Russian Roulette

By Otto




Russian Empire, late december 1761


Since 1756, the land is engaged in the Seven Year`s War, foremost against Prussia. Russian troops have pushed forward as far as Berlin and most people in Russia expect victory soon. But the Czarina, Elisabeth, is terminally ill and lying on her death bed. Her designated successor, Prince Peter, is a glooming admirer of the Prussian king, so, the military leadership and the aristocracy fear, that Peter, once he is the Czar, will make a peace and withdraw the troops without any conditions. Intrigues are planned to assassinate Peter and to put his wife Katharina on the Russian throne. Other intrigues are involving agents from France and Great Britain, whose countries also participate in the war, Britain on Prussia`s side, France loosely allied with Russia.


Most of our story takes place in and around Krasnaja Ljubila, a small, fictionous palace about 30 miles from St. Petersburg.


As the story develops, those interested in historical accuracy may say, that panties or knickers weren`t in use for ladies before the 19th century. I hope you`ll forgive me, because I needed them as gagging material.


Chapter One


“You would like some more tea, Mistress Natalya?” Nadeshda, the lady`s maid of the asked, reached for the samovar boiling on the small oven of their luxurios sleigh. Even in the cold Russian december, travelling like this was just as pleasant as it could be. Natalya, the forth daughter of the late baron of Belomir, had never lived in splendit conditions – the reason why she travelled with only one maid as her retinue. But a small inheritance shortly after her 19th birthday one month ago had at least enabled her to rent this sleigh and to do the travel to her distant relative, the duchess Oksana Petrowna, quite befitting social standards.

“No, thank you, Nadeshda, otherwise I would have to ask the driver to stop within the next hour, and I prefer to reach the palace before dusk. But feel free, if you like some.” Gratefully, Nadeshda filled her cup and added plenty of sugar to it. Though she was nominally just a serf, the relationship between the young baroness and her only servant was quite cordially. She had served her for more than five years and she had never regretted it, though the lack of money had always been on the agenda. Even critics admitted that Natalya was “quite pretty”, and most people considered her as gorgeous. Tall (at least, if one compared Natalya`s 5´6´´ to Nadeshda`s 5´0´´), a slim, but well proportioned figure with excellent legs, a pale skin, blonde tresses and deep blue eyes made her the perfect mixture between innocence and promise. But without any dowry this did not attract any convenient man and so, despite her 19 years, Natalya still was not married and a short engagement had ended after the fiance had found a richer bride. But now, this could soon come to an end: her grand-aunt, duchess Oksana, had written to her, if she would like to spend a few days at her palace. Perhaps, she continued, there would be officers of the imperial guard around, too – handsome men with good perspectives. Natalya had no doubt that Oksana had something egoistic in mind by helping her young relative finding a husband, but she had not many alternatives. And so, she and Nadeshda were on their way through the remote area where Oksanas palace was.

Nadeshda wanted to sip from her tea, but no drop ever reached her mouth.


A loud shot broke the idyll, so the frightened Nadeshda let the cup fall down. The next sound was a scream, propably the sleigh driver, and then the girls heard a thump. Seconds later, the sleigh began to accelerate and the shack lurched from side to side. Natalya and Nadeshda tried their best to keep  their balance, but after a short while, the sleigh stopped. Natalya opened the door of the shack – and  stiffened: outside the sleigh stood two masked men, who pointed at her with pistols.

“Alright, ladies, get out and stand over there, with your hands up!”, one of them shouted. Natalya wondered, that he had spoken French – the language of the upper class - , though with a hard accent. Was he something else than a genuine highwayman?

“Hurry up, we haven`t got all day”, the man interrupted her thoughts. Natalya and Nadeshda obeyed. The other man approached with some ropes, whilst the other one still pointed his pistol on them. His companion grabbed Natalya`s wrists and tied them behind her back.

“Ouch, that hurts!”, Natalya protested, “and besides, what do you want from us, we have no monuuuuhmpf!”

The man had reached for a lump of cloth from his pocket, balled it up in his fist, and shoved it firmly into Natalya`s mouth. The girl fidgeted and cried into the mass of cloth, but roughly the man hold her and stuffed the packing forward, until the big wad had disappeared behind the girl`s teeth and her cries had died down to groans. He than loosened his necktie, pushed it between her lips and pulled the ends together at her neck, where he tied them off excruciatingly tight. Breathing heavily from the effort, he grabbed Natalya`s elbows, pulled them together till they met and tied them with another piece of rope. Nadeshda yelped from pity, when Nataly let out a muffled, but painful groan. The elbow-tie forced her breasts to thrust out in a way Nadeshda found equally dreadful and fascinating.

