tighs, making it impossible for them to stretch their legs or change their kneeling position. "Mhhhmm! Nnnnng! Uuuhhhmmmmph!", the maids moaned in protest. Tamara smiled, looking at the last, empty bedpost. "There´s room for just one more girl. I´ll see what I can do to that."

"How about you taking that place of honour by yourself?" Tamara turned, reaching for her gun, only to find it in Orlow´s hands, who had entered the room followed by Dimitri who was half fear-striken, half fascinated by once again offered the sight of the naked and trussed up maids.

Tamara smiled. "Alexej, how nice to see you. I was just-" Orlow interrupted her: "I have heard what you have done. You have disobeyed my orders, endangered the life of the Grand princess, caused severe political problems by assaulting the Duchess - did I forget something?" Tamara´s face had turned pale. "B-but I-" Orlow interrupted her again. "The only reason you´re still alive is that I could clear up the situation more or less, since the imperial family will stay in St. Petersburg, due to the Tsarina´s bad health. Therefore, and since I have not forgotten your work in the past, you´ll be granted your naked life. And speaking of that..." He pointed at her robe with the gun.

Tamara gulped. She knew the game was over. Trembling, she removed the robe, standing there in only her knickers - or rather the knickers she had borrowed from Oksana´s drawer. "Those, too", Orlow ordered. Tamara obeyed. She did not bother covering her charms, since she and Alexej had had a carnal affair the year before and Dimitri had already seen her in the nude.
Orlow ordered Dimitri to gag the girl with her knickers and a knotted piece of cloth, then to tie her to the fourth bedpost, binding her wrists and ellbows and connecting her tighs and ankles. Now, Tamara kneeled on the bed like the maids, her breasts thrusting out and her legs slightly spread to keep balance. She chewed on the knickers in her mouth. They were relatively clean, but she had worn them an entire day. "Mhmmmph! Nnngg!", she moaned.

Orlow turned to Dimitri: "You, my friend, will sure agree that it would not be a good idea to stay here till the Duchess returns." He pointed to the four naked, bound and gagged women on the bed. "Take one last look for your memory, then better run for your life. I won´t hunt for you, but others will. You have 20 seconds." Dimitri, obviously not interested in the sight of naked female flesh any longer, only needed four seconds until he made it out of the door.

Again, Orlow turned to his captives. He checked the bonds and gags, tightened some knots and added to their helplessness by taking four of the girl´s shoelaces and tying their thumbs together and to the posts, making it virtually impossible to work on the wrist ties. Whilst doing so, he explained his plans: "You, my three innocent beauties, will be glad to hear your predicament is soon to end. I am quite sure the servants outside are already suspicious about what´s going on inside the house, so they will have a look during the next day. Of course, all your rescuers will see you in the nude, but for you, everything will be over within", he took his pocket watch, "twelve to 24 hours. Just try not to pee before rescue, the bedsheets look quite expensive to me." The girls moaned and squirmed with fear,but Orlow turned to Tamara.

"You, my dear, should just hope they free you before these girls, because then you can convince them you were an innocent victim of this all, too. But even if you get arrested, I´m sure you can ", Orlow kneaded the fidgeting and mewing girl´s breasts, " persuade the guards to let you go, in exchange for some, eh, reward given by you. Just relax, your live isn´t over yet." Smiling sardonically, Orlow let the moaning and grunting girls alone with their fears.
Ivan had managed to get back to the prison unseen, forcing his captives to follow him. At the door, he whispered to Marion and Natalya: "Shh, I think, Nadeshda´s busy!" Carefully, he opened the door and made the two enter the cell after him. Nadeshda was indeed busy: she moved her hips rythmically and thrusted her pelvis towards the strained crotch rope, moaning and sighing beneath her hood. "Well, just time to fix a few things", Ivan whispered. Marion watched him with concern, whilst Nataly couldn´t take her eyes from her aroused lady´s maid.
However, Ivan interrupted their thoughts. He ordered Marion and Natalya to stand face to face, then he tied Marion´s left knee to Natalya´s right and vice versa. Then he helped the girls to sit on their heels and tied their booted ankles together. The two moaned and slightly shaked their upper bodies. "Uuhmmph. Uuhhmmph! Mmmhmmm! Oooohhhhhhhhmmmmmm!" Nadeshda seemed to have found the peak of pleasure. She screamed into her multiple gags and moved faster and faster. With a throaty groan, she suddenly slumped, staggering on her spread legs, her body covered with sweat.
"That was propably a good decision, for the journey will be quite long till I´ve time for you again", Ivan said. Nadeshda trembled and shook her head, obviously embarrassed from getting caught in the act again.
 Ivan released Nadeshda from her hood, blindfold and gag. The girl looked at him with reddened cheeks and panting heavily. Ivan smiled. When he had taken the rag from her mouth, he kissed her. The girl moaned and tried to fight him - first. Then, her resistance more and more decreased and finally, she kissed him back. Ivan withdraw and, before she could say something, he stuffed her mouth with the knickers that had just hooded her."Aaahummpf. Grlllgg! Nnnhhhummmph!", she protested, but he firmly reapplied the cleave and the other cloth holding the gag in place. Then, he blindfolded her again. "Mhuuhhhmm! Hmmmmph!" Ivan hooded her with the two pairs of panties he had found upstairs, then, he again tied two strips over her eyes and mouth, cutting off almost all noise. "Hmmm! Mph! Mph!", the naked girl protested. Ivan uncuffed her hands and tied her wrists and ellbows with ropes, connecting her wrist tie to her crotch rope. Then, he released her from the spreader bar and tied her legs at the knees, forcing her to stand absolutely still to keep her balance.

