a Trouble for Tara adventure

By Noir

From what Tara could make out, everybody had left the office.

She quietly opened the closet door and peeked outside. The lights had been dimmed, and the only thing moving were the fish in the tank at the entrance.

The tall, ravishing redhead got out of the small space she had been hiding in and closed the door behind her. She had waited over an hour for the last employees to leave the place and she was in dire need of some air.

She wished she had thought in the morning of dressing in a lighter outfit. The black turtleneck she was presently wearing wasn’t all that comfortable in a closed, cramped space. At least the skirt she had chosen, even if made of leather, stopped just above the knees and was short enough to leave her pantyhosed legs room to breathe. But she couldn’t very well have put on shorts and a tank top. She didn’t need to draw attention to herself in this enterprise she had managed to infiltrate, an enterprise that seemingly provided temporary personnel to various companies. But her choice of clothes this day had drawn a bizarre comment from Mrs. Starboard, one of the senior accountants here, who always gave the girls of the office a good eye-over every morning. ‘You look like a spy dressed in black like that, darling’, she had said to Tara, who had smiled back nervously.

Tara grabbed a paper cup and filled it with cool water from the dispenser. She drank it in one gulp and tossed the empty cup in a nearby wastebasket. She would have to move fast. Even though her surveillance outside of the building these past few nights had convinced her that nobody had the habit of going back there after working hours, she didn’t need to linger any longer than she had to.

The room she was interested in searching was the largest in the company, and was occupied by day by the boss of the place, a woman Tara had never met during the three weeks she had been working there. The plastic key she had made fit the lock perfectly, and in just a few seconds, the orange-haired spy was in a spacious office, her high heels digging into the long hairs of an expensive wall-to-wall rug.

Tara had only taken a few steps towards some filing cabinets when the large photos on the wall drew her attention. They were all, without exception, about women who were gagged and tied up in every possible posture, their clothing sometimes torn, when they were wearing any, that is. All the pictures featured different models, but from their visual style, it was clear everything was the work of the same photographer.

Tara sighed. ‘Oh, oh, now I know I can’t be found out here’ she said to herself. Tara hadn’t been captured and bound in nearly a month, almost a record for her, and she meant to keep it that way.

But just at that moment, the lights went up with a click, and Tara turned around to see a security guard looking sternly at her. The fact that the guard was a young, gorgeous and voluptuous brunette didn’t faze Tara, but the gun the girl in the blue uniform was pointing in her direction was another matter.

Oh, hah ha, hi!’ Tara said with an exaggerated smile. ‘I see I’m not the only one who has to work late. Mrs. Starboard asked me to…’

Put your hands up!’ the guard interrupted. She wasn’t buying Tara’s story for a second. Still, Tara tried again.

Oh. No, see, I have permission to…’

I said hands up! Now!’ the brunette repeated in an even harsher tone. Tara sighed and obeyed, raising her arms and standing still as the guard took a few steps towards her.

You’re making a mistake’ Tara insisted, all the while getting ready to pounce on the girl at the first opportunity. ‘I’m just here to collect some data, at the bequest of the boss.’

What you’re going to end up doing, Carrot-top, is posing for one of these’ said the guard as she waved her weapon towards the photos, a big smile on her lips.

Carrot-top? There’s no need to get personal!’ Tara protested. The guard was now closer, and if she could just be made to wave that weapon away one more time, Tara thought, she could lunge at her. ‘Did you pose for any of those portraits?’ Tara asked the young woman.

Me? You think I’d let somebody tie me up like this…?’ the brunette responded, surprised, while involuntarily waiving her gun in the direction of the pictures again. That was the break Tara had been waiting for. She jumped at the guard, both raised hands bearing down on the young woman. Tara’s right hand hit the guard’s left wrist and she dropped her gun. ‘Umm,’ Tara thought for a nanosecond. ‘Just noticed she’s a leftie like me’. Tara’s left hand struck the girl on the neck, sending her reeling back.

The young guard fell flat on her back on the floor, her cap falling off, her long, newly-freed brown hair cascading all over the rug. A moment later, Tara was on top of her, pinning her crossed arms down over her head with one hand, searching on the guard’s belt for a pair of handcuffs with the other.

Damn it, you’re strong as hell, Carrot-top!’ The brunette gasped, trying to free herself from Tara’s grip.