The man took yet another rope, knelt in front of Natalya and pushed her dress upwards. The girl mewed in alarm, but he just tied her legs together at the knees. Having done that, he went over to Nadeshda.

“No, please, no, I-I-”, she muttered, her voluptous bust heaving with fear.

“Hold still!”

He tied her wrists behind her back, followed by her elbows. Nadeshda cried from pain, but the man had reckognized someting else: whilst the effect on Natalya`s breasts was impressive, on Nadeshdas`s buxom forms it was no less than breath-taking. Her outsized boobs thrust out and the material of her dress was literally aching from the effort of keeping them inside.

“Hey, look, not bad, eh?”, the man asked his companion. To Nadeshdas great horror, he reached around her, grabbed her breasts with his hands and squeezed and kneaded them.

“No, please, help!”, Nadeshda yelled and tried to free herself from the grip of her tormentor. Natalya groaned something in her tight gag and shook her head no.

“Come on, we have to hurry! Just gag her and finish the two off, that we can go!”

For the first time, the other one had spoken. The man gave Nadeshdas breasts one last squeeze, then he pulled a big rag out of his pocket and despite her futile resistance, stuffed it into Nadeshda`s mouth untill she groaned and retched. He finished the gag off with a strip of cloth he ripped from her slip, cleave-gagging her tightly. After that, he pulled her over to the sleigh and pushed her inside. Nadeshda slipped and landed on her backside. The man tied her legs at ankles and knees, pushing up the skirt of her dress in the progress. Then, he turned her on the belly and tied her wrists to her ankles, leaving her in a tight hogtie. When he flipped her on her back again, she could see that the other man had pulled a sack over Natalay head and upper body, which he fixed at waist level with another piece of rope.

“Ok, let`s go!”The other man looked at Nadeshda and suddenly grabbed the neckline of her dress and ripped it apart with a brutal yank. Out popped the girl`s big breasts and she squirmed and reddened with embarrassment.

“Man, what a pair of melons! Just too bad, we don`t have time for each other. Well, someone will find you, sooner or later. At least some hungry wolves!”

He left the squirming and moaning girl lying on her back and helped his colleague to lift the fidgeting and thrashing Natalya on one of the horses. Then the two men mounted their horses  and rode away with her prey, leaving the terrified and thoroughly trussed up Nadeshda alone.


“Aah, that`s right, count down, starting by a hundred.”

Giselle lolled about and bent her head back to her friend brushing her hair. She was sitting on the chair in front of the mirror and enjoyed the caressing touches of the brush on her long, brown hair. Cherie, her companion, exactly knew how to make her feel better.

Of course, there was not much time for the two of them for relaxing and taking care of their hair and body – both were French agents in St. Petersburg and they had to get as many informations about the Russian war policy as they could get. Their disguise was quite simple – and therefore quite effective: whilst Giselle pretended to be a French aristocrate sent away by her parents due to a “scandal” (sometimes, she invented some delicate details of this “scandal” and “revealed” them to young men talking to her, in return she got some of the information she wanted), Cherie was her lady`s maid. This enabled the two to get to some of the parties and events of the lower upper class, where Giselle gossiped with the ladies and flirted with the men, mainly young officers who were more than willingly to let out military secrets, just to emphasize their importance. Cherie, meanwhile, did the same to servants, staff soldiers and stable boys. Giselle luckily never had to go farther than a kiss, but it seemed to her, that her blonde companion got some more enjoyment from her work. But Giselle never asked – though she worked well with Cherie, she knew hardly anything about her past before she had joined the secret service. It was quite sure that Cherie wasn`t her christian name and there were rumours she had been a prostitute, but that wasn`t something the slightly prudish Giselle wanted to know. All that counted was that they had gotten quite a lot of information about the Russian army and its strength so far.

Later this evening, they planned to visit just another party of a lieutenant returning from the front. But for now, this one precious hour belonged to them. Their chamber in the small hotel was overheated, so they relaxed just wearing knickers and silk slips, enjoying the freedom of not having to wear a restricting corset for a while. Those moments were rare and both girls wanted to make the most of their free time.

Giselle just wanted to ask Cherie if there was enough time for a little nap, when the door of the hotel room suddenly burst open. Before any of the half naked girls could react or utter a sound, a bunch of men pushed into the room and threw themselves at Giselle and Cherie. Each was grabbed in a Nelson-style, whilst another clamped his hand firmly over their respective mouths. Number five and six had prepared pieces of twisted leather, with which they tied up the hands of the now squirming and moaning girls in front.