Now, Ivan turned his attention to the twins. He took the stick that had spread Nadeshda´s legs and pushed it between Marion´s and Natalya´s legs before tying their hands to the eyelets in the stick´s ends. This forced both girls to arch back a bit and to sit astride the stick. Ivan took great care that all knots were out of reach. Then, he put the hook dangling from the ceiling down and connected it to the stick, right between the two sitting girls. Ivan took the other end of the chain and pulled. Of course, the stick was pulled upwards, forcing the girls to raise their butts till they were in a kneeling position with their upper bodies bent backwards, their breasts pointing to the ceiling and their crotches only a few inches apart. Satisfied, Ivan tied off the chain. "Mhmmmm! Hrrrmmmph!", Marion fumed. "Uuuhhhmmm! Nnnngg!", Natalya added. Even Nadeshda moaned softly, though she didn´t know what was happening. Ivan went over to her and embraced her till she relaxed a bit. Then, he took a silk bedsheet he had brought with him and carefully wrapped her in it. "I´ve got enough money for us to live quite a time from it", he said, jingling with a bag at his belt. "This time, I´m taking you with me. I want you to meet my parents, who live a while from here. You, instead", he turned his head to Marion and Natalya. "just stay here. Tomorow, sure someone will find you. May they try to say who is which, I´m outta here." He lifted the thoroughly bound and gagged girl on his shoulder. "He´s taking me with him! Oh my god, what will he do to me?", Nadeshda thought with mixed feelings. Had he been serious about him introducing her to his parents, just like she was his bride? Or what else would he do to her? Nadeshda just wasn´t sure wether she should be scared to death or happy to be together with this man. So, whilst anticipating her fate, the girl thrashed about with her unbound lower legs. This was the last thing Natalya saw from her former lady´s maid before the cell door was closed and locked from the outside.
"That´s right, just do a good job on your friend", Benson ordered. The still naked Giselle moaned indignantly and bent to Cherie. The two Englishmen had gagged them with each other´s knickers, tying tight cleaves over that. Their hands were tied in front and they were still sitting in the bathtub.To their amusement - and much to the girl´s embarrassment - Benson and Carlyle had then forced the two girls to wash and massage each other, especially their wet boobs. Giselle hated the hands of her friend touching her there and she didn´t come to terms with having to do the same to Cherie either. It was a humiliating experience, though her sense ofmodesty had suffered from quite a few challenges during the last days. But suddenly, Benson told them to stop and looked through the keyhole.
"There´s a man coming. He´s got a gun!", he hissed. Without a word, Carlyle opened the window. Then, he climbed outside. Without hesitating, Benson followed him. One second later the door was tested, then it burst open with a cracking sound.

"Ouhhmmm! Mhhmmmph! Nnnng!", Giselle and Cherie moaned when Orlow entered the room. "Mademoiselles", he greeted mockingly, then, he looked out of the window, only seeing the two agents running away. When he turned back to Giselle and cherie, they were just reaching for their gags. "Oh no, please leave this on. And get out of your bath, my dears!" Moaning with protest, the two shook their heads, but Orlow pointed at them with his gun. Reluctantly, they obeyed and stood before him, still dripping wet and trying their best to cover their breasts and pubic area with their arms and hands. Orlow stepped behind them and tightened their cleaves, pushing in the knickers in their mouths a bit further. "Ouhhmmph! Nnnng!" The tall man didn´t react, instead, he wrapped a towel over Giselle´s head and knotted it in her neck, hooding and blindfolding her. Having done the same to Cherie, he took another towel and rubbed the two girls dry provisionally, making the girls squirm and twitch with uneasiness. Then, he took each of them by an arm and pulled them with him.

Inside the bedroom, Orlow could see from the disarranged bedsheets and the beads of perspiration on the four naked women´s bodies, that Tamara and the three maids had tried their best to free themselves, but to no avail. They moaned when he brought in his two equally nude captives.