You wouldn’t normally think of it as exercise,’ Tara grinned, ‘but spending years trying every day to struggle free from ropes, straps, chains and tape tends to develop the muscles!’

‘…and I’m due for some exercise, then, I take it?’ the brunette said. That girl is not without a sense of humor, Tara thought, and she’s left-handed. Too bad she was on the wrong side of this little affair. Tara opened a pouch on the belt and grabbed… some plastic tie-wraps.

What? Oh, how perfectly cheap! Where are your handcuffs? Tara asked, disappointed.

These work fine, you know, ‘ the guard said. She had quit struggling and was just waiting for Tara’s next move.

But they’re boring! Where’s the flair? Where’s the look? Where’s the drama? I’m not taking out garbage bags, I’m tying up a cute young woman in a uniform!’ Tara protested.

No and yes, ‘ the brunette said. ‘ Yes I’m cute, but no, you’re not tying me up!’

Oh yeah? Well, I…I… Wait a minute! What?’

Tara’s vision was getting blurred all of a sudden and she felt weak. She was losing her grip on her adversary, who managed to free her hands and push our heroine back,

Sorry, I kinda cheated’ the brunette said. ‘That water cooler you drank from? There were some sleeping pills dissolved in there. The drowsiness will only last a few minutes, but that’s all I’ll need to turn the tables!’

Why would you drug the…unless…you…you’re no more a security guard than I am…’ Tara stammered as she slumped on the floor.

That’s right, honey, I’m a spy just like you are, and the data will be mine!’ Now then, shall we test the usefulness of these tie-wraps?’

The brunette turned Tara on her stomach and pulled her arms behind her back. She quickly immobilized the redhead’s wrists together with twin straps of plastic that she tightened as much as she could, polishing the job with a third tie-wrap that was used to cinch the two previous bonds.

Damn you!’ a groggy Tara managed to mutter. ‘I am so gonna kick your ass when I get freeowwwWWW!’

Sorry, too tight? Just wanted to make sure you weren’t bored! Now to add some flair!’ the brunette said, obviously enjoying herself as she picked up another tie-wrap and used it to fuse Tara’s elbows together.

Oww! You shit-haired bitch!’

There’s no need to get personal!’ The false guard laughed, ‘Now let’s not forget the look!’ She took out another couple of plastic strips and tied Tara’s ankles the same way she had secured her wrists, cinching the bonds tightly. Using her last tie-wrap, the brunette pulled Tara’s feet close to her hands, binding both together.

There was no need to hog-tie me!’ Tara said with a little more vigor. The very diluted sleeping pills were wearing off rapidly as promised, but it was too late.

Yes there was. It adds drama! Besides, it’s easier to carry you around if you’re the shape of a garbage bag!’ Our heroine’s opponent said with a loud laugh.

And to think I actually made sure to be nice to you when I…mmmfff !’

The brunette interrupted Tara’s diatribe with a firmly placed hand over her mouth, enjoying every second of her adversary’s discomfort. ‘By the way, I noticed by your movements that we share a common bond, if you don’t mind the expression. You’re left-handed too, aren’t you?’

Mpffffmmb!’ Tara muffled, her eyebrows raised in curiosity.

Well, Carrot-top, that gives me two options: one, to consider that you’re an ignorant little spy for hire that doesn’t give a shit about our particular group, or that you’re a traitor to our cause and you work for the Righties!’

Th Wmm?’ Tara tried to ask.

The Righties! You know, people who are right-handed? Hello? What the hell did you think you were trying to steal here?’ The brunette got out a handkerchief from her pocket and stuffed it inside Tara’s mouth with one vigorous thrust.

Mggggnnn! Grrrrr!’

Oh, don’t you go growling at me, bound baby! Now close your lips together!’ The costumed spy opened another compartment of her belt and took out a long strip of tape. She peeled off the bottom layer and placed the tape over Tara’s mouth, rubbing it with her thumbs to make it adhere nicely to the skin.

Tara was still on her stomach, her back uncomfortably arched because of the hogtie. She tried to force her jaw open, which would have been relatively easy with one single strip of ordinary duct tape. But it was as her jaws had been wielded shut. ‘Mggnnnnn???’

Yes, this is special tape, beautiful. Super-strong, extra-adherent. It’s no fun taking it off, believe me! It will gag you very effectively. Now then, I’ve got work to do! Stay put!’ the gorgeous spy said in hushed tones, as she couldn’t resist gently fondling her prisoner’s generous bosom for a moment before standing up.

