A Late Summer Night’s Eve

by Abducted Damsel as Roxanne, as recounted to Victor Von Doum

Illustration by Mike Lee


Chapter Four: Recognition/reconnection

ROXANNE: I mphmph into my new gag as Tom leaves, locking the door behind him. Did I hear him say ‘another cowgirl?’ Hell, does he think I’m gay? I don’t want ANYONE to see me naked and trussed like a turkey. I immediately go to work on the knots on my wrists. Damn him and his ranch-hand knot-skills, what is he, a freakin’ Boy Scout? I kick my booted heels, but not an ounce of give. Hell, struggling like a damsel in distress is getting me all warm again. I wish this blindfold would come off, that would help. But it’s tight around my eyes. After twenty minutes or so, I feel a give in one of the knots! This gives me new hope—maybe I can escape! My nails work relentlessly and finally, one knot is undone—YES!!!!  But it’s slow going. After ten more minutes, I am halfway there. OMG—one last knot, and, presto!  My wrists begin to slide free of the cotton ropes. I bring them around the back of the bedpost, rip off the blindfold, lean forward, and begin to work on my ankles.  I am halfway there when I hear the door open. From the other room I heard Tom say,

“Guess what? We are having company in a few minutes!" As soon as Tom opens the door, he pounces on me immediately! 

"What have we here—an escape attempt?" In no time, he wraps the blindfold tightly and binds my wrists behind my back again, but this time not around the bedpost. I am thrashing in my bonds as he begins to ask,

"Roxanne, Roxanne, Roxanne, what shall I do with you? I can’t have you trying to escape, so I guess I have to teach you your place, sassy filly!" With that, he sits on the bed, and unties the ropes running to the bedpost. My cowgirl boots still tied together at the ankles, he drags me over his lap, face down, ass high.

He laughs, "This will hurt you more than me" as he begins to spank my ass hard with his open hand.  I scream each time, and in no time my ass is cherry red and on fire. I am begging for him to stop. He then places me on the floor beside the bed, on my knees and pressed my face onto the bed.

"Now please your master again, little lady" and he begins to unzip his pants and begins reaching to ungag me. Just then, I hear a knock at the door.

 "Damn timing," he mutters and leaves the room. The door opens and I heard a high pitched giggle.

"You weren’t kidding Tom, she really is bound and gagged! And so cute!"  I moan into my gags as I hear whispers, as both of them sat together on the bed, with me in the middle, on my knees, on the floor.  Tom lowers his zipper again, and I can hear wet kissing sounds. I’m instantly jealous!  Who is this bitch, and why is she kissing him? 

I feel a hand on my breast, a female hand. I jerk back, but only so far.The hand is tender and soft, and fondles me again. A slight moan escapes my lips; damn, my body is going to betray me again. She gently pushes my head down on one of her thighs, and ungags me by loosening the knot of the bandana. I can feel her inching up her clothes. More sloppy kissing sounds, and I hear her say, "Open wide, cowgirl," as I push out the mouthpack and she begins to feed me Tom's growing erection into my mouth. I can feel her fingers around his shaft, stroking him, pushing him deeper inside of me....


As Roxanne begins her third — or was it fourth? — suck-session on Tom, she recognizes a familiarity about the new visitor: her perfume, her voice, the tenderness of her soft hand against her breast; her obviously expensive manicured fingernails that just touched Roxanne's cheek while guiding Tom's eight inches to her mouth. She can tell he's washed himself off, as she tastes the mild soapiness on him.

"Who IS she? I know I know her," thinks Roxanne, as she spins her tongue around Tom's hardness and hears him say,

"No offense to dogs, but these here little blue pills? Hot damn! They're the REAL man's best friend." He pauses. "Oh, and you too, little honey. You ain't so bad neither," he remarks as he pets Roxanne on the head.

"What's her name again?" asks the female voice to Tom, as Roxanne hears her walk across the room, with cowgirl boots making dead-giveaway clomping sounds on the wooden floor. Atop those tall black leather cowgirl boots, this newly added cowgirl is wearing black suede shorts, a wide black leather belt with a curvy Western buckle, and a ribbed light blue sleeveless T-shirt, a black patterned bandana rolled around her neck. Removing her 3/4-length lightweight corduroy-collared, off-white barn coat, her chestnut eyes and mid-length wavy brown hair cast against her indefinable-but-slightly-exotic looks, with sultry voice to match.