Having done so on both of them, the men pulled up rags and neared the girl`s faces. Giselle saw it coming, but she had no chance. In the very second the man handgagging her withdrew his hand, the other one pressed the wad against her lips. She shut her teeth and squirmed, but her attacker just squeezed her nose shut. Giselle held on resistance for as long as possible, but finally she had to breathe in and so the man could stuff the cloth firmly into her mouth. Despite her thrashing and fidgeting, he managed to tie another rag tightly between her lips. When he took hold of her hands, Giselle got a glimpse of Cherie who was gagged in the same way and moaned quietly.

Harshly, the man tied a long rope to Giselle`s wrists. To her great horror, he put this between her legs and pulled it tight from behind. This pulled up her slip way above her knees, pressed her bound hands against her most intimate part and the rope sank into her crotch. Giselle mewed, but another one just pulled a pillowcase over her head and shoulders, blindfolding her.

The other man pulled the crotchrope tight and tied it firmly, but not brutally around Giselle`s neck. This did not only hold the pillowcase in place, it also prevented Giselle from moving her bound hands upwards, if she did not want to strangle herself. She could only hear soft moaning and rustling, but obviously Cherie was in the same predicament.

Strong arms grabbed them from the left and from the right and the bound and gagged girls were forced to walk outside the room and down the stairs. Giselle felt snow under her bare feet, but after a few steps, they were lifted into something that seemed to be a coach and both girls were seated between two of the men. Immediately Giselle realized that the rope connecting her ankles with her neck prevented her from normal sitting. To minimize the pressure on her throat, she had to bow her back and to sit with spread tighs to press her bound hands as deeply between her legs as she could. This position was painful and far from being decent, particulary if one was as scantily clad as she and Cherie were. However, she hardly had an alternative. The shack`s door closed and the coach drove on, bringing the two terrified agents two whatever their fate was. The whole abduction hadn`t lasted for more than just two minutes.


Nadeshda had soon found out that squirming on the floor and screaming into her mouthfilling gag did not bring her any closer to freedom. So, the girl started to work on her bonds more methodically. She tried to pick on her wrist-tie, but she soon found out that the knots wer just too tightly applied for her numb fingers. Suddenly, something poked into her toe.

“Ohmmmph”, she groaned, then hope arose within her: of course, the mug she had broken when the attack had started! The fragments were still lying around, With some effort, she managed to grab one and started working on the rope that connected her arms and legs. It was a difficult activity and soon her face was covered with sweat, despite the cold air coming from the outside and making her nipples grow hard. She concentrated so hard on sawing through the unyielding material that she did not care for anything else, so the shock was total for her, when she heard a man`s voice saying: “Oh my god, look here, guys!” Puzzled, she looked up.

Three men in peasant`s outfits were standing in the open door, looking sheepishly down at her.

“Mmmmhmmmm! Uhhmpf!”, Nadeshda moaned and squirmed a bit. It lasted for another few seconds till the three could turn their eyes from the topless girl that lay on her back in front of them and whose big breasts seemed to point directly at them. Her dress was crumpled around her hips and hardly covered more than her pubic area. Slowly, they stumbled into the shack and began working on her bonds and gag.

Nadeshda realized what sight she offered to the three strangers, but she could do nothing to cover her buxom forms. Sighing helplessly she blushed all over. Soon, the man working on her gag had loosened the cleave-gag. He helped Nadeshda to spit out the soaked rag from her mouth.

“Thank you”, she croaked after some coughing.

“We are from the village, about an hour`s walk from here”, the one working on her ankle ties said in a drawling voice. “Your coach driver came running to us and told us that there was an assault. He was wounded, but nothing too bad. We are not allowed to have firearms by the duchess, but we three thought that we should better look. What happened?”

“They-they stopped the sleigh, tied and gagged us and took Mistress Natalya with them. They-” Nadeshda stopped. It was too embarrassing talking to these men, although they were her rescuers, whilst she was still nearly naked and trussed up.

Meanwhile, the other men had loosened the elbow-tie and the hogtie. With a sigh of relief Nadeshda bent forward and pressed her breasts against her knees. It was senseless, since everyone had already seen her topless for quite a while, but she remained in that position until they had finally freed her. Immediately she stood up and pulled her crumpled dress down to cover her legs, afterwards she managed to repair the neckline of her dress provisionally. Then she said: “Allright, these thugs have Mistress Natalya in their clutches, so we must follow their traces as soon as possible. Let`s go!”