"Relax, ladies, I´ve just brought some company till tomorrow. I´m sure you already know each other, so you don´t need to introduce yourselves." Orlow cut the curtain ties and prepared several lengths of rope. Then, he stepped on the broad bed, taking Cherie with him. The girl moaned with amazement under her hood, accompanied by the four gagged girls watching closely from the bedposts they were tied to. Orlow pulled Cherie´s hands upwards and tied them to a beam of the canopy in the middle of the bed. Then, he took a ten foot piece of rope and tied her left leg to it. He crawled under the bed, bringing the rope up on the right side and grabbing Cherie´s right ankle. He forced the girl to spread her legs wide, forcing her wider and wider and pulling any slack from the rope, till he could tie her right ankle, too. The rope running under the bed forced Cherie to stand upright with her legs splayed obscenely wide, forcing Olesya and Irina look directly at her exposed pussy. The naked agent moaned slightly.
Orlow took six more ropes. One, he doubled and slung it around Cherie´s waist from behind. He reached between her legs from the front and pulled the rope through her crotch before threading it through the waist rope right below her navel, letting the ends dangle. Cherie moaned and shifted her hips, trying to cope with the rope teasing her sex.

Orlow applied similar ropes to the other girls, one by one. He enjoyed their futile resistance and the desperate moaning and pleading, since this even more expressed his captives´ helplessness. Since the ropes weren´t knotted off or connected with something, they were not tight, but they were there, causing irritation and concern. Now, Orlow wanted to increase the humiliation a bit.

He lay Giselle on the bed and shoved her to the middle, till she lay on her back directly between Cheries´ spread legs. Orlow took care that Giselle didn´t touch any of the other girls. Tamara and Dunja moaned with alarm when he tied the hooded girl´s ankles to their respective crotch ropes, forcing Giselle to spread her legs and pulling on the rope between Tamaras´ and Dunjas´ legs. Giselle didn´t know she was connected to the two´s most intimate parts and flailed weakly. Orlow loosened her wrist tie and tied her wrists to the crotch ropes of Irina and Olesya. Now, four girls suffered from Giselle´s attempts to get free. But Orlow had even more in mind. Pulling on Cherie´s and Giselle´s crotch ropes, he brought the ends together till Giselle´s pelvis had lifted slightly from the matress before he knotted them together. Now, Giselle´s fidgeting hat consequences on Cherie, too. Orlow grinned. He decided just to wait for a while and see what would happen.

Tamara and the maids watched with horror that Giselle squirmed without any pause, since she didn´t know what her bonds were connected with. The pulls were uneven, causing irritation and slight pain. Cherie, who could also not see her predicament, just felt a constant pulling and rubbing on the rope between her legs, just like Giselle did. All girls were sweating from the efforts of freeing themselves. Aftern a while, Giselle´s movements became less hectically and she squirmed more and more rythmically. She tried to fight it,remembering only too well what was just happening to her, but her body betrayed her and so her hips moved slightly up and down, forcing Cherie to join into her movements. Giselle´s arms and legs pulled on her bond in the rythm of her increasing arousal, putting a steady massage to the pussies of Dunja, Olesya, Irina and Tamara. These, since they could see what was just happening, desperately tried to speak through their gags, trying to tell Giselle to stop it. But thoroughly gagged as they were, they could not  utter more than "Ooohhmmmph! Mhmmmmmm! Mph! Nnnnngggnnngg!" The maids, who had hardly any experience with getting touched that intimately at all, just didn´t fully understand the feelings that grew within their loins and  sent shivers through their bodies. Tamara just was filled with panic what would happen to her, but her senses obviously took the opportunity to concentrate on something else than fear. All six girls more and more responded to the permanent caressing of their most sensitive spots, the moans became mixed with sighs and heavy panting. A scent of arousal reached Orlow´s nose. Looking at his watch, he decided it was time to get bach to St. Petersburg and to take care of the Grand princess. He rose up, bowed to Tamara who´se eyes already were a bit dizzy, and left the girls on the bed to some long and entertaining hours. The men who would find them the next day sure would make an interesting discovery.
Natalya screamed into Marion´s knickers filling her mouth and shifted her hips, this causing the stick between her legs to press more against Marion´s sex than hers. The other girl mewed with anger and tried to push it back. Their hips touched when they tried to adjust their positions, causing both girls to twitch back. Both stared at each other with anger and upcoming panic. They both knew that it would be extremly hard to convince anyone who was which. The birthmark was no reliable distinctive feature. Natalya had tried to get loose, but now, her fingers were numb and, even with free hands, she would have never been able to free her ellbow ties that forced her bust to thrust out. She hated the taste of the other woman´s perfume and body, she hated her naked presence so close to her own nudity and she feared wahat would happen to her. Obviously, Marion was thinking in similar ways. Both girls moaned and bobbed up and down on the stick they were forced to sit upon. They both knew only to well: being rescued from their current predicament would only be the beginning of a real ordeal.



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