"Who, number one suckee suckee here?’s Roxanne."

"Roxanne?!" the voice replies, as she covers her mouth. She knows her, all right.

"Eve?" Roxanne says out loud, Tom still in her mouth, as she suddenly realizes the identity of the new cowgirl as the summer roommate of her good friend Angie, whom she'd encountered once or twice over the summer when visiting Albuquerque.

 "Oh, you two know each other?" Tom queries. "Purdy darn cool. How would you like to go at it?"

"Well, I have always found Roxanne gorgeous," Roxanne's always liked Eve's brunette looks—people often mistake her Polish-Mexican ancestry for Greek or Italian—and admired her confident manner. She thought she had caught Eve checking her out the last time she'd come to visit Angie.

"Tell you two little fillies what," Tom continues. With Roxanne here already on the ground, why doesn't she pleasure you instead, while I get out some more rope, hogtie you, and have you pleasure me? No offense to you, Roxanne dear, but I'd love to see what this here pretty-lipped cowgirl can do..."


ROXANNE: I could die from total embarrassment. Not only am I naked save my boots and bandana but I am giving head in front of another woman! I mumble her name "EVE!"  but with my lips wrapped around a fully erect 8" dick, I might as well have be gagged. Hell, I AM gagged. And damn him, he is going deeper than I want him to, causing me to gag. He acts surprised that we know each other, but I can’t tell if he really is surprised, or if this is all somehow a set-up. His dick pops out of my mouth as he is telling Eve to help herself with me while he goes and grabs a few more ropes. I hear her zipper being lowered as she wiggles out of her suede shorts. Her shirt follows as she hops on the bed square in front of me. 

"Oops, don’t want these getting in the way" and Eve’s panties fall discarded on the floor.

"Come on, Roxanne, you should remember your way around these parts..."  Her hands cup my head and draw me in between her thighs. I could smell her arousal. I obediently open my mouth and began to lick her lower lips, which grow wetter by the minute. I did remember; there was one night after we shared a bottle or two of wine and consoled ourselves, trash talking men, which led to an innocent kiss, then some not-so-innocent fondling, and more, NONE of which I ever told Angie.

Tiny moans escape me, which in turn cause Eve to moan as I force my tongue in deeper.

"Slow down, baby, not too fast," she giggles.

I begin to trace circles on her sex with my tongue, and now she is the one squirming.  "Hey Tom," she calls out, "You’re missing the fun!" 

This brought him back, and a few more giggles from them both, and she is hogtied on her knees next to me.  "Now this is more like it," he chuckles. 

My face is wet with Eve's juice, and I nearly jump a foot when Tom shoves her panties into my mouth, securing them in place with a long scarf. 

“No comments from the onlookers."  The next thing I hear is slurping sounds, then a popping noise as suddenly my blindfold is removed and dropped onto the nearby table.

“Let’s make her watch, that would be sooo hot," Eve stammers. Tom drags me to on top the end of the bed, and takes my behind-the-back tied wrists and my booted tied ankles together, tying them into a strict hogtie with another rope. Eve looks beautiful, naked except for her tall black cowgirl boots and a black patterned bandana around her neck. Her firm body stretches in the ropes binding her, as Tom finishes with me and takes his place in front of Eve. No words spoken, she seductively opens her mouth, running her tongue over her lips, leaning forward and taking him in her mouth. He groans as she began to bob up and down on his shaft.  I get instantly jealous—and aroused!  I "MPHMPHMPH" into my gag, as I cannot look away.

Eve is so hot, and Tom is beyond words, his chiseled abs, beads of sweat on his chest. I want to fuck him again. Hell, I want to fuck her. She is really getting into it now, her tempo increasing. Now and then, she slows, almost teasing him, looking him straight in his eyes, her brown doe-like eyes full of lust. Every so often, she glances in my direction at me and I just melt, looking at those exotically shaped almond eyes. I know Tom won’t, can’t last much longer...


"Hot damn, girl," Tom blurts out. "Awful hard telling which one of you out-does the other in this department." He pauses and pulls out of Eve's mouth. Eve looks at him, surprised.