The three hesitated. “It´s getting dark and we have no weapons. Better come with us and tomorrow we go to the barracks nearby, the soldiers can help you much better.”

“But tomorrow it will be impossible to follow the traces! If you are too cowardly to help me, I´ll go alone!” She grabbed her coat and started to loosen one of the sleigh`s horses. Nadeshda secretly hoped that the three would stop her or change their minds into helping her, but none of them moved. Actually, Nadeshda wasn`t very brave and she definitely had had enough of an adventure for one day, but more than anything she was loyal to her mistress and loved her. So, with a curse, she swung herself upon the horse and rode on, trying to keep her eye on the traces that led into the forest. The three men shrugged and started to look if there were any valuables inside the sleigh.


Normally, Natalya enjoyed riding out on a snowy winter´s day, but this ride was far from being normal. She had been thrown over one of the horses, so that she lay in front of the rider, her head and feet bouncing in the rhythm of the ride. First, she had squirmed and thrashed wildly with her unbound lower legs, but the rider gave her a hard whack on the butt.

“Stop this, you`re confusing my horse.” Natalya mewed in her gag, both from pain and from embarrassment. The horses accelerated and she soon found it difficult enough to breathe through the sack covering her upper body ant the terrible gag that reduced her cries to groans. From time to time, the man kneaded Natalyas firm butt, but she could do nothing against it.

After what seemed an eternity to her, the horse stopped and she was lifted to the ground. The carried her bound and gagged captive inside a hut or house, because suddenly Natalya felt warm. One of them cut the rope tying her knees together and helped her staying upright, the other one pulled away the sack from over her head. Natalya blinked – and stiffened. In front of her, on a wooden chair, sat a woman, clad only in silk underwear. But it was not the inappropriate dress the women was wearing – she was a perfect image of her! She was too beaten to even utter a sound.

“Well”, the women giggled, “it seems our parents never told you about your twin sister, eh?”

Natalya let out a small groan. “No, just kidding, I don`t know what´s the reason we two look exactly the same. But that doesn`t matter. What does matter is, that I have to take your place at your grand-aunt`s palace. You don`t need to know why, but tomorrow I will arrive at Krasnaja Ljubila, pretending that I escaped from my captors. My mission won`t take for long, so even if your lady`s maid appears, I am sure no one will recognize I am not you. You better beg for my success, because this means you may survive your little adventure.”

Natalya mumbled into her gag and tried to talk, but the woman came close and stroked Natalyas disarrranged hair.

“Before we all can take a rest, there is only one thing, that will both ensure that I will look even more like you and that you will be less encouraged to do anything silly.” She let her fingers wander over Natalya`s thrust out breast. Natalya squealed and tried to get away, but the men standing near grabbed her arms. “I´m talking about your lovely dress, my dear. It just seems, that the wrong twin is wearing it.”


Though their uncomfortable journey didn´t last for more than some 15 minutes, the bound, gagged and hooded Giselle and Cherie were definitely glad when it came to an end. Giselle had soon stopped fighting her bonds, because she couldn´t do much with her arms without threatening her breathing and thrashing around with her legs only had the effect that the two men beside her grabbed her lower legs and held them in a firm grip. She groaned frantically into the cloth stuffing her mouth, but none of her captors spoke a word, so she stopped it and concentrated on thinking who her abductors could be. The ochrana, the Russian secret police, was the most obvious solution. Her heart sank. The men of the ochrana were well known for being brutal. She was no coward, but the chance of getting tortured made her shiver. Hasty she thought what they could know about her and Giselle´s doing and what she could tell them without telling too much.

After the coach had stopped, again two men grabbed her and led her along some corridors and down seemingly endless stairs. Some moaning and grunting assured Giselle, that Cherie was still near her. The rope connecting her bound hands to her neck pressed on her crotch on every step, but the men forced them to keep on in fast pace. Finally, they were made to stand on a stone ground that was cool but not as cold as usual cellars in the Russian winter. Whilst two men still held her arms, the third loosened the rope from Giselle´s neck. She sighed with relief when the pressure on her throat and her private area ended.

The man took the rope holding her manacles and seemed to fix it somewhere on the ceiling, because she felt her hands being lifted upwards. Only when she was completely stretched and stood only on the tips of her toes, he seemed satisfied and knotted the rope off.