MgggMM!’ Tara protested.

The brunette walked to the filing cabinet as Tara fumed and tried to struggle. The plastic straps were cutting her circulation and her hands and feet already felt numb. With a nudge, she managed to flip on her left side, thus easing a bit of the tension her bended legs were exerting on her wrists. In that position, she was also better placed to see what her enemy was doing. The other girl was busy going through the filing cabinet, but with an attitude that seemed to indicate she didn’t expect to find anything of note there. What had she meant, Tara asked herself, about this “particular group’’ and “the Righties” and all that nonsense about being a traitor? A traitor to whom? Left-Handed people? None of this made any sense.

The girl was now inspecting the photos hung around the room. She stopped in front of one that had a beautiful golden-haired girl in a harem costume tied to a pole, being caressed against her will by a ebony-skinned supermodel in a sheik outfit. The brunette paused for a moment, then turned to her captive.

See here, I’m just noticing, the knots on the harem girl’s bonds have been made by a leftie. The left end of the rope goes under the loop to the right. It’s the only picture here that has this different little detail. Could that be a clue the bad gals left behind…? Hah ha, I just made a joke here, get it?’

Oh, I’ll get you,’ Tara muttered under her gag.

The spy began examining the picture’s frame with her fingers, and after a few seconds she had found a hidden switch. With a click, the painting opened on one end like a small door, revealing a hiding place inside the wall.

Ta-daaa!’ said the brunette, triumphant, adding with a smirk: ‘notice I didn’t say Ta-raaa!’

I’ve gotta admit, the bitch is good!’ thought Tara. ‘So there IS something to this right-left story? I was only told the data to be stolen delt with political stuff’.

The brown-haired spy took out of the hiding place a small computer mobile disk and grinned. ‘This, Carrot-top, contains a plan to make the world even more unsafe for left-handed people by sabotaging tools made for lefties in order to multiply accidents on constructions sites and thus encourage the notion that we’re awkward people! It’s only a small part of a plot to discredit us and go back to the days when being left-handed meant you’d end up bound like a sausage , -hmm HMM- and burned at the stake for witchcraft!’

The little lefty is RIGHT! Put the disk back! And just raise your hands, darling, both left AND right!’ said a voice coming from the office’s entrance.

Tara managed to flip herself on her right side to see what was going on. There stood Mrs. Starboard, next to a voluptuous and obviously angry female guard, her white-blond hair in disarray, her uniform rumpled. The guard had a gun trained on the brunette, who immediately put her hands up.

I noticed a crunched paper cup in the wastebasket outside, which meant that somebody was here after hours. Then I found, in a closet, our trusted guard here handcuffed and trussed up with a generous amount of rope’ said Mrs. Starboard , holding the lengthy clothesline in her hand.’

So THAT’S why I get the damn tie-wraps’ Tara thought. ‘She spent all the comfortable bindings on that bimbo! Damn! How I hate to get the sloppy seconds!’

Vanessa is pretty pissed off,’ Mrs. Starboard continued. ‘Tearing that tape off her mouth made her even angrier than getting the bondage treatment from you, darling! Especially since gagging her was for nothing; before she came to work here, she was a mime. She doesn’t talk.’

Shit,’ Tara said to herself. ‘ She’s lucky to have found employment. I mean, it’s a given, nobody likes mimes!’

What are you going to do now, you right-handed bitch?’ the brunette asked in an aggressive tone.

Walk over here, my little leftie crusader, now!’ Mrs. Starboard intoned. She was a tall, beautiful woman in her early forties, wearing a tailored dark red dress that showed off her still impressive curves. Her slightly graying hair was held up in a severe bun, exposing her high, chiseled cheekbones. Tara noticed for the first time that the pendant she was wearing was in the shape of a tiny right hand.

The brunette grudgingly obeyed, and Mrs. Starboard immediately spun her around, grabbing her wrists and forcing them behind her back. She proceeded to bind them together extremely tightly, encircling them with a generous amount of the clothesline that had been used to truss up silent Vanessa. The ropes were cinched a few times, drawing a small squeal of pain from her prisoner.

And you, dear Tara’ said the older woman as she was now tying her captive’s elbows together, ‘I suspected you from the start. Complaining that the pencil sharpener was bolted the wrong way! I knew you were a lefty, I just didn’t know if you were a militant like your darling friend here!’