"Tell you what though. I think we need to make this little shindig last a little longer," he announces, as he takes the blindfold that Roxy had been wearing from off the floor and applies it to Eve. Excited by the new twist, Eve visibly licks her lips, thinking she'll continue to work her magic on his shaft.

Roxanne, on the bed, sees Tom approach her while Eve opens her mouth, expecting to receive Tom's manhood back in it. When it doesn't suddenly arrive, she purses her lips and turns her head in the direction of Tom's steps. Tom, with more ropes in hand, approaches Roxanne.

"Got me an idea and I think you two little fillies will like it." He unties Roxanne from her strict hogtie and stretches her out on the bed on her back, backwards: her boot heels are now touching the headboard. Tom quickly runs a set of ropes from Roxanne's booted ankle-ropes and around the headboard so that her wooden heels run up hard against it. Tom then adds another set of ropes around Roxanne's boot tops, tying it off tight enough that she feels the pressure of the boot-straps into the side of her calves. With her wrists tied underneath her, she could push herself up, but instead waits to see what Tom has planned as she chews on her gags, tasting Eve's juices in her mouth from Eve’s panties mouth-pack, the bandana gag holding them tightly within.

"Turns out that the latecomer to the party hasn't quite enjoyed herself to the extent that we have, Roxy. Let's even it up for her. A gentleman always maintains a strict sense of fairness and equity, after all," as he picks Eve up off her kneeling position on the floor and places her on the bed, with Eve's womanhood right on top of Roxanne's gagged mouth. With Eve's wrists tied behind her back and her black cowgirl boots cross-tied at the ankles, she balances herself on her knees near the end of the bed, facing the footboard.

"Now here's your mission, should you choose to accept it, ladies: Roxanne, you work that gag of yours off and lick little miss black cowgirl boots' you-know-what again. She ain't ‘sperienced the Os you've had far, anyways. And Eve, you balance yourself of them purdy knees of yours while you finish your job on my johnson here. Maybe we'll get out timing right and we can all pop one off together, who knows?"

Roxanne rubs the outer gag on Eve's labia and Eve cooperates by pressing down for more pressure. A few tries later and Roxanne's pushes the outer-gag down onto her chin, where it soon falls limp onto her neck. Roxy uses her tongue to push Eve's panties out of her mouth, and begins licking and sucking Eve's sex, even as Eve works on Tom. Sometimes Eve compresses Roxanne's mouth and nose so much that it makes her struggle for breath, but Roxanne loves how Eve tastes and how she knows how close she's getting her to her first O of the evening...


ROXANNE: I am so jealous watching Eve blow Tom. But I am also wet—very wet. Taking the cloth he’d used to blindfold me, he ties it over Eve's eyes for the time being. Dragging me to the bed, Tom ties me on my back, as he bound Eve, and places her straddling my face, her sex mere inches from my mouth.  I guess it’s every man’s dream to watch two women go at it, and Tom orders me to push my gag out and pleasure her. It takes me a few minutes, but I am finally able to rub my gag over Eve’s thighs enough to lower my cleave gag. I then spit out her panties and work my mouth for a moment. Eve immediately lowers her wet lower lips onto my face, where I go to work on her them with my tongue. Tom walks right up, and guides Eve’s mouth to his manhood, which she takes in greedily. Eve is beginning to hump my face, grinding herself harder onto my mouth, and I watch her gagging on Tom’s shaft. I am getting so excited, and I know Eve is too. Without warning, Eve clamps her womanhood onto my face, moaning around Tom’s shaft as she comes— a real explosive orgasm. After she regains her senses, Tom scoots her off of my face, dripping wet with her juices, and Tom grabs her head, her mouth still sucking him, and begins to unload in her mouth. She never misses a drop, and makes tiny moans around his rock hard tool. He eventually pulls out of her mouth, and Tom scoots her down the bed on top of me. Eve leans her head down to kiss me and I eagerly open my mouth to kiss her, only to be rewarded with Tom’s juice that she had saved! I am repulsed at first, but it’s so hot, I just go with it, as we share his load back and forth. I can hear Tom swearing in the background that he has NEVER been so turned on in his entire life. He’s right; at least for me: I’ve never been so turned on EVER!


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