Giselle waited for the hood to be removed, but instead she felt a cold blade on her right shoulder. Within a second, he had cut the shoulder strap of her slip, followed by the other, so the flimsy clothing fell down. Giselle screamed into her gag with horror. Though she couldn´t see anything, she knew that she now stood topless in front of her captors, dressed only in her white lace knickers. These very knickers were of interest immediately after: nimble fingers opened the waistband and pulled them downwards. Giselle thrashed wildly and tried to squirm, but bound, stretched and with her feet entangled in her slip, this was to no avail. In addition, her legs were grabbed by strong hands. Helplessly, she had to endure that her garment was pulled away from her feet, leaving the girl stark naked. Then, nothing more came. They let her legs go and there was no more touching, let alone getting the hood or the gag off. She moaned and squirmed and tried to stumble around tiptoe. Her hip touched what must be the hip of Cherie, equally nude. Giselle twitched back. For a while, the two girls tried to communicate through their mouthfilling gags, but they could not do more than to ensure each other that the other one was still there. At least, without much more choice, they just waited for things to come.

“Oh look, Alexej, is it just cold in here or is she suspecting your presence?”, a female voice broke the silence. To Giselle‘s horror, suddenly fingers played on her nipples, which had indeed grown hard, and squeezed them. Blindfolded as she was, she kicked to her front, but her foot hit no one and she heard a laugh.

“Ah, good, she seems to be a feisty one”, a man said. “Let`s remove the hoods. I like the sight of their breasts, but I prefer eye contact doing business.”

The pillowcases were pulled form Giselle´s and Cherie´s heads. They blinked and looked around, finding that they were in some kind of cell, but with an oven in a corner. In front of them stood two chairs: on one a tall, black haired man in a guard officer´s uniform sat. He looked at the two naked, bound and gagged girls with a sardonic smile, his hands held two white and respectively pink pieces of cloth which Giselle recognized with horror as her and Cheries knickers.

A blond, tallish woman took the seat beside him, holding the pillowcases in her left hand. Giselle and Cherie blushed as the two smiled and looked at them in their naked predicament, and they desperately tried to speak through their gags. The man rose his hand.

“Silence, please. I do not know if I have to introduce myself. I am Alexej Grigorjewitsch Orlow.” Indeed, Giselle and Cherie knew only too well who he was: being an officer of the imperial guard, he also was the younger brother of Grigorij Orlow, the propable lover of Katharina, the wife of Peter, the heir to the throne. There were rumours that Katharina also had an affair with Alexej, despite a scar on his left cheek quite a handsome man, but it was for sure that the Orlow brothers conspirated with Katharina and against Peter. Alexej was said to be intelligent and ruthless. Not a man on whose mercy one wanted to be dependent on.

“My men brought you here, before the ochrana could do so.” The two girls mewed astonished. “Oh yes, you´re not in the custody of the secret police – yet. But I have no problems handing you over to them, naked as you are, if you do not agree to cooperate with me.”

He waited till the moaning of Giselle and Cherie had died down till he continued.

“I know that you are French agents, but luckily my interests and those of France are quite compliant. France wishes that Russia continues war against Prussia, for this weakens England. My -eh- friends and I prefer this, too, because victory is near and will of course increase the power of the Russian Empire. But since our beloved empress will soon be face to face with her creator, this can only be done by her successor – which by now is Peter.”

Neither Giselle nor Cherie moved or made a sound. They were all interest. Was this man really planning a revolt to get rid of Peter and to put Katharina on the throne? And what had they to do with it?

“Ah, you seem to understand what I`m talking about. Now, here is the deal: you two will  accompany Tamara” - the blonde woman slightly bowed - “to a little palace about a day`s journey from here. This is where the royal family traditionally stops on their winter journey. You will work as Tamara`s lady´s maids and help her with her – preparations. They will be less suspicious if you are only girls, but I cannot send Tamara alone without any servants. Help me and her and you may go back to France afterwards, maybe with an appropriate reward. Refuse, and you will learn to know the torture chamber of our secret police from the inside. Nod if you agree!”

Reluctantly, the two girls nodded.

“Well”, he stood up and approached the girls, “it´s been a pleasure to talk with you. Let`s start by giving you these back”, - he held up the knickers - ,”you will perhaps feel a little less vulnerable then.”

His hand caressed the left breast of the squirming and moaning Giselle, went over her hip and rested between her legs. Giselle screamed into her gag and tried to get away from him, but he just smiled and pulled Cherie´s knickers over her head. Giselle shook her head, squirmed and moaned in  protest, but her friend´s smelly underwear stayed where it was, rendering her quite sightless and forcing her to smell Cherie´s scent. He stepped over to Cherie, who endured being groped and then hooded with Giselle`s knickers with more calmness, accepting her helplessness.