I didn’t either’ thought Tara. ‘Babette sent me on this mission without telling me everything. We’ll have to have a few words about that.’

Mrs. Starboard continued: ‘You know, those tie-wraps don’t become you at all, darling, but we’ll take care of that as soon as our missy here is beautifully restrained and silenced’

Tara didn’t like the sound of that. Maybe her plastic hogtie wasn’t so bad, after all.

Mrs. Starboard was clearly enjoying herself, now busy wrapping the rope over the brunette’s ample breasts, tightening the bindings with each pass. She then repeated the procedure under her captive’s bosom, cinching those bonds between the now-helpless girl’s arms and torso.

Oh! Oh! Ouch!’ The brunette muttered between her teeth, trying not to give her captor any more satisfaction that she had to. The tall woman finished the job on the spy’s upper body by wrapping more rope around her waist and lower arms, cinching everything with professional dexterity.

You look lovely, darling’ Mrs. Starboard said to her prisoner. ‘Ever been tied up this way?’

I try to avoid it’ the brunette said, wincing. She was totally immobilized. ‘You’re going to regret this, you mmmppff!’

Mrs. Starboard had interrupted the girl by firmly placing her hand over her mouth. She turned to Vanessa. ‘Give me your panties, Vanessa darling’ she intoned, almost singing the words.

The security guard obliged with a smile, taking off her undergarment and handing it over to her boss. From her position on the floor, Tara could see the blonde’s pussy, her skirt being too short to hide anything from that angle.

Hah!’ Tara thought. ‘I knew she wasn’t a real blonde!’

Mrs. Starboard forced the panties into the brunette’s mouth, putting her hand back over her lips immediately as she reached for another strip of that infamous tape in the spy’s belt.

Now let’s see how YOU like your extra-strength tape, my lovely,’ cooed the older woman.

Boy, that cliché-spilling bitch needs a dialogue writer’ Tara thought. The brunette mfffffed to no avail as the tape was put over her lower face. Mrs. Starboard then proceeded to bind the brunette’s legs over and under the knees, finishing her work with the same kind of tight cinch. Finally, the ankles were secured in an identical way and the diabolical lady stood up and stepped back, admiring her work. The brown-haired damsel was covered in tight ropes from shoulder to toe, struggling not to lose her balance and fall flat on her face.

Mfm! MMMggf!’ The muffled brunette was protesting, and Tara noticed a tear swelling up in the corner of her eye.

Now for you, Rusty’ Mrs. Starboard said as she turned to Tara.

What’s with all these insults about my hair color tonight?’ thought our heroine. ‘Everybody’s always jealous of a true redhead, especially a gorgeous one like me!’

Cut her loose, Vanessa, but keep the gag on her pretty potty-mouth’ ordered Mrs. Starboard. ‘Let’s have some unity in style here; it will make a prettier picture.’

They’re going to photograph us? All tied up and gagged? Are we going to end up on that wall alongside that collection?’ Tara asked herself as Vanessa took out a small pocketknife and freed our heroine from her bonds.

We’re going to photograph you all tied up and gagged, ladies’ Mrs. Starboard said, ‘and you’re going to end up on that wall alongside this collection!’

I just thought that’ Tara muffled under the tape as she sat up and rubbed her wrists. It felt good to be able to move again, even though she knew that this freedom would be short-lived. But she had another surprise coming.

Take off your clothes, my darling little spy’ demanded Mrs. Starboard. ‘You too, Vanessa, please’

Mfffffp?’ Tara muttered.

You’re going to dress up as a security guard, Tara dear,’ the older woman explained. ‘You and your friend will make a nice, bound, uniformed duo. Great pictures have got to have a theme, you see. As you probably guessed by now, I am the talented photographer who takes these pictures. And I feel inspired tonight! Now strip!’

Reluctantly, Tara pulled off her tight turtleneck and skirt as Vanessa removed her uniform and tossed it at our heroine. Vanessa only had her bra on, a garment that barely held in place her size D breasts. She took Tara’s clothing and began to hide her partial nudity.

Is nothing real about that girl?’ Tara asked herself before the danger facing one of her favorite sweaters became obvious. ‘Oh damn! I love this turtleneck! Those twin silicone mountains will completely deform it!’ Still sitting down, she finished dressing up in the uniform, tugging the blue shirt in the skirt and lastly putting on the large leather belt around her waist.

You can keep your high-heeled boots, they’re quite fetching’ said Mrs. Starboard. ‘Now stand up with your hands raised, darling; let’s see how you look as a security guard who has just surrendered to a burglar’ she said with a guffaw.

Tara rose to her feet, at least grateful for the chance to stretch her legs a bit after being bound in such an uncomfortable position. She raised her hands in the air, looking in the direction of her left-handed former adversary. The brunette was still precautiously keeping her balance, and was looking back at her, a defeated look on her gagged face. Mrs. Starboard took out a portable camera from her dress pocket and took a few quick photos of our heroine, to her surprise.

I have a friend who loves beautiful women with their hands up’ she explained, laughing. The gag makes it even more special! Too bad I didn’t think of doing that with your friend here while she had her hands in the air. A missed opportunity, since her limbs are not going to be free for quite some time! Oh well…’

With that, the brunette fell on her knees, just barely able to stop herself from toppling on her side. ‘Mnnnm!’ she tried to cry out.

Don’t you worry, darling, we’ll be with you in a second’ said Mrs. Starboard, as she opened up a desk drawer and took out a generous amount of brand-new, white rope. ‘Just as soon as our miss Tara here is once more trussed up, this time to my liking! Now, then, darling cutie, turn around and… well, I’m sure you know what to do!’

Tara turned her back on the older woman and with a sigh that could be heard through the gag on her mouth, crossed her wrist one over the other behind her back. It only took a moment before she felt the clothesline biting into her skin. In a flash, her wrists were mercilessly tied, with no slack whatsoever in the bindings, and her elbows were being once more pulled together and immobilized. Some more rope was then wrapped and tightened over and under her breasts, making them bulge and press against the clothing.

Tara was distracted from her own predicament by the muffled cries of her captive companion, and turned in her direction. The silent Vanessa had walked over to the brunette and kneeled beside her, and was busy fondling her breasts, pausing only to lick the prisoner’s neck like it was a lollipop. The brunette squirmed and struggled, but there was nothing she could do.

Vanessa’s getting a little revenge’ snickered Mrs. Starboard to Tara as she picked up another length of rope, winding it four times around her waist. Those bonds also covered and encircled the area just over her wrists, making sideway arms movement impossible. Her legs were then bound just like the brunette’s had been, but with even more rope, Tara noticed. Then Mrs. Starboard pulled another surprise out of her bag of tricks. Tara looked down as her captor’s hand knotted the end of a strand of rope around the bindings of her waist, and forced the other end through her tightly bound legs, just under her pussy. ‘What the hell? ‘ Tara protested under her gag.

Yes, you’re getting a crotch-rope, darling’ said Mrs. Starboard mischievously, ‘I certainly hope you don’t mind, although it wouldn’t make a bit of difference if you did, now, would it?’

Tara moaned, humiliated, as the rope was pulled tightly in her crotch and secured around her wrists, forcing them to go as low as they possibly could.

The muffled sounds Tara were mouthing in protest suddenly became even more contained, as she felt a cloth being tightened over the tape and around her head, and cruelly secured in the nape of her neck.

I’ve always been partial to over-the-mouth gags, you see, as long as they complete mouth-stuffing and tape, or even a cleave-gag’ said her tormentor, adding: ‘I guess I’m nostalgic for these old pulp detective covers! ...not that I was around when they were first published, mind you!’

Yeah, well, you’re STILL old, you crow!’ Tara tried to say through her gags, of course only producing an incomprehensible mumble. She hadn’t been tied up and gagged as tightly and completely as this in a long time, and escape seemed impossible. Whatever these dastardly right-handers had planned for them, Tara realized, help would have to come from the outside. If it came at all.

Tara was startled as she felt a hand clenching a fistful of her red locks and her head was suddenly pulled back. Mrs. Starboard then began kissing Tara’s neck at the same time she started fondling her victim’s left breast. ‘A redhead in a uniform will always make you horny’ the older woman said, and Tara could only squeal and struggle in vain, her efforts only resulting in the ropes biting more and more into her flesh. The older woman’s unwanted caresses also made Tara unintentionally tug at her crotch-rope, sending electric shocks in her private area, exciting while humiliating her at the same time. Mrs. Starboard stopped her kisses long enough to tell her captive model that like her friend, she had to have this look of having been ravished for the photo shoot that was to come. The older woman whispered that information directly in Tara’s ear, before licking it and sucking the lobe in a surprisingly gentle fashion. Tara shuddered and let out a satisfied moan despite herself. This cougar was good, she thought, and her caresses reminded Tara of her old nemesis Emla, who would always manhandle her, kidnap her and tie her up mercilessly but would then show her uncommon tenderness even as she took advantage of the situation, as if the two were star-struck lovers playing a game, and not bitter adversaries.