“All right, Tamara, you finish the two off. I have work to do.” Having said so, she left.

Tamara approached and said: “I know that you are two and I am alone, but if you try something stupid when I free your ankles, remember that Orlow`s men are everywhere in the house and that they expect us in the stable within the next fifteen minutes. So, let´s go.”

Tamara went to a corner, where a suitcase was standing. She opened it and took a pair of men´s trousers.

“We´ll dress as men for the trip, it will look less suspicious and we can ride faster. Having said that, she let Cherie step into the trouser´s legs and pulled them upwards. Before finishing that, Tamara took a rope about four feet in length with knots every inch in the middle section. This, she applied carefully within the crotch area of the trousers, then she finished pulling them up and tightening them. Cherie mewed with astonishment, then with alarm, when Tamara pulled on the ends dangling on the front and on the back. Giselle, who could hardly see anything through the lace of the silk knickers hooding her, kicked and thrashed when Tamara approached her. She laughed and stayed just out of reach.

“Calm down, the alternative is that I call in the men to assist me with you.”

Reluctantly, Giselle gave in and allowed Tamara to put some trousers on her, of course with an additional crotch rope. When Tamara started pulling on that, Giselle squirmed and moved around. She tried to kick, but being tied so stretched out this meant that her weight lasted on her arms and made the rope between her legs chaff her even more. The knots pressed on her sex and due to Tamara´s constantly pulling the rope back and forwards, it found it´s way deep between her labia and buttocks. After a while, Tamara stopped the humiliating procedure and let the rope dangle.

She went to the door and called one of the men in. The girls moaned with embarrassment, but she only said “Sergej will have an eye on you, whilst you are untied.”

Tamara loosened the rope that bound Giselle‘s arms to the ceiling and cut her manacles loose. Giselle immediately wanted to get the strange panties from her head, but Tamara stopped her.

Whilst the man watched her on gunpoint, Tamara put on a shirt on Giselle, caressing her breasts in the progress and gleefully working the lower seam inside the tight trousers. Giselle let out a cry of shear pain and humiliation, but only Cherie would have shown mercy and she was as helpless as Giselle was.

After the shirt, Tamara helped her to put on a jacket, a fur coat and heavy boots. Then she again tied her hands in front of her. Then, she finished off Cherie in the same way, also touching and fondling the helpless girl. When her hands were tied, too, she and the man led the two French agents up the stairs.

Being still blindfolded by each other´s underwear, the two stumbled more than they walked, but at last they were in a stable where three already saddled horses were waiting.

Tamara took two black sacks and pulled one of them over Cherie´s head, knotting it tightly at her neck. This additional layer of cloth made breathing even more difficult and cut off all sight. After that, she put on a hat on Cherie´s head. She then pulled the other sack over Giselle´s head and repeated the procedure.

Then she and the man made the girls mount the horses and tied their feet to the stirrups. Tamara tied Giselle`s and Cherie`s hands tightly to the pommel. “Oh, before I forget, just to ensure you don`t get too bored during the trip...” She tied the crotchrope off at the pommel, than she took the rear end and pulled it tight. Giselle let out a muffled scream when the knotted rope again pressed on her most intimate area. Tamara tightened the rope and tied it off to a hook on the back of the saddle. Giselle moaned with panic, bucked and tried to get into a more tolerable position, but with her feet bound to the stirrups and her weight pressing her downwards whilst the crotchrope pulled upwards, there was little she could do to soothe her predicament. Every movement of her had direct consequences on her pubic area and caused even more discomfort than sitting still. Frustrated and humiliated, Giselle screamed into the rag filling her mouth until exhaustion stopped her.

Meanwhile, Tamara had done the same to an equally squirming and moaning Cherie. Then, she rapidly went into a closet, changed into men`s clothes, too, and mounted the third horse. The man had meanwhile connected the three horses by long leashes, ignoring the sobs and grunts from the two helpless girls. Tamara made her horse start and the journey began.

Both girls immediately recognized that not only their movements had effects on their crotchropes, but also those of the Horses. Their pubic areas were constantly massaged by the rope and the two tightly bound girls could do absolutely nothing about this. They just had to concentrate on breathing through the sack and the used panties covering their heads and the cloths gagging them. Escape was only a distant memory by then.



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