Tara managed to peep through half-closed eyelids towards the brunette, who was now struggling on her back on the floor, Vanessa lying on her victim’s legs with all of her weight as she licked the bound beauty’s pussy with abandon. These bad, bad ladies were going all the way, Tara concluded, and the only thing she and her damsel-in-distress comrade could do was try to not give them the satisfaction of being aroused.

Mrs. Starboard suddenly slipped her index under Tara’s crotch rope and fingered the redhead’s now wet pussy, sending our heroine into convulsions as she slumped to the floor, her tormentor following her every move without removing her hand from under the skirt. Yup, Tara thought, that last promise of hers, concerning the arousal and stuff? Well, that was, on second thought, going to be harder to respect.

As suddenly has this sexual attack had started, so it stopped as Mrs. Starboard snapped her fingers. She abandoned her captive for a few seconds, just so she could push a hidden lever under one of the desks.

A panel on the wall immediately opened, revealing a secret photo studio. Both victims were helped to their feet, trembling, almost frustrated not to have been pushed to a climax. The women then forced the two bound girls to leapfrog to the secret room, keeping a hand on their shoulder to ensure they would not be falling down. Once there, Vanessa made sure the brunette was equally gagged with a piece of cloth over the tape before placing the two next to one another, side-by-side, sitting on a long, wooden crate.

As Mrs. Starboard prepared her photo equipment, Vanessa added a few items to the scene: papers on the floor, an overturned chair, and a false time-bomb to create a little story around the photos that were to be taken. She then donned a black domino mask.

That’s perfect, Vanessa darling. Goes very well with the black turtleneck! You look like a spy!’ said Mrs. Starboard as she turned on the lightning equipment. Three big spotlights blinded the unwilling bondage models.

Great’ Tara thought, ‘Tied up, gagged, fondled, sexually ravished, my favorite turtleneck stretched to oblivion, photographed in a humiliating position AND to top it off I’m gonna be seeing spots everywhere for the next few days.’

And now, ladies, let us make art!’ said Mrs. Starboard as she grabbed an expensive-looking camera and locked it on a stand.

Vanessa walked to the two captives, standing behind them, and bent forward, her right hand clutching the brunette right breast, her left hand closing on Tara’s generous left tit.

Mnnnnnmm!’ Both prisoners reacted as Mrs. Starboard started to click away.

These photos will sell very well, ladies, and I want you to know that all profits are going to be used to beef up our secret campaign against the left-handers of the world and thwart once and for all their plan for world domination through the arts and sports!’ said Mrs. Starboard as Vanessa multiplied her efforts to sexually excite her two prisoners.

Almost two hours had passed and Tara was on the verge of exhaustion. It was nearly three in the morning, and Vanessa kept pushing both women to a near-climax before stopping cold one more, leaving the prisoners in a state of perpetual excitement that could never be satisfied. Tara and the brunette were now on the floor, tied together back-to-back, bathed in sweat, their soaked shirts now clinging to their bodies like second skins. Mrs. Starboard had taken hundreds of photos, and seemed to be in excellent shape to keep going on all night.

All of a sudden, a strident alarm was heard. The older woman straightened up, and panic could be read in her face.

Damn it, this means a whole enemy team is on the premises. Vanessa, did you retrieve the data from behind the harem picture?’

The false blond with the false bosom nodded, taking off her domino mask and picking up her gun.

Good, let’s leave by the secret passage.’ Mrs. Starboard told her captives, ‘Well, ladies, in seems the proverbial cavalry has arrived for you. But we’ll close this panel and gagged as you are, there is no way your saviors will find you. I’m taking my photos! Thank you for being top-notch models, even if unwilling ones. Right-handers, onward to victory!’ she concluded, raising her right fist in the air, before leaving the room with Vanessa and closing the secret wall behind them.

The two roped girls struggled and mumbled as they heard a small army enter the office next to them. Bound together as they were, one’s forward movement would make the other jerk back, and they were too unnerved to start working in tandem to at least manage to get closer to the panel. Coming from the office, a voice was heard to say, though the wall: ‘They’ve escaped! They must have taken our agent with them! Let’s pan out.’ Some more rushed footsteps followed, then silence. The two girls where left alone in the office, most probably alone in the entire building.

Tara now had the chance to finally check out something she had thought of hours earlier, but could not act upon because of their captors’ continued presence. Her crotch rope had been removed some time before, and her wrists, though still terribly restrained in their freedom, could at least wander a bit. Tara fingered about the belt around her waist, wondering if Vanessa had been blonde enough to put back the pocketknife in there somewhere, after she had used it to cut the tie-wraps, and then forgetting about it when the two of them changed clothes.

Well, she had been and there it was!

The brunette wasn’t moving, exhausted and silently crying since her team had left without finding her. Her stillness permitted Tara to open the knife and start cutting the bonds that had imprisoned her hands for the last few hours.

The brunette finally guessed what Tara was up to and remained still, so as not to hinder her companion’s progress.

After what seemed like an eternity, enough rope gave way and Tara managed to free her hands, a shard of pain rushing through her lower arms as she moved them apart ever so slightly. It still took another half-hour for our heroine to struggle out of the bonds that held her arms and elbows in place. Finally, and only after untying her legs, did she kneel and take off the cloth over her mouth. Now, she knew, would come the hard part. She peeled off a tiny piece of tape off her skin and without hesitating, in case she changed her mind and opted to spend the whole weekend gagged, she pulled with all her strength.

The tape came off with a tearing sound and Tara let out a scream, fortunately muffled by the cloth she still had in her mouth. She looked down at her companion-in-peril, still tied up and gagged, who was looking back at her with the same expression a puppy has on its face when begging for a piece of meat at the table he knows he’s never going to get.

I’m going to enjoy this’ said Tara as she removed the cloth gag from the panicked girl’s face, who moaned ‘Mnnn! Mnnn!’, knowing what was coming next.

With great relish and even greater effort, not bothering to spare her rival any discomfort, Tara tore off the tape from the girl’s mouth, immediately hand-gagging her to muffle her cry of pain, and a little devilishly, add to her frustration.

MRRRRRRGGG!’ raged the brunette, as she looked at Tara with daggers in her eyes.

Hey, It was YOUR tape, honey! I didn’t start this! Now if you’ll behave, I’ll remove the bimbo’s panties, all right?’

The girl nodded and Tara took her hand off her mouth, then took out the soaked undergarment and tossed them aside. She then rolled her former nemesis on her side and started cutting the ropes that held her elbows together.

That team of yours that came here, they came for you, right? Uh, I’m allowed to say “right” without insulting you, right?’ asked Tara, getting a bit confused…

Yes, just try not to overdo it! As for my team, if I didn’t show up after a certain time, they were to assume something had gone wrong. I’ll have to call them…’

Not right away, huh, I mean, not left away you won’t’ Said Tara as she next cut the ropes holding the girls’ legs together, but leaving her ankles, arms and hands tied. Tara then pushed her back on her back.

What are you doing? Aren’t you going to untie me completely? The brunette asked, as nervousness could be felt in her voice. Tara had the upper hand, and both girls knew it.

Y’know what? You’re coming to my place for a nice long bath and some miracle lotion that’ll take care of these bad bad rope burns, and you’ll tell me all about that

Left-hander’s secret spy association,’ Tara said with a huge smile.

Huh, as much as I can, okay, I guess…Untie me now? ‘

Before I do that, I’m horny, damn it…and sooo frustrated. Bet you are too!’

As a matter of fact, I am!’

How about we help one another get that itch out of our system first, then we’ll go home and talk.’

You wanna make love? Fine, me too. Untie me and…’

Actually, you’re gonna stay just the way you are. I released you from your more painful bonds, but I’m taking you just as is, you beautiful bitch…

Well, I don’t really have a choice, do I, Carrot-top?’

The name is Tara, and be thankful I’m going to gag you with my tongue, not with your damn tape!’

Tara… Kiss me, my redheaded, left-handed security guard…’ said the brunette as she closed her eyes.

I never learned your name,’ softly whispered Tara as she approached her lips to hers.

Swear to God, it’s Brunette.’

And as the two former damsels-in-distress made passionate love on the floor of a secret photo studio, the narrator of this story congratulated himself on his hindsight concerning the name of Tara’s mysterious new friend